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To start with, I will tell you I am straight. I have a steady girlfriend. I have been having sex with her everyday since years. She satisfies me pretty well. We experiment a lot, with positions and new things.

This incident took place last year when I had gone out to a neighboring state for some interview. I had booked a room in a hotel near the railway station. I couldn’t book a return ticket and had to stay beyond the time scheduled. Around three days after my work was over there.

On the first day, I roamed around the city…it was boring, because I am not really a guy who likes to travel much. That night I retired to my room early. Actually, I was missing my girlfriend. When at home, we make love like crazy. Almost 10 times a day. She is a sweetheart.

But now, I was away from her. I couldn’t receive her call because the network was bad. I was feeling frustrated. I dozed off to sleep after masturbating for a while…

There was some commotion outside my room which woke me up. I checked my watch…2:37 am. I got up angrily. I opened the door of my room. There were some guys running around. Apparently, some guest had lost his key and these guys were attendant trying to break the lock. (It was a small hotel which used normal lock & key.)

I stood there for sometime, watching…then turned to go back to my room. That’s when I noticed him. He was a room attendant. But something about him was different…I realized it was the way he walked. His gait was highly feminine.

I kept looking at him for a while when he noticed. He kept staring at me, his gaze moving from my face to my bare body, my chest, my belly…I felt slightly uncomfortable.

I closed the door…and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up when there was a knock on the door of my room. I asked who is it…”Coffee” came the reply.

I wriggled out of the bed to open the door. When I opened the door, I was slightly surprised. It was the same attendant who had got the coffee. He walked in and placed the coffee on the table near my bed. Then he faced me and asked if I need anything else.

I said no, and then asked, “Are there some good places to hang around here…?” The places he named were all boring…

I got exasperated and blurted out: “See I need some action OK. I am not a tourist…I pornhub am bored here.” He eyed me for a while then said, “You have a nice body.” I found my body reacting in a strange way to his approach. I was developing a hard on. Maybe it was the abstinence from sex or something…I was actually turned on by this guy checking out my body.

I stayed quiet and just smiled. He got more open now, “You are hot.”

With this, he came close and touched my chest. I did not stop him. I had decided I would play along…and say no if he asks for any money, which I thought he would.

His had moved down now. He felt my hard on from over my shorts, and his eyes widened. Yeah, yeah, I am huge. I smiled.

He said he will be back in 10 minutes and darted away. I was confused. What was this guy up to?

Some minutes passed. I had other thoughts in my mind and started reading some book and so on…in short forgot everything about the attendant. That’s when there was a knock on the door, again. I went up to open the door. It was him. He smiled widely.

I got out of the way and he walked in and closed the door behind him, checking out whether anyone was watching him get in. Now he faced me. It’s safe now, he said. I felt the hard on again. I was anticipating what would happen next. The attendant drew close to me. I was about a foot or so taller than him. He put his arms around my torso and held me tight, all of a sudden. I shuddered a bit. Somehow, this felt good.

Then he kissed my chest where his head rested. And now he started with his elaborate play. He knelt down in front of me and started nibbling my kneecaps. Then he moved up my thighs, licking and nibbling all the while. Then he moved up to my chest…sucked my nipples hard. He then licked little circles round my nipples and licked all over my chest.

All this was arousing me, and strangely, they were arousing me more than my girlfriend doing it. He moved down to my belly now, licking all over, kissing lightly. My penis was rock hard now and was pushing my shorts to make a tent. Now he pulled my penis out and kissed the tip of it. His grip on my shaft was driving me crazy…

Now he started sucking my penis, first taking half of it and then the whole into his mouth. He slid my shorts down and I was porno 92 all naked now. I was going crazy with the turn on. It was hard on. He went on pumping on my penis and held my bums with his hands. It was a sexy feeling…something far beyond what my girlfriend gave me.

After some time I stopped him by holding his head. I didn’t want to come just by his sucking me and I felt I was about to. This was strange, very strange indeed. My girlfriend could never suck me to an orgasm. And this GUY was about to make me cum just with a blowjob. I pulled him up now. He was fully dressed.

I had this urge to see his body. In my dazed state, it seemed like something he was hiding from me. I took off his shirt. I was taking control now. I threw his shirt away. He was in his vest. I took his pants off hastily. He was wearing sexy panties. I was slightly surprised, but didn’t show it.

I threw him on the bed. He looked at me with surprise. I moved over him on the bed. He instinctively opened his mouth a little. I understood that was an invitation for a kiss.

I was so turned on by all this “different” stuff that I was drooling, heavily. When my lips touched his, he was surprised by the saliva but it excited him as well. In return he spit into my mouth. I was taken aback. I started devouring his mouth. It was highly sexy, I tell you, being in bed with a man.

I took his vest off. Then his panties. I was half expecting a pussy, maybe, because his penis surprised me. But I was too turned on. I love licking my girlfriend’s pussy. I closed my eyes and went down on him. First, it felt strange…sucking a cock, I mean. But then I just went on. He was way smaller than me. But his penis responded to my tongue. It grew harder and harder. I sat up now to take a look at it. Then I held his penis and started licking around it. He had his legs up in the air now and I was licking his balls. He smelled very similar to my girlfriend’s pussy now and I was all the more excited.

I moved back a bit now. His legs were raised quite high and I could see his butt hole now. It was dark and small. My penis was throbbing like anything now. I wanted to fuck…badly. I knew this black butt hole was my destination.

I got up and said, “Let’s fuck.”

HE got up a bit and started to turn qiqitv porno around, to get on his knees. No, I said. Let’s do it with your legs up in the air. He shrugged, saying it didn’t make any difference. Now he dived into his trouser pocket and fished out a small box of petroleum jelly and some condoms. I looked at these things and asked, “What are these for?”

He looked at me and before he could answer I had made him lie on the bed with his legs high up in the air. He looked afraid now. He thought I was going to nail him without lubrication, silly bastard.

I held his penis and assured him I won’t hurt him. Then I went down on him and faced his asshole. I licked it. He squirmed. I licked it some more now with more saliva in my mouth. I tried pushing my tongue in. His hole gave way slightly. I spit on my hand now and spread it on my penis.

He was ready now. I got up and positioned my penis on his hole. First my penis slipped. Then I got it at the right place. The saliva was a good lubricant. I managed to get the tip in. He moaned heavily. If it were my girlfriend I might have asked if it hurt. But I knew this guy had experience.

I pushed further in. now getting my whole erection into his ass. He moaned harder. I started pumping into his hole. First slowly then faster. Hearing this guy moaning was like magic. I pumped and pumped. I went on fucking his tight hole. When I pulled out for a while, I saw his hole was big and I had a temptation. I pushed my tongue into his now-wide butt hole. He tasted funny. I spit in more saliva because he was getting dry. Then I went on to fuck him again.

After some 15 minutes I exploded inside him. He immediately pulled me out and took my penis, which was still ejaculating in his mouth and kept sucking till he had swallowed my whole load. I was satisfied.

I got up to wear my clothes now, but noticed he was still in bed. I looked at him inquiringly and got my answer in the form of his erect penis.

I thought for a sec. Should I let him fuck me? That’s when he pushed me on the bed and came over me positioning his crotch just over my face. I opened my mouth and he started fucking my mouth. I often did it to my girlfriend and it felt strange. He fucked and fucked and then pulled out and came over my face. His cum was all over my face. It was sticky. I tasted it. It was sweet.

I went for a shower and found out that he had quietly walked out. I didn’t see him again that day. The other morning I checked out of the hotel. I haven’t gone back there again. I haven’t had such a DIFFERENT experience again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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