DJ Pt. 22

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Phil and Bryan move in

Joe and Doug entertain their new friends

Cleveland boys learn southern hospi-nudity

DJ and Jamie receive a threat

(from the tail end of Part 21, Wednesday afternoon)

Carl had disappeared into the bedroom, and came out dressed in his work clothes. It was nearly 3:30 PM, he kissed Karen sweetly, and told the rest of them goodbye, and headed to work. Granny said it was time for her nap, and headed to her room and lay down. Karen put away the leftovers, and relaxed on the sofa, starting her nap. DJ didn’t have anything to do, so he decided to just relax on the bed for a while, and soon fell asleep also.

DJ Part 22

About 5:15 PM DJ’s phone rang in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw it was Phil, and answered it.

“Hi Phil, what’s up?”

“DJ, I just want to be sure, did Jamie’s parents really say that Bryan and I can stay there?”

“Phil, Jamie has the best parents in the whole world, and they really have opened their home to you and Bryan. They treat me like a second son, and I love them so much, and I know they love me too. You’re going to love them both, and so will Bryan.”

“I was told we can move there on Saturday, but I know we can’t move everything in one load, even one load in each car.”

“Phil, that’s not right, Jamie’s Dad said that you need to be moved OUT of the Shady Inn BY Saturday. Your room here is ready, you can start to move some stuff in before then. What time does Bryan get off work tonight?”

“He’s scheduled off at 8:00, and should be here around 8:15, he doesn’t know yet, boy will he be surprised! Do you think we could move some stuff tonight? And I don’t know how to get there from here, either.”

“I have an idea, Phil, Jamie’s working and gets off at about 9:00. I’ll have him get an extra large pizza to bring home. I’ll come out to your room about 6:30, we can load your car and my Tracker, and when Bryan gets there, we’ll load his car.”

“Then we’ll make a big ol’ convoy, and I’ll lead you and Bryan to Jamie’s house, you and Bryan can meet his Mom, and we can bring the stuff into your room, and when Jamie gets home, we can destroy that pizza. Then you and Bryan can go back, and Jamie and I can hit the sack, as we have school at 9:00 AM tomorrow.”

“Great plan, ‘sniff’ I’ll be looking for you ‘sniff’ in about 45 minutes ‘sniff'”

“Phil, I can hear you crying, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing—DJ, it’s just so incredible—to have friends—like you and Jamie!”

“Oh come on Phil, Jamie and I have just been doing what true friends do to help other true friends in need, I’m sure you and Bryan would help us, if we were the ones needing help!”

“I’d like to think we would,” Phil replied, “you guys are the best friends we have, and we love you.”

“We love you guys too, dry those eyes and I’ll see you shortly.”

While DJ was driving out to the motel, he’s thinking about Phil, and hoping that Phil is fully dressed. Once you’ve seen Phil’s oversized pecker swinging between his legs—it’s one of those things that, once you’ve seen it, you just can’t unsee it.

It’s not something that turns DJ on, he’s not into big cocks, and he doesn’t want it up his ass, or in his mouth, although it might be fun to hold it in your hand and feel it. Trying to think of something else, his mind wanders to Jamie’s cock, how he likes the taste of Jamie’s precum, and Jamie’s cum, the erotic feeling when Jamie shoots his load into DJ’s mouth—fuck!

Now DJ is adjusting the bulge in his boxer-briefs, he doesn’t want Phil to see that he is fully erect, and he is only seconds from room 120 at the Shady Inn. When he was picturing Phil’s huge cock, he wasn’t aroused at all, five minutes into thinking of Jamie and he’s about to cream his jeans! At least he’s wearing boxer-briefs, with boxers there would be no hiding his boner, but maybe the boxer-briefs will give him a little cover.

DJ backed the Tracker in next to Phil’s car, adjusted himself again and walked to the door, and knocked. Phil opened the door and invited DJ to enter, and immediately wrapped his arms around DJ, squeezing him tightly, pushing his hip against DJ’s still erect cock. DJ buckled his hips to allow his penis to not be so tight against Phil’s body.

Whether or not Phil noticed the bulge in DJ’s jeans, there was no mention of it, from either of them, and Phil was, thankfully, fully dressed. Phil opened the little fridge and offered DJ a drink, and DJ accepted a Pepsi, and sat in the only chair, while Phil sat on the edge of the bed. DJ couldn’t help but notice the pile of hefty bags.

“So,” DJ asked, pointing, “who do all of those belong to?”

“A couple of them hold our dirty laundry, and most of the rest are Bryan’s, I couldn’t believe the quantity of clothes that boy has.”

“I wonder,” DJ remarked, “If he actually wears all of them? I don’t know if there is room for all of that in your new room.”

