Dogs Bark And Cats Meow

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Let me start off by saying that all characters are 18 or older and all usual disclaimers apply. This is my first attempt at writing domination. I greatly appreciate all ratings, comments, and feedback. I respond to all emailed feedback.

As a 28 year old woman how was it that I still had not been able to find a man that could satisfy my sexual urges? A masculine man that would make me bow to him shouldn’t be so hard to find. I am not talking about a roleplaying game where the safety word is “banana.” I am talking about raw, unadulterated domination. Once more I was reduced to cruising personals online looking for a guy that could own a strong-willed woman such as myself.

At 8:00 p.m. the night was still young but it was a Tuesday night and I needed to be fresh in the morning for my job. As a court stenographer I it was important that I kept accurate records of what was said in court. The job was boring but it paid the bills. The only good thing about the job was every now and then there would be hot convict that I knew could really dominate me. However, I do have standards. Anyway, I did find one personal that would probably turn out to be just as lame as the other poser domination fantasies but I figured it was worth a shot.

The personal read: “Looking for strong willed people to own for a weekend. I will turn you into my pet. Must be available from 7:00 p.m. Friday until 7:00 p.m. Sunday.” Like with all of the personals I have come across, I felt excited about it but something usually ruined it. What the hell. I e-mailed him, watched some television and went to bed.

When I awoke the next morning I got ready for work and I was just sitting down in Courtroom A when I remembered that I was awaiting a response from someone. I got all excited again. Of course, it would probably turn out to be everything I wasn’t looking for but I wanted to dream. The day went by quickly and I was glad for that. Once I got home I opened my laptop and jumped on my email. There was a response: “You will submit to me. There is no safety word. You will not be late. You will not leave until Sunday 7:00 p.m. This is not negotiable.”

Oh, this was it. I felt it in my heart, soul, and my stomach. This was the man that was going to finally give me what I wanted. He was going to show me my place. I was unable to control myself. I started slowly rubbing my pussy through my pajama bottoms. I was just reading his email over and over again while toying with my clam. I couldn’t stop thinking about what he was going to do to me. What was he going to make me do? What did he look like? I had to lose the pajama bottoms.

My pussy was getting so wet and it felt so good to rub it. My clit was getting firm and my heart rate had doubled. I had to close my eyes to better focus on just the one sensation…touch. I hadn’t fingered myself for over a week. This was a long overdue session. I was never really super stimulated by inserting things into my box. I did however sing a song when someone rubbed my clit hard. I liked fingers and knuckles to knead the soft shaved skin. A tongue was nice but it was hard to get someone to apply enough pressure with a tongue. They usually had to use their chin.

I was pushing so hard I was closing to bruising myself. I like it when it hurts a little though. Images of what this man looked like towering over me ran rampant in my mind as I satisfied myself. I moaned and screamed as I approached climax. I squeezed and pinched my delicate pussy lips as I braced myself for orgasm. Oh. Fuck. That was a good one. I haven’t even met my soon be dominator yet and he is already güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pleasing me sexually.

Friday couldn’t come fast enough, but it was finally here. I left the courthouse at 5:00 p.m. on the dot. I wanted to get home and give myself a thorough scrubbing and pack some things for the weekend. Actually, come to think of it, he didn’t say to bring anything. He didn’t say not to either. I wonder what I should do. Well, I will bring a change of clothes but leave it in the car; if I am allowed to have them great, if not then that is fine too. I certainly didn’t want to be late so I left my house at 6:15 p.m. for a trip that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

The house was in the nicest part of town. I wasn’t completely shocked when I pulled up to it. It was huge. It was a beautiful house with a perfectly manicured yard and a gated driveway. I wondered if I would be breaking any rules by being so early, it was only 6:40 p.m. I figured, better early than late when I started to pull up to the gate. I heard a car honk right behind me. A guy got out and rushed up to my car door. “You don’t want to do that ma’am.” He said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“You don’t want to be 20 minutes early. You will want to be at the gate at 7:00 p.m. The Master does not care for people who cannot tell time.” He explained. I thought it was funny because he was smiling the whole time. Not only was he smiling but he was looking me up and down. I was wearing a low cut top and no bra and he surely noticed. He also followed my legs up to the fabric of my skirt. I was wearing the shortest skirt I owned and of course, no panties.

