Dinner for Two

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The day was long and hot and I could not get you off my mind since this morning. Seeing you get ready for work today stirred something in me and I was determined to act on what I was feeling. You however did not know what was coming your way. I knew you would be busy for lunch today and had meetings in the afternoon that would take up most of your time. I was looking forward to you coming home that evening as I had a night you would never forget planned. All that changed when I received a text from you letting me know you would not be home till late. I was not going to let that get in the way of anything.

I took the day to pamper myself and to prepare. On my way out I stopped off and picked up some things for a light dinner and some wine, hoping you hadn’t already eaten. Pulling into the parking lot of your office building I was surprised to see how many people were still there. By now I figured it would be empty, but didn’t care either way. Like I said, I was determined. I gathered up all my bags and made sure my coat was closed with nothing showing. Slowly, I made my way in and up to your floor. Sure enough, plenty of people still working away at their desks. I smiled as I walked purposely by, occasionally saying hello to someone. I walked up to your closed door and stood outside for a few minutes composing myself and silently praying you were alone inside. Your secretary had already left for the evening so there was no one to announce my arrival, which was perfect.

I didn’t even knock, just walked right in smiling. The look on your face was priceless. After closing the door behind me, I locked it so we wouldn’t be interrupted.

“I thought you might be hungry” I said.

“Starving actually! How did you know?” you asked.

“Woman’s intuition.” I said with a laugh as I started to unpack our dinner and some glasses. Handing you the bottle of wine to open, you looked even more surprised. “Thought of everything haven’t you?”

“I think so yes. I hope you like what I’ve brought tonight.”

“I’m sure it is amazing. I don’t see any dessert in your magic bag there though.” I didn’t comment but just went back to setting the table so we could have our dinner. We talked about your day and your meetings. We discussed the latest movie, and made plans for the weekend. It was so nice to see you relaxed and smiling. I knew today would be a pretty busy day and I was just happy that I was able to bring a little relaxation to your world. Little did you know though, there was much more relaxing to be done. “Where you not planning on staying long? You haven’t even taken off your coat.” I leaned back in my chair, pulled my legs up and crossed them on the table. Smiling I said, “I was cold, but it is getting pretty warm now. I should take this off huh?”

“If you’re hot then yeah. Unless of course, you’re planning on leaving right away?”

“Not at all.” As you turned away to go back to your desk I started to unbutton my coat slowly. Timing it so you would be seated at your desk before you saw what I had on under it. There was that devious smile I love so much. I stood up and let my coat fall to the floor. Standing before you in the black lace teddy you loved so much with stockings and garter belt. A single silver necklace with a tear drop diamond rested gently at my chest. I sauntered my way over to you slowly, letting you take in the sight before you. “Enjoying the view?” I asked. All you could do was smile. I moved to sit on your desk, my legs on either side of you. “Would you like your dessert now?” You moved to lock the door but I pushed you back down into your chair. “Already done” was all I said.

“You definitely thought of everything.”

“I did, now çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle shut up and kiss me already.”

Standing up again you pulled me close and locked your lips with mine. The passion and intensity of your kiss burned right through me. I responded to each kiss with as much enthusiasm. Since seeing you in this suit all I’ve wanted to do is tear it off. I finally had the opportunity to do so. I clawed at your jacket till you shrugged it off. Pulling at your tie until it was unravelled. I could feel your hot kisses trail down my neck and along the rises of my breasts. Leaning back, I held your head close as you kisses turned into bites. A sigh escapes my lips and I pull you back up for another sensual kiss. Franticly I start to unbutton your shirt, tearing at it like a mad woman needing to feel your skin against mine. You move my hands to do it yourself as I quickly clear off your desk. Kissing me again, I can feel your hands caress along my thighs and up my body. You slip one strap off my shoulder then kiss it, moving to do the same to the other side. I push you back a bit so I can slip the top down exposing my ample tits. I hear you growl under your breath as you lunge forward and push me back against the desk.

