DJ Pt. 06

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There is a lot happening in these young men’s lives and it’s all good! If you haven’t read the first five parts, you need to. Please, please, please, if you like what you’re reading, leave me a comment, if not, I can handle constructive criticism as well.


Sunday night, on the way home from work, DJ told me that Jamie’s parent’s wanted both of the boys to come by for lunch Monday. He had met Jamie’s mom a few weeks ago, but his father wanted to also meet him. He told me he was rather apprehensive about meeting Jamie’s Dad, especially since Jamie had let his parent’s know that he and Jamie were actually boyfriends.

“Dad,” DJ queried, “Neither of us know how this is going to work out. Jamie asked me if I thought, that if things go really badly, that you would let him move in with us.”

“DJ, I have already told Jamie that he is welcome in our home anytime, as long as you want him to be there. You know the answer, but I really hope things go better, especially for Jamie’s relationship with his parents. Is he going to be coming tonight?”

“Yeah, Dad. We’re planning to spend the night here, and go to his parent’s house about 11:30 in the morning. He’s off tomorrow, being Monday, and will drop me off to work at 3:00 PM and probably pick me back up when I get off at 9:00.”

They got home and DJ knew he had about an hour to wait for Jamie. It was a very warm late summer night. DJ went to his room, removed his skinny jeans and Polo shirt, slipped on a tee shirt and a pair of loose fitting shorts. He stopped by the fridge, grabbed a Pepsi, and headed out to the back yard. He laid down to relax on the chaise lounge to await the arrival of his boyfriend.

About 10:20 DJ heard the sound of Jamie’s car. Jamie parked, and headed toward the back door.

“Baby,” DJ spoke, “I’m over here. Come sit by me.”

Jamie walked over to the chaise, bent over and placed his mouth over DJ’s lips, and they kissed passionately. He then sat his butt next to the calves of DJ’s legs, and started to caress those bare legs lovingly.

“Baby, I had a really weird experience at work tonight. Dean came in and asked to speak to me privately, so we went outside, up into that corner, where we could talk.”

“Baby? Who is Dean?”

“You wouldn’t know him, baby. Remember me telling you there were 3 or 4 boys back in school that actually were friends with me, mainly because I took care of them sometimes? Well, Dean was one of them.”

“Anyway, he’s telling me that he and his girl have split up, and how he is really horny and needs to get it off, and he thought about me. He’s rubbing his erection inside his pants and causing me some arousal. I remember that Dean does have a nice cock, but not as nice as yours, baby.”

“So he was hoping maybe we could go some place and hook up, after I got off work. I told him, that was then, and this is now, and I have a boyfriend that I love very much, and that also loves me. Sorry, but I just could not do that. He just said ‘oh, well’ and walked off. Baby, I love you way too much to cheat on you.”

While Jamie is telling DJ that story, he is gradually sliding his hand up higher on his legs, lightly rubbing his inner thighs and pushing his hand into the legs of his boxers.

“Baby,” DJ groaned,” do you know what you’re doing to me?”

Jamie grinned, pushing his hand that last few inches into DJ’s boxers, and wrapping his hand around DJ’s rock hard erection.

“Yep,” Jamie answered, “I was doing exactly what I was trying to do, and it was successful. Baby raise your butt up a little.”

In about 2 seconds, Jamie slid DJ’s shorts and boxers to his knees, exposing that beautiful black piece of meat to the air. A little stream of precum leaked out and was glistening in the moonlight. Gosh, Jamie loves that cock, and the sweet cream that comes out of it, with the proper stimulation. Jamie lowered his mouth and licked that pre from the tip, then slid what he could of that member into his hungry mouth.

“Baby,” DJ complained, “you’re not playing fair. You’ve got me where you want me, but you’re still covered and out of reach. I at least want to touch and feel you. You’ve got me here, nearly naked, and you’re fully dressed.”

“Okay baby,” Jamie replied, “hold on a minute.” Jamie stood up, undid his own pants and slid them and his boxers down and off. He laid his clothes on the picnic table, came back over and slid DJ’s shorts and boxers completely off, laying them on the table also.

Jamie then knelt at the side of the chaise lounge, attacking DJ’s cock again with his mouth. DJ raised his leg, laying it on Jamie’s shoulder, giving Jamie better access to his throbbing penis. DJ dropped his hand and arm off the side, successfully reaching Jamie’s hard and leaking erection. He spread the precum around the head of Jamie’s cock and started to tenderly stroke it.

“Much better, baby,” DJ spoke softly, “You sure know how to make your man feel good. Baby, I’m getting close.”

Those last words only spurred Jamie to work a little harder, looking gaziantep escort forward to his reward. DJ started to breathe irregularly, and his body was stiffening as he felt his orgasm coming on strong.

