Donny Ch. 03

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Digital Sin

Friday finally arrived. I had been in such a heightened state all the rest of that week, thinking about the thrill of being with him, replaying the size and shape, the feel and taste of Donny’s incredible penis. I had jacked off mercilessly twice, even though I promised myself I would wait for him; I couldn’t help myself.

I dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt, commando style for quick access, and drove over to his place. I parked across the street and walked up to the door. My heart was pounding. The door swung open almost as soon as I knocked. Donny was dressed nicely, matching my outfit almost exactly. I wondered briefly if he was commando as well. He invited me inside.

We chit chatted briefly as we entered the living room, which appeared to be in a time warp; totally 70s.

“Donny?” his mother called from the other room.

“Steven’s here.” He called back over his shoulder. “I told her you were coming. I have almost no friends over anymore.” He confided to me quietly.

His mother appeared at the door, dressed in a housecoat that was the total match for the décor. She was shuffling a bit with a walker, but otherwise looked quite hale and hearty. I moved to greet her and shake her hand.

“Hello Mrs. …..” I paused realizing only then that I didn’t actually know Donny’s last name. ” …Mrs. Donny’s mother.” She smiled. I caught Donny react a bit out of the corner of my eye. “It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. …”

“Anderson.” She said with a bright, mischievous smile. “Katherine Anderson. Lovely to meet you as well.” She hadn’t let go of my hand. “Donny brings so few of his friends around.” she told me, with a quick glance at Donny. He said nothing.

Katherine really was lovely. She was middle to late 60s, 5′-8″ maybe, dark hair going grey throughout, large bright blue eyes, and had fairly large breasts, which was all that could be gained from studying the shapeless, zip-front, floral housecoat that hung from her breasts almost to the floor. Her nipples were obviously erect, as two long pleats of fabric hung from each one clear to the floor.

Donny helped her to a chair and I sat opposite. He offered a beer which we both accepted and he left us to chat in the living room. We chatted about me and my business, my life, marriage, divorce and kids. I asked her about her and Mr. Anderson and got the entire story of her life right up to that moment. Donny had returned somewhere in there with 3 bottles of beer and by the end of her dissertation mine was empty.

“So how long have you two been friends?” she asked me.

“Not long. Couple of months is all.”

“Where did you meet?” ‘Here we go’, I thought. The interrogation starts. I opted to be open and blunt. If she wanted to know, I would tell her.

“Well we met at Starbucks, but had actually, I guess, met online, reviewing each other’s writing.”

“You’re a writer?” she asked.

“Only amateur status really. Fiction mostly. Nothing published in print.”

“I’ve never read your writing.” She told Donny, turning her attention to him. Donny said nothing.

“Well, like me it’s only amateur stuff. He’s quite good, but nothing that you would have seen and heard about really.” Her focus remained on her son.

“I’d like to read some of it someday.”

We sat and chatted for quite a while. I liked her, she was straight and to the point, so I opted to be the same. I was frank about my family and my divorce. No girlfriends just now. Lots of friends but nothing serious. A couple of times, Katherine made comments about Donny not being serious about anyone either, that he spent a lot of his time alone; comments like that.

“Katherine.” I said aloud. “Katherine sounds awfully formal. Do you go by a nick name by chance? Kathy? Kate? Katie?” She wrinkled her nose at this last one. I smiled.

“Kathy sometimes.” She said. “Or Kate. Ander, my late husband called me Kay.”

“Ander?” I asked. “Your husband’s name was Ander Anderson?” She smiled sheepishly.

“Yeah, yeah. Make fun. Everyone did when they first met him.”

“Well, easy to remember. And memorable.”

“He was also 6′-8″ tall and 250 pounds, so yeah. Hard to forget.”

“He sounds like a ‘Big Guy’.” I said glancing at Donny.

At a lull in the conversation, Donny jumped in.

“Feel like a soak?” he asked me. “We were thinking of using the hot tub.” He said turning to his mother.

“Sure, sounds wonderful. Help yourself.” Donny practically shot to his feet.

“Do you go in the hot tub, Mrs. Anderson?” I asked her.

“Please, call me Katherine.” She said. “Or …” Her eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Kat?” I asked after a moment’s thought. “Does anyone call you Kat?”

“Never.” She told me, a smile growing. “No one has ever called me ‘Kat’.” The smile lingered. I smiled as well.

“Would that be okay?”

