Do You Really Want to Know?

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Summary: Boyfriend forgives and takes back his cheating girlfriend. He is turned on listening to his girlfriend tell him how she was used by her Ex.


“Baby, that was amazing,” Ann said, catching her breath as she rolled off James.

“I can’t believe, I have you in my life again,” James said softly kissing her skin.

Ann loved how sweet James was, but his words reminded her of the last ten months of her life. A wave of guilt washed over her.

“I am so sorry for cheating on you with that asshole, Brad,” Ann apologised.

“It’s OK, you’re back now,” James said softly.

“Thank you for taking me back. You don’t know how kind and caring you are. You don’t understand what this means to me,” Ann continued.

“You know, sometimes I can’t believe it’s just ten months we were separated. It felt like forever,” James said.

“I know but those ten months have given me clarity and perspective about whom I want to be with. It has made me realise how loving and caring you are. I haven’t been treated like this in a long time,” Ann replied.

“What do you mean? How did Brad treat you?” James asked, confused.

“You don’t want to know. It’s like when we made love right now, you were just so passionate and careful not to hurt me. Let us just say he is the exact opposite of that,” Ann said, trying not to think of things she did with Brad.

James was silent. Ann knew something was bothering him.

“Is it OK, if I ask about your relationship with Brad?” James asked.

“But why, baby? That’s just the past” Ann said.

“After we broke up? I have always wondered about how you were? But there was one thing that always bothered me: Why did you cheat on me? What could I have done better?” James said.

“Baby, It was not you. You were perfect.” Ann assured him.

James was silent and Ann continued.

“He is just that bad boy type? He just takes what he wants and has no regard for my feelings or …. You know what? Let’s not go there.” Ann said, trying to shake away the thoughts in her mind.

“I used to wonder what you did with him. Did you take him to our favourite pizza place, or what he got you for your birthday? Sometimes even what you did with him in bed,” James said in a low voice.

Ann could feel James cock twitching against her thighs. This got her curious. She turned to face James and slowly took his cock in her hands.

“You really thought of Brad and me in bed?” Ann whispered.

James’s cock twitched again in Ann’s hands.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Ann giggled nervously, not sure where this conversation was going but she knew James was not mad at her.

“There are so many nights, I would lie in bed and stroke my cock, thinking of what you both were doing?” James confessed.

Ann could feel his cock harden in her hands and she slowly began stroking it.

“And what did you imagine I was doing with Brad?” Ann whispered in his ear.

“For some reason, I always thought of you being this completely different person with him. You are always this sweet and caring girlfriend with me, but with him I always imagined you were a little mean and bitchy,” James said, looking away from Ann, afraid he had offended her.

Ann had a naughty smile and she liked where this was headed. Ann met his eyes and seductively cooed in this ear, “So, you jerked off thinking of me dressed in skanky clothes and acting being a slut for Brad?”

“Yes,” James groaned as Ann squeezed his cock harder.

“So, What was it that really turned you on about these dirty thoughts? What made you cum?” Ann whispered and stopped stroking James’s fully erect cock, letting him catch his breath and clear his mind.

“The more dirty and slutty you were, the more mean and cruel you were, that’s what made me cum,” James confessed, his mind hazy and filled with slutty images of Ann.

Ann had an idea, with a wicked smile she whispered, “What if it was all true, James? Would you have still taken me back?”

“Yes,” James nodded.

“Do you still want to know about us? Even if I was so mean and bitchy, even if I was a complete slut with him. Do you still want to know what Brad and I did?” Ann cooed stroking him faster.

“Yes,” James almost hissed in pleasure.

Ann stopped suddenly and James opened his eyes confused.

“Alright, I will tell you but you need to remember, you asked for this. I don’t want you to judge me, I was just a different person with him.” Ann said.

“I promise I won’t,” James said and hesitated.

Ann could sense it and prodded him.

“What is it, sweetie?” Ann asked.

“I don’t want you to judge me either, for getting turned on hearing about Brad and you. This is all just teasing and fun, just between us. So it’s OK if you exaggerate things a little, be more wicked or mean to make this a bit more kinky,” James said.

“Oh sweetie, I like this side of you. I didn’t know you were such a pervert,” Ann said, kissing James.

“Fuck, your cock is so hard. I can feel it twitching in my hand. You really want to know about all the ways Brad fucked me, baby?” Ann teased.

