Dominating Deb Ch. 04

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I could tell something was wrong when I can to Deb’s apartment. We sat down and had some wine and slowly she recounted the events of the past two days. I couldn’t believe how much I had underestimated Jen, her former roommate. We agreed to be more cautious about expanding our circle. Something still bothered Deb and it wasn’t until midnight that she brought it up. “Have you ever whipped a woman?” She asked.

I was astounded but I shared with her that a few years ago I had been involved with Peggy, a woman who seemed to thrive on pain. We had experimented with whips, cigarette burns and even choking. Peggy had loved the rough sessions, but like a lot of students, she got a job offer on the east coast and left.

Deb volunteered that she had always been interested in whips and the discussion had piqued her interest. The next day when I got together with Deb, I showed her a small whip that I had used with Peggy. She felt the texture and slid it along her hand, curious about how it would feel. I kissed Deb and held her, making sure that she really wanted to experiment. Deb was firm and believed she was ready for this next step in our relationship. Nevertheless, I gave her some pills to take before we started. Without asking what they were, she swallowed the pills and finished her glass of wine.

When she was ready, I undressed her and tied her hands to the bahis firmaları bedpost. I muted the light and put on some cover music and came back with leather gloves and vest and the whip. When I traced her spine with the tip of the whip, I could sense her feelings of excitement and arousal. The first few lashes were light but then I applied more crisp lashes, noticing her flinch but not cry. Her back became tense and she became rigid, steeling herself for more lashes. The last few brought tears but no crying. I told her she had made me proud of her and untied her. Deb seemed relieved it was over, but talked about when our next session would be. Relieved, we shared a cigarette and I held her until we fell asleep.

The next day, I arose before Deb. I could see the marks from more forceful whips the night before. I began to circle them with my finger and kissed them gently. This woke Deb and she smiled broadly, telling me that she had the best night’s sleep in weeks. “Then we need to continue with your lessons,” I said quietly.

That evening after dinner, we surfed the internet. “Let’s check out whipping sites” Deb volunteered shyly. I was surprised how many sites there were. I told her to choose a video and she surprised me by selecting one of the rougher ones. We watched together silently. After it ended, she snuggled close and after a few minutes, started kaçak iddaa to weep. “I don’t want to end up like that woman”, she said softly.

“Don’t worry.” I said, “Our relationship is much different. I won’t ever give you more than you can handle.” I put my arm around her and we sat together silently.

As the weekend arrived, I told Deb to hold Saturday afternoon open. “That will be the time of our next lesson”, I said. “No pills this time.” That made an impression on her, and Saturday morning she chain-smoked almost a pack of cigarettes. With the blinds closed and more music, I lit a few candles in the bedroom, some of Deb’s favorite scents. She noticed it immediately when she came into the room. I ordered her to kneel on the bed and secured her hands to the bedpost using my tie. Next, I applied a blindfold. This heightened her excitement. I went into the bathroom, getting ready slowly so as to heighten the anticipation. When I returned she displayed her back fearlessly. The first few lashes were soft, but one opened a cut. More whips to the back opened up a few more cuts. I stopped the whipping and kissed blood from the cuts. Then I spotted the candles and decided to continue the lesson along a different line. “I need to apply something to the cuts”, I said and slowly let the hot wax drip on her back, starting at a spot far from the cuts and moving closer. kaçak bahis As it reached the area where the cuts were, Deb flinched and endured the pain silently. Her response surprised and excited me. I told her how good she had been and how I was going to reward her with a hard cock. That encouragement lifted her spirits. I offered her a cigarette and she took multiple deep drags. I let it continue to dangle from her lips as I worked my cockhead into her and stroked her breasts. Deb intuitively knew that the lesson was over and settled into matching my thrusts. Deb had a welcome orgasm. After I untied her she lit another cigarette and later quietly took a few pills from a small bottle in her desk.

Next week I used her computer to check my e-mail messages from work one night. Out of curiosity I checked the search history. Deb had continued to search sites related to whips, both videos and stories. I brought up one of the stories, part of a multi-part series. I stopped in mid-sentence when I realized that this story had actually been written by Deb. The story described our last lesson exactly, but it also had her thoughts and feelings as the lesson proceeded. In addition to her outward stoic acceptance of the whipping and hot wax, the story also showed her desire for more variety of pain experiences. In the story it described how she had been secretly been burning herself on the wrist with a cigarette to see how much pain she could endure. Thinking about the story later, I realized that I had noticed the bandage on her wrist and Deb said that she had burned herself on a pan while cooking.

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