DJ Pt. 30

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Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay boy, 15 year old Fernando, whose father has kicked him out (which happens way too often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) have placed him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

HEADS UP! Part 30 contains NO SEX, if you’re only looking for stories written to make you hard and horny, skip this chapter. Part 30 mostly deals with Fernando’s transition into a loving (gay friendly) foster home, and his adjustment to a new school and making some new friends, and maybe a bit of humor. If you’ve been following this story, I think you’ll love this chapter.

Just a side note, to try and eliminate confusion. Anthony and Antonio are the same person. His real name is Antonio Chevas, and he and Maria are Mexican, but he named the business Anthony’s Pizzeria to give it a more Italian sounding name.


DJ – Part 30

On Thursday morning, February 15th, Maria rose early, about 6:15 AM, made coffee, and started preparing Huevo con Chorizo (Eggs and Chorizo Sausage) for breakfast burritos. Antonio came into the kitchen about 6:30, kissed his wife good morning and poured a mug of coffee. After that first cup, he went in to wake Fernando at 6:55.

Antonio, turning on the ceiling light and causing Fernando to cover his eyes with his arm, “Wake up son, breakfast is almost ready, and Mary will be here to pick you up at 8:00. Did you sleep well?”

“Like a rock!” Fernando replied, “Good morning, Dad, I’ll be out as soon as I can get dressed.” Anthony left the room and returned to the kitchen, grinning.

Maria, seeing the smile, “What did you find amusing, Honey?”

Anthony, snickering, “I couldn’t help but notice that Fernando’s underwear was on the floor, evidently he sleeps naked. He’s 15, I guess he has the right to sleep how he wants.”

About 10 minutes later Fernando walked into the kitchen dressed in clean slim fitting jeans, a plaid, long sleeved sport shirt and sneakers.

“My, you look handsome this morning!” Maria exclaimed.

“Thanks, Mom,” Fernando replied, “I figured I should try to dress decently for my first day in a new school.” Maria nodded approvingly.

“I hope you like Huevo con Chorizo Burritos,” Maria commented.

“I like almost all food, I’m not too fussy,” Fernando replied.

The three finished eating breakfast and Mary arrived at 7:55 to pick up Fernando and take him to his new school. About a half a block from Fernando’s home they came upon a group of about 12 teenagers that looked to be high school age. Mary pulled along side of them and asked what school they attended. Several answered “Carter High” and this is where they catch the school bus. They told her the bus is scheduled to arrive at 8:10. Mary knew that Carter High is the school Fernando will be attending. Tomorrow morning, Fernando will be joining this bunch to ride the bus to his new school.

Carter High School is the only high school in this part of the county and has less than 300 students split between 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Students are assigned to a homeroom, with about 30 to 35 students in each homeroom, for a total of nine homerooms, three for each class.

Mary led Fernando to the main office to submit his school records and get him registered. Mrs. Quick, the school clerk, welcomed them. Mrs. Quick asked Sabrina, her assistant, to watch where the busses unload and grab Chad Stewart, and bring him to the office.

Chad, when he and Sabrina walked in, “Good morning Aunt Mary, have you brought us a new student?”

“Yes I have, Chad.” Mary responded, “Fernando, this is Chad Stewart, President of the Sophomore Class, and also my nephew. Chad, this is Fernando Gomez, he is in foster care, and transferring from Sherman High.”

Chad, shaking hands with Fernando, “Welcome to Carter High.”

“Chad,” Mrs. Quick stated, “I know you are in Mrs. Wentworth’s homeroom and Fernando will also be assigned to her homeroom. Would you escort Fernando quickly around the school, and introduce him to Mrs. Wentworth and his other homeroom classmates? Fernando, when Chad is done, please return here so I can give you your class schedule.”

“I’d be happy to,” Chad replied, “Fernando, let’s go.” Fernando followed Chad out of the main office. Chad led Fernando around the school and pointed out what was where. Fernando asked where the boy’s rest room was and Chad said it was at the other end of the hall, but the boy’s shower room also had bathroom facilities, and was right close by.

When Chad and Fernando entered the boy’s shower, Fernando noticed the open showers and had an unpleasant Déjà vu of what almost happened at Juvie Hall. Hopefully, the boys here in this school won’t be like those thugs in Juvie Hall.

Chad, while the two boys were in the locker room, “Fernando, signups are in progress for both the Softball and Baseball porno izle teams. You might consider signing up for one of them.”

