Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 18

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Dex and the Twins at College


I woke before dawn. The twins were gone from my bed and I was thinking of Lillian. I wasn’t sure what to make of her. She practically begged me to ask her out and then I accidentally stumbled on her having sex with Professor Jackson on his desk under the spotlights. I ran my hand down over my morning woody and it hardened further as my mind conjured up the vision of Lillian getting fucked doggy style on the professor’s desk.

Why had she used the word, ‘please’ in her note? She was attractive and had a ‘smokin’ body. In search of an answer, I decided that she must have heard about the Halloween party and she wanted to sample ‘the monster cock’ that the twins told me was a topic of conversation on campus for the past few weeks leading up to the break. After that, I started noticing that more co-eds were looking at me and they would whisper into their hands and giggle. That had always made me nervous in High School. I was sure they were laughing at me.

I contemplated what to do about the morning woody. I decided to jerk off in the shower, which is what I did often before I was getting so much pussy. I didn’t do that so much anymore, but an occasional one was kind of nice. I dressed after my long, luxurious shower and went to the kitchen to start the coffee machine. The house was quiet.

It was Tuesday and the twins had a class at 8:15. I checked the weather forecast on my phone and was glad to see that it was above freezing and projected to be sunny. I had an earlier class. I wrestled with whether or not to drive back after and drive them to class. I had just decided that they could walk on a beautiful day like this when I suddenly remembered that the driveway was full of cars and the twin’ beds were full of girl basketball players. I wondered where the twins would have gone to after they left my bed. The lure of pussy must have been too strong. They might have been able to squeeze in with Alex and Christy. There was certainly no room for two more in Julie’s bed. They may have pulled one or two to the spare bedroom on the back of the house. The house was quiet. I heard no moans or groans of a sexual nature.

The thought of seven naked women in the house, made my dick harden despite the recent ejaculation. I reached into my pants and pulled my burgeoning cock up to my belt and let it push against my zipper. As I lifted my cup to my lips to take a sip, I heard the sound of compressed carpet fibers slowly and silently coming down the stairs. I smiled to myself thinking, ‘It can’t be either of the twins. It was too quiet.’ I was sitting in the dining room so I couldn’t see the stairs. I could see a little of the foyer and whoever it was would have to come through there at the bottom of the stairs.

I heard bare feet hit the foyer tile at the bottom of the stairs. I took a sip of coffee as I watched. I smiled as I saw Alex heading for my bedroom door. She was naked and my cock jumped up to full hardness in an instant. I scanned her body as I ran my right hand into my lap. Her body was nothing like the twin’s bodies. They had very slim waists that tapered gently to their slender hips. Their breasts rode high on their chests like Moms. Alex had broad shoulders that framed her big boobs nicely. She was bulkier in the middle, which was fine considering her height. She had less of a transition from waist to hips. Overall, the view I had as she crept toward my bedroom door was making my cock push up against my belt.

I watched her lean into my darkened room. Her right hand went to her sex as she seemed to contemplate her next move. Her left hand went to her left breast as she stepped, in one long stride, into the room. I knew she wouldn’t be in there long and she wasn’t. She appeared at the doorway again and listened for any indication of where I was. Other than another sip off my coffee cup, I was completely quiet. She headed for the kitchen and then the family room. I watched her and unbuckled my pants and unfastened the hook. I slowly unzipped and let my hard-on push out of my pants against the edge of the table.

Alex slowly turned the corner to the family room and discovered that I wasn’t there either. I heard her whisper to herself, “Where the hell are you?” She turned around scanning the room like I might be hiding in some dark corner. Then she saw me in the dining room smiling at her. The look on her face was initially angry. I guess that was because I was toying with her as she went looking for me. Then a big smile took over and she took long strides toward me.

I pushed my chair back and my cock pointed at the ceiling. I could see the glistening wetness under her fidgeting fingers. Her nipples were on high-beam. I knew what she was thinking and I was sure she knew what I was thinking. She walked right up to my chair and spread her legs over the outside of mine and sat down on my thighs. Her arms went around my neck as my hands went to her hips. She leaned in Esenyurt Escort and kissed me. Then she leaned back and said, “I didn’t get very much of you last night. That wasn’t fair, considering the party was my idea.” Instead of saying anything in response, I leaned forward and kissed her as I flexed my cock hard to make it slap against her flat tummy. She looked down and when her eyes returned to mine, they were filled with lust.