“Yes, fine” her eyes sparkled a bit. ‘I was right’, I thought, she was flirting with me just a bit.

Donny and I got up and went gaziantep escort through her bedroom to the outside deck where the tub was. It was completely enclosed and hidden from the outside world. There were hooks on the wall for holding robes and such and we quickly and quietly kicked off shoes, peeled off shirts and finally, almost at the same time dropped our pants.

“Ooooh! There you are!” I said to his massive cock. “Hello lover!” I moved closer and ran my fingers over the length of his huge cock. I leaned in and we kissed briefly. “God I love your cock baby!” I held it up between us as we kissed deeply. It reached my chest. Looking into his eyes in leaned over, not too far, and kissed the tip, flicking my tongue over it. “I have been dreaming of this.” I told him.

We settled into the tub and laid back opposite each other. The water was wonderful; very hot!! We relaxed and played footsy for a bit and then Donny’s foot drifted up into my lap. I took hold of it and guided it to my erection. He moaned at the touch. His other foot cam up and I held them together and began fucking my cock between them.

“Oh Steven! Your cock is so awesome!” he told me quietly.

“Yeah? Well, I’m glad you like it.

I continued pumping in and out for a bit and then stood up to reveal my cock right at the level of the water. I was hard as a rock. Donny reached out to gently take me in his hands.

“Ooh yeah, baby! I love this hard cock.” He told me. “Oh Steven. Feed it to me baby.” He began to take me in his mouth. I stood with my hands on his shoulders and I began to thrust into his mouth. It felt so fucking good.

Looking over his shoulder, I noticed Kat moving into her room and laying down on her bed. She was facing directly at me. I looked around to try and gauge how bright it was inside versus the level of light on the porch. Could she see us I wondered.

“Oh Donny, baby. You suck cock like a champion, but I’m wondering if your mom can see us. She’s in bed now.” He lurched a bit and turned to check the sight line. I slid back into the tub, not wanting to upset anyone.

“I don’t know.” He said quietly. “It’s pretty dark out here.” His back was to me, as he kneeled on the bench with his arms on the edge of the tub, watching to see if she would look like she could see. I moved in behind him and slipped my hand between his thighs.

“Oooooh yeah. Give me that huge, gorgeous cock lover.” I whispered, stroking my hand over his balls and out along the incredible length of his shaft. He moaned in surprise and excitement. “Oh baby. You’re so big and hard for me.” He didn’t move, just let me move in close and stroke his enormous muscle.

“I want you in my mouth lover. I want to give you such a sexy blowjob right now. Feed me that big dick, Donny.

We both watched for a little bit to see if we could tell if we were visible. We didn’t think so. I had Donny stand, turn and sit on the edge of the tub and began happily blowing his huge cock. It was just as amazing as I remembered it being. Unimaginably huge and thick and long and full and hard and delicious, gently streaming precum. My tongue was coated with his thick cream instantly. I would lick up and down one side, suck it for a bit and then lick up and down the other side. It was heaven.

We both froze when we heard the door open behind him.

“Goodness it’s dark out here.” Kat said to no one in particular. I slid off his thick shaft quickly and quietly, remaining hidden by Donny’s body. I slipped back into the tub. “Would you boys like another beer?” she asked.

“Ooh. That sounds wonderful.” I said peering around Donny as he continued to sit there on the edge.

“Here let me get them.” She said as she turned to leave. I noticed that in my position she must have known that I would be facing directly into Donny’s crotch. He was obviously without any clothes, as he sat there.

“No please.” I said. “Let me do it. That’s too much for you to carry.”

“Oh you sweetheart.” She said turning back to us. “How thoughtful of you.”

I realized that I had no towel out there on the deck. “Actually we forgot towels.” I stated looking around.

“Oh, no problem, there are some in the bathroom right here.” She said but didn’t move.

“Oh, … Okay.” I said and then simply stood up and got out of the tub. “Thank you Kat.”

“Kat.” She said chuckling. “Kat. No one ever called me that.” She said as she watched me climb out of the tub, still quite erect. “I kind of like it.” She was watching me as I stepped past her. She placed her hand on my chest as I passed her closely. “It’s cute.” I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me, making my erection even more noticeable, tenting out the front of the towel. I padded to the fridge and grabbed two beers.

When I returned Kat was lighting a lantern that hung on the wall outside the door.

