Divorce Isn’t Bad Pt. 01

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Rahul never quite loved mornings. But he needs to get up by at least seven every day and check on his mom Simi. Rahul is 19. Simi is 37. He has been doing this since he was 14. At first, he didn’t understand why Simi asked him to check on her. “If you don’t find me in bed, call up this guy,” was the standard instruction scribbled on a note left on the fridge. The guy. How many guys has it been now? Hundred? Possibly more.

Once he had joined college, Rahul got to know why Simi gave him that instruction. For the first few months, Rahul’s life was haywire. Eventually though, Rahul didn’t have much time to himself after devoting most of the day to studies or his girlfriend Prerna.

And to be honest, Simi’s nocturnal adventures are ebbing too. “It’s much better to stay at home and find someone, isn’t it,” says Simi. Rahul just smiles. He knows they are a bizzare mother-son duo. He loves it. It’s not boring. And there is a new story happening every other day.

Simi got divorced from Rahul’s dad when he was 14. Rahul doesn’t know the exact reasons but irreconcilable differences were cited as the main excuse. Slowly, Rahul understood why her mom divorced his dad. She is bit of a nymphomaniac. She can’t have a stable relationship. She has no type. As son, it was too much for Rahul to grow up without a parent. But his dad gave them a plush flat in the middle of the city, a car and alimony too. Simi knew she can’t give up on all this and as a result Rahul knew his mom won’t remarry, ever.

Rahul finally pulled himself out of bed, opened the door and walked into Simi’s room. There she was lying flat, her long hair strewn over her beautiful face, with not a stitch on her body. Had it not been for a naked European hunk sleeping just beside Simi, Rahul would have taken more time to investigate the scene. But he still took a moment to take in this. At 37, Simi is possibly at the best shape of her life. At around 5-8′, Simi has a pair of never ending legs she likes to flaunt at every opportunity.

Her jet black hair almost touches her fair slim waist. Her breasts, though 36B, are still perky enough to give any teenager competition. And that ass has bewitched many men, young and old. Simi may not be highly educated but she is aware of her assets. Add to that her swag, fluency in English and appropriate dress sense and Simi’s a winner every day she wants to play. And she plays a lot. Like this guy right now.

“Clearly he was picked at some pub yesterday,” Rahul murmured to himself as he bent over Simi to gently wake her up. “Mom. Mom!” Simi barely opened her eyes.

“What honey?”

“All okay with you mom?”

“Yes beta. I’m good. Can’t you see the munchkin beside me? He was really,” winked Simi.

“I hope you bostancı escort asked him to use a condom.”

“Awww you worry so much for mom! Don’t worry I did. Ribbed ones for your information mister. Absolutely mindfucking!”

“I bet they are,” smiled Rahul. “Will you come outside soon?”

“Umm probably. Let me have one more go okay?”


Rahul left the room chuckling to himself. “What a piece of work,” he wondered.

As he started boiling water for tea, Rahul could hear soft moans emanating from Simi’s room. These moans are ones of pleasure. Night times are a wild ride for both Simi and Rahul.

There are no restraints imposed on anyone in this house. One can dress anyway he or she likes, bring anyone home and basically do anything. Of course, Simi has been exploiting this rule more.

For the first few years it was difficult hiding things from Rahul. And she didn’t want to come off only as a mother, but as a woman who has need. In her case, many needs. So finally one day she had a chat with Rahul on this 18th birthday. Rahul remembers that day clearly. He was lazily browsing a book when his mother entered. Looking at her, Rahul could tell Simi had come from a shower. Her hair was wet and the skimpy satin robe she was wearing was developing streaks of black near her navel and around her breasts. She sat beside Rahul, crossing her legs but giving him an ample view of her thighs and pretty much her entire cleavage. Rahul was used to this though. But he didn’t anticipate the next conversation.

“I will come straight to the point Rahul. You must have seen me in compromising positions quite a few times, isn’t it?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh come on you know! The men I have brought home, or the nights I have been out. SUrely you haven’t missed all the action going on in my room. I thought I was vocal enough!”

Rahul almost cringed but managed to produce a shy smile.

“Well yeah I guess. But I have been trying to stay away from all this, doing my work and other things.”

Rimi scoffed. “Sure mister! Listen. Whatever happens you are still my man, you know that right? I want you to stay abreast of whatever’s happening in my life. And for that us to stay in this house as friends. Is that possible?”

Rahul didn’t understand what his mom was talking about.

“I don’t want to hide anything from you. What I do, where I go or who I go with. That means you don’t have to stay holed up in your room all the time. You can watch some TV in the living room or do your stuff while I do mine,” said Simi with a wink.

“Of course, that would be nice,” said Rahul.

“Bigger point is that you are a man now. So I think you büyükçekmece escort can be more relaxed around your mom. I will be honest — it’s not possible for me to be always aware of what I wear. You do understand right?”

