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Something had changed, I knew that at least. The accident must have done something to my head. I didn’t hurt, it just felt different. Let me explain. Yesterday, I’d been in a minor car accident and had hit my head. It wasn’t too bad, so I just headed home where I lived with my Mom (Dad had died a few years ago) and thought I’d just sleep it off. But this morning when I woke up, my head felt fine, just… I don’t know how to describe it, different. I decided to ignore it and head downstairs after a quick shower. After getting dressed, I got some breakfast and tried to figure out what to do.

“Hey baby,” my mom said, with her usual happy tone to her voice.

My mom walked in wearing her normal bath robe, but she was anything but normal. From her shapely golden legs and her perfectly proportioned ass, and model-worthy face, to her mouthwatering breasts (which I knew from looking at her bras were an impressive 42E), Mom kept herself in shape. Mom had me young (I was now 18) and so she was only 39, and she made sure she stayed looking good. She was the star in plenty of my jack-off fantasies. Mom was gorgeous, and she knew it.

“Hey Mom,” I replied sleepily, sneaking a peek of her robe-covered ass as she bent down to get some milk from the fridge.

How did you sleep? How is your head?” Mom was always worrying about me, and had been like that since Dad died.

“I’m fine Mom,” I reassured her. “I just needed a nap to sleep it off.”

“Okay well I need to go into town to run some errands today, so you’ll be on your own. Is that ok?” Mom asked.

“Jeez Mom I’m not a kid anymore. I can take care of myself.”

“Ok, ok, I was just asking.” Mom bent down to give me a hug (giving me a sneak peek down at her chest). “I just worry about you.”

“I know Mom.”

“Good. Well, I’m going to go get a shower and I’ll see you in a few minutes,” Mom said as she sexily sauntered away, swinging her well-rounded hips. She stopped and looked back at me, having forgotten something. “Shaun, I’m getting a package today so…”

As I made eye contact with her Mom’s face flooded into my brain with her name printed beneath it.

“Kristen,” I blurted out, interrupting Mom mid-sentence.

Suddenly, Bahçeşehir Escort Mom stopped speaking, a glassy look coming over her eyes.

“Mom?” I asked, confused as to what had just happened. “Mom? Mom, are you okay?” I was the one getting worried now.

“Yes Shaun, I am perfectly fine.” Mom replied in a slightly neutral tone, not changing her facial expression.

That was slightly odd. An idea popped into my head, and as weird as it seemed, I thought I’d test it out.

“Mom, come here a minute.”

Mom walked over, seemingly without emotion, having lost her sexy saunter.

“Erm, okay. Raise both arms.”

Mom complied, raising both her arms over her head.

“Wow, okay, uhhh, stand on one leg and spin around.”

Once again, Mom did as I said, turning on her heels like sexy spinning top.

Wow. This was major. My Mom was completely under my control! Firstly, I decided to make sure I actually had control. I pictured Mom’s face in my head and said her name.


Mom closed her eyes and shook her head as if she was waking up. “…so I need you to be here at about 11’0clock to- wait why am I over here?” Mom said lowering her arms. “I must have just drifted off,” she said, turning to go upstairs. “So make sure you’re okay here today.”

So I had control, now to push my luck further. Picturing her face in my mind again and saying her name, I put Mom back in my trance.

“Mom, come over here”.

She complied, walking over to me. This was it, the point of no return. “Mom, can you remove your bath robe”. When I had woken up that morning, I could never have expected to be in a situation that before today I would have killed for.

Mom untied her robe and let it fall to the floor, leaving her completely naked.

I was speechless. I looked my mother up and down, lusting after her perfect tits (golden like the rest of her) with their mid-sized areolas that looked like treacle had been smeared on her boobs. My eyes trawled down, admiring her flat stomach (like I said she kept in shape) and finally the grand prize, her magnificent pussy. Surprisingly, it was shaved, and I was able to see everything. I was in shock. My cock was getting harder Beylikdüzü Escort by the second. It was time to do something about that.