“Maybe softball,” Fernando responded, “I’m really more of a soccer guy.”

“That’s a fall sport,” Chad replied, “this is a small school and we don’t have a football team, but we do compete in soccer, and basketball in the winter.”

“I’m only 4’11”, kinda short for basketball. I would consider trying out for Softball, though, thanks.”

Chad ended the tour in room 203, Mrs. Wentworth’s homeroom, and introduced Fernando to Mrs. Wentworth (who is also one of the English teachers) and the students that were already there. Fernando told Chad that he could find his way back to the office.

Mrs. Quick told Mary that Fernando would need a note from his parents or guardians in order to have the bus drop him off at the shopping center instead of the pickup stop near Fernando’s home. She accepted a note from Mary for today, but Fernando would need the note for tomorrow, and the future. It will be the same bus that he rides in the morning, Bus number 34.

Fernando is actually starting his classes today. Mrs. Wentworth marked Fernando as ‘present’ in her register, and told him she would expect him in her English class a little later. Mrs. Quick gave Fernando his class schedule, and issued him a locker with a combination lock, so he would have a place to put his books today.

Fernando needs to do some shopping this evening. Southside Drug should have most of the school supplies he needs, including a backpack. By tomorrow he should be all set for school. After what he has gone through the last few weeks it will feel good to be back in school, but he has no friends there yet. He’s quite likable, and will likely make some friends easily, but probably not the kind of friends he really wants.

He misses his friend Danny White and intends to write him this weekend. By the time Danny gets his letter, he should be down to only a couple more weeks of detention.

* * * * * *

Thursday morning was quite typical for DJ and Jamie. They attended their computer lab from 9:00 to 12:00, ate lunch in the cafeteria, then killed some time just chatting with some other students until time for their volleyball class at 2:00. They left the student lounge and headed to the Men’s locker room about 1:45 to change into their gym outfits. Rusty entered the locker room about the same time.

“Hey Rusty,” DJ greeted, “how are you and Jamal getting along?”

Rusty, with both thumbs up, “Doing great! We did Jamal’s parent’s yard Tuesday together, spent the night at his house, and then yesterday afternoon after classes we uncovered the pool at my Grandparents and got it ready for summer. His Dad bought a new grill, and we picked that up at Lowe’s and took it to Jamal’ house. He’s at my grandparents house now, waiting for me to get home from this class, and we’ll be coming to school tomorrow from my place.”

“Speaking of the pool,” Rusty continued, “some weekend, after the weather warms up and when my grandparents are gone away, Jamal and I plan to host an all male, all gay, clothing optional pool party. I’m telling you now that you two are on the guest list.”

Jamie, grinning, “That sounds awesome, we’ll be looking forward to that! I can picture a bunch of naked gay guys skinny dipping!”

“Not only that,” Rusty remarked, “Jamal’s parents have accepted me as Jamal’s boyfriend, and Jamal is welcome at my home too. It’s really cool, having families that accept and understand us.”

“I’m glad for you and Jamal,” DJ added, “Jamie and I are both fortunate enough to have families that understand and love us, unconditionally. See you on the court.”

When DJ plays volleyball he wears a constant smile, seems like he is really getting into the game, and is having a lot of fun.

* * * * * *

Fernando managed to get through his first day without incident. He observed that maybe about 5% of the students were of Hispanic heritage and the rest about 50/50 black and white. In his first class, which was World Geography, he was aware that he had no pencils, pens, or notebook. Lori, a rather nice, friendly girl gave him a notebook that she said was an extra, and he could keep it, and the teacher, Mrs. Lawrence, gave him a pencil she said he could keep. He would be taking that textbook home today, as there was a reading assignment that needed to be done before Friday.

At 1:30 to 2:50 the boys were scheduled for Physical Education on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the girls had P.E. at the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other days he had study hall at that time. School days end at 3:15 and the busses leave to take the students’ home at 3:30.

Chad had informed Fernando that he needed to bring his gym shorts, probably a tank top or tee shirt, sneakers and a towel on the day of his first PE class (Monday). The coach, (PE teacher) will assign him a locker in the boys shower room, and Chad advised him he may want to get a combination padlock for his porno locker to protect his personal stuff while in gym class, and his exercise clothing and towel at other times. Chad told him that most of the boys had a separate pair of sneakers just for PE that they kept in their lockers.