“Ummm…I guess.”

“Right then. Do we have a deal? Let’s be friends and tell each other. We will not hide anything from each other. And I think in the process you will learn a lot, especially about the sexual part of life.”

“Oh come on mom! Don’t embarrass me anymore.”

“We will see about that,” said Simi.

As she walked out of the room, Rahul could notice her robe almost falling off her shoulders. When he walked out some time later, he found Simi standing behind the sink, all naked, washing the cups. They live on the 10th floor so peeping neighbours is the least of their problems.

But Rahul couldn’t be faulted for having an immediate hard-on. Simi noticed it many times.

Only this time she said, “You can do your thing wherever you want to. Just don’t throw that stuff on me okay?”

Rahul blushed, rushing off to the restroom to finish his business.

From there started their unusual life, or a mom and son, of two friends, a weird relationship between a mature sexual predator and raging horny kid who knew he could witness great many things if he wielded some control over himself. Like this morning.

As he heard the moans getting more intense, Rahul tiptoed back to Simi’s room. He positioned himself at the door to witness one of the greatest acts of nature. There was this unknown guy, probably on a vacation, getting a taste of mature pussy. Simi’s toned body was thrown across the bed, her legs spread apart as the guy placed himself between them to lick her pussy vigorously. The moans became harder, her body became more rigid till Simi finally looked at her son. Their eyes met, exchanging a devilish voyeuristic look as their unsaid agreement was read over again in their minds, agreeing to continue this show.

Simi knew she was reaching her breaking point. Her orgasms reached a crescendo as she again stole a glance at Rahul, biting her lips. Her son was smiling.

She reached for the bloke’s head and tried to smother it against her trimmed pussy. The guy loved it apparently, trying to mumble something to express his delight. Licking business finished, he whipped out his business that looked all oiled up with precum dripping from it.

“Oh mom, not again. Not without a condom,” sighed Rahul in his mind. Of course the unsaid agreement with his mom mentioned he would never interfere in his business. So he just stood there, watching the guy slide his cock into Simi’s glory hole. Simi hissed in pleasure, çekmeköy escort managed another look at Rahul before getting completely into the act as the guy, in his 20s, settled into a rhythm.

Now Simi wasn’t just going to do the guy get all the action. As much as she loved the intense thrusts, she also wanted to get it as deep as possible. So she dug her nails into the guy’s ample buttocks and tried to take in as much as possible. Her eyes started rolling in intense pleasure as Rahul slowly realised how much he wanted to wank off to that scene. Simi wanted it too. But it wasn’t until she was flipped over did Rahul whip his cock out, readying himself for the final act of this play.

The next 10 minutes were a trance. Rahul was surprised, almost shocked, by how her mom could take that pounding for so long. There was no let up, no interval, just pure anal of the highest standard. It was a little painful at first but Simi revels in it. She likes it when it’s a tight fit. From the door, all Rahul could see was a curvy woman being fucked from behind, begging for more with every thrust. That wasn’t his mom. “She is a sex goddess. Should I be proud or ashamed?” Rahul thought as he too climaxed with his mom. Watching her slump to bed with a young stud on top, Rahul tiptoed back to the hall. The morning show was over.

She came out after a few minutes, in that slinky robe with her arm candy. They kissed and parted ways, knowing they will never cross ways again.

“Man that was fun!” gushed Simi as she threw herself on the couch, clearly exhausted from all that action.

“Who was that mom?”

“Met him at a bar. Came here with girlfriend who is now in Agra. She wanted to see Taj Mahal but he wanted to experience another wonder of the world,” winked SImi.

“That was intense, no?”

“Yeah but he was too soft at times. I like that but somehow I love being fucked more brutally.”

Rahul chuckled again. “So what’s the plan today?”

“You tell me honey. It’s weekend but I don’t have any plans as of now. I thought you would remember this day.”

Rahul gave a quizzical look. Then he suddenly remembered. “Oh shit! Today’s your birthday! Happy birthday moment! Sorry I completely forgot.”

Simi smiled. “Don’t be sorry. You are a teenager with so many things to do! Now come on, give your girl a hug.” Simi opened her arms for Rahul, leading to her robe to almost fall out and giving her son ample view of her magnificent bosom.

Rahul hugged her tightly. Despite what was happening, he did love his mom a lot. He must make up to her for forgetting to wish. Then he realised.

“So this is why you brought that brat!”

Simi giggled. “It’s my way of ushering in a sexy birthday. Now it’s up to you to make the rest of the day memorable.”

“Oh god! What are you up to?”

“You know me quite well Rahul. Think hard. You know mommy wants a good one,” said Simi as she pulled out of the couch, but not before giving Rahul a sly look.

“Hmm. So I have to give mom a birthday to remember. That’s not so tough. Or is it?” Rahul wondered.

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