“It’s so dark out here. This will give you a little bit of light at least” she said. She remained and watched as I doffed the towel, exposing my bouncing hard on again and climbed back into the tub. “Enjoy.” She said as she went inside and closed the door. I watched around Donny’s body as she returned to her bed and laid back in place, with a direct eye line to us.

Donny slid back into the tub, gulping beer, appearing chagrined that we had almost been caught.

“You know,” I said quietly, “I don’t think she cares. I think she wants us to have fun.” Donny looked unconvinced. “I think she’s cool about the whole thing.”

“You think so?” he asked, genuinely. I only nodded.

I finished my beer and then took Donny’s bottle when he was done.

“C’mere stud.” I said, standing up again. “Give me some more of that wonderful head.” Donny turned to see what kind of view his mother would have of us and then, finally giving me a ‘what the fuck’ kind of look began to again give me his luscious mouth sucking me deeply. “Yeah. That’s it lover. Take it. Take it nice a deep. You give such wonderful, loving head baby.”

I looked up to see Kat sitting up in bed reading a magazine. Her glasses were perched on her nose as she studied it. I looked down at Donny’s sexy lips wrapped around me and he bobbed happily up and down my length.

“Oh yeah! That is so good. Your mouth looks so sexy around me.” I glanced up to see Kat watching over the tops of her glasses. She quickly looked back down at her magazine. I looked down into Donny’s eyes as he licked my length. His tongue hanging out obscenely, as he ran it up and down my cock. I was so fucking hard!

I looked up to Kat again and again she was watching. She took a bit longer to avert her gaze this time. I bit my lower lip and kept watching her. She glanced back up but only for a moment. I waited. She looked up again and watched me as I watched her. I had my eyes almost completely closed, but could see her through squinted eyes. She watched and watched.

I brought my hand to the back of his head and began fucking his mouth, giving her absolutely no doubt that her son was sucking my cock with passion. First her magazine dropped to her lap, then she set it aside. I opened my eyes fully and she didn’t look away. I just smiled and nodded as I kept thrusting my hips. She then removed her glasses and set them on the forgotten magazine. She was intent on watching the show.

I smiled and nodded, then she smiled and nodded.

“Oh Donny,” I whispered. “Oh yeah lover, suck that cock. Oh yes! Take me deep like that. Oh that is so good.” I leaned down a bit and whispered, “Your mom can definitely see us.” He didn’t even slow down. “She is watching us and loves it.” I looked up at Kat and she ran her tongue lewdly all around her lips. I nodded to her. “Oh yeah. She is loving this. I am loving this!”

I moved up to sit out on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide open. Donny just moved forward and continued blowing me. It was so great! I gently combed my fingers through his hair. like a lover. I caressed his ears as he bobbed up and down on my incredibly hard cock. I looked up to Kat and when I did, she reached up and began to unzip her housecoat. She pulled it slowly intently down to her tummy, exposing skin all the way down.

She was laying back in bed watching her son, her own son bobbing his mouth up and down the hard cock of his lover, not 30 feet away, and was loving it. As she and I watched each other, she reached up and pulled the housecoat aside to reveal her large, gorgeous, perfect right breast. She pulled it out with her left hand and, using her right hand began to tease and pull the nipple. Her breast was nice and full and firm, with a hard nipple and large pink areola. It was the sexiest breast I’ve seen in years!

She yanked her outfit open showing me both of her big full sexy tits. She took them in her hands and held them out to me, imploring me to gaze upon them. I wanted to shoot my cum all over them. She jiggled them slightly and I started to cum. She could tell that I was ejaculating into her son’s loving mouth. She was smiling and nodding as I flooded her son’s mouth with warm, creamy sperm. She watched as Donny’s head stopped bobbing and he simply held me deep in his mouth, swallowing and drinking my warm cum.

She watched as he finally let me go, stood up to me and we kissed and embraced like lovers, knowing that I was now tasting the creamy sperm that I had placed on her sons tongue. I let her watch us as we made out passionately, my hands stroking all over her son’s body, grabbing his butt, reaching between us to stroke his immense penis. I even turned him to profile as I stroked the length of his massive tool and leaned over to kiss and lick the head. I looked up into her eyes before leaning down to engulf the enormous head in my mouth. She knew now that we were lovers in the best sense.

We finally collapsed a bit, wildly overheated.

“I need to get out.” I told him. He agreed.

“Shall we shower?” he asked. I agreed that it sounded wonderful.

We grabbed our clothes and went inside, not bothering to cover up.