“I can’t thank you enough, Mr…..”

“You will call me, Pussycat.” He said with an even bigger grin. On that note he just turned around and went back to his car. He sat in the driver’s seat and appeared to be messing with his radio or something of the sort.

At 6:59 p.m. I began to roll up to the gate. I noticed Pussycat was following me. I was incredibly curious as to who he was. Was he going to be in on the domination? I certainly hope not. Although, he was very cute, probably my age, with a great smile, cute face and fantastic body, he was kind of small. He was probably my height, 5’7″ and he had a small frame. He was athletic but a small frame is a small frame. The question still lingered; how did he fit in to this weekend? I settled on the thought that he must work for the Master. Maybe a gardener. He was fit and the yard obviously was tended to often.

The gate opened and I continued up the drive to the house. I parked in front of the garage and Pussycat pulled up beside me. “Well, are you ready for the weekend of your life?” He asked.

“I can’t believe this may be the weekend I finally get what I am looking for. I am on tenterhooks. Who are you anyway? Do you work for him?” I asked.

“I told you I am Pussycat. I don’t want to give anything else away.” He said through perfect teeth.

As we approached the door I held my hand out to ring the bell. Pussycat grabbed my arm and said, “No. We do not ring bells. We are his pets. When was the last time you saw a pet ring a doorbell? Take off all of your clothes and get on all fours.” He said. He had already begun to shed his t-shirt and was moving to his shoes and socks. I figured; when in Rome…

I was a little put off to be undressing on a doorstep. We were well hidden from the road but I was right next to a brand new person. I thought total release of inhibitions was necessary though. After we were both undressed and on our hands and knees I just looked over to Pussycat, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri raising my eyebrows as if to ask, “what next.”

“Scratch the bottom of the door, as if you are a dog.” He said with another huge grin. I was beginning to wonder if he could talk without flashing that smile of his.

I extended my “paw” and scratched at the bottom of the door. Within seconds the door opened and a large man appeared. He had a jovial smile and said, “My little pets. I’m so happy you want to come in and play with your Master.”

“Meow, meow.” Pussycat said. Pussycat knelt back on his haunches and placed his arms in the air as if he were a real cat and happy to see his owner. Master reached down and tousled Pussycat’s hair…as if he were actually petting a cat.

“I am so happy to see my little Pussycat. It looks as if you have made a new friend.” Master said looking in my direction. “And just who might you be?” Master asked looking at me.

“I am Lynette.” I said looking up the 40ish man. He was probably 6’1″ and 230 pounds of raw muscle. Master was clothed only in a silk robe. I could tell from his face that I fucked up.

“Tsst, tsst. Pussycat you have brought home a bad dog. This dog doesn’t know her place. She will by the end of the weekend though.” Master said. He stepped to the left of the door and reappeared holding 2 collars and a leash. He affixed one collar onto Pussycat. “You are such a sweet Pussycat. Go on in to the kitchen. I think the maid has put some tasty food in your bowl. I will be along shortly after I tend to this Bitchdog you brought home with you.” Master said as he was affixing a collar onto me and hooking the leash to it.

“Come on, you dirty Bitchdog. All new pets must have baths.” Master said as he started into the house holding my leash. Pussycat bounded into the house and out of sight on his hands and knees. Master led me to stairs. How the hell was I going to climb stairs on my hands and knees? Master didn’t break stride and started his ascension of the steps. I tried my best but after the first four stairs I was at the end of my leash. Master gave a sharp yank to the leash pulling me off balance. My breasts smashed into the step. It hurt but I was determined to do it. I tried to pick up the pace and I managed to keep up for the most part. Master only had to yank the leash one more time and I was ready this time. I was able to keep my breasts from smashing into the stairs anyway, but my neck was already sore.

Master led me into the bathroom where a bath had already been drawn. Master bent down to pick me up as if I were a real dog. He put on arm under me, across my chest. His other arm went across the backs of my knees. He scooped me up just like a dog and set me in the bathtub. I was completely humiliated. “Alright, Bitchdog, I am going to give you a bath. We can’t have dirty animals in the house.” Master said.