“I don’t know,” Phil responded, “he moved everything he owned from his house, some of this stuff may be bursa escort things he’s outgrown, and should be discarded, or given to Goodwill. We need to ask him. DJ, what’s are Jamie’s parents like?”

“Well, Karen is a stay at home wife and mother, and easy to get to know. She’s an awesome cook, and enjoys cooking for her man, and her sons. She the kind of mother most any boy would be proud to call ‘Mom’, and she is the closest thing to a real mother that I’ve ever had.”

“Dad, Carl, can be a little intimidating at first, until he gets to know you. He doesn’t mince words, what’s on his mind comes out of his mouth, but he’s got a heart of gold, they both do. He works a factory job, second trick, so Jamie and I don’t see Dad a lot on weekdays. We usually leave for school before he gets up, and we’re sleeping when he gets home from work at about 1:00 AM.”

“You mentioned that Karen likes to cook for her sons, does Jamie have a brother?” Phil asked.

“Nah,” DJ replied, smiling, “Karen and Carl refer to both Jamie and me as their ‘sons’, maybe someday I will be their son-in-law. I need to call Jamie.” DJ made the call and Jamie answered.

“Hey baby, look, I’m at the motel, and we’re bringing three carloads of stuff to the house tonight. Can you be a sweetie and bring an extra large pizza when you get off?”

“They’re moving in already?” Jamie asked.

“Not quite, we’re moving most of it tonight,” DJ explained, “after we kill the pizza, they’re going back to the motel, and will likely bring the rest of it tomorrow, while we’re in school. They’re both off from work tomorrow, and I have to cover Dad’s delivery shift tomorrow evening.”

“Will do, I’ll get a meat pizza, that should work for everyone, and I’ll see you guys about 9:30, I love you baby, bye.”

“Shall we start getting some of this stuff loaded?” Phil suggested, “Bryan will be here in about half an hour, and we can load his car.”

Phil and DJ started to move stuff from the room into their cars, making a noticeable hole in the pile of hefty bags. Actually, there were only about 3 bags left.

Bryan pulled in and parked next to DJ’s Tracker, and realized that DJ was likely inside their room. He walked in and noticed the emptiness and a look of shock took over his face.

“What’s—going on?” Brian asked.

“We’re moving, baby,” Phil replied, smiling, then smothering Bryan’s lips with his own, and hugging him tightly.

“Did Jamie’s parents approve?” Bryan asked.

“Bryan,” DJ said, “it’s not permanent, just for a few weeks until you and Phil can get your own place. Do you actually wear all of these clothes?”

“Honestly, no,” Bryan replied, “when I emptied my room back at the house, I just took everything but the furniture. Some of these things I wore when I was 12 or 13, and they don’t fit anymore.”

“There might be a problem storing all this stuff away at Jamie’s house, you guys might need to rent a self storage for some of it.”

“DJ,” Phil suggested, “Bryan and I are both off tomorrow, we can go through these bags and separate the stuff to go to Goodwill, and the stuff for the trash, and maybe take our dirty clothes to the Laundromat and get them clean.”

“Mom has a washer and dryer,” DJ said, “I’m sure she will let you use them, and save a little money and time,” then, grinning, “I’ll bet some of that dirty laundry is starched with cum!”

“Fuck you, DJ!” Phil responded, “but you’re probably right.”

Bryan, snickering, “That sounded like the voice of experience!” DJ turned on that patented smile and chuckled.

“Let’s get Bryan’s car loaded,” DJ suggested, “and get this caravan on the road.”

The boys spent the next ten minutes loading the last of the bags, and the clothing that was on hangars in the closet, into Bryan’s car. Phil and Bryan followed DJ to Jamie’s house and parked beside DJ’s Tracker to the side of the driveway. DJ motioned the other two to follow him and they all entered the kitchen door, and Karen came into the kitchen from the living room.

“Mom,” DJ announced, pointing, “This is Bryan, and Phil, and guys, this is Jamie’s Mom, Karen Seldon.”

Karen, smiling, and extending her hand, “I’ve heard a lot about you two and I’m happy to finally meet you, welcome to our home.”

Phil, warmly taking Karen’s hand, “Mrs. Seldon, I want to thank you, for both of us, for what you and Mr. Seldon are doing for us.”

“Mrs. Seldon,” Bryan spoke, “we knew, from what Jamie and DJ have told us, that you and the Mr. would be awesome people, and we really do appreciate what you and your husband are doing to help us.”

“Boys, we need to get something straight, Mrs. Seldon is Carl’s mother, you may call me Karen, that Mrs. makes me feel old!”

“That feels a little disrespectful,” Bryan stated, “would it be alright if I just call you ‘Mom’?” DJ is grinning, he’s already gone through this, quite a few months ago.