She humped herself up my thighs a little more and then she pulled my cock down toward her sex until I objected with a groan of pain. I said, “When it’s as hard as it is right now, it doesn’t like to bend down that far.” A look of concern replaced the lust and she released my cock. It snapped back off my stomach and then stood up to point at the ceiling again. Alex slid up in my lap until her pussy was pressing my cock against my stomach. As wet as she was, I’m not sure ‘dry-humping’ was a correct description of her sliding her pussy along my shaft. The lust was back in her eyes when she discovered the sensation of sliding her clitoris along my hardness. She muttered, “Oh fuck. That’s incredible.”

Alexis ‘dry-humped’ herself through a big orgasm. I could feel the petals of her inner labia grabbing at the sensitive, spongy vein-like structure on the underside of my cock. Her face revealed the pleasure she was experiencing as her lips parted to form an “O” as her body writhed like a serpent.

As she recovered, I rolled my hips back, pulling my cock through her sex and she lifted herself and guided my fat knob into her pussy with her fingers. We both groaned hard as she let herself drop down my shaft. I gripped her hips and pulled her down faster than she had planned and her eyes went wide with surprise. I thought I had gone too deep and hit her cervix but that was wrong because after she stopped to allow for adjusting to the size in her pussy, she grinned and slid further until she was grinding her ass in my lap.

She didn’t push herself back up. She twisted her hips back and forth like she was trying to screw herself even further down my shaft. Then she flinched and let out a groan as she folded her torso toward me. With my arms extended to grab her hips, she cuddled her torso between them and pushed herself up my shaft. She whimpered a little as she ascended. I felt her vagina slide past the ridge of my knob but she never broke contact with it. She was tall enough to use her legs to push on and off my knob. She dropped her left hand between us and ran her fingers up and down my wet shaft as she knob-fucked me. I mumbled out, “Oh fuck. That’s fantastic.” I could feel my orgasm rising. I couldn’t see her face buried on my shoulder. I could see her arched back and her ass pumping up and down slightly as she slid on and off my knob.

When she was tiring, she let herself slide down my pole to push hard on my pubis. She twisted her hips again to grind her clitoris against me. I flexed my cock hard and Alexis groaned and returned the favor by flexing her vaginal muscles.

Alex pulled her head off my shoulder and looked at me. She was wild with desire. She kissed me and then said, “Help me. I’m exhausted and I’m so close.” I took the weight of her in my arms and started rocking my hips forward and back in my chair as I gripped her ass-cheeks and pulled her on and off my cock. She groaned with each deep penetration.

Without warning, I felt her pussy grab my cock and begin that familiar clenching. She went with my pushing and pulling motion as her orgasm seemed to ooze through her. She didn’t thrash around like her first one. She had a delicious smile on her face. Her eyes were open but they seemed to look right through me. She was softly muttering, “Thank you, Dex. Thank you, Dex.”

My orgasm was close but I had missed coordinating it with hers because hers came on so fast that I didn’t have a chance to. As she worked her way through her gentle gyrations, her eyes came back to me and she whispered, “You didn’t get off, did you?” I smiled and shook my head. She pushed herself up off my knob and let it go. It slapped down on my shirt. Alexis slid back to my knees and tried to fold her torso down to suck my cock into her mouth. She was too tall and she slid off my knees to her knees on the floor. She pushed my legs apart and positioned herself between my thighs and sucked my wet knob to her lips. She looked up at me with a sexy look and proceeded to suck my knob in and out of her mouth as she twisted her head to vary the angle of attack. Her blow job action was very much like her fucking action. Both hands flew up and down my shaft in counter-rotating twists. I was only moments away before she felt my orgasm rising and I made no attempt to delay it now. She looked into my eyes the whole time and then I slammed my back against the back of the chair as my face turned upward for a moment as my balls churned. I groaned hard as I reached for the back of her head to pull her further down my cock, but she knew what was coming and Avcılar Escort she resisted. I looked back down at her pretty face and launched my hips at her as cum fired up my shaft into her waiting mouth.

