Devil’s Triangle

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Anna and I had been in the Bahamas for 3 days when we were sitting beneath a blue and white striped sun umbrella at an outdoor lounge, talking with the couple that was long known to me and Anna but since we didn’t come there together and didn’t know were there they’d allowed us to join them at the last available table.

We were attired as typical tourists: they were in swim wear. I was wearing a very faded Planet Hollywood Hawaii cap, aloha shirt and skateboard shorts, and Anna was attired in a white sundress with a broad yellow ribbon tied into a headband around her brown hair. Now, as Anna laughed at a joke, the ribbon’s long ends were flapping about in the warm breeze. It was difficult making conversation above the pounding surf and whistling wind.

Harry, my identical twin brother and just like me six-foot tall and a loud voice after a couple of drinks, leaned across the table and almost shouted, “You here in a boat?”

His blond hair was tousled by the breeze. His stunning Asian girlfriend, Samantha, was leaning back in a sun-chair, which squeaked as she fidgeted and appraised us.

“We flew over,” I told him.

Two years before, we’d been here in our twenty-foot boat. A troublesome storm convinced me I’d never take anyone else in a small craft, so this time we’d flown commercial, as we have each time since.

“We’re checked in at the hotel”.

Harry gulped his drink, gestured toward the distant docks, and murmured, “We’re staying at the marina. They charge an arm and a leg to hook up to electricity over there. We’re came here from Florida. Didn’t expect to see you here though. Where’d you come from?”

When I told him, he responded, “Yeah, well you should’ve told us. You could’ve gone with us. Did you do Disney World and all the other major theme parks and the Everglades? We thought of moving to Florida, but I think I’ll get bored of the theme parks and move back to good old England pretty soon there after”.

I grinned, “We thought about it aswell but some goofy Indian in the Everglades told us like he told all people that consider moving there, that alligators come out of the swaps at night and drag away little babies”.

He and Samantha chuckled.

“Yeah he told us the same thing. Don’t get too many people moving there after they talked to him,” Harry grinned as he lit a cigarette.

Anna’s a natural conversationalist, but now she was particularly animated; she’d won them over. Harry invited us for a tour on their sloop to an out-island. We declined, explaining that we’d made reservations for an early dinner at a local calypso club, so Harry offered, “O-kay, what if we make it an evening trip, around 7, 7:30? Think you could make that?”

I was considering it when Anna grabbed my arm and blurted, “Come on, Jack, let’s DO it!”

Turning to Harry and Samantha, she smiled and said, “Takes him forever to make changes in plans!”

“Sounds like a great idea”, I grinned.

That evening, over dinner, Anna admitted her excitement. I’d noticed her observing Harry’s handsome, muscular features at the cabana.

“I think they have more than just a tour in mind. We’ll see”, she remarked.

We skipped the floorshow, donned our swim suits in the hotel room, and walked down to the harbour where Harry’s 40-foot boat bobbed amid a line of boats at the unpainted docks.

Samantha was tossing crumbs at a flock of seagulls swooping and squawking around her. Harry looked up from his blue canvas deck chair and acknowledged, “Argh me matey, Yar right on time.”

He cast off as soon as we’d climbed aboard.

The Atlantic was now red beneath the setting sun. I noticed Anna and Harry stealing glances at each other every now and then, until finally, they were openly staring. When she turned away, Harry gazed at her long legs and full, half-exposed breasts thrusting out beneath the one-piece black suit, completely bare on the sides except for four thin black ribbons on each side securing the front and back.

By the time Harry cut the engines, a half mile from the island, stars were blinking like diamonds on black velvet. This close to the island, the five- foot waves we’d ploughed through most of the way had calmed. The waters’ crests, silver beneath the moonlight, softly slapped against the hull. The sloop rocked gently as Sam and Anna clambered up the galley stairs to the deck. Harry anchored as we stared at the scene off the bow. Beneath the puffs of gleaming clouds, the island seemed to float on the midnight-blue waters.

Sam stood on her toes, stretching her arms, as she said, “This breeze is wonderful!”

She casually reached to unhook the top to her black and white striped bikini; that isn’t unusual for boaters when the sun’s up, but this was night.

Anna smiled as if to say, “I told you so”.

I stared at Sam’s breasts, firmed by exercise. Her legs were as long and well-formed as Anna’s. She stretched again, her long black hair blowing in the soft warm gusts. Outlined by the Bahamian moon, she looked like a goddess.