James Anadolu Yakası Escort groaned.

“You want to know all the dirty and nasty details? About what a slut I was for him? All the things I let him do to me, all the things I wouldn’t even let you do. Ask me nicely baby? I want to hear you say it.” Ann whispered.

“Please, tell me what a slut you were for Brad. Please,” James begged.

“Oh since you asked so nicely, I no longer wanted to be that sweet and innocent girlfriend with him. I wanted him to see what a slut I can be. I was always extra dirty, the way I readily spread my legs or really sloppy blowjobs and saying really dirty and nasty things. You like that, baby. You want to hear about that side of me. Fuck, look at all that precum oozing from your cock. You really want to hear what a dirty slut I was, don’t you baby? Are you sure you can handle it?” Ann said.

As Ann stroked his cock, James could see how turned on Ann was. Her erect nipples and they way she was humping against James’s thigh to get some friction on her clit. He could feel her warm wet juices coating his thighs. James slowly used two fingers to stroke Ann’s dripping pussy. Ann moaned against his touch.

“Fuck baby, This is really turning me on too, Can you feel how wet my pussy is? You really want to know about how he treated me… how he used me.” Ann growled.

“Keep going,” James said slowly, taking Ann’s clit between his two fingers and stroking it.

“You were so sweet for moving out of the apartment that we shared, you wanted to save me the trouble of looking for another apartment,” Ann said.

Despite the agreement being in James’s name, the apartment was closer to Ann’s work, so James felt bad and decided he would move out to another apartment. At the time it just seemed like the right thing to do.

“It was hardly ten minutes since you left, Brad texted me to unlock the door and wait for him naked, on my knees. He walked in like he already owned the place, without saying a word he pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth, baby.” Ann said.

“Fuck,” James said mentally imagining the scene, trying to hump faster against Ann’s slow strokes.

“He fucked my face for ten minutes before lifting me up and fucking me against our front door. I was screaming and moaning like a bitch. He wanted everyone in the apartment to know what a slut I was, it was barely ten minutes since we broke up and I was already getting fucked like a slut,” Ann said.

James groaned.

“You know we have a lot of sweet memories in that apartment.” Ann said softly.

All those sweet moments flashed before James’ eyes.

“Brad wanted to destroy all those memories. I believe ‘I want to fuck all those memories away’ were his exact words. We fucked all over the apartment,” Ann said with a wicked smile.

Ann was slowly testing the water. Did James really mean it when he wanted her to be slutty and wicked? James had his eyes closed and was mentally picturing Ann’s words.

“Remember that couch we bought together, all those sweet memories of us watching movies with popcorn and cuddling up with hot chocolate when it was snowing outside, now all I see when I look at that couch is how he bent me over and fucked me on it. How I used to service his cock by deep throating him when he came back from work or how he would sit on the edge of the couch and lift his legs so that I could rim his asshole while he watched the game,” Ann said in a wicked tone.

James looked at Ann in shock.

“Yes, baby. I know I said it was too dirty when we were together but with Brad. He didn’t even ask. He just shoved my head and made me lick his ass. Can you imagine your sweet girlfriend tongue fucking a guy’s ass baby?” Ann teased.

James groaned in pleasure. He was jealous and turned on at the same time. He had brought up the topic of anal play several times but Ann was always reluctant to try it.

“Even those throw cute pillows we bought together, he just use them to prop my ass high so that he can fuck me better. It is so crusted and soaked in his cum and my juices. Fuck, look at how hard your cock is. You’re really getting turned on by this aren’t you?” Ann said, stroking his cock.

“What else did you do?” James asked.

“You remember we didn’t have much space after we bought the couch, so we got that cute dining table beside the window. It always reminded me of how you surprised me with the candle light dinner, the soft music playing in the background and how we made love that night Or how you made me my favourite soup when I was sick.

Now all I can think of is my aching knees, my pussy stuffed with that candle and the sound of hardcore porn. With Brad, I spent more days under the table than sitting beside him. I would be sucking his cock while he was eating or watching porn.” Ann said grinding against his fingers faster.

He still remembered the day, how he took off from work early to surprise Ann. He had cooked her favourite meatballs spaghetti and ran down at the last minute to get the candles. His thoughts were interrupted by Ann’s voice.