Even though she was prepared, she gagged and coughed on the first salvo. Tears burst into her eyes as her cheeks bulged trying to handle the load that I poured into her. She didn’t pull off but she did pull back off the knob so her lips were perched on the velvety crown. She drank it down with several swallows. She pushed her lips back over the knob as the shots lessened. I launched so many shots of varying power that I could tell from the look on her face that she was wondering if I’d ever stop. She grinned around my glans as she was certain that I was done and she pulled off and smacked her lips with her tongue and then lashed my knob with it.

Alex pulled herself up to her feet using my knees as leverage. She pulled my legs back together and slid herself down my thighs again. I had to laugh as she dragged her wet pussy down my left thigh leaving a trail of her vaginal juices. She threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine in a long sensuous kiss. My cock had softened but the kiss caused it to slap up against her stomach. She giggled in my mouth and then pulled back to look down. She giggled again and said, “The ever-ready bunny strikes again.” We both laughed at her joke.

Alex stepped off my lap and ran her hand through her sex. She started to pull her hand to her mouth and then changed her mind and pushed her fingers to my lips. I smiled up at her and sucked each of her offered fingers into my mouth. She giggled and said, “From what my friends have said about guys eating pussy, that’s not what I expected.” I just shrugged my shoulders.

I stood up and moved closer to her. She stood her ground. I reached my right arm around her slender waist and pulled her to me and kissed her hard. My left arm dropped to my side and then my hand moved to push my cock back in my pants. As I realized that the front of my pants was wet, I stopped. I’d have to change anyway. I finished my kiss and followed with another one. Her response was to reach forward and grip my rapidly softening cock. I felt that familiar tingle but I had to get going.

Alex pulled back and whispered, “Don’t be a stranger. Call me. Remember. I know where you live.” She giggled and gave me a quick peck of a kiss before stepping back as I released her. I watched as she headed back to the stairs. She waggled her ass as she looked back to see if I was watching. She grinned when she saw that I was. She went up the stairs as silently as she had come down. I went to my room to change. As I walked into the foyer to leave, I could hear the beginnings of another round of moans and groans from upstairs. I stopped to listen for a moment. My dick stirred but I had no intention of joining them.

Thankfully, no one had parked behind me. If I had to go up those stairs to get a set of keys to move a car, I knew I wouldn’t be coming back down for a while. I drove to class thinking about last night and moments ago with Alexis before my mind jumped ahead to my date with Lillian.

It was just dinner with some conversation to get to know each other better. Professor Jackson’s class was our only class together. I’d noticed her earlier in the semester but she had sat elsewhere until the day she slipped me the note. She was an enigma, that’s for sure. I was kind of excited about tonight. If things went well during dinner, maybe she’d invite me back to her dorm room for a night-cap. If in fact, she was intrigued by the stories of my ‘monster-cock’, like I suspected, perhaps there would be more than a night-cap. My dick began to bloom in my pants as I pulled into a parking spot. I slid out of my seat and made a quick adjustment as I stood up. I was good to go.

I figured that I would be distracted all day by the date with Lillian, but I wasn’t. I did think about it for a few moments during my post-class work-out in the weight room. When the room started to fill with other guys, I left. I discovered that the sauna was empty and I sat in there for a while. I thought of the day that Marquarita, the Mexican cleaning lady, had come in to clean the sauna and wound up cleaning my clock. I hadn’t seen her since.

I met June and Julie in the Juice Bar and joined them in a booth with a glass of orange juice. I leisurely drank it and then I drove us all home. It was already dark outside and getting colder. At home, Julie asked what I wanted for dinner and I told her I was having dinner with a date. June planked herself down beside me on the sofa and ran her index finger over my zipper and said, “What? We aren’t enough for you. You got a lot of strange last night too.”

Julie said, “June. Leave Dex alone.” Julie focused on me and asked, “Do we know her … or him?”

June burst out laughing at Julie’s last words. Julie laughed too but then said, “What? These days you never know.”

I said, “It’s her, and you don’t know her. She’s a senior, struggling to pass a class that we have together. She wants me to tutor her.”