Quickly taking one nipple into your mouth while kneading the other one roughly. Switching nipples you move your one hand down between us to unclip the garter belt. All you could say between suckling and nipping was “Naked. Now.” I giggled and pushed you off so I could comply. I started to slowly lower my teddy but you wouldn’t have any of that. You reached for me and practically tore it off my body leaving me in only my panties and stockings. The panties didn’t last long either as I heard you tear the one side and pull it down. The stockings however, you left on. Lifting me back up on your desk you gently pushed me down while you got comfortable between my legs. Sitting back you looked at me laying there helpless and naked. I felt one finger trail along the inside of one thigh, then the other. Leaning down you proceeded to kiss my knees, trailing kisses up along my legs. First one side, then the other. Stopping every so often to blow on the wetness that was building between my legs. Moaning I tried to pull you in with one leg but you pushed it aside, opening me wider to your lust filled eyes. “Tell me what you want Lara.” All I could do is moan. You knew what I wanted but you wouldn’t give me that until I told you. Looking down at you I whispered, “Lick my pussy. I want you to lick my pussy.”

Being the tease you are you licked me, once and then stopped. “Anything else?” you asked. I began to beg and asked for more. Pulling me closer you spread my legs further apart as your lips found my hot wet pussy lips. Licking me slowly with hard strokes, then with softer ones. Fast and slow, hard and soft. I felt you open my lips to search out my clit. Rubbing it gently with a finger before replacing it with your lips. Nibbling and sucking, tugging gently. I felt you slip one finger inside of me as you continued to suck on my clit. The ecstasy and pressure was mounting and I just wanted to explode but then you would stop for a few minutes before continuing again. Your slow torture continued and I felt another finger slip deep inside me. Finger fucking me harder and faster your tongue and lips continued to tease me until I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. You didn’t stop this time and I exploded all over your lips. Trying so very hard not to yell too loud. Once I relaxed a bit you started your sweet assault all over again until I came one more time. Kissing the inside of my chasing waves izle thighs down to my knees you sat back in your chair, gently massaging my calves. When you finally stood up, it was to remove your pants and boxers. I could see how excited you were and craved to feel that hard cock deep inside me. I had other plans though. Once you were completely naked I stood up and pushed you back down into your chair. Kneeling before you I smiled up as I kissed the tip of your cock. Your head fell back as you sighed and I continued to leave quick soft kisses on the tip. Massaging your inner thighs I began kissing the length of your cock down to your very swollen balls. Kissing one, then the other. I knew you had good control but I could also feel your body tense in anticipation of what was to come.

I thought about teasing you a while longer but even I couldn’t be that patient. As I grabbed you with one hand at the base of your shaft I lowered my lips to take your hard cock as far as possible into my mouth. Gently sucking and stroking with one hand and with the other, playing with your tender balls. I could feel you weave your fingers into my hair as you started to force my head up and down. You started to arch your hips with every thrusting motion, faster and faster until you were close. Before I knew it though, you pulled me off your cock, flipped me over and bent me over your desk. With one hand on my back you thrust yourself deep into my pussy. The shock of the full length of you made me cry out momentarily. Once I adjusted you started to move in and out slowly. Grabbing a handful of hair you started to move faster, then you would slow down. This was absolute bliss and my mind was racing a mile a minute with the sheer pleasure of what you were doing to me.

“You like it when I fuck you like this don’t you?”


Much to my dismay you pulled out and flipped me onto my back once more. Moving me further up your desk you climbed up and repositioned yourself between my legs. Throwing my legs over your shoulders you slammed back into me harder than before. You continued your sweet torment as you leaned down to bite and suck my tits again. I weaved my fingers into your hair, pulling you closer, needing to feel all of you at once. You left my breasts for a short moment to kiss me hard on the lips. I thought I tasted blood as you pulled away to look into my eyes. Your lust and passion was very visible and I had to smile. As my fingers are still in your hair, I pulled you down again for another kiss. Nibbling and licking at your lips, I moved my legs from over your shoulders to rest them at your side as I moved my hands to your back and shoulders. Caressing you lightly and when you didn’t expect it, Digging and dragging my nails down your back and then back up again. You arched your back and groaned against my lips as you kissed me even harder.

