Disneyland Excitement

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I had been promising Justin and Josie a trip to Disneyland for over 7 years. Their parents didn’t want them to go, ever, but realized that Josie, now 18, was old enough to go on her own, if she wanted. And she did want to. So my wife and I gave Josie a “becoming an adult” present: an all-expenses paid trip with us to Disneyland. Well, once Josie was going, there was no stopping Justin. Though he was only 13, he convinced his parents that Josie needed the company. So their parents gave in and let me and my wife take both of them. We had everything booked and paid for in advance. Then my wife twisted her ankle.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but my wife said she would be fine and I should go since nothing was refundable. Josie said she was going to go by herself, if need be. Her parents realized she was serious and asked if I would be willing to take both children by myself. I checked, again, with my wife, who pushed me out the door. So off the three of us went!

We arrived in the evening and checked in to our motel rooms. The kids loved that we had adjoining rooms, especially when I told them that they could shut their door and lock me out! We all went to bed early to get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, I noticed the door was open. When I looked in, they were both already dressed and ready to go.

“The park doesn’t open for another two hours!” I said. They both just smiled the biggest smiles I’d seen on them in a long time.

“You wearing a dress?” I asked, then realized I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Yeah. It’s supposed to get hot today.”

“Really?” I said. “Maybe I’ll wear some shorts. How about you, Justin?”

“No way,” he said.

“Don’t forget your watches,” I said. They both held up their arms, watches attached to their wrists.

We had a quick breakfast and headed for the park. We had carefully planned the morning and the kids ran from ride to ride before the park filled up. For a while I was able to keep up and enjoyed Justin and Josie’s wide smiles and unbounded energy. Within an hour I got tired of trying to keep up with them, they were allowed to go on their own anywhere in the park. We set up a noon rendezvous for burgers and fries in Tomorrowland.

At noon, everyone was there. We talked about the rides they’d been on, which were their favorites, and what we were going to do that afternoon.

“I’m going to Frontierland, and then back to Adventureland,” Justin declared. He mapped out the timing that would give him the most rides and the least lines.

Josie looked at me and rolled her eyes. “I’m taking it easy,” Karaköy escort bayan she said. “I’m heading over to Fantasyland.”

Ever since she was a child Josie had been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and all the other Disney movies. I smiled as Justin paid no attention, finished his burger, and stood up to go.

“What do you think about checking back in at 5pm,” I said, “at the entrance to the castle. Then we’ll get dinner and plan the evening.”

“GREAT!” Justin said, and he disappeared down the hill into the crowds before I could change my mind.

“He’s got more energy than the White Rabbit,” Josie said.

She looked at me with that toothy freckle-faced smile. It was good to see her smiling. These days, she wasn’t very happy with herself.

She had been a beautiful child, the one that always got attention. It was easy to fall for her back then. But as she entered puberty, her body grew fast and hard. She became gawky. Everything grew at different rates, making her seem out of proportion. And she was only now getting over the acne that had covered her forehead for so many years.

As pretty and self-assured as she had been going into junior high, she had lost her confidence by high school. She never had a boyfriend and only one date, as far as I knew. And that date was a difficult one. It was in her freshman year, with a sophomore. He pressed her for more than a kiss. He told her that what she didn’t have in looks she was going to have to “put out” if she wanted any guys to date her. I know all this because she was afraid to talk to her parents and she came to me to ask me about boys.

When the young man called for a second date, she told him “no.” For the rest of her years in high school, she was never asked out again. So she devoted herself to girl’s basketball, which didn’t do much to help her look prettier. She stayed thin and muscular, and the girls on the team had a reputation of being aggressive. I loved her through all these changes, loved her spirit, her personality. I never had any trouble talking with her about anything, and was always happy to accompany her and her family on camping and skiing trips.

“It’s good to see you smile,” I said.

“It’s all your fault,” she chided.

“I’m glad,” I said.

When Josie didn’t seem to be in any hurry to go, I asked, “Mind if I tag along with you? If I slow you down, you can dump me and go off on your own.”

“You won’t slow me down,” she said. “I’m slowing myself down.”

In Fantasyland we rode on ride after ride. Escort Kayaşehir It was really the first time we had ever been alone together. Sitting beside her in those little seats, I put my arm around her. She leaned into me, bumping into me when we jerked through a turn. We were both giggling and laughing. I let my bare leg press into hers and I felt her press back. I was glad I was wearing shorts because her dress tended to slide up when she got in a ride, allowing my skin to brush hers.

