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Destiny and I were in a cab on our way back to her place. We had spent the night drinking, searching for some hot guys to bring home with us. Even though we were both looking hot we found no winners.

Sitting next to her I found myself checking her out. He breasts were full and her cleavage was tempting, teasing my eyes as her fingertips grazed against them. Her lips were painted purple, making them appear even more luscious than usual. Her tight clothes accented her body perfectly. She was smiling at me, almost as though she could read my mind.

“I can’t believe we didn’t find any guys” She said. “But I’m sure we can still have fun”.

“True, the night isn’t over yet.”

The cab pulled into her driveway and we headed towards her front door. I was amazed by her legs, long and curvy. Even the way she walks turns me on.

“Manda, will you light some of those candles for me?” Destiny asked as she turned on the stereo.

I got up and did as she asked. Destiny was fumbling around with her cds, trying to find something perfect to listen to. Before I realized it I heard the familiar thump of “Closer” by NIN.

I couldn’t fight the urge to dance. I saw Destiny’s fingers trailing up and down her bursa üniversiteli escort body as she danced. We were closing in on each other. Soon our bodies were grinding in union. My fingertips now exploring her tits. She let out a soft giggle and I had to smile.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself,” I said.

“That’s no problem hunny, I really liked it,” she replied.

The song ended only to be playing more NIN. I sat down, catching my breath and thinking about what I did and smiling. Soon Destiny was sitting beside me, close enough for me to smell her intoxicating perfume.

I couldn’t resist her any longer. I smiled at her and kissed her neck. I could smell her hair, her sweet perfume tickling my nose as I kissed. My tongue ring swirling in a soft circle on her neck. As I took some of the flesh of her neck between my teeth, nibbling softly. She moaned and gasped and I kissed to her earlobe. I flicked her earlobe and sucked on it a lil, my hands on her hips.

Soon she was fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, accidentally popping one off. She exposed my lacy black bra and I saw the mischievous look in her eyes. I stopped and looked down then unclasped escort bayan my bra. She began to take her shirt and bra off too. Seeing her bare tits sent my head into a spin.

I kissed her chest, over and over again. Her nipples were hard, calling out for me. I kissed again softly, teasing her. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, then pulling it softly between my teeth. A moan escaped from her lips. I was more focused on her than I had been on any man.

I was kissing her deeply once again as her fingernails scratched at my back. I kissed her harder, pulling on her lower lip our tongues tangled. My fingertips softly caressing her beautiful tits, yet twisting her nip a little, a small gasp was all it took for me to know that she liked it. My lips trailing her collarbone, licking and sucking I felt her hesitating to unzip her pants. I pulled them off and saw her red silky panties, in awe I smiled and started kissing down her smooth tummy her fingertips grasping at me, I pulled her panties down softly and slowly with my teeth.

My fingers swiftly petting her wet, smooth cunt, dripping for me and only me. Two fingers softly and slowly exploring her swollen clit.

“Mmmm, escort bursa Amanda, that feels soo damn good,” she said sexily.

“And you feel so good D,” I said with a smile.

I started undressing myself with a passion unlike any other. Pulling down my own soaking panties. I began kissing Destiny’s neck again, her collarbone, across her tummy, back to her wet pussy. Now my tongue was lapping up her sweet juices, my tongue ring flicking around her clit. I could feel her hands on the back of my head, pressing me to go further. My tongue now slipping in and out her wet hole, her legs spread wide. With every movement of my tongue I feel her muscle contracting.

“She’s so close to cumming I thought.”

“Mmmm hunny, you even taste good.” I said.

She comes in for a kiss, her tongue licking her juices from my tongue, exploring for anything she can find. Her tongue swirls around my tongue ring. She pulls on it softly. Pushing me softly on my back. Now she is all over me, ravishing my neck and cheek with kisses. Her fingertips massaging my tits as I feel the sweet pulse of my clit. Soon she is hovered over me her pussy against mine, two wet and throbbing pussies. I could mine or hers juices dripping on my thigh. Our rhythm became faster as our moans and pants soared over the music. I closed my eyes and felt the familiar twinge…soon shooting from my pussy up to my spine in a swift motion, moaning and screaming.

Then we sat there, taking drags off of our ciggs..thinking about who we could invite over next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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