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A recent high school graduate went on a field trip to Lake George, New York in June of 1969, celebrating his graduation in a different way than most of his class, who were attending the Senior Prom that night. Randy Miller wasn’t interested in any proms, but he wasn’t sure whether he was ready for what he was planning on either.


This was yet another opportunity for me to run, although now at this point since I had no idea where I was, that might make finding my way back home a problem. Actually, since my actual home was about 60 miles away and I was staying at a motel, I not only didn’t know where home was from there, I had even less idea about the location of that motel I had spent 22 bucks on.

As for the man, to my shame I knew only as Colin, his last name neither offered or asked for? I didn’t think he was a local either judging by his accent which I couldn’t place. This secluded cottage he had taken me to was part of a larger complex, but what brought Colin to Lake George I never learned either. I was too scared to ask much of anything. Too scared to say no either.

The cottage door came open, and then I was herded inside. It was pretty much a bed and a dresser with a mirror, with a chair stuck in the corner, and there was a bathroom off to the side, where Colin said he was going.

“Get undressed, Randy,” Colin whispered in my ear from behind and he aqueezed my shoulders. “And please relax. I’m not going to bite you, I swear.”

I nodded and watched Colin got to the bathroom door while trying to figure how how this man got even bigger than he seemed to be in that bar where he picked me up. Then again, we were sitting on bar stools then so the difference in our heights and weights wasn’t that obvious.

Colin had to be at least a half foot taller and probably weighed 60 pounds more than I did, which put him at around 6’3″ and 210 pounds. Since I figured him to be around 40, that made him around twice my age. Bluntly, he was twice the man I was in every way, in addition to looking a little like a TV star whose name escaped me at the time.

So while it was clear what a skinny kid with ordinary looks at best would see in him, my question was what would this man see in me, and as I unbuttoned my shirt and looked in the mirror, the vision of my pale scrawny chest did nothing to answer that question.

I should have gotten that tattoo, I mused as I thought back to that evening at the fair when I had debated with myself over getting that sassy looking devil on my arm. I had talked myself out of it, but more because I was afraid of the pain than the aesthetics.

If I had gotten it, I would look more manly, I concluded, for only for a second because I knew that in reality it would only make me look more ridiculous. I wasn’t the tattoo type, any more than I was the hippie type, although my longish blonde hair hinted at that. In reality it probably made me look more feminine, which was the last thing I needed, given the rest of me.

I pulled off my jeans and set them aside, and when I looked up at the mirror I cringed. Out of your league, Randy, I told myself. Get dressed and go. This man is going to come out and see me and my pitiful body along with the too-small-to-suit-me bulge in my tight white briefs and either laugh, or worse.

But then I looked up and discovered it was too late because Colin had exited the bathroom and was approaching the dresser I was standing in front of, and he was naked, or at least I thought he was. I had been too scared to look down, so all I saw was this handsome man with olive skin, big shoulders and a hairy chest who was now behind me.

“Mmm… we look good together, don’t we?” Colin said, and I sort of laughed at that because I thought we looked mismatched. Chalky white, smooth and scrawny standing in front of big bronze, muscular and hairy made me look even more out of place.

“I don’t know,” I said as I look ahead at the mirror, and then it struck me.

Colin looked like the guy that played the Sheriff on TV – Sheriff Taylor, and I looked more like his boy Opie, although I’m pretty sure that Andy Griffith and Ronny Howard never were together naked in a cottage in Lake George or anywhere else.

Technically I wasn’t naked, but that was changing because Colin’s hands were sliding down my chest and taking the elastic of my underwear down, and not only was I not looking my best down there at the time, it seemed like my dick was trying to retreat into my intestines from fright.


“Colin,” he whispered to me after my underwear dropped to the carpet. “There’s nothing to be scared about.”

Easy for you to say, I though as his fingers raked through the tuft of golden hair above my dick, and as he took the tube in his fingers my knees were actually knocking.

“Back at the bar,” Colin was saying. “That ID you showed the bartender? That wasn’t fake was it?”

“It gets bigger,” I said quickly. “I swear.”

