Dorm Room Fantasies Ch. 03

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Less than a week later, I was able to take Chevy up on her offer. Camie and I had plans one evening, so I decided to go to Ashland early and pay Chevy a visit while Camie was still in class. I knocked on Chevy’s dorm room door, and a moment later, it opened. I was surprised to see that Stephanie, not Chevy, answered the door. The schedule that Chevy had emailed me a few days earlier said that Stephanie would be in class, not Chevy. It was still early in the morning, though, so I didn’t overthink it. “Um… Is Chevy here?” I asked, trying not to look around Stephanie.

“No. She spent the night at her boyfriend’s place last night. She should be back anytime now. Do you want to come in and wait?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure. If that’s ok.

Stephanie was still in her pajamas, and they weren’t sexy at all, just regular pajamas. I was still a little shocked that she invited me in. “C’mon,” she said, leaving the door open as she walked away.

I went in and shut the door behind me. I couldn’t help but watch as Stephanie walked back to her bed and got in. Even in her loose-fitting pajamas, she had a beautiful body and a sexy walk. I stood in the middle of the room, not sure what to do, as Stephanie got under her blankets. Just as I noticed what was on the TV beside me, Stephanie said, “I was watching porn. You wanna watch with me?”

I didn’t know what to say, I had seen Stephanie in passing a few times, but we had never met. All I could manage to get out was, “I… uh….”

Stephanie laughed. She pulled back the blankets and patted the bed beside her. “You’re cute. C’mon, join me. Just promise to keep your hands to yourself,” she said.

I wasted no time going to the bed to join her. Stephanie was by the edge and made me climb over her. I slid under the blankets beside her, and she pressed play on the remote. There was a woman on the screen, and I recognized her immediately. She was one of my favorite porn stars, Stephanie Swift. I wondered if Stephanie liked her because they shared the same name. On TV, Stephanie Swift had about twenty guys standing in a circle around her. As soon as the video started, Stephanie Swift began talking dirty. The men around her were jerking off as she begged them to cum on her face and tits. Stephanie looked over at me and said, “I’m into bukkake videos, but at the end of this one, they gangbang her. You’ll probably enjoy that more.”

“Yeah, I really like her. Most guys don’t like that many dicks in porn, though,” she said.

“I’ll be ok,” I told her.

I could tell Stephanie had a hand in her pants. “If you promise you won’t try to touch me, and you won’t get aggressive or anything, I’d like it if you’d masturbate with me,” she said.

I just stared at her for a moment. “You mean…” I started saying.

“I mean, like, get comfortable, either slip your dick outta your fly or get naked, and jerk off while I finger fuck myself while we watch the porno. I assume you’re here to fuck Chevy, so you may as well get the easy one out with me and make the slut work for hers. But promise me you won’t try to touch me. bahis siteleri I’m a virgin, and I don’t think you’re gonna be my first. But if you can control yourself, and you want to masturbate with me, then get comfortable. I like watching guys stroke their cocks while they watch me finger my pussy,” she said.

“Ok,” I said, sitting up and taking my shirt off, “I promise I won’t try to touch you.”

Stephanie didn’t say anything. She smiled and sat up too. She took her shirt off, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits looked fantastic. She had nice perky C-cups, and her nipples were hard and stuck out nearly half an inch. She tossed her shirt on a chair by the bed, then cupped her breasts together before pulling on her nipples and laying back down. “Are you gonna take your pants off, too?” she asked.

“If you don’t mind,” I replied.

“I don’t mind at all. I’ll take mine off too,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie moved the blankets covering us down to our feet, then laid back down. She put her knees in the air and lifted her waist up, hooking her thumbs in her waistband and pulling her pants down. Stephanie had an incredible ass, what I could see of it at least, and her pussy was bald and sexy as hell. She got her pants to her knees and lowered herself back to the bed, kicking her pants off onto the floor. “Well, what about you?” she asked.

I had been so entranced watching Stephanie undress I had forgotten to take my pants off. I reached down and started undoing my belt and pants. “You don’t like underwear, huh?” I asked her, laughing a little.

“I don’t wear bras unless I have to, and when you knocked on the door earlier, I was already naked from the waist down. My panties are under your pillow if you want to see them,” Stephanie replied.

