Diary of a Woman’s Fantasies Ch. 03

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I got to work a little later than I planned. I was almost two hours late for work because I overslept. When I walked in the doors, I noticed people talking quietly. They looked at me a moment, then quickly turned away only to talk more quietly.

I took the elevator up and the same thing happened. Something was going on that I didn’t know about and it apparently involved me. I was suddenly nervous as I walked by people and some shook their heads, put their head down or looked away when they saw me.

When I walked by Mr. Richard’s office, I noticed the door was closed. I was wondering who was in there because he usually never shut it unless someone was in trouble or to let someone go. I sat down in my office and heard the door open. I could see Savannah standing there. My heart sank as I thought she was getting fired.

I heard him say “Thank you for letting me know about this. I will be having a talk with her when she gets in the office.”

I was paranoid all of a sudden. Did she talk to him about me? Did she tell him what happened Friday night and that I kissed her? Was I the one who was going to get fired?

He looked at me a moment and I started shaking. I could feel the sweat on my forehead beading as he started walking towards me. He stopped in the doorway and said “Victoria, can you come to my office please? We need to talk about something, something rather serious that we need to discuss in private.”

I gulped. Oh no, this was it. I worked here for five years and now my life was ruined. How was I going to find another job with a sexual harassment charge in my file? I would never be able to find another job in this city or probably state. I was going to have to move out of state if I ever wanted to work again.


“Yes, sorry Mr. Richards. I’ll be right there.” I said. He nodded and walked to Savannah’s desk. I could see him talking quietly to her and glance at me once in a while.

I didn’t know what do. Should I just write my letter of resignation and give it to him before I go in there? I pulled out a pen and paper and started writing as quickly as I could. I looked up and I could see Mr. Richards waiting patiently but I didn’t think he would wait much longer.

He started to walk away from Savannah’s desk. I feared he was going to come into my office and just announce why I was getting fired right in front of everyone. I quickly signed the paper and folded it in half before I got up walked to his office.

I looked at Savannah before I went inside and thought ‘How could you do this to me? You’re the one who kissed me.’ I knew Mr. Richards liked her more than me. He found any opportunity he could to talk to her and rumors around the office were that he had a crush on her. Of course he’ll believe her over me and get rid of me instead of her.

He was sitting at his desk and when he saw me, he motioned to the door “Please shut the door and have a seat.”

I shut it and thought ‘This is it…’ I did as he asked. My heart was racing in my chest and I thought I was going to have a heart attack right there in the chair. He looked at me “Victoria, you’ve been here for what, five years now?”

I nodded. I didn’t dare talk, I was so afraid of what was going to come out.

“Savannah was in my office earlier to have a serious discussion with me. At first I didn’t know what to do about this. I’m sure you know I don’t take these things lightly especially when someone comes to me to discuss it.”

I bursa yabancı escort couldn’t take any more and just wanted to get out of there. “Mr. Richards, I don’t know what to say. I don’t” I was suddenly in tears. I stood up and went to get my things out of my office. I caught my foot on the leg of the chair as I was about to out and tripped. I saw the corner of the desk up close, a bit too close.

When my eyes opened again, I saw lights flying above me. I felt knives stabbing me in the head all over. I closed my eyes again. My eyelids flickered open slowly. I had a hard time focusing but I felt someone holding my hand. I turned my head to look at my hand and saw a female’s hand holding mine.

Rose? I thought why is she holding my hand? I looked again and realized it wasn’t Rose. Rose had red hair, this person was blonde. She must have felt me looking at her because she lifted her head and looked at me. My heart stopped a moment. “Savannah?”

She smiled at me “You know this is the second time you woke up in a bed with me in less than a week. You keep doing that and people are going to start talking about us and think we’re having an affair.”

What was she talking about? I heard a beep and looked around. I was in a hospital bed. Why was I here? Oh no…Why was she here? Did she feel guilty about getting me fired?

I said icily “Why are you here? I mean isn’t it bad enough that you told Mr. Richards about Friday night?”

She pulled her hand from mine so fast that you’d think I burned her. “What are you talking about?”

The curtain opened and the doctor stood there. “I’m not interrupting something am I?”

I glared at him “No.”

He looked at my chart and said “You took quite a hit young lady. You’re lucky that desk just missed your eye. You have a couple of stitches that you need to have taken out in a couple of days.”

My hand moved up to my forehead instinctively. I felt the stitches and winced. “You’ll probably have headaches for the next couple of days. A nurse will be by in a bit to check on the IV and switch the bags.” I could tell he didn’t want to be in here. “Do you have any questions?”

“No I don’t.”

He nodded and walked out. He closed the curtain again leaving me alone with Savannah.

I could hear her tapping her foot against the floor. I glared at her “You told Mr. Richards about what happened Friday night didn’t you?”

She stood up and said angrily “No, I didn’t.” She reached in her purse, pulled out a piece of paper and flung it at me. “If you had been in yesterday or bothered to look at your emails, you would have seen the announcement that Yvonne is retiring. I talked to Mr. Richards and said you’d be perfect for the job.”

She yanked the curtain and stomped out. I looked at the paper and realized it was my resignation letter. I left it on my desk for someone to find it. I just stared at it. Savannah must have found it on my desk and brought it with her to the hospital. And now I ruined everything between us. I was crying when the nurse brought in the IV bag.

I had to stay overnight at the hospital. Rose came up that night to visit me and said she’d be back in the morning to pick me up. She said she would plan dinner another night with Dave. I didn’t care anymore about seeing him. The only person I wanted to see was Savannah. When I got home, I crawled in bed and just bawled.