“You’re driving me crazy woman.”

“That’s the point my love.” I chuckled and pushed you over onto your back as I climbed on top. Sliding my slick wet pussy along the shaft of your cock I bent down to kiss your neck and chest. Biting your shoulders, clawing at your chest, I could feel you start to wiggle under me, trying to enter but I lifted my hips before you could.

“You’re not playing fair Lara.” I could hear that warning tone in your voice and I had to laugh. I knew what would happen if I didn’t play by your rules. The problem was, I was in the mood to be defiant tonight and play by my rules. I responded mischievously, “A very good observation Tyler. I’m impressed how quickly you figured that out. I let you have control for a while, but christina in the country izle darling, it’s my turn now.” With that I pinned your arms down beside you, bracing my legs on either side. Knowing it won’t last for long but hoped it would be enough time to tease you a bit. Sliding down your body until your cock was between my tits. I squeezed them together until I could fuck your cock with them. Licking the head as it came close to my lips. I could taste myself on you, our juices mixed as one. I could see you were enjoying yourself, your cock was throbbing between my breasts as pearls of pre-cum formed at the hole. Licking it up as I watched your face. Your clenched jaw, your eyes closed, your breathing raspy, I knew it was only a matter of time now before you took back control.

I climbed back on your desk but I did not slide down your cock. Instead I turned myself around and straddled your head as I bent forward to suck you again. Lowering my hips so your lips and tongue could once more find my clit. I moaned the second I felt your face against my pussy making your cock throb inside my mouth. As I sucked you licked, when I went faster, so did you. Our motions in perfect rhythm with one another. I could feel that familiar pressure building deep within my lower belly, I wanted to come so badly and you knew it. Driving three fingers deep inside me you began to finger fuck me as you sucked my clit into your mouth. I had to stop sucking you as I could not think. As I lowered my head on to your thigh, I sunk my teeth in deep. This time I know I tasted blood as I exploded all over your face. Slowly you pulled your fingers out but I couldn’t move. I released the skin from between my teeth but I was light headed. Gently and slowly you rolled me over to lay on my side. Sliding up to lay beside me you took me into your arms and caressed my back as you lowered you lips to mine. Whispering quietly, “I hope you enjoyed your moment of power love, I’m taking back control now.” With my eyes closed I smiled and nodded. Satisfied that I had at least that short time in which to enjoy having control over you. Shifting back between my legs you plunged deep inside of me. Moving slowly at first, we began to rock in unison. Clinging to one another out of desperation and lust. You started to move faster and faster, harder and harder, our breathing again becoming shallow and intense. We came together this time. I could feel you spill your seed deep into me as I quivered and shook beneath you. You stayed inside after and just laid your head down to my chest. Our bodies sticking together with sweat.

When our breathing was back to normal I asked, “Not going to get much work done now are you?”

“Not a chance.”

“Maybe we should just go home then for round two.”

“I don’t know, can you walk?”

“I think I can manage Tyler. It’s a good thing you didn’t rip my coat though or I’d have nothing to wear home. You have to get off of me first though.”

You moved and began dressing as I collected all my ripped clothing and put them away in my bag. As I was cleaning up the rest of food that we didn’t get to you came up behind me and took me into your arms, kissing the back of my neck. “If you don’t put that coat on now Lara, we will not be going anywhere.”

“Yes dear.” I got my coat on quickly and buttoned up. Grabbing my bags I waited for you at the door but before I could open it you came up behind me again, turning me around and pressing your body into me. I dropped my bags as you began to kiss me with that fiery passion once again. I tried to wrap my arms around your neck but you pushed them up over my head with one hand, pinning me to the door. Your other hand found my wet mound again and began to tease it. “I want you to be wet and ready. When we walk through the door, I’m taking you again right there.” With that you let me go. “Well, are you ready to go now?” You had an evil look in your eyes. I knew that look. It is one I have grown to love. I also knew what was coming when we got home. This was just the appetizer, the main course was yet to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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