I wanted to scream at this crazy fuck. I wasn’t a dog. This wasn’t the kind of domination I wanted. I wanted a big man to make me beg him. I didn’t want to be reduced this low. I didn’t want to spend an entire weekend playing a Bitchdog…oh great, now he has me even thinking the word “Bitchdog.” I was on my hands and knees in the bathtub when I spotted the shampoo Master was holding. He was holding dog shampoo.

“You aren’t using that on me.” I said. I began to rise up. I was getting out of here.

“Sit down in the tub you fucking, Bitchdog!” Master shouted as yanked my leash. I lost balance and ended up on my ass sitting kind of cross legged in the tub. Master grabbed a magazine güvenilir bahis şirketleri from a rack next to the toilet, rolled it up, and smacked me on the nose with it. Not hard, he did it just like you would do it to a naughty dog. I was completely taken aback. “You wanted to be dominated! You drove here as a person. The supreme act of domination transforms the person. You will be transformed from a person to a groveling Bitchdog! That is real domination, Bitchdog! You will amuse me, Bitchdog! You will conform to my every will, Bitchdog! Do I make myself clear?” Master bellowed.

“Arf, Arf.” I actually barked in response. I knew that is what he wanted. He wanted me to accept the fact that I was his Bitchdog.

“And we have a winner.” Master said with a big smile. He poured some of the dog shampoo into his hand and began to lather it into my hair. He had a cup sitting on the edge of the tub he used to fill with water and rinse my hair of the shampoo. He continued to rub dog shampoo all over my body. My hands rubbed my back, my breasts, stomach, all up and down both legs and finally my clit. Master did not rub dog shampoo onto my pussy. He just rubbed it with water. “Oh, my it looks like we have a Bitchdog in heat. You are in heat aren’t you girl? C’mon, who is in heat?” Master was speaking in the tone anyone would use when speaking to a dog.

“Arf.” I responded as if I were answering yes, I am in heat. Truth be told I was starting to get to a little turned on. He was a big masculine man and he was rubbing my clit expertly. His big fingers were stroking and toying with my clit. I was loving all of the attention. I was feeling heat and blood rush to my wanting pussy. I was so surprised because most guys I had been with couldn’t wait to stick a finger in, then two fingers and all the way up to three. Then they basically just pushed their fingers in and out like they were fucking me. That is not the way I liked getting fingered. Master was fingering me correctly. He was rubbing my hot lips hard. He was pushing three fingers up against my skin roughly. He was rubbing my clit just like I did. Only he was even better at it because of his big hands and he was able to mash his fingers against my flesh with even more force. I couldn’t help it…I let out a moan. I tried to make it all throat so it could be a noise that might come from a Bitchdog.

“Oh, my little Bitchdog likes when Master cleans her.” He said. He allowed moaning, thank God because if he rubbed my clit any harder or any longer I was going to be climaxing…and there it was. He mashed his fingers against my pussy so hard I lost my balance and fell onto the side of the tub. I screamed in ecstasy as I had my first orgasm of the weekend. “That’s right Bitchdog. You can enjoy this. I always like to welcome new pets into the house with a bath to wash away their dirtiness and give them a little treat. The rest of the weekend, you will be treating me.” Master said.

Just then Pussycat meowed at the door. He entered and moved over by Master and started rubbing his side on Master’s leg. Just like a fucking cat. I couldn’t believe how good his cat mannerisms were. I was still panting and out of breath from the 5 star orgasm I just had. Master reached down and patted Pussycat’s head. “That is a good Pussycat. Did you enjoy your supper?” Master asked him.

“Meow.” I was starting to really figure it out. Pussycat could communicate using just the inflection of his voice. Because Master always asked questions that could be answered “yes” or “no.” Just like if you were actually speaking to an animal. I could do that.

“Alright, we are going to get you good and dried off, Bitchdog. Then you can have your favorite treat. I am going to let you lick peanut butter from Master’s cock and balls.” Master said.

To Be Continued…

As always, please feel free to comment, rate, and email feedback. I appreciate all comments, good and bad.

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