September 19th

Dear Diary, I have really screwed everything bursa sınırsız escort up now. I know Savannah never wants to see me again after I accused her of telling our boss I kissed her. But we both know that’s not true, it was Savannah that kissed me. But I was so paranoid that Mr. Richards would believe her and not me. I don’t even know if I have a job or not now after what happened in his office.

Why does she do this to me? It’s like she purposely taunts me day after day. Now it’s going to be even more torturous when and if I ever see her again knowing that she will never forgive me for what I said.

—– September 20th

Dear Diary, I had to take today off again. Now I seriously think I am going to get fired for missing two days in a row. My package arrived late in the afternoon yesterday. I can’t even look at it knowing what it’s inside. It was supposed to give me pleasure but instead all I feel is pain. It sits on my kitchen table and I am seriously thinking about sending it back.

I am not sure if I ever want to go back to work or not. If I thought Tuesday was bad with everyone staring and whispering, today is only going to be worse. My forehead has a nasty cut, swollen and not to mention black and blue. I can only imagine what people are going to think now.

—– Thankfully there weren’t many people at work yet when I walked in the office. I caught a few people looking at me and their mouths drop but I ignored them. I stopped when I was just in front of Mr. Richard’s door. I didn’t know if he was in or not yet and I just couldn’t face him yet. It was just my luck he was.

As I walked by he called out “Victoria?”

I sighed after I made sure I was past his door. I took a couple steps back and tried to smile as I looked at him “Mr. Richards…I…I.” I was stammering as he got up from his desk. He took my hand and ushered me inside and closed the door.

He took his seat behind the desk and looked at me concerned. “Victoria, how are you feeling? You should be home. Why did you come in? I tried calling you at the hospital but they wouldn’t put me through to your room.”

What should I tell him? ‘Sorry Mr. Richards I just wanted to clean out my desk, get it over and done with because I am just mortified at what happened the past couple of days.’ When I just sat there he continued.

“Well, I’ve been giving it some thought since you were in here last. Do you want Yvonne’s job? It’d be a big promotion, an executive position.” He looked at me waiting for an answer.

Was he serious? Of course I wanted the job. Who wouldn’t? “Yes” was all I could manage to get out of my mouth.

He smiled and slapped his hand on his desk. “Excellent. I’ll have you start shadowing her on Monday. Right now, I want you to go home. Take tomorrow off and enjoy the weekend. You’ll have time to heal and recuperate. You have a big day starting Monday.”

I couldn’t believe it. I just sat there for several moments in shock before getting up, to go back home. It was the last place I wanted to be. I would be alone to think about her, Savannah.

I pushed the down button on the elevator and when the doors opened, I just stood there staring at Savannah. Several people walked by me and she was about to walk out when she saw me.

She stood there looking at me. All I could think about was rushing in the elevator, push her against the wall and kiss her passionately. I said meekly “Hi.”

She didn’t görükle escort say anything for a moment and then said “Hi.” The elevator doors were closing and both of us reached our hands up to stop them. Our fingertips brushed each other’s before the doors opened again. I couldn’t take it any longer and got in the elevator. The ball was in her court now.

I pushed the button for the main floor. The doors closed but she didn’t get out. I turned to face her “Savannah, I honestly can’t apologize enough for what I said to you.” I could hear the pings as the elevator passed a floor. I didn’t have much time to be alone with her and I had to make the most of it.

She looked me up and down before looking at my forehead. “You look like shit.”

I shook my head “Thanks.”

Ping. The doors opened to the main floor. I looked at Savannah one last time before getting out of the elevator and walking away as fast as I could. When I got to my car I opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat for a minute.

I jumped when someone knocked on the passenger window and tried to open the door. I looked over and Savannah bent over to look in the window. I unlocked the door for her. She sat down in the passenger seat and looked at me. “Are you going home?”

I nodded “Yeah.”

She smiled “Good, you look like you need a day off. Want some company?”

I wanted to pinch myself. Was this really happening? Or would I wake to find myself on the couch? “What about work?”

She laughed “I’m not leaving now. I thought I would stop by after work and check on you. What’s your address?” I gave it to her and she said she’d be over after work.

I started the car and drove as fast as I dared home. When I got home, all I could think about was time suddenly stopped. The minutes slowly ticked by as I waited to hear her car pulling up in the driveway. I thought I was going to die from anticipation waiting for her to come here.

But then just as quickly as my hopes went up, they plummeted. What if she wanted to come over just to tell me that she wanted me to have the other job so she wouldn’t have to see me every day? The position I was going to start was on a different floor.

Now I was suddenly dreading the moment I heard the car. I didn’t know who was torturing me more, my inner voice or Savannah.

The doorbell rang and I practically jumped out of my skin. My legs started shaking and my mouth was suddenly dry as I opened the door. Savannah smiled “I almost thought you weren’t home. I was about to leave.”

“No, sorry, come in.” I said.

She came in and took off her shoes. She immediately made herself at home and sat on my couch. “Do you want something to drink?”

She laughed “I don’t think you should be drinking right now, especially after what happened Friday night.”

My face went red “Sorry, I meant a soda or something non-alcoholic.”

She laughed “No, thanks I’m good.”

I sat on the couch with her, making sure to keep my distance from her. I was suddenly uncomfortable sitting there with her in silence. I had so many things to say and ask but not one thing would come to my mind.

She broke the silence “Vic, about the other night.”

I looked at her “Savannah, I really do apologize for that. I never get drunk like that and I have your clothes. They’re clean of course but thanks for taking me home.”

She touched my arm softly “Vic, that’s not why I’m here.”

I looked over at her then. Her hands were suddenly cupping my face as she leaned into me. She kissed me so softly that again I wondered if I imagined it. She slowly pulled away from me, waiting for my reaction.

I put my hands on hers and leaned into her. I kissed her lips, letting them linger on hers for several moments before pulling away.

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