Don’t Look Back Ch. 31

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Dinner was an unqualified success. Marshall prided himself on his ability to grill any piece of meat to perfection. So rare, it practically mooed, just the way they liked it. But then he’d had a great teacher, hadn’t he?

Everything he knew, he’d learned from Lee.

Afterward, Marshall cleaned the kitchen, rinsed the dishes and set them into the dishwasher, eyeballing everything to make sure it was clean before turning out the light. Lee was kicked back in the family room, a bottle of ale in hand. Marshall carried in his own and took a seat on the couch, but jumped up almost immediately and set the bottle on the end table. He paced into the bedroom. The bed was made, everything was straight. The lube sat out, on his side of the bed. Nothing to be done there.

He padded back into the family room and took his seat again. He crossed and uncrossed his legs before jumping back up to his feet.

“There’s no reason to be nervous,” Lee commented.

“Nervous? Who said I was nervous?” Marshall assumed an air of nonchalance he was far from feeling.

“I think I know better than that,” Lee said softly. “Especially since you’re playing with your hair, and that’s a definite sign you’re not sure of yourself. You shouldn’t be. You’ll do great.”

Marshall guiltily removed the hand that had been twisting strands of his long hair. Yeah, that was a bad habit he had. And yes, he was nervous. Both on his bursa escort bayan account, and Lee’s. He wanted everything to go right, and he didn’t want to do anything to hurt Lee, despite Lee’s protestations that he wouldn’t and couldn’t.

Lee set his ale aside and rose from the chair. He pulled Marshall toward him, wound his arms about his waist. “Don’t overthink things,” he said. “Just think about how good it’s gonna feel when you’re inside of me. For both of us.”

That thought was dizzying indeed. Marshall felt his cock react to the words alone. How much more excited would it be when it became a real and happening thing, when he was buried balls deep inside of Lee, fucking him for all he was worth.

He needed to get over himself and take charge. He was in control tonight, and he needed to act like it.

“I think we should take a shower first,” he decided. “Separately,” he quickly added as Lee quirked a brow. Lee nodded his approval. If they got into the shower together… well, that might end things before they ever got to the bed, since they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another under hot running water.

“Who goes first?” Lee asked. Marshall realized Lee was not contesting his right to be in control, and he felt his confidence rise from the boost to his ego.

“You first,” Marshall decided. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about Lee taking a cold shower. They’d installed an görükle escort extra large hot water heater not too long ago, but they did both love their hot water.

Lee’s hands strayed across Marshall’s ass, stroking it, while his lips claimed Marshall’s. “Goddamn you’re sexy, boy,” he murmured, taking a breath. “I think I’ll take that shower now.” He disentangled himself from Marshall, left a last kiss on his lips, and sauntered toward their bedroom.

While Lee was otherwise engaged, Marshall put the next part of his plan into effect.

Sometimes they liked to make love by candlelight. Marshall dug into one of the drawers in the bedroom and retrieved several partially burned pillars in assorted colors. He placed each one on a small saucer and lit the wick as he set it in various spots about the room. Then he pulled out the wooden incense holder, set several sticks of sandalwood incense beside it and one in it. He lit the end, watched it burn for a few seconds, then blew out the flame. It continued to glow, exuding the sensuous aroma of sandalwood.

Lost in contemplation of the scene, Marshall was taken by surprise when Lee strode out of the bathroom buck naked. Marshall’s mouth dropped at the sight. Oh damn, but that man was fine. Even soft, his cock was a sight to behold.

At times, Marshall had tried to persuade Lee to shave his chest and legs, but Lee’d always refused. Not bursa escort bayan while he had breath in his body, he would say. Today, Marshall was glad Lee hadn’t given in to his request. There was something incredibly sexy about Lee’s dark hair. It felt good to Marshall’s touch, and yet it wasn’t overpowering either.

“I left a towel for you on the rack.” Lee’s words pulled Marshall out of his reverie. “Candles are a nice touch,” he added. “Incense too.” Marshall warmed at his praise.

“I won’t be long,” he promised.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Lee laughed softly and made shooing motions toward the bathroom. Marshall grinned and hurried inside. Lee had deliberately left the door open so Marshall wouldn’t have to contend with steam. He quickly stripped and threw his clothes in the hamper, then started the water and jumped in.

He washed every body part he possessed thoroughly, shampooed and conditioned his hair. When he was certain he could do no more, he exited the shower, pausing only long enough to brush his teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and splash on some aftershave.

He re-emerged into the bedroom feeling almost brand new. Time spent in grooming had managed to quell some of the fire which had threatened to consume him earlier with Lee’s touch, but the spark was rekindled when he caught a glimpse of Lee. Lee reclined on their bed, long legs stretched out comfortably, a book in one hand, apparently caught up in his reading.

The other hand rested on his crotch, not quite covering his cock.

Marshall debated whether he should suck Lee off first and then fuck him, or jack him off while he fucked him.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

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