“Sometimes Kadıköy Escort he would just walk up to me and without saying a word just stick his cock in my mouth. He wouldn’t care if I was all dressed and ready for work or getting ready to go to bed. He would use my mouth like a pussy. Making me gag on his cock and fuck my throat like I was just a fuck hole for him to use. Can you imagine, baby? My hair all messed up, mascara running down my face, my make-up ruined. I would just sit there like a slut letting him use me and he would cum anywhere he wanted, on my face, on my food or even in my coffee, wipe his cock with my hair or on my dress and leave. I can’t remember how many times I had my coffee with his thick cream or went to work with my breath smelling of his cum. It just felt so normal with him.” Ann groaned.

James thought about all the times Ann wouldn’t even kiss or hug tightly before leaving for work, saying she didn’t want her lipstick smeared or dress crumpled. He couldn’t imagine Ann would let Brad treat her that way.

“You remember our kitchen counter, all those times I would come home from work and you would make your mother’s special meatball recipe. God, I missed the smell of it. I loved seeing you in that yellow apron, with a spatula in your hand. I even remember we tried having sex in the kitchen counter but the height was not right.” Ann said.

James loved cooking and always wanted to become a pastry chef when he was young. He would always experiment with new recipes and loved how Ann never complained about the mess he made in the kitchen.

“But with Brad, the counter was just the perfect height. He made me cook in just the apron and spanked my ass with that spatula. After fucks my pussy on the kitchen counter he uses the apron like a cumrag to clean his cock off. Brad loved fucking me in the kitchen, saying there were just so many things he could use to fuck me, like he once shoved a thick cucumber up my ass while pounding my pussy, or those cute chip clips you bought like clamps on my nipples ” Ann said.

“Fuck, that is hot,” James said as he added another finger in Ann’s wet pussy. He could feel Ann’s thick juices coat his fingers and the way her clit was protruding out of its hood. James loved to suck on it and knew how sensitive Ann’s clit was.

“Do remember how we had sex in the shower once. We were so clumsy and it was a little awkward. You were so sensitive about how I felt and made me feel so comfortable.” Ann said.

James remembered how beautiful Ann looked in that steamy background. Water dripping drop every curve of her body. James remembered how he humped against Ann’s ass cheeks. Ann soapy skin and the hot spray of water falling on his cock head was too much and James had cum too quickly. He even remembered seeing the disappointed look on Ann’s face but she comforted him and they washed each other off and got out of the shower quickly.

“With Brad, it was just so raw. He would just lift me up or just push me up against the glass partition. Imagine how dirty I would look with my big juicy tits and face pressed against the glass, that steaming hot water running down our bodies and me just grunting like an animal while he fucked me from behind. He made me wash his body, suck his cock and even rim his ass. He even shot his cum all over that shower partition and made me lick it.” Ann said moving her hips faster against James’s finger.

“Fuck,” James groaned at the image of his sweet girlfriend squatting in the bathroom floor, fingering her pussy and lewdly licking Brads cum off the shower partition.

“Fuck, look at your throbbing cock. Don’t you dare come. I promise you will love what comes next,” Ann said, slowing the pace of stroking his cock.

“Please keep going,” James begged.

“That bathroom mirror has always seen us in some of our most intimate moments, when we used to brush together before going to bed or I love when we used to get ready for work together while I brushed my hair and you were fixing your tie. If that bathroom mirror could speak it would scream what I slut I am,” Ann said.

James smiled and thought about how the cabinet behind the mirror was always filled with Ann’s things and how the mirror would never close properly.

“Brad has fucked me against that counter so many times, sometimes I would be getting ready for work, he wouldn’t even bother with any small talk, or kisses. He would still be sleepy and walk in with his morning wood, just bend me over not caring about my makeup or work clothes. He would just lift my skirt up, pull my panties to the side and use me like a cock sleeve just to get his morning wood off. He would cum on my clothes or wipe his cock on my dress and send me to work. I have gotten so many stares from my co-workers and even people in our apartment.” Ann said.

James was silent for a moment and moved up beside Ann. Ann felt the loss of James’s fingers from her pussy. Ann stopped stroking James’s cock.

James asked “Is that why you wanted to move into a new place when you broke up with Brad? You wanted to get a new İstanbul Escort place even though you have to travel far to work.”

“Yes, but also things and people we used to know, were not the same as they used to be.” Ann said.