“We’re going to grab a shower.” Donny told his mother. I noticed that she had zipped back up again.

“Why don’t you use mine.” She said. “You can both fit in mine.” Donny had a look that was a bit shocked at the suggestion. I noticed that he had his pile of clothes held in front of him, while mine were to the side, giving Kat a clear view of my soft, but still full, cock. She made no bones about looking. I took Donny’s clothes and tossed them on the floor with mine. She was noticeably excited to have us both nude, semi-erect and our swinging cocks right there in front of her.

“Sounds great!” I said. “I’ll get him nice and clean …” I looked to her as I placed my hand on his chest. I made kind of a gentle scrubbing motion around his chest, dropped my hand to his stomach and then slowly down over his hardening cock. ” … everywhere.” I emphasized gently stroking his length

“Mmmmm sounds wonderful.” She cooed, watching my hand gently stroke her son’s huge cock.

“Oh it is.” I sighed. “It is so wonderful.” I stroked a few more times. She and I shared a look. “What an incredible, gorgeous, sexy penis.” I said, almost to myself.

“Thank you.” I told her. For what, she asked. “For being such an incredibly loving mother.” I moved to her and gently kissed her lips. I leaned in close to the ear furthest from Donny. I whispered. “By the way, you have the most gorgeous breasts I have ever seen. Truly.” We shared another quick look and then another quick kiss and I stood turning to Donny, “C’mere you, let’s get you clean.”

Entering her bathroom I was stunned by the elegance of the room. It had been redone at some point with no expense spared. It was elegant and spacious, with benches and a huge tub inset into the bay window, cherry wood cabinets throughout and an enormous shower with a glass swinging door. We got in turned a knob and preheated water began to spray from 3 directions. The light in the bathroom was muted but the light in the shower made it look like we were on display. I suppose we were.

From her spot in bed, Kat had another front row seat to watch us together. Donny and I each had matching shower heads and we stood under them facing each other. I pulled him towards me and began to soap up his back, reaching around to do his chest and shoulders. I knelt down and did his butt and then reaching around I gently soaped his massive cock and balls. Looking out towards Kat she was turned to fully face us, watching. I smiled as did she.

I stood and pulled Donny into the spray of water to rinse him and then he washed me the same way. Kat was now turned towards up sitting on the edge of her bed. Donny hadn’t stood to rinse me and was now kneeling before me as he turned me to face him. He began to stroke and kiss my cock, which was completely hard again. His mouth was the most exquisite vessel for my penis to ride in and out of; heavenly cocksucker! I turned to watch as Kat unzipped and shrugged her housecoat of her shoulders, leaving her completely topless, her gorgeous big tits fully on display.

I looked down into Donny’s eyes and told him about his mother stripping. He glanced her way and then went back to sucking me deeply and lovingly. I looked again as Kat stood and dropped her gown to the floor. She was wearing cute bikini briefs, not what I would have expected. She was just a little thick in the middle but had great legs and fantastic, big beautiful, full, upright breasts! They were incredible!!

She left her walker and grabbing a cane, made her way to the bathroom, crossing just in front of us. Her beautiful breasts had just the slightest, sexiest sway as she moved. I was entranced.

“Don’t mind me,” said, “just getting ready for bed.” I noticed that her briefs were lacy and almost a thong in the back. There was a bit of coverage, but not much. Her bottom was really very sexy as well.

Donny continued to happily swallow my cock as I watched his mother, not 10 feet away, brushing her teeth. I could watch the sway of her tits in the mirror as she did so. She in turn continued to watch in the mirror as her son bobbed up and down on me. I was getting close. She was putting on face cream in the mirror as I continued to fuck Donny’s mouth.

The centerpiece of her bathroom was a huge copper bathtub that would have fit two people easy. On both sides was a beautiful stone bench with a pile of rolled up towels sitting at the end. Kat moved to the bench facing us and sat down to apply cream to her legs. They really were gorgeous. She applied the cream slowly watching us.

“You two are so sexy together.” She finally said. I was entranced with her swinging breasts and Donny’s incredible mouth. “Is he sucking you good?” she asked.

“Oh! So good!” I cried out. I had his head in both hands and was fucking his mouth with long deep strokes. “He is so wonderful.” She just watched entranced, finished with her legs. Kat then began to apply cream to her breasts, holding both in her hands and kneading and caressing them. Her thumbs and forefingers teasing and pulling on her nipples.

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