So Anna slipped out of her suit.

She stood nude alongside Samantha, who turned to evaluate the similarity of their figures.

“You’re beautiful,” she told Anna, staring down at Anna’s shaved mound.

The similarity between Sam, the half-nude Asian, and Anna, the tanned nude brunette, was stunning.

Harry’s engorged manhood had been evident even before then.

But now, appraising them, he smiled, turning to me as he whispered, “Is she Bi? or a swinger? You see, Sam is and she’s a ‘watcher,’ and if you are, we’re interested,” then, he added, as if I might misunderstand, “I mean I’m straight, not gay.”

I grinned, almost laughing.

I could hardly wait for his reaction when I told him, “Actually, Bro, I’m a watcher too. Think Sam would be jealous if she saw you with Anna, while your girlfriend and I watched?”

The watcher part on my account however wasn’t true, I didn’t know about Sam though.

When we told Anna and Sam, the coincidence seemed neither as humorous nor as surprising to them as I thought it was. I learned later that Harry and Samantha had met many other agreeable couples during their travels over the last six months ever since we’d bought the Bar.

We made small talk as if no one had mentioned “watching”.

Anna stared at Harry’s face and body, occasionally looking down at Harry’s penis bulging beneath his red Bermuda shorts. Under a pretence that we going down the stairs to turn on the stereo, we made our way down to the dimness of the sleeping quarters where moonlight streamed through a line of portholes. Sam and I stood in the doorway. Harry and Anna sat on the bunk, looking through compact disks, selected one, and inserted it into the overhead stereo as Sam poured wine. When Anna passed a wine glass to Harry, their hands brushed. I could almost feel the electricity as their eyes locked. Anna’s firm breasts heaved.

Setting aside the glass on a bunk side table, Harry leaned to kiss her neck, moving down to her breasts. She moaned lowly, her lips trembling. Samantha nuzzled her breasts against my side as I put my arm around her. Leaning into the door jam, we gaped, breathing heavily.

Harry and Anna melded in a deep kiss, their arms intertwined. Anna’s hips rotated softly in desire as she lay alongside Harry. Sam looked up at me, her lips trembling, her brown eyes wild with passion.

“God, aren’t they beautiful?” she muttered, licking her lips.

I agreed, my shaft swelling beneath my trunks.

Anna, her nipples taut, disengaged to slide to the floor on her knees. Her lips grazed his thighs. Gulping, as if in fear, she took Harry’s long, raging cock in her mouth.

He closed his eyes, groaning, as her full, pale lips slid over his glistening member. Tears of passion welled in Anna’s eyes as she moaned. Her tongue and slender fingers glided along his dark rubbery shaft. Now, as Samantha peeled off her bottoms, her hand was massaging her clitoris. I slipped out of my trunks as I stroked my hardness. Sam pressed against me. I slithered an arm around her, cupping a breast, her nipple standing out like a spike through my fingers. Anna’s eyes were now wide with passion as he thrust into her greedy mouth. The intensity of their tempo increased. Anna moaned in rapture. His cock had ballooned to massive proportions, straining her lips as she whimpered. Withdrawing from her mouth, Harry lifted her to the bunk beneath a line of portholes. He kneeled on the floor between her long legs, kissing her trimmed mound. Anna wailed in desire! Her hips trembled beneath his tongue’s manipulations. Her body quaking, she locked her thighs about his head, lost in their own distant universe of adulterous passion. The smell of their lust permeated the warm night air.

Sam placed her arms around my waist, her hips grinding her clitoris against my leg.

“I’m so horny,” she breathed ecstatically.

She looked down, her lips trembling as I wanked my shaft slowly. I could very well see the passion in her eyes and slowed down ever so slightly waiting for her to take over.

Harry’s strong arms enveloped Anna’s quivering body. He hovered above her splayed legs, his shaft swaying above her pussy which was quivering up to touch it. Her lips were parted, her eyes wild and fearful of his large instrument pushing apart her vaginal folds. She wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him deeply within, and yelled out in painful pleasure. Her vagina was stretching to accommodate his large tool. They shared a sigh as he buried his full length.

Whimpering, Anna turned to watch us. Samantha had grasped my cock and was stroking it as I squeezed the fullness of her breasts. The sight drove Anna into ecstasy as her arms enveloped Harry. She bucked against him, meeting every thrust into her steaming cave. Sam’s nostrils flared, her breath huffing, her mouth open in wild desire.