When we got to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and the ride had us crashing into a wall of boxes, she acted scared and grabbed my leg, just above the knee. I jumped, which is exactly what she wanted me to do. She laughed. I gave her a wink and a smile. She continued to pretend to be frightened, and her hand never left my leg. From then on, she rested her hand on my leg, even if the ride wasn’t scary.

“Let’s ride Dumbo,” she said, tugging me along behind her. My heart was leaping with the joy of getting so much time with her. I slowed my walk just so she would have to hold my hand harder. When we got to the line, I continued to hold her hand, and she didn’t let go. I felt her squeeze and rub my fingers with her thumb. I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was.

When it was our turn to get into one of the elephant cars she said, “You get in first.” I realized she would be sitting in front of me, between my legs. I climbed in. Then I watched as she turned her back to me and lifted her leg up high to climb in front of me. Her dress flew up and I swear she held her leg up for a second to let me get a glimpse underneath. As she was about to sit down, I put my hand to my crotch to adjust my reaction to seeing her underwear. Just then she turned and looked down. There was no denying what I was doing. She looked at me, gave me a big smile, and sat down a little too far back, sliding down my front.

“Hey, I need a little room or you’ll squish me,” I said.

Josie wiggled even more, settling her butt down to the seat, then wiggling back into me.

“What about some space,” I squeaked.

“There’s space up here,” she said, taking my hands into hers, pulling my arms forward, and wrapping them around her. “Hold me tight!” she said. “I don’t want to fall out!” She wiggled again, holding my arms and pressing back with her back, pushing herself into my crotch. I let my legs widen as far as I could and I felt her ass cheeks close onto either side of my erection.

The ride started and Josie pulled on the control until we were as high as possible. Then Küçükçekmece escort I felt her start to rock into me. She put her arms on the top edge of the elephant carriage and lifted herself until she was able to rock her butt up and down. I couldn’t believe it! She was giving me a lap dance!

I looked around, and realized no one could see what she was doing. I let one of my hands squeeze her breast. My other hand went down to her leg. Her dress was already quite far up, and I slid my fingertips along her inside thigh between her legs. As I moved closer to her crotch, she spread her legs, giving me all the signal I needed. I quickly slipped my fingers up to the top of her undies, then down inside.

“Oh, god!” Josie gasped. She was sopping by the time I reached the bottom of her slit. I pressed my fingers into her, then dragged them wet and slippery up to her clit. Her rocking was not only rubbing me, but now also rubbed her clit against my fingers. “Oh my god!” she gasped, rocking faster and harder.

Before I was really able to enjoy Josie’s sliding bottom, her orgasm shook her and she came with a crashing contraction that knocked her back into me, then slammed her forward. Her legs clamped on to my hand. She was making gurgling sounds, muffled moans. I could tell she was working hard not to scream. I felt her twitch and pulse around my fingers.

Then the Dumbo ride started to slow. We drifted down. I pulled on my hand and she let go enough for me to get it free. I pulled her dress back over her legs. I felt them shaking. She needed time to recover so we were the last ones off. The attendant came over to help us out.

“You look kind of shaky,” he said to Josie. She stood up and steadied herself with the attendant. As she stood, I hoped no one else would wonder about the wet patch on the back of her dress.

“You might want to take a rest over on that bench,” he said, offering me a hand. I gave him mine, then realized too late that it might still be wet. The attendant didn’t seem to notice. Josie and I walked over to the bench. When I looked back and saw the attendant put his hand to his nose, I decided we had better keep walking.

Josie leaned against me, looked up, and smiled. I wrapped my arm around her back and we walked in step, our hips locked.

“That was some ride!” she said. Then, a couple of unison steps further, “Let’s go again!”

She stopped, lifted her face, and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m not sure…” I started, then she interrupted.

“Let’s go ride the bobsleds!” she blurted.

And off she went, running ahead of me, returning to take my hand and tug me along after her. She was like a child in a candy store. I let myself be dragged. Everyone we passed grew a gigantic grin.

“She’s real excited,” I’d tell them. They’d just keep smiling and nod in agreement.

“You bet I am!” she called over her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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