“That’s not what I meant,” gaziantep escort Colin said as he stifled a chuckle as he started lazily pulling on my dick. “I can tell it’s going to get bigger because it’s so wrinkled. What I meant was that it seems like you’re not very – I don’t know – experienced. Have you ever been with a man before?”

“Sort of – not really,” I said, giving a stupid response that meant I had messed around with a couple of guys my age but never did all that much. “Yes, but not, you know, with a real man.”

“I guess I mistook your shyness back at the bar as a way to seduce me,” Colin explained. “And it worked, whatever you did. I’m honored that you chose to be with me. That bar, did you know what kind of a place it was?”

“Yes, I had heard stories,” I admitted.

“Well, I’m glad that I got to you before some of those guys did, let’s just say,” Colin said. “You know, you remind me of myself back when I was 18.”

“I do?” I said, not seeing the resemblance at all, but when Colin leaned into me I found myself relaxing a bit, the thick pelt of hair on his hand feeling comforting against my smooth back.

“Yes Randy, you see, my first time with a man – my first real time as I think you tried to say, was in as similar situation as this,” Colin explained. “I was scared and inexperienced, just the opposite of myself in many ways, and I wanted to run and hide just like you probably did at first.”

“I didn’t run, just like you didn’t,” Colin continued. “He told me to trust him, and that he knew how I felt because he had been in my shoes as well. He told me that he wanted that night to be something I would remember forever, as a beautiful dream come true instead of a nightmare.”

“And I trusted him and he was right because to this day I remember every moment; every word he said and everything he did to me, and it all fits right now,” Colin said as I felt myself about to pass out or swoon as he told me much of what he had been told once himself decades ago.

“You’ve got a beautiful body, and the moment I saw you I knew I had to have you,” Colin sighed, and as he nodded downward toward what he was stroking he added, “And I think you want me too, am I right? Look at you, so big and hard and beautiful.”

My eyes went downward, and although I knew that while the organ he had coaxed to life with his words and body was in no way big, the length as average as could be, it was very hard, so erect that it was curling up back towards us.

“You like the mirror?” Colin asked as he bent down and nibbled into my neck. “I moved the bed over so we could see our images from there. It’s nice to see ourselves as others see us, isn’t it? Look at us.”

I looked, and while I still didn’t see the beauty in me, I was beginning to see the beauty in us, and even the sight of Colin’s cock, now within view as he stood at my right shoulder, didn’t make me ashamed.

It was amazing, Colin’s cock was, as it hung straight down between his muscular thighs, bronze and larger than either of the other two I had seen like this in person, probably as big as both of them combined.

My hand was trembling when I reached down and put my fingers around the shaft of his manhood – uncircumcised, which added to the mystery since this was new to me as well. His felt different than the others as well, spongy as first but then as the blood started racing through it got harder

and harder until we were both erect and pointing at the glass.

“Not nervous as much anymore, are you Randy?” he asked, and I said that no, I wasn’t, at least not as much, and it was then that he turned me around to face him.

I wasn’t expecting the kiss, but I didn’t turn away. This was my first kiss from a man, and while the feel of a slightly less than smooth cheek against mine startled me at first, that feeling quickly went away as our tongues dueled.

This wasn’t only my first kiss as a man, this was my first real kiss. I came to that conclusion as my head spun, realizing that while the girls I had kissed were nice enough as were the experiences, I hadn’t felt anything remotely like what I was feeling at that moment. I had been going through the motions, doing what I thought was expected to do, and in the process had not only cheated them but had cheated myself as well.

The spinning feeling came again, but this wasn’t from the emotion or the two beers I had consumed at the bar. This sensation was real, because Colin was picking me up, effortlessly like I was a sack of feathers, and as he held me up by my buttocks I wrapped my legs around the backs of his thighs and held him tight.

The feeling as we embraced – I had always wondered about what it would be like to experience being hugged by a hairy man – but my fantasies paled in comparison to the real thing as I felt my skinny body being engulfed by this bear of a man.

Even better was that in this embrace we were in, not only were are chests rubbing together, but so were our cocks. Both of us so hard that the organs were forced upward when we hugged, and now as Colin turned to carry me the few steps back to the bed, the undersides of our dicks ground together hard.