“Baby, I’m cumming!” DJ exclaimed. Jamie was ready, as his lover shot several spurts of tasty cum into his hungry mouth. Jamie lost not a drop of that delicious man juice, and swallowed it all except the last couple of spurts, which he held in his mouth, savoring the taste.

DJ cumming in Jamie’s mouth, triggered Jamie to start coming closer. He planned to let DJ finish him off and release his load on the grass.

“Baby, you might want to be careful, or you might get a handful of something messy,” Jamie commented.

“Jamie, stand up, quick!” Jamie stood up immediately.

As Jamie stood up, DJ sat up on the chaise and replaced his hand on Jamie’s cock with his mouth. He wrapped his hands around Jamie’s buns, holding him closely, while Jamie started to slowly and lovingly fuck his mouth.

“Baby, I’m—gonna—shoot!” Jamie tried to pull out of DJ’s mouth, but DJ would have none of that, and held him even tighter. DJ wanted that load that Jamie was about to release in his mouth, and not on the grass.

Jamie was groaning and DJ was moaning with pleasure as Jamie’s spunk spurted into DJ”s waiting mouth and throat. DJ was still tonguing Jamie’s cock, after Jamie had shot everything he had, driving Jamie crazy. Finally DJ released Jamie’s cock, which was deflating by the second.

The two boys wrapped their arms around each other and shared a passionate kiss, tasting the afterglow of each other’s cum in each other’s mouths.

“Baby,” DJ spoke, “the moonlight makes your beautiful blue eyes sparkle like diamonds. I love you so much.”

“I can’t believe,” Jamie remarked, “That we did what we just did, outdoors, here in the back yard. Anyone could have seen us.”

“Unlikely, baby, we live in the back of a cul-de-sac with only 3 neighbors, and it’s pretty unlikely any of them would be out walking around at 11:00 PM. They would really need to have come into the yard to see us. You about ready to hit the sack?”

“Yes, baby, I’m really wondering how tomorrow will go, meeting my parents for lunch.”

“Let’s gather up our clothes, and head to my room.”

Both guys sexually spent, they cuddled in DJ’s bed and soon fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * *

DJ awoke Monday morning about 9:00 AM and woke up his sleeping partner. I had already made coffee, although Jamie has never taken a cup. The two boys wandered into the kitchen, DJ got a cup of coffee and offered Jamie a cup. As usual, Jamie declined. It is good to see that Jamie has finally gotten used to the way DJ and I are in the mornings and the three of us sat at the table in our birthday suits. I love these two boys so much. I’m really happy that DJ has found someone his own age to love and share his time with. These two young men are nearly inseparable.

“You guys ready for some breakfast?” I offered.

“Do you have something really light?” Jamie answered, “Mom always prepares a lot of food, and we need to be hungry when we get there.”

“I think we still have some Danish pastries,” I answered.

“Perfect,” Jamie said, as he and DJ both enjoyed a couple of them, DJ with his coffee and Jamie with a glass of juice.

About 10:00 AM the boys headed to the bathroom and showered together and by 11:00 they were dressed, DJ in his store clothes and Jamie in the uniform he’d worn the night before. They left in Jamie’s car soon after and headed to Jamie’s house.

“Do you realize,” Jamie spoke, “that we start our classes two weeks from today. We probably should go out to campus, maybe next Monday, and buy our books. It would probably be good if you can get your drivers license too, I can maybe help you with that.”

“Baby,” DJ said, “I don’t think I’m going to try and pass that drivers test, until after the adoption. That would be one less thing I would need to change.”

“I guess that’s logical, baby, you’re already going to have a shit load of stuff that will need to be changed, Social Security, your bank account, your name on store records, all the records at college, and high school records too.”

* * * * * * * * *

About 11:15 the boys arrived at Jamie’s house. Jamie’s Dad was sitting on the front porch and rose from his chair when Jamie pulled in and parked the car. Carl walked out to the driveway to greet them. He hugged his son warmly.

“DJ,” Jamie said, “I want to introduce you to my Dad, Carl Seldon, Dad, this is my boyfriend, DJ Jackson.”

Carl extended his hand toward DJ, and DJ extended a trembling hand toward Carl. Carl could feel the shaking in DJ’s hand.

“Are you OK, DJ?” Carl asked.

“Yes, Mr. Seldon,” DJ responded, “I’m just a little nervous, Sir.”

“Carl, smiling, “No need to be. I don’t bite, I promise. Let’s sit on the porch and chat, it will be a while before lunch is ready, and you may call me Carl”

DJ sat on the wicker love seat, and Jamie sat next to him, while Carl took a chair and pulled it around, facing the two young men.