“That’s fine with me,” Karen replied, smiling, “if you’re comfortable with it, does ‘Mom’ get a hug from her görükle escort new boy?”

“You betcha!” Bryan exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Karen, and hugging her, and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Phil, pushing Bryan aside, “I can hug too,” as he hugged Karen and also planted a kiss on her cheek. “I don’t usually kiss girls, but Mom, you’re an exception to the rule.”

Karen, smiling, “I somehow never expected to become a mother to four outstanding young men, but I’m loving it! Let me show you around.”

Karen took Phil and Bryan into the dining room, and pointed to the living room beyond it, then turned a left into the hallway. DJ was following them.

Karen, speaking, “The first door on the left is the bathroom, across from it is our bedroom, and the next on the right is Jamie and DJ’s bedroom. Across from that, on the left will be your room, and there is another spare bedroom straight ahead. DJ’s grandmother is using that room right now, and she has already gone to bed.”

Karen continued, “I’m sorry, we only have one bathroom, and sometimes the demand gets a little high. The boys help out a little, as they usually shower together.” Karen smiled.

DJ is grinning, and Phil and Bryan glanced at each other, both smiling, realizing that sharing a shower in this house is, evidently, acceptable. It’s music to their ears. They all returned to the kitchen.

DJ seeing Jamie at the door ran over and opened it. Jamie set the pizza on the table, removed his jacket, and hung it up. He then gave his Mom a hug and an affectionate kiss on the lips, then he and DJ shared a passionate and romantic kiss and hug, while Phil and Bryan looked on in awe.

Jamie opened the pizza box, and it was cut into 12 slices. Everyone, including Karen, grabbed a slice. Karen said she was only good for one slice, as they were rather large slices.

“I can’t believe,” Phil remarked, “that you guys kissed like that right in front of Jamie’s Mom!”

“Why not,” Jamie replied, “Mom and Dad know we’re in love with each other, no reason to hide our emotions, at least not here.”

“Bryan, Phil,” Karen remarked, “Carl and I have gotten very acclimated to having young gay men around, and a little PDA is quite acceptable in this house full of love!”

“Gee,” Phil commented, “we aren’t even moved in yet, and I’m starting to feel very comfortable here.” Bryan nodded.

“We want you to feel comfortable, guys,” Karen said, “this is going to be your home for a while, just show a little respect, when you leave your room, at least wear your underwear. Are you guys coffee drinkers?”

“Normally, yes,” Phil replied, “but we’ve been deprived at the motel, we had no way to make coffee.”

“Everyone here drinks coffee, except Jamie,” Karen commented, “on a typical morning, the guys all sit around the table in their underwear, drinking coffee and having breakfast, and then go and get dressed to greet the outside world. I’m quite used to seeing boys, and one man, in underwear, and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

They finished off the pizza, and the four boys brought all the stuff from the cars and stashed it in Phil and Bryan’s room. Phil and Bryan headed back to the motel and Jamie and DJ headed to bed, as they needed to rise and shine at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thursday morning, January 25th was pretty typical. Jamie and DJ skipped the showers, packed the gym bag, grabbed Jamie’s laptop, their backpacks and headed to school for their computer lab, and their volleyball classes.

After their computer lab, they headed to the cafeteria for lunch, and took their trays to a table and sat down. About 5 minutes later Chuck came to our table and asked if he could join us, and we motioned him to sit.

“Chuck,” DJ inquired, “are you and Serena still dating?”

“Oh, yeah,” Chuck stated, smiling, “and getting stronger by the week, we might get married after I graduate.”

“How is Fernando doing?” Jamie asked.

Chuck answered, shaking his head, “It’s still a powder keg, ready to explode. I can’t really relate, being straight and all, but my heart hurts for him. He’s a really sweet kid, but he’s miserable. Serena is the only one he shares any feelings with, and he doesn’t dare come out to his parents, and she doesn’t dare tell them either for fear that they might kick him out. He’ll be 15 in a couple months.”

“I’ve thought a lot about this situation, DJ and I would love to take him in, but Social Services would never allow it, with us being gay and Fernando being still a minor. But there might be another option. I recently learned something I didn’t know about my boss. A couple of months ago, there was a couple in the pizzeria talking with Anthony, and they were all speaking Spanish.”

“Afterwards, I mentioned to Anthony that I didn’t know that he knew Spanish, and he surprised me. He told me that he and Maria are not Italian, but are Mexican, and his real name is not Anthony, but is Antonio. He even showed me paperwork, bursa escort bayan that stated ‘Anthony’s Pizzeria’ is owned by Antonio and Maria Chevaz. He used the name ‘Anthony’ because it sounded more authentically Italian. Neither he nor Maria can speak Italian.”

