Diapered While Camping

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My time has come 🙂 Since my husband is wearing diapers, I always fantasized about him wearing and using one, about his penis in the soaked padding, about his poop touching his balls. I didn’t even think about me wearing and using one. I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me. But this changed during our last camping trip.

The last two or three weeks, the weather became better and better. We really like camping, but obviously not in the winter and also not in summer, because then there is a 1000 degrees in the tent during the day. The best times to go camping is right about now. It is not too cold in the evenings and not too hot during the days. So we decided that it was time to go away for some days.

We packed everything, the tent, chairs, clothes and of course his diapers. We usually have a lot of space in the truck, so we don’t have to worry about running out of it. So I just took a new pack of his Tena Slip Maxi M and dropped it into the car along with the other things. This has I think 24 diapers in a pack, far more than enough for a couple of days.

When we reached the camping place, we set up the tent, made ourselves at home. There was a kitchen and bathroom in the camping. I am always worried about the toilets in campings, but these were all right, they were clean, though a bit old. It was about 3 minutes from our tent, so not a large distance.

We had a great time during the first day, we made a fire, cooked, talked, drank some beer and went to sleep. Beer usually makes me go at least once during the night. And so it did this time as well. I got up, grabbed the toilet paper and went to the toilet. When I laid back next to my husband, I got thinking. I became pretty jealous when I checked his diapers. Of course, it was wet, but he did not have to get up to go to the cold and bit scary to toilet.

But anyway, I went back to sleep. In the morning, I went for the usual morning poop while my husband changed his diaper and got ready for the day. This day was awesome. We went hiking, we walked a lot and got pretty tired. In the evening, we made fire again and drank some beer again during dinner. We took a shower and went to bed. But when I saw my husband diapering up for the night, the idea from yesterday evening came back to me.

I was a bit nervous, but I told my husband that I did not want to get out into the dark alone during the night and that I wanted to wear one of his diapers if he assures me that he won’t be grossed out. To my surprise, he was into the idea. Maybe because this way he wasn’t the only one wearing a diaper. He was even kind enough to offer to diaper me, which I accepted. During the powdering process, I got really aroused.

We went to sleep. It was hard for me to fall asleep. It was a new sensation, and I was horny as well. But after a while, I was asleep. I awoke probably some hours later to the need to pee. I started to get out when I remembered that I didn’t have to. I laid back and started to concentrate. It was surprisingly hard to make myself pee while laying in bed. But eventually I got a small stream. I could feel the pee dripping down my pussy and ass cheeks. The stream got stronger and at the same time I pressed my hand onto the diaper. Suddenly, I would feel the diaper get warmer around my pussy, and with my hand I could feel how my pee was spreading in the diaper. This sensation made me horny as fuck. I had to pee a lot, I was afraid that the diaper might leak, but it didn’t.

It was again pretty hard to get back to sleep. All I could think about was me and my husband laying next to each other, both in a wet diaper.

I Kartal Escort awoke in the morning. My husband was still asleep. We did a lot of walking yesterday, so I wanted him to sleep as long as he wanted. I was laying on my stomach and was feeling the slight need to pee. I let go and pushed a little to get the stream going. This time the warm feeling spread towards my stomach to the front of the diaper. Again, no leaks.

When I turned onto my back, I could smell a faint smell of a poopy diaper. At first, I panicked a bit, but of course it wasn’t me, but my husband. It didn’t bother me at all, on the contrary, it made me even hornier. Around 4 out of 5 night he poops in his sleep, so I am not surprised anymore, but this time I was wearing a diaper as well.

I checked my diaper. It was swollen. It was warm on the front, since I just pees laying on my stomach, and it was kind of cold around my ass cheeks. It was so squishy, I liked it very much. I reached into my diaper and started to massage my pussy.