With the exception of Physical Education, the students had the same classes every day, Monday through Friday. Chad also suggested that, since we’re nearing the end of the basketball season, Fernando might wish to attend the game Friday night and root for the Carter Cardinals. Tip off should be about 7:30 PM. That invitation helped to make Fernando feel welcome in his new school.

At lunchtime all the kids headed to the cafeteria except Fernando, and he just kinda hung in the hallway, not having thought about bringing any money with him.

“Hey, dude,” a tall black boy spoke to Fernando, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I didn’t think to bring any money with me,” Fernando replied.

This boy, putting his hand on Fernando’s shoulder, “C’mon bud, it’s only 75 cents, I gotcha covered. I wouldn’t want to see anyone be hungry. I’m Devon, Devon King, and I believe you’re name is Fernando Gomez?”

“Right, I just transferred here from Sherman High, and this is my first day,” Fernando answered. The two boys bumped fists. Devon and Fernando went through the cafeteria line and Devon paid for both of their meals.

“Let’s sit over here,” Devon stated, and led Fernando to a table where two other boys were sitting.

Devon spoke, “Mike Calhoun and Drake Edwards, this is Fernando Gomez, and this is his first day here at Carter.” Both young men stood and shook hands with Fernando. Mike is white and Drake is black, not that it really makes any difference.

“Fernando, you’re coming to the game tomorrow night aren’t you?” Drake asked.

“I’m thinking about it, maybe.”

“Fernando,” Devon stated, “If you’re gonna be part of this school, you damned better be around to support the Carter Cardinals! The three of us are all part of the basketball team.”

Fernando, smiling, “OK guys, I’ll try to be there!” Fernando is actually starting to feel welcome and wanted.

“Whatdya mean you’ll try?” Devon asked.

“Well, my foster parents run Anthony’s Pizzeria, and, if it’s busy, there may be no one available to bring me to the school, or pick me up after the game.”

“I got you covered, bud,” Devon responded, smiling, “my parents never miss a game, I’ll ask them to pick you up at Anthony’s and bring you to the school. After the game, just come into the boys shower room and hitch a ride with one of us back to the pizzeria. I know some of us will be headed there after the game. Are you OK with that?”

Fernando, smiling, “Sounds like a plan to me. You don’t think your parents would mind?”

“Not at all, I know my parents,” Devon replied, “they will likely be there to pick you up about 7:00 PM, so be ready.”

Fernando, as the four boys got up to leave, “Devon, thank you so much for buying my lunch. I’ll pay you back tomorrow.”

“No need to,” Devon replied, “one day someone else, maybe even me, might not have lunch money, and you can pay it forward. I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”

Fernando was in study hall when the bell rang out at 3:15, signaling the end of the school day and that it was time to board the busses. He went to his locker and grabbed the notebook, and his English and Geography textbooks, and made his way down the hall with about 150 other students. He found bus number 34 and stepped onto it, handing the note from Mary Stewart to the bus driver, instructing her to drop him off at the shopping center. She nodded in response.

“Ma’am,” Fernando asked the driver, “is there any particular seat you want me to use?”

“I haven’t assigned seats, so just sit anywhere you wish,” she said.

Fernando walked about halfway toward the back and selected an empty seat, sitting next to the window. A couple minutes later a young lady approached him.

“Excuse me, but you’re sitting in my seat,” she stated.

Fernando, instantly rising, “Sorry miss, I didn’t know.” He is looking around for another empty seat, but didn’t see one.

“Hey, don’t leave,” she said, “I usually sit in that seat, next to the window, but nobody usually sits on the side next to the isle, are you new here?”

“Yeah, this was my first day here at Carter, I was transferred here from Sherman. My name is Fernando Gomez.”

“I’m Elizabeth Martin, but most everyone just calls me ‘Liz.,’ do you have a nickname?”

“I think I do now, my foster parents run Anthony’s Pizzeria, and Jamie, one of the servers, started calling me ‘Fernie.'”

“I think that’s a cute nickname, for a cute boy,” Liz said, smiling, “what grade are you in?”

Fernando, blushing a little, “I’m in Tenth.”

“So you’re a sophomore, and I’m a junior, are you Mexican?”

“No, my biological parents are Argentine, but I was born here, so I guess I’m just American. There were problems at home rokettube and CPS took me and placed me in a foster home. I’ve only been with them since yesterday, and so far, I’m very happy there. I call them Mom & Dad, and they treat me more like their son than my real parents ever did.”