“DJ,” Carl spoke, “do you know how most young ladies fathers like to meet their daughters boyfriends? They want to meet, and get to know, the young man their daughter is dating. This is not much different. Jamie is not my daughter, he is my son but I love him, and I care about him in much the same fashion. I wanted to meet, and get to know, the young man that is dating my son. What does DJ stand for?”

“Right now it stands for Dewain Jovan, but that will be changing in the near future, as my foster father is filing adoption papers, ” DJ replied, smiling. “After the adoption, my name will be Douglas Joseph Kendall, but my nickname will still be DJ.”

“Interesting,” Carl responded, “What happened to your biological family?”

DJ spoke softly, “I’d really rather not get into that. Jamie, can you explain to your Mom and Dad please, when I’m not around?”

“Sure, baby,” Jamie responded, reaching for DJ’s hand, “Dad, I’ll explain that to you later.”

“I’ve got another question,” Carl said, “Can I assume, all those nights you haven’t been home, that you have been at DJ’s house?”

“Yes, Dad, If I’m not here, I am at DJ’s.”

“I hope I’m not getting too personal here. Do you sleep together, in the same bed?” The two boys looked at each other, and just nodded.

Karen, at the front door, “Okay men, come on in. Lunch is served. DJ, do you prefer your salad before the meal or with the meal?”

“Either way, ma’am, however you do it here in Rome is fine with me.”

“Oh,” Carl commented, “When in Rome…, Gotcha, DJ.”

Jamie grinned, thinking about how Doug and DJ got him to be comfortable in the nude, doing as the Romans do.

After everyone finished their salads, Karen gathered up the salad bowls and went to the kitchen and dished up four pasta bowls of spaghetti and sauce with Italian sausage. She brought the first two in, sitting them in front of the boys, then the other two at her place and Carl’s, then one more trip in with a big platter of Garlic Bread.

“Boys,” Karen stated, “There is more spaghetti and sauce if you want seconds, but save room for some home made apple pie,”

“Mrs. Seldon,” DJ spoke, “I thought we were invited for lunch, this seems to me more like dinner. It’s all very tasty, though.”

Carl spoke, “DJ, with me working second shift, we’ve been in the habit of having our main meal at lunch time, and I usually carry a lunch to work for later, or sometimes grab something from a vending machine at work.”

“Do either of you want seconds?” Karen asked.

“I’m pretty well satisfied, Mrs. Seldon, and having never had home made pie of any kind, I wouldn’t want to not have room for that.”

“I guess we’re both good, Mom.” Jamie said, “as far as seconds go. Baby, did I not tell you Mom would cook a lot of food?”

Carl remarked, “Jamie, while Karen’s getting the dessert ready, why don’t you introduce DJ to yawl’s bedroom.”

DJ, while Jamie leads him to his bedroom, “Baby, what did your Dad mean by ‘yawl’s’ bedroom?”

“I think I know, but I don’t want to second guess him.”

Jamie’s room was right nice, a full sized bed, flat screen TV on the wall, a shelf below it holding a Play Station, and a couple stacks of games, and a desk. They went back to the dining room and resumed their seats at the table.

Karen brought in 3 plates, each with a slice of apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. She said she was too full to eat a piece now, and would get some later.

Carl spoke, “DJ, would you feel comfortable, sleeping in that bed, with your boyfriend?”

DJ, with a surprised expression, “I think so, Mr. Seldon.” Jamie is smiling.

Carl continued, “DJ, this was an important lunch for us. I had not met you, and didn’t know you. You have left a very positive impression, on both Karen and myself. We felt as if we were losing our son, and it was tearing us up. We decided it would be much better to have two gay sons than no son at all. However, it was also important that we like you, and I can say now, that you are a charmer, a very likeable young man.

“We really want Jamie to spend more time at home, and you are welcome to be here with him. We accept you as a new addition to the Seldon family. Welcome home, DJ.”

The boys both stood up and Carl wrapped his arms around both of them, hugging them tightly. Karen grabbed both of their heads and planted a kiss on each of their cheeks. Both Jamie and DJ had tears sliding down their faces.

Carl, confused, “Why are you guys both crying?”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” Jamie answered, “We were both just so scared, and afraid you would reject DJ. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted from us. I think those were actually just tears of joy. It’s 2:30 and I need to get my baby to work by 3:00. Mom, I’m off today so I’ll come back after I drop DJ off.”

“I understand that son, and I have to be to work at 4:00 so I’m not far behind you. Maybe I will see you two tonight when I get home?”

“Maybe, Dad,” Jamie replied, “I’m not sure where we’re sleeping tonight.”