Then the urge hit me. Around this time every morning I usually go to poop. And my body knew that it was time to go. I started to get up, but when I lifted the sheets to get out, the smell hit my nose again. And it got me thinking. Our tent was smelling like poopy diaper anyways. It is cozy in the tent, why go out to the toilet. So I laid back. I was very nervous, I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. I slowly released my muscles, but nothing happened. I started to press, but still nothing. My head must have been red… I just couldn’t go like this. So I switched position. I laid onto my stomach again, closed my eyes, relaxed and imagined that I was sitting on a toilet. It was working. A hard turd started to emerge from my ass. When the head hit the diaper, it stopped because of the resistance. So I gave it a push. But what I did not think about was that maybe it is not the best idea to poop while laying on my stomach. The hard turd acted as a plug in my anus, and when I pushed it out, the rest was really mushy poop, which kind of exploded because of the push. It happened so fast. The warm mush just flew out of my ass into the diaper. And since I was laying on my stomach, the mess spread downward, onto my pussy.

I got scared a little, nearly my whole pussy was covered in warm and mushy shit. I froze for a few minutes. It was an indescribable sensation, nothing like I’ve felt before. The smell of shit in the tent got stronger. I reached back to feel the bulge. But since all of my poop went forward to cover my pussy, there was hardly any bulge over my asshole. On the other hand, the diaper between my legs was bulging. I ran my fingers over it and poked it with one finger, I could instantly feel the mess spread even more. I checked the leg bands, but fortunately everything was contained.

Then I got an idea. I knew it was a bad idea, but in this situation I wanted to try it anyway. I closed my legs… I pressed them hard together. The shit was cut in half, one half started to bulge up and cover my ass cheeks, while the other half pushed forward towards my belly, spreading everywhere. I was in ecstasy.

I was just laying there in this position. Then I felt something pressing onto my bulge in the back. It was my husbands hand. He woke up in the meantime and was probably thinking that I was asleep, since I was not moving at all, and he was checking the state of my diaper. To this I suddenly got my head up and looked scared at my husband. He had a surprised face. He asked me if I pooped, and I explained that I wanted to try it and hoped that he was not grossed. Tuzla Escort He said that he thinks it is pretty kinky and it got him horny a bit. A reached to the front of his diaper and indeed he was having an erection.

I kissed him, he was now massaging my bulge with one hand. I quickly grabbed the magic wand from the suitcase next to me. I sat on my husband while kissing him. I put the head of the magic wand between our diapers and turned it on. The sensation was again, indescribable. The mess made the diaper slippery, the swollen padding was moving along with the diaper. With every movement, the mess spread even more both to the front and back. My husband was moaning as well. Good thing that we did not have any neighbours. My husband was reaching orgasm. And soon enough, he shot his load into his diaper.

I was also very close. He took the magic wand while I laid back. When I laid back, the mess spread to the edge of the diaper, probably some got out as well onto my back, but I did not care. I asked ky husband to sit on my face. He was reluctant, but saw that I was serious, so he did it. I was in heaven. He worked on my through my diaper with the magic wand while slowly lowering his poopy bulge onto my face. The smell was intense but I did not care. When the diaper touched my nose, I grabbed his waist and pulled him onto my face with all of his weight. I could feel his mess on my face through his diaper. I could feel it spread.

This was too much for me. My husbands poopy diaper on my face, him working on me with the magic wand, I probably had the largest orgasm of my life.

My husband laid back next to me. We just laid there for some minutes. Then I told him how much I loved him. I got up to go to the bathroom to take the diaper off and get a shower. When I got up and looked back, I was a bit shocked, because indeed there was a small area on the mattress with my poop spread that leaked to my back when I laid down. I wanted to clean it up, but my husband told me in a kind of laughing voice that with a diaper of that state I should better go to clean up because everything I touch will get poopy. He was right. He told me he would clean up the mess. So I wrapped a towel around me. I grabbed a second towel as well, because I knew that the one wrapped around me is already poopy. My husband gave me two plastic bags, one for the diaper and one for the towel. He is more experienced in this than me.