I had thought that it was just coincidence, but over time I’ve come to the conclusion that Colin had wanted it to happen just that way, although I don’t know whether he expected me to cry out just before we reached the bed, biting into his shoulder as I ejaculated all over us.

Colin didn’t set me down until I had finished cumming, and even when I had stopped he held me in his arms, his big strong hands like perfect resting places for my butt cheeks, while my body went through aftershocks of sorts that I had never experienced before.

After I finally stopped shaking I pulled my head out of the crux of his neck, and as I leaned back to try to speak Colin was smiling, and I don’t know if it was my imagination or not that gave me the impression that his eyes were watering like mine were.

“Say anything except you’re sorry,” he whispered, so I said nothing and did nothing besides kiss him, and only then did he deposit me gently on the bed.


Like garland on a Christmas tree. That was what Colin looked like as he knelt next to me on the bed. My semen was all over the man, and I was stunned at how much I had sprayed him with. The fact that his skin was bronze, along with him being so hairy, made the milky white seed stand out even more.

Colin’s hands were all over me, but I wanted to play with him, so I asked him if I could clean him up.

“As long I don’t have to stop touching you,” Colin said, and he rolled down on to the bed on his back.

I had tasted my own cum before once, but it hadn’t tasted this good, I thought while licking the rope of cum from the timberline of his pubic hair. Actually, Colin was so furry that the only difference in the pelt was that it got denser over his cock and under his arms.

It was his cock that I was licking my way toward, and when I took his magnificent organ in my hand it was not erect, but neither was it the spongy tool it had been when I first touched it. Heavy, and the way it pulsed in my hand made it seem like a living thing.

I brought it upright, licking around the outline of the ridge of his glans that was prominent through the dusky foreskin. My ignorance was coming back to haunt me, because I didn’t know anything about an uncircumcised penis except that they were likely sensitive in different ways.

I let my tongue experiment, hoping that Colin would let me now by word or reaction whether I was doing right or wrong. A glance up showed Colin was smiling at me kneeling at his hip, his right hand on my thigh and his left hand behind his head.

The tip of the head was visible at the opening of his foreskin, a sort of crimson against the bronze casing, and I felt his hand squeeze my thigh as I licked around the puckered edges before dabbing at the opening.

I had wondered if I would even be able to get my mouth around it at first, but now at the angle I was at it seemed less menacing even though it was still quite large and getting larger. I let my lips slide down a little, and although I wasn’t trying to move the foreskin down it was going that way as Colin got harder and harder.

I closed my eyes and started moving my mouth further down his manhood, in my mind wondering if my lips would soon be near my fist, which was wrapped around the shaft of his cock, but when I peeked I was mortified to see how far away my hand was.

Obviously, what I was holding and sucking bore no resemblance to the other two men I had the opportunity to enjoy. Colin was huge, and while his getting hard made it easier to handle, I realized that the once thing I had wanted to experience for the first time in my life wasn’t going to happen.

I pulled his dusky monolith back onto his furry stomach so I could let my tongue run along the vein riddled underside of his organ, the feel different from the topside which was smooth save for a vein that ran down the lower part of it.

Below the trunk of his cock, his balls hung low and loose, as over-sized as the rest of his privates. I licked the hairy sac, finding the musky taste and scent arousing, and managed to get the smaller orb into my mouth for a time while my hand jacked his member.

When I rose back up to start sucking on his again I felt Colin’s hands pulling me up, and I feared that I wasn’t doing well.

“No, Randy,” Colin said as I slid up his body. “Too good. I’m not as resilient as you are, and I want to make it last.”

I savored the sensation of our bodies as I moved upwards along his body, and on the way up my mouth searched for and found his nipple, lost in the mat of chest hair. Letting my tongue rub against the nub, I looked up at Colin, very self-conscious about what I was doing to him because some of the things that excited me I figured he would think weird, but it was as if he had read my mind.

“Do whatever you want to me, Randy,” Colin said as he looked up to the ceiling, putting his hands behind his head and sighing. “So far you’re pushing all the right buttons. You like rubbing up against me, don’t you? I like it too.”