* * * * * * * * *

Jamie and DJ pulled into the parking lot at SS Drug about 2:50. They shared a kiss in the car before DJ had to go and clock in.

“Baby,” Jamie said, “I told Mom I would spend some time with her today, as I don’t have to work. Can I pick you up at 9:00 tonight, and we can stay over at my house. We can play some video games before we go to sleep.”

“I don’t know how to play them, Baby, I’ve never had a game machine, or any friends that had one either.”

“That’s OK, I’ll be happy to teach you, and we’ll have some fun. See you about 9:00. Have a good shift, and remember, I love you Baby.”

DJ exited Jamie’s car and headed into the store, and Jamie drove off toward his house. Every time Jamie calls him ‘baby’ he still melts. It’s an awesome feeling to have people that actually care about you, and to be loved.

* * * * * * * * *

Justin, scowling at DJ as he was clocking in, “Pushing the time a little aren’t you? It’s two minutes past 3:00!”

“I’m sorry, Justin,” DJ apologized, “I’ll try not to be late again.”

Justin, now grinning, “I’m just fuckin’ with you, DJ, I know it’s not a habit for you to be late. Did you get registered at college? And how are you going to get there and back?”

“Jamie and I are both registered, we have the same classes, and, until I get my license, and a car, I can ride with him. Our first day of class is Monday, two weeks from today. But there is a problem with my class and work schedule.”

“What is your class schedule?”

“We have classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10,11,1 and 2. That 2:00 class doesn’t end until 2:50, and I am usually scheduled to work at 3:00 PM. I’d like to ask another favor also. The pizzeria is closed on Mondays, so Jamie is always off on Monday. If you could schedule me off on Mondays, that would give us one day that neither of us have to work.”

“Yeah, DJ,” Justin said, smiling, “having to work can sure screw up one’s love life. Let me make some notes. DJ off on Monday’s, available at 4:00 on Wed, Fri. You can work as I need you on Tues, Thur, Sat and Sun, is that right?”

“Yes, sir,” DJ replied, smiling, “I can’t really afford to lose hours, but I can bend. I appreciate you, and thanks for understanding.”

“Not a problem, DJ. I will start scheduling you off on Mondays, starting next week. Doug tells me he has started the procedure to adopt you, as his legal son.”

“Yes, sir, isn’t that great?” DJ exclaimed, with one of the most sincere and happiest smiles Justin had ever seen on DJ’s face. “The day that judge says he is now my real dad, I’ll be the happiest boy in the whole wide world!”

“I think it’s wonderful, DJ. Doug’s a good man with a big heart, and I can tell he loves you, a lot. I think you have a customer that may need some help.” DJ turned around and headed to the customer, starting his shift.

* * * * * * * * *

Monday night at 9:00 PM, DJ and Doug clocked out, and headed to the parking lot. Jamie’s car was parked next to Doug’s.

“Dad,” DJ commented, “Jamie wants for us to stay over at his house tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

“So, evidently, things worked out okay today at lunch?”

“Much better that we expected. Jamie’s parents are pretty cool, and they’ve made me feel very welcome at their house. They said they really wanted Jamie to spend more time at home, and that I was welcome there with him. Jamie has a play station, and is going to show me how to use it, so we can play some games together.”

“I’m so glad things worked out for you two. Of course I don’t mind, but I will miss having you and Jamie around. I guess I can share you and Jamie with his family.” Dad said, smiling. “Do me a favor though, let me know when you are staying over with him, so I won’t worry.”

“You’ve got it Dad,” DJ said, smiling, “Dad, you’re the greatest! See you tomorrow, I expect. Goodnight, and I love you!”

Doug got into his car and headed out, DJ climbed into Jamie’s car and they headed toward Jamie’s house.

“Baby,” DJ spoke, “I’m starved, can we stop someplace and get something to eat?”

“I’m hungry too, how about we stop at WAWA and pick up some subs, and some drinks, and take them home to eat? I could sure go for a WAWA Italian sub. We can get the large sub, and split it. It’s plenty big for two.”

They did stop at WAWA, Jamie ordered the large Italian sub on the terminal while DJ watched. He selected Wheat bread, untoasted, with provolone cheese, added lettuce, onion, tomato, sweet peppers, mayo, oil and vinegar, spices. Jamie grabbed a large bag of chips, and a six pack of Pepsi, then paid with his debit card.

A sub like that was something DJ wasn’t used to, but he trusted his boyfriend to make the choices for both of them. DJ didn’t notice anything going onto the sub that he knew he didn’t like. They got to Jamie’s house, and placed the food on the table. Jamie put four of the Pepsi’s in the fridge. Karen came into the kitchen to see what they were doing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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