June, ever the master at last words said, “Yeah sure. She probably wants you to bugger her.” Julie giggled and vigorously nodded her head in agreement. I chuckled as June and Julie yucked it up at my expense.

Even though I had showered after my workout, I showered again with the special shower gel that Mom had bought for me. She loved the scent and maybe Lillian would too. I wasn’t big on using unnatural scents of any kind but I wasn’t big on asking girls out on dates either. Regardless, the scent faded into the background soon enough.

I picked Lillian up at the front door of her dorm at the agreed-upon time. She was waiting for me with a bunch of other girls, whom I assumed were her dorm mates. Lillian was all cool and reserved but the girls around her were anything but as they pressed their faces to the glass door to get a better look.

I had expected that Lillian would come to the car when I drove up but she didn’t. I didn’t think anything of it and I got out and went up the walkway to the front door. She motioned me inside and introduced me to her entourage. I didn’t pay much attention to names but I did take a quick scan of each of them like I always do. Lillian was the best looking of the bunch but the rest were at least sixes.

I noticed one of the others was scanning me up and down. I wondered if she was the one other background voice that I could hear when I called to ask Lillian out. When she said, “How tall are you anyway?” I was certain it was her who had said something about having fun.

I had been asked that question so many times and I gave my canned answer, “Five foot eighteen.” I watched her eyes flutter as her mind worked on what I had said. Then she smiled and nodded at Lillian. I didn’t know what the nod was for but it was followed by a pregnant pause from the others that made me uncomfortable. I held open the front door and looked at my watch. I said, “Well. It was nice to meet you all.” I focused on Lillian and continued, “We’ll be late for our reservation.” She hesitated as she looked at the ‘voice’. The ‘voice’ took Lillian’s hand and whispered something to her that I couldn’t hear. This was getting strange and I should have walked away but I didn’t.

Lillian was quiet as I drove off-campus and through town to the restaurant where Adrien worked. It was still the nicest restaurant in town. I was thankful that the waitress who came to ask about drinks was not Adrien. She would have made things even more awkward than they were already. This was not going as I had hoped. Lillian was jumpy and on edge. I didn’t understand why, but she loosened up as the evening went on.

I guess her demeanor leaked on to me as I was feeling on edge too. I pressed on but I just wanted this date to be over. Both of us picked at our meals and neither of us ordered dessert. I paid the bill and I opened the passenger side door for her. On the way back to campus, she said, “Have you ever seen Hannah before?” The confused look on my face prompted her to continue, “Back at the dorm, she asked you how tall you are.”

I thought a moment to put the name to the face and turned briefly to Lillian and said, “No. I don’t think so. Why?” Lillian didn’t answer. I was more confused than ever.

When I pulled up to the dorm, I planned to walk her to the door and leave. When I got us to the front door, she turned and stretched up to kiss me. She caught me totally by surprise but I leaned in and kissed her. It was kind of a strange kiss, considering how the date had gone. There was a passion that had been absent. She broke our embrace and whispered, “Would you like to come up for a nightcap?” The way she said those words, even I knew they were code-speak for ‘do you want to come up for sex?’ I should have said my good-nights and got out of there, but I was thinking that I might be able to salvage this date from hell after all. I kissed her again and she was receptive.

I said, “Okay.”

She smiled and took my hand in hers and led me to the elevator. My dick was already on the move. As she stepped into the elevator, it took the opportunity to adjust my pants. We rode up to the fifth floor. Lillian seemed like a completely different person. She was smiling up at me as she took my hand. I saw her glance down at my crotch. I knew my cock was bulging hard on my zipper and she grinned when she looked back up at me.

When we arrived at her dorm room, she pushed me against the wall beside the door and said, “Wait here. Let me check to see if we are alone. My roommate is supposed to be out tonight.” As she stepped through her door and closed it behind her, I had a deja vu moment. I had been in this situation before with Alicia and while the sex was amazing the aftermath was not. I had that feeling again that I should just get out of there. My little head overrode my big head again and I stood there fidgeting on the wall. I didn’t see a single soul as I waited. Finally, the door opened and Lillian grabbed my hand and pulled me inside her room. She closed the door.

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