I felt a kinship with Sam as we watched our respective mates, united in sin, her boyfriend’s cock plunging into my girlfriend’s vagina, she moaned; “Oh, god, Jack, don’t you FEEL it happening BETWEEN them, between US?”

And, yes, I did.

Sam’s soft fist pumped my shaft as she grinded her black mound against my leg. Her lips brushed my neck and ears. Anna’s head thrashed from side to side, her wide eyes rolling as Harry’s thickness filled her. She wailed as her trembling arms encircled his neck, her hips lifting to meet my brother’s. Her groin swirled beneath his fervid fucking as she threw back her head, pleading for him not to stop.

His jaw slackened as he stared down at her, his eyes glazed with lust.


“Oh GOD Harry, I’m going to come! Please come with me!” Anna screeched out into the night. She groaned helplessly, her body shivering with the building climax.

Sam’s hand pumped furiously as she looked up to me, parting her lips.

We kissed deeply.

Everyone was moaning, sharing the climactic thunder that was engulfing us in an emotional hurricane. At the last moment, Sam spread her long, taut legs, guiding my cock into her creaming depths. She screamed in pleasure. Then it happened, the sexual energy crackling throughout the cabin! I exploded as everyone was wailing. Anna and Samantha were crying and writhing madly. Sam fell to her knees, taking my length deeply into her mouth. Anna and Harry now turned on their stomachs to watch as Sam brought me again to hardness, her hair tossing as her lips slid along my full length. I’d lost track of time until my semen burst into Sam’s throat.

Anna and Harry were applauding. Sam plumped to the floor, her arms around my knees, as we turned to look at our spouses on the bunk. They were laughing. That night while Anna slept a deep sleep that can only be called a Deep-Sea-sleep, I woke form a restless sleep.

Something about that evening was still bothering me. If Sam wasn’t a swinger as Harry had said why had she been so easily turned into one.

Then it hit me: “Twins, Identical twins even”

Sam was so turned on by the idea that there were two of us that she didn’t care about the monogamy rule she had set for herself so long ago. This gave me and idea that I wanted to tell my brother about, since he was never a very early sleeper, like myself, I got out of bed and went to find my brother. It didn’t take very long for me to do so since it wasn’t that big a boat.

“Hey there bro, like your girlfriend. She’s quite the screamer,” Harry said matter-of-factly as he sat in the galley with a beer, a cigarette while writing his log.

“Now you know why I keep her around just kidding but yeah she’s quite the little screamer not always so loud but yeah,” I said as I got a beer out of the small fridge.

“Got a fag for me?” I asked and sat down. “I already told you that I’m straight, here” he said grinning.

As he tossed me my cigarette I thought again how to tell him what I had thought up. Since he was my brother he would think it was a good idea and fun to do.

“Harry?” I began and he looked up from his log giving me his full attention, “what would you say we play a little prank on the girls for the next few days?”

“Let’s hear it,” he said and gave me a wide sinister looking grin, the same I had on my face by that time, and put his log away.

“You know how we used to get out of math and physics every other week right?” I asked. “Yeah we switched places and I like your idea but do you think we can fool the girls? Same thing we pulled at prom?” he whispered all-of-a-sudden. “Dude I know you better than anyone and vice versa. If there’s anyone who can do it it’s you and me”. We talked out the finer details of my plan until four in the morning, that’s when we decided to go to bed. Meaning, I went to his, he went over to mine. I opened the door to his bedroom , looked down the corridor once more at Harry and walked in.

Samantha was lying naked on the bed with her back towards me and the covers down on the other side of the bed. I took of my clothes and I gulped once and thought ‘this is never going to work’, but put that thought aside and climbed into bed next to the Asian beauty. The curves of her body seemed to be highlighted by the moonlight seeping through the portholes. She turned around suddenly and put her head on my chest her left arm hanging over my stomach her breasts sticking into my side.

“Good of you to come to bed ‘morrow is a long day,” she murmured half a sleep and kissed my chest.

“Sleep well lover to be,” I whispered and kissed her hair and gently stroked her back.

“Mmh…yeah,” she sighed and stretched her legs, her hand moved down to my boxers and slid inside grabbing my already semi-aroused cock and started stroking it slowly.

“Mmmh in the mood today aren’t we,” she said suddenly awake and quite aroused. She took off my boxers and moved her head down to my cock.