“So they are Mexican, how does this become an option?” Chuck asked.

“Two ways,” Jamie explained, “Number one, we know that they are very gay friendly. They gave our club a very good deal to have the pizza party and membership drive there, and didn’t even want DJ’s Dad and Joe to pay for the party room, when they got married there, just a couple of weeks ago.”

“Number two, they’ve never had any children, for whatever reason I don’t know. I don’t think I’d have to bend their arms very hard to get them to take Fernando in, as a foster child, even knowing he is gay. I know they would love and protect him, and make sure he got educated. Do you think I should talk to them?”

“I don’t know,” Chuck said, “It might be a little early, so far nothing has come to a head. Let me talk with Serena, and I’ll be in touch, but that sounds like a workable option. Maybe his parents will accept him, we don’t really know, yet.”

It was nearly 1:00 PM when Chuck left. DJ and Jamie secured Jamie’s laptop, wallets and backpacks in the Tracker and got the gym bag, and wandered to the locker room and dressed for the volleyball class. Some other guys had the same idea, and were prepared for class. Several of them headed into the gym, and practiced for a while, nothing official.

Today, Zach had the bucket of Ping-Pong balls, Jamie and DJ both drew a 2, so were on the same team and lost 21 to 19. When it came shower time they weren’t as reserved as they were the previous week. They both observed the size of Rusty’s huge cock, but said nothing, until on the way home.

“So,” DJ spoke, “who has the biggest dong, Rusty or Phil?”

“That’s quite a question,” Jamie snickered, “from a guy that doesn’t notice other guys’ junk! What’s your opinion?”

DJ, giggling, “We’d really have to get them together, and have some kind of ruler to measure them.”

“Right,” Jamie responded, “and the chance of that happening is slim to none, so I guess we’ll never know. Baby, I’m perfectly happy with what you sport, if you had something that big, I’d be running for my life!”

“Jamie, I was thinking about your cock yesterday, and it made me so hard, and hot, I thought I was going to cream in my jeans!”

“Did you do it?” Jamie asked, grinning.

“No, but I didn’t dare touch it, or I would have.”

“I guess I should be honored to think I have that effect on you!”

“Fuck, Jamie, look what you’ve done to me!” DJ’s showing his bulge.

“I can take care of that, right now,” Jamie offered.

“Not while I’m driving! You wanna get us killed?”

“Well, we’ll be home in five minutes, I can do it then.”

“No time then, we have to get to work!”

“Damn you, DJ, just thinking of a mouthful of your sweet cum has got me hard as a rock!” Jamie, adjusting his erection, “It’s kinda cool though, knowing that we have that effect on each other.”

“Yeah,” DJ replied, grinning, “but the clock is not on our side.”

When DJ and Jamie arrived at Jamie’s house, they noticed that both Bryan’s and Phil’s cars were in the yard. They hustled into the house to put on the appropriate shirts for work. They stopped for a minute and kissed Granny and Karen on the way and headed to their bedroom. Noticing Bryan and Phil were both in their room, trying to get things organized, they just said a quick ‘Hi’ to them, and they both quickly stepped across the hall to Jamie’s room.

“Bryan spoke, “Mom said that if we got everything moved today, we could sleep here, starting tonight, Guess what, we’re here!”

“Yeah,” Phil added, “I turned the keys in about 1:00 PM, we got here about 1:30 and met your Dad, and Granny, and we all had dinner together. Your Mom is an awesome cook, that’s the first home cooked meal we’ve had in a long time, and I think Dad is pretty cool.”

“Guys,” Jamie stated, “we’d love to chat with you, but we’re both overdue at work, we both get off at 9:00 and should be home about 9:30, see you then.”

“Jamie, I have to drive because I’m doing deliveries today, since we both get off at 9:00 you can just ride with me.”

DJ, on the trip to the shopping center, “What do you think?”

“About what?” Jamie replied.

“Phil and Bryan, staying with us.”

“They’re cool, and I really like them, but they might be a PITA.”

“A PITA?” DJ replied, what’s a PITA?

“It’s an acronym, for a Pain In The Ass! P I T A,”

DJ, chuckling, “You might be right.”

After DJ and Jamie left for work, Karen was standing in the ‘new’ boys doorway, watching them work. She had noticed a pile of clothing on each side of the doorway in the hall.

“How are you guys doing?” Karen asked.

“I’m not sure, Mom,” Phil answered, “we’re just doing.”

Karen, pointing at the two piles, “What are these?”

Bryan, pointing, “That one is for Goodwill, and the other one is trash. Let me show you something.”

Bryan pulled a nice, boys’ suit from the closet, and showed it to Karen.

“Nice suit,” Karen said, “but it looks a tad small for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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