So I went to change. I went straight into the shower, because the locks on the toilets were missing and I did not want anyone to accidentally see me in that poopy diaper. In the male side of the restroom, there were no locks on the shower doors either, that is why my husband always changes his diapers in the tent.

Anyway, I got into the shower, locked the door. I took a look at my backside in the mirror, it was a mess. I got a bit horny again seeing this. I opened the tabs while standing. The diaper was really heavy, it just dropped onto the floor below me. It was poopy from the front to the back. My pussy was covered with my mess all the way up to my belly and my butt cheeks were covered as well to nearly the middle of my back. I got even hornier. I got into the sower and cleaned myself very thoroughly. I then rolled up the diaper, put it in the plastic bag, the towel into the other, took the extra towel that I brought with myself, wrapped it around me and went back to the tent. On the way I threw the diaper into the thrash.

When I entered the tent, my husband just finished cleaning up my mess. He was still wearing his messy diaper and was about to change Anadolu Yakası Escort now. I took this opportunity and told him that since he cleaned up my mess, I wanted to clean up his. He laughed and warned me to get ready then, because it will probably be a disaster down there, after sitting on my face.

He laid down in front of me. He was sooo sexy. His diaper was clearly soaked and there was a huge bulge at his ass. I touched the front of his diaper to further investigate the state he was in. It was squishy, but at the same time I could feel his semi-erect penis underneath. I pressed my hand against his cock and moved it up and down. I could instantly feel his dick getting fully hard, he also let out a small moan. I continued this motion for several seconds, while I also reach my pussy with my other hand and started to stimulate my clit.

I could see that whatever is about to happen, my husband wasn’t going to object. I undid the four tapes and opened up his diaper. The smell was intense. He was a mess. Both his butt cheeks were covered up to his balls, and some of the poop pushed forward on both sides of his balls. His penis was clean though, only the balls were messy. Of course when I say clean, I mean not poopy. His penis was moist for soaking in his pee filled diaper, and he just came in his diaper about a half on hour ago, and his cum was dripping down his hard penis onto the mess below. There was still plenty of cum at the top of his penis as well. I was still masturbating. With the other hand, I grabbed his cock, pulled his foreskin back, lowered my face and took his cock in my mouth licking his hard penis clean from his cum. I swallowed what I could. He was moaning louder and louder. I climbed on top of him and inserted his penis into my dripping pussy. I was in heaven and so was he. As I lowered myself onto him, I could feel his mess below that pushed forward on the sides of his balls spreading onto my ass cheeks.

As I was riding him, I reached down to the back and started to massage his balls using his mess as a lubricant. I intentionally covered my own ass with is as well. This was all too much for me, I came really hard. My husband did not cum yet, so I slowed down and massaged his balls with my shit covered hand. In about a minute or so he shot a large amount of cum inside me. He was breathing heavily.

I got his dick out of my pussy and watched as his cum dripped out of me onto his shit- covered balls and down onto the open diaper. As if I was in a dream. With my clean hand I took the baby wipes and started to clean my poopy hand. It took quite some time to was everything off. Then I wiped my bottom and pussy carefully. When I was clean, I started to live up to my promise and clean my husband up.

I sat between his legs, the view was amazing. If it were for me, I would have just closed his diaper with all the mess inside so that I can enjoy the content again later. I took the front of his diaper and removed most of the poop from the sides of his balls and his bottom. Then I took some wipes and started to work on his penis area. I covered it very well, it was just right that I clean it up now. I worked my way downwards using a lot of wipes, making sure that he is really clean. I told him to lift his legs, so that I could wipe his ass clean. I rolled the dirty diaper up and threw it in a plastic bag along with the wipes. Then I tool a fresh diaper, unfolded it and placed it under his ass still with his legs up. I gave a kiss on his ass cheeks, then took the powder and carefully powdered him. I could tell that he was enjoying all this. Then I closed up his diaper and then laid next to him.

This was my awesome experience while camping. I have to say, diapers are very practical and very fun. I think I will be wearing more often from now on. I hope that we will have some more of such experiences. And I hope that you liked this story 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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