“Man I hope for Harry’s sake that Anna’s the same mood, which is very likely,” I thought as Sam took the full length of my cock into her sweet mouth, sucking it with the passion she had displayed earlier that evening. She sucked my cock and rubbed it with her right hand and massaged and squeezed my balls with her left. At that moment I was sure they gave girls courses during school hours on how to suck a cock, since Anna ,or for that matter any girl I’d had, did it in quite the same way.

“Oh yah,” I moaned and motioned for her to come over.

“What is it lover?” she asked playfully as she moved over my body like a feline.

“Sit on my face and tell me that you love me, I want to suck your pussy,” I whispered into her ear as my hands glided over her back again.

“Oh mmh yeah,” she groaned in a purr-like fashion, Harry had been telling the truth.

Running your fingers down this girl’s back made her horny as hell. She moved her ass over above my face and lowered down over my body and grabbed my rock hard cock again taking it in once again. I ran my fingers gently over the length of her beautiful pussy already wet and ready to be tasted. I opened her lips and started licking her, first gently and slowly then faster and harder.

“OH GOD YESSS! Aha fuck yeah mmmh,” She shouted as she started rubbing my cock harder and faster. I pushed two fingers from my left hand into her extremely wet pussy and wettend another two from my right and eased them into her bobbing asshole.

“MMMMMhhh aha yeah FUCK!!! HARDER!!! YESSS!!!” she shouted so loud that I was sure the people on land would’ve heard her, not to mention Anna and Harry, but since she was enjoying the pleasure she was getting I didn’t mind one bit.

“Awh MMMMMhhh….,” I now groaned as she continued to suck on my cock with long hard strokes like a madwoman that couldn’t do anything but. Boy was I ever mistaken. As I continued to finger both her ass and her pussy I circled my tongue faster and harder around her clit.

“OhhOhhOhhhhhhoooooooooooo,” was all that she could moan as she reached her first highpoint of the o so long to go night. Once the orgasm, or what she later told me orgasms, had subsided she turned around to face me and kissed me hard and passionately.

“Oh Wauw, that was so intense. I haven’t experienced that since we first got together,” she said and reminded me that she was still under the assumption that I was my brother. Which made me wonder about how great their sexlife really was.

“Really? I thought you came like this more often than that,” I stated while she slowly started to rub my extremely, at the point of hurting, erect cock.

“Oh yeah right! Like you suck my pussy like that every night! You haven’t done that for three months, two days and fourteen hours to be precise,” she said rather bitterly but seemed to have forgiven my brother for that mishap, as he would later call it. I on the other hand was being the one who intensely satisfied his girlfriend.

“Well excuse me princes but aren’t you glad that we took this little trip and met my brother and Anna,” I asked, certain that I would be exposed for who I really was but then she said something that surprised me. And I’m not one to be easily surprised.

“Yeah I’d really like to have some seriously delicious sex with the four of us. Just imagining Jack sucking and fucking my pussy and you fucking my ass and me licking Anna’s lovely pussy and feeling her nipples become erect. Mmmh mmmh just thinking about it makes me all horny again,” she said as she increased her pace on my cock.

At the moment she said that I thought about spilling Harry and mine’s semi-little secret, but decided against it for the moment since she started sucking my cock again. The saliva that came out of her mouth drenched my balls in the wet stickiness aswell as continuing it’s way downwards to my ass. She suddenly stopped sucking and took my cock out of her mouth but holding it firmly in her hands.

“Whazzup?” I asked and looked up at her.

“Is it just me or have you grown a little?” she asked and I gasped, luckily unnoticed by her.

“She’s on to me!” I therefore thought, but I managed to get out, “I don’t think so but you should know how far my cock used to go”.

She put my fully charged cock back into her mouth and sucked me down nearly all the way.

“You have grown!” she exclamated with a great satisfied grin on her face as she took it out of her mouth once again.

“Or I’m not your boyfriend,” I thought and grinned back at her.

“Which makes me think about how you’ve gotten bigger since yesterday afternoon, was it that lovely and all too horny Anna or was it the sight of me doing your brother…,” she paused just after the word brother and looked down to my cock once again. At that moment I realised that the jig was up we’d been found out.

“Hold on… the penny drops. You’re not Harry are you? my big dicked compadre,” she looked me straight in the eyes, hers were sparkling. Mine however full of surprise that she hadn’t let go of my cock yet.

“No I’m not, but you don’t seem to mind all that heavy, which I have to say surprises me. Why don’t you mind that I deceived you?” I asked as I tried to sit up, but she restrained me from doing so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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