“I’m happy for you that you, apparently, got placed in a good foster home,” Liz commented, “Some kids aren’t that lucky.”

It was only about an 8 or10 minute ride from the school to the shopping center.

Fernando, as the bus pulled into the shopping center, “Here is where I get off, see you later.” He picked up his books and walked toward the front door of the bus.

Liz, smiling, “Bye, Fernie, see you tomorrow.”

It was about 3:45 when Fernando entered the pizzeria. There were no customers, Maria and Anthony were sitting at a table, and both rose when they saw Fernando enter and held their arms open to give him a hug. It seems that Anthony and Maria have quickly lost their hearts to this young man.

“Well Son,” Anthony asked, “how was your first day at Carter High?”

“Not bad,” Fernando answered, “actually it was pretty decent. Do you and Mom think you could get by tomorrow night, if I was not here to help you?”

“Probably,” Anthony replied, “what do you have on your mind?”

Fernando explained about how the day went, and how Devon King bought his lunch, and he ate with Devon, Mike and Drake, and they all encouraged him to attend the Basketball Game tomorrow night. That Devon’s parents would pick him up here and take him to the school before the game. He also mentioned that he needed to pick up some school supplies, and that he had some reading assignments to do tonight.

“Son,” Anthony said, “there is no way I would want to deprive you from attending your school’s games. I’m actually pleased that you want to get involved with your schools activities. I think it will help you meld into the school, and not feel like an outsider.”

Anthony, reaching for his wallet, “Will $20 get what school supplies you need? You should be able to get what you need over there at Southside Drug.”

“I don’t know, a backpack will probably take most of that,” Fernando replied, smiling.

“Wait,” Anthony said, “you’re probably right, here’s another $10, if you have anything left over, you can use it for lunch money.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Fernando replied, smiling, as he stuffed the $30 in his pocket and headed to Southside Drug.

Fernando found a backpack that he liked, and one of only two that were still left in stock, and gathered up the other school supplies he needed and headed to the checkout where Gwen was working.

“I haven’t seen you before,” Gwen said, “what school do you go to?”

“Carter High,” Fernando answered, “today was my first day there, I was transferred from Sherman.”

“Did your family move to a different neighborhood?”

“No, I’m a foster child, and my foster parents live in a different area from where my real parents live, I really like my foster parents, though, and I think I’m much better off with them.”

“Did you see the Carter Cardinal Tee shirts we just got in?” Gwen asked. “They’re on that rack over there, check ’em out.”

After Fernando paid for the merchandise, he walked over and checked out the Tee’s. Some were red and some were white, all had a Cardinal bird image on the front with lettering stating ‘Carter Cardinals’ and lettering on the back stating ‘GO CARDS!’ He wants one to wear to the game tomorrow night, but they’re $15 that he doesn’t have right now. He still has that $20 that Jamie and Ruth gave him last night, but it’s at home. He plans to come back tomorrow and get one to wear to the game tomorrow night.

When he returned to the pizzeria, Anthony suggested he hit his homework, and told him the best place to study is in the party room, or, if he preferred, he could study in the office.

“Thanks, Dad,” Fernando replied, “I’ll be in the party room, come and get me if you need any help.” He took his new school supplies and gathered his textbooks and headed to the party room to study.

About 4:45 PM Anthony entered the party room and told Fernando that dinner was ready. Fernando followed Anthony out to a table where there were three tossed salads, and three plates of Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken. The three enjoyed their first dinner together as a family. Anthony had to break away a couple times to make pizza’s that were ordered. Lindsey had one table to serve, and Ruth came in to work at 5:00 PM.

Anthony, at about 5:15, “Fernie, how much more time do you need for your homework?”

“I don’t know,” Fernando replied, “maybe 15 or 20 minutes.”

“When you finish, I’d like to show you how to run the cash register so you can cash out customers, if it’s OK with you.”

Fernando, smiling, “Sure Dad, I’ll do anything I can to help you and Mom out, I hope you know that.” Anthony smiled, loving the cooperation he is getting from this young man. He is very happy that he and Maria have this foster son to care for.

As usual for a weekday night, they closed at 9:00 PM and headed home. Fernando took a shower and was in bed shortly after 10:30 PM, after kissing his parent’s goodnight. He loves living here with Maria and Anthony.

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