“Mo-mom.” I was almost chocking on my words.

“Yes Shaun,” she replied, seemingly unaware that she was exposing herself in front of her son.

“Erm…” I proceeded, unsure if I wanted to go this far. On one hand, this is what I had fantasized about since puberty, but on the other hand, even I couldn’t deny that this was wrong. My cock made up my mind for me. “Jack me off please Mom.”

I sat down on a kitchen chair and let Mom get to work.

She unzipped my pants to reveal my under-wear-clad cock, now as hard as I’d seen it. She quickly whipped off my boxers, revealing my member in its 8-inch glory.

Now I know I’m not huge, but bigger than average is good enough for me, and apparently good enough for my hypnotized Mom.

She kneeled down in front of me, her tits swaying as she moved, and wrapped her small soft hands around my cock, pumping it up and down.

“Mom, oh God,” Her fingers were like warm butter, sliding up and down my shaft with ease. I looked into my mothers eyes as she wanked me off, her hands finally taking the place of mine after my many fantasies. Her deep brown eyes remained glazed over, staring soullessly forward as she brought me to climax. Then I thought, why am I settling for a hand-job?

“Mom, oh God (it was hard to talk with the situation I was in), can you please titty-fuck me?”

Wordlessly, Mom sat up, wrapping her tits around my cock, and continued pumping it up and down. I reached forward and grabbed her boobs, squeezing, fondling, pinching her nipples, whatever I damned well pleased (although I still couldn’t get a whole one into one hand).

I had another idea. “Speak dirty talk to me”.

Again, Mom complied.

“You like that don’t you, you dirty fucking bastard? You like your Mommy’s tits all over your fucking cock don’t you? Yeah you do. And Mommy loves titty-fucking your fucking prick. Yes she does. It makes Mommy so horny to wrap her tits around your cock as you squeeze her fucking nipples you dirty boy. Do you like being fucked by your Mommy’s tits?”

“Oh god yes. Mom, I’m-I’m cumming,” I screamed.

Mom kept up her pace as I began to reach my climax. Big white droplets of cum spurted out, covering Mom’s face, neck and titties.

“Oh my god Mom that was so good.”

“Mommy’s glad you liked her big messy titty-fuck. Seeing your cock makes Mommy so horny and…”

“I cut her off mid-sentence. Although Mom’s dirty talk seemed to be up for it, I wasn’t sure what would happen if she came out of the trance like this, so I got her to stop talking dirty, clean her self up and put on her robe.

After she had returned, I gave Mom the commands I thought would clear things up…

“Mom, you will forget what just happened.”

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to go all the way right now, so felt it better to just erase her memory for now. However, I still wanted to see those tits some more.

“You will not remember anything from when I put you into the trance, and will think that you simply had a shower then came back here. Also, from now on, you will have no problem with me seeing you naked, and in fact will get horny whenever you are naked or wearing revealing clothes. However, you will only feel like this when we are alone together.”

“Finally, you will have no problem with me touching your body or me being naked as-well, as you will see it as a normal part of me growing up.”

That would be enough for now. I pictured her face in my mind and said her name “Kirsten.”

Mom closed her eyes and shook her head. “Hey baby, I must have just drifted off for a second,” Mom said, walking over to me and giving me a hug, pressing her tits against my chest. “Have I ever told you how much I love you Shaun?”

My deflated cock began to rise again as I felt Mom’s breasts through her robe. “I love you too, Mom,” I replied, hugging her back.

“Are you hot? It’s so hot this morning,” Mom said, opening her robe, giving me another view of her glistening areolas.

Looks like my commands worked then.

Mom went over to the fridge and started looking for some juice, and I felt that it was time to test my other commands. I walked over to Mom, slapping her ass, and reaching forward to grope her tits.

Instead of screaming, Mom just jumped, surprised, and said “Frisky today aren’t we honey?” And then she just walked over to the table to get herself a glass, robe still open, tits still swinging. This was going to be an interesting summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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