“What do you mean?” James asked curiously. James remembered all their old neighbours were such sweet and kind people.

“You remember Mrs.Robinson, that sweet old lady from across the hall. You used to help her with her groceries and we used to have tea with her. She used to think we were such a cute couple together, She treated us like her grandchildren.” Ann said.

James knew how thin the walls were in their apartment and figured Mrs.Robinson could hear Brad and Ann.

“Brad made me knock on her door in nothing but a black thong and high heels. I was wearing collar around my neck with fresh cum on my face, my body was so sweaty from the fucking and the words ‘fuck pig’ written on my forehead. You can imagine the shock on her face when I asked her if she had lube so that I can get my shithole fucked for the next round,” Ann said.

“You really did that?” James gulped, shocked as Ann would never even leave the apartment in a dress that revealed a little cleavage.

“Can you imagine the shock on my face when she returned with a bottle of lube and a ball gag. With a wink, she said I will be needing them both. Oh that old slut. I guess we all have our kinky secrets.” Ann said.

“Wow,” James thought. It just felt so strange because there are always some people you respect so much, you can never imagine them as a sexual being.

” Fuck, I love watching you squirm like this. Go on baby, stroke your cock a little faster but don’t you dare cum. You remember our favourite pizza place and that sweet college boy, Jimmy, who delivers our order every time. You used to treat him like a younger brother, you knew he was repaying his college loans and tip him generously. I know how he used to look up to you, ask you for your advice and how respectable he saw me,” Ann said.

James knew Jimmy was a good kid but didn’t have a supportive family. James would always guide him, he even referred him to a couple of job interviews. He had lost touch with Jimmy when he moved out.

“Well, that opinion of me changed quickly when he delivered pizza the first time after you had moved out. Brad told him to come in, as the door was open. Can you imagine the shock on his face when he saw me bouncing on Brad’s cock, in my old cheerleading uniform. Brad was fucking my ass while I was riding him reverse cowgirl. He could see everything, baby. My body was covered in sweat, my top pulled down revealing my tits and my skirt bunched around my waist.

He almost dropped the pizza when Brad ordered me to tip him with a blowjob and I obeyed him like an obedient slut,” Ann said.

“You gave Jimmy a blowjob?” James stuttered, even as he said it he could believe Ann would do something like that.

“Can you picture it, baby? Me dropping to my knees and crawling to Jimmy. Pulling his cock out and sucking him like a dirty slut. The way he was groaning, I think he enjoyed it more than all the money you gave him. He didn’t last five minutes, baby. I let him cum all over my face. And of course, every time after that I had our favourite pizza, it was with Brad’s cum as a topping.” Ann said in a sultry voice.

Joe’s pizza place was where James had taken Ann on their first date. James loved their pepperoni pizza and knew next time they went to Joe’s he would be thinking of Ann with a pizza slice covered in thick cum. Fuck, James groaned, Brad was really fucking with all the things he loved.

“Brad loved to show everyone what an obedient slut I was. He loved fucking me in public places where people can see what a dirty slut I was for him. One day he was roughly face fucking me in the elevator. I was squatting on the floor with my skirt bunched around my waist and fingering my needy pussy. It was late and we had just got back from one of his kinky clubs. I was wearing a collar with a leash and he was using it to hold my head in place. You can imagine how I felt when Mr and Mrs.Thompson walked into the elevator. I heard Mrs.Thompson gasp when she saw me and what I was doing.” Ann said.

James remembered the older couple. They didn’t have any kids of their own. They were always so kind and polite. They treated Ann and James like their own kids. James even remembered how Mr.Thompson even had a chat with him in their apartment lobby about how he should treat Ann right, like he was her father. James loved that he was so caring. But James had to admit, he did have a little crush on Mrs.Thompson.

“You remember, we even talked about growing old like them, how they had that special connection even after so many years of marriage. Mrs.Thompson loved you and made your favourite lasagna every weekend. Brad spoke to them casually while he thrust deep into my throat. Before we made it to our floor, Brad came all over my face and covered my face with his thick cum. He just smiled politely, said good night and walked towards our apartment and I followed him on my knees like his bitch. I was so ashamed but when I turned to say good night, I could see the heated look on Mrs.Thompson’s face and the rage in Mr.Thompson’s face as he balled his fist. I really thought Mr.Thompson would confront Brad about the way he was treating me,” Ann said.

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