“Let me know when you want me to stop,” I said as I kept grinding gently into him.

“I have to check out at 11 tomorrow morning,” Colin informed me with a smile as he closed his eyes.

It was like I had my own personal teddy bear to play with. Everything about the man turned me on, and ironically it was all of the things I lacked. Muscles, for one thing. Reclining as he was, his biceps bulged even more prominently.

Obviously Colin lifted weights, because his biceps were almost the size of my thighs. As I sucked his nipples I let my hand slide up to squeeze his muscle, and it was like trying to leave fingerprints on a rock.

Sliding my hand down a bit, I let my fingers rake through the jungle of jet black hair that filled his armpit. It was softer than it looked, and as my nails worked through the hair the scent of soap and man filled the air.

Lower down, my cock was already hard again, and as my member ground into Colin’s nearly-erect whopper I leaned up and kissed his bicep before letting my tongue slide down into the furry hollow, looking at Colin for his reaction. I was expecting a weird look, all but all I got was a sigh as he writhed on the bedding.

Bruno Sammartino. The wrestler’s name crossed my mind around then, because he had been one of my heroes. Not so much for the wrestling as for the fact that he was a muscular and hairy guy like Colin, and I had spent a lot of time bringing myself to climax while looking at pictures of him in wrestling magazines and wondering what it would be like to be with a guy like him.

I stopped doing everything, because between our cocks rubbing together and my chewing on Colin’s armpit, I was on the verge of cumming again, so I climbed off of him and went down to his cock. I grabbed the shaft like it was a baseball bat and started to pump it while sucking on the part my hands didn’t cover.

Colin’s cock throbbed in my fists as my jaws stretched to the limit while trying to get him to cum. Maybe I wasn’t very good at it yet, although he told me later that I had done quite well, but I would like to think that he was enjoying it and had excellent control.

Either way, it took a few minutes, but then I was hearing Colin warning me that he was going to cum. Unlike the other times, I didn’t pull my mouth off, and although I choked a bit at first, I kept going while he coated my throat with his warm seed.

I kept sucking on Colin’s cock as it deflated, only stopping when he pulled me back up to hug him, smothering me with praise and affection while I revealed in the warmth of his body.

“You know what I would like to do, Randy?” Colin said after awhile. “I would love to give you a massage. Have you ever had one?”

I hadn’t, of course, but if it involved Colin touching me I was all for it. Colin climbed off the bed and went over to the dresser to get a bottle of lotion, and as he returned I watched his flaccid cock swaying back in forth in front of him, the sight sending shivers down my spine.

“I should have done this at the start,” Colin said as he arranged me face down on the bed. “Nothing as relaxing as a massage.”

Yes and no, I soon learned, because as Colin worked his way up from my feet, I found the way his fingers dug deep into my flesh soothing, but since he had positioned us so I was looking at us in the mirror, I wasn’t relaxed at all. Just the opposite.

In the soft light, Colin’s hairy body sparkled like mine did, only my glistening was due to the lotion coating my pale skin. Colin’s sparkle was because of the sweat he was working up, the moisture making his fur shine.

That, along with watching his cock swinging between his thighs like a metronome, had me looking away because the way his hands were pushing into the backs of my thighs, I was on the verge of cumming the way my boner was jammed between my stomach and the bedding.

“Don’t fall asleep, Randy,” Colin was saying, thinking that my eyes were closed because I was tired.

“I won’t,” I said as Colin’s hands rubbed my ass cheeks, and then my eyes opened wide because Colin was parting my thighs slightly and sliding a finger between my buttocks.

“It’s just my finger, Randy,” Colin was saying as he pushed what felt like a salami into my anus, and while it felt good after I got over the shock, it made me think of something else. Something I wasn’t ready for.

I was struggling to think of a way to tell Colin that while I was crazy about him, if he wanted to – I mean I know it was possible and all but the thought of him trying to take me anally was frightening. It wasn’t something I had ever done, but Colin didn’t try.

Instead, I was treated to the sensation of his long thick finger probing deep into my bowels, touching places I didn’t know existed and didn’t realize were so sensitive. Soon I was clutching the bedding, chewing on the sheets and crying out while I ejaculated.

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