I took my pants off while she was talking, leaving my boxers on for some reason. “Are you shy?” she asked, smiling at me, “I showed you mine. Now show me yours.”

I laid down and took my boxers off like she had taken her pants off. “Mmm… That’s nice,” Stephanie said.

I put a hand under my pillow to find her panties and pulled out a leopard print thong that was damp in the crotch. “This looks like something Chevy would wear,” I said.

Stephanie laughed, “Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I don’t like to feel sexy. Why don’t you smell them while you jerk off?” she suggested.

“I think I will,” I replied.

“Good. Now, do you want to watch me or the porn?” Stephanie asked.

“I… uh… I hadn’t thought about it,” I replied.

I looked back at the TV. Stephanie Swift was still on her knees, only now she was covered in cum. Most of which was on her face, with some on her tits, running between them and down her chest. Stephanie grabbed my hand. “Lay beside me and watch the TV so I can hold your hand. I hope this isn’t the one you need,” she said.

“No, I’m right-handed,” I told her.

“Good. Do you want some lube, or do you prefer spit?” Stephanie asked.

“Spit is better,” I replied.

“You want to use mine?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why not?”

I held my canlı bahis siteleri hand out, and Stephanie leaned up and spat in it for me. “Just hold your hand out when you need more,” she said.

I grabbed my cock; it was almost fully erect now, and Stephanie already had a couple of fingers buried in her snatch. I started stroking my cock. It didn’t take long to get rock hard between watching the porn and thinking about Stephanie’s spit lubing my cock. I was stroking it slowly, going down the entire length of my shaft. “That’s the biggest dick I’ve seen in person,” Stephanie said.

I didn’t respond. I had heard that before. Instead, I looked beside me at Stephanie. She was entranced by Stephanie Swift getting her mouth fucked forcefully. I was surprised that Stephanie was into that, and I enjoyed looking at her tits more than watching the porn. Stephanie didn’t seem to notice. I stopped jerking off and grabbed her panties, putting them to my nose. I inhaled deeply. They smelled wonderful. “Your pussy smells amazing,” I told her.

Stephanie looked over at me. “Gimme those,” she said, letting go of my hand and snatching them from me.

“What the hell?”

Stephanie didn’t say anything. She found the crotch of her panties and rubbed them on her cunt, then handed them back to me. “Smell them with my cum on them,” she said.

“You came already?” I asked, taking her panties back from her. Now they were soaked and still warm.

“I can get myself off really quick,” she said.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out a little, then squeezed the panties as tight as I could. Two tiny drops of Stephanie’s cum fell onto the tip of my tongue, and she tasted kind of sweet. I held them back up to my nose and took a long deep breath. “You smell and taste fuckin’ incredible.” I told her, “You’re going to make some guy really happy one day.”

Stephanie giggled a little as she grabbed my hand again. “Let’s cum together,” she said.

I grabbed my cock. It was dry, and I needed more spit. I held my hand out for Stephanie to spit in it again. She smiled, then took the hand from her pussy, rolled over, and rubbed some of her pussy juices on my dick. “Does this mean I get to touch you too?” I asked hopefully.

“Nope,” she said, just before she leaned over my hand and spit in it, “that’s the closest you’re going to come to touching my pussy. Enjoy it.”

I lubed my cock with her spit. Maybe it was all in my mind, but it seemed like her pussy juices made it slicker this time. “Let me know when you’re close to cumming,” she said, “if you give me a few seconds heads up, I should be able to cum with you.”

I started to slowly stroke my cock and looked up at the TV. Stephanie Swift was getting fucked in all three holes while the rest of the men stood in a circle jerking off onto her. “I can’t believe you’re into that kind of porn,” I said, looking back at her.

Stephanie had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip. After a long moment, she looked over at me. I was stroking my cock faster, really getting into it while staring at her tits. canlı bahis “You’d rather look at me and jerk off than watch her get fucked?” she asked.

“Of course. You’re here, and you’re fucking hot! You’ve got her beat by a long shot,” I told her.

“Flattery will get you nowhere. I’m not going to let you fuck me,” she said.

“I’m not flattering you. You’re hot, and your tits are perfect. I’m close to cumming, too,” I said.

“Cum on me,” she said, letting go of my hand.


“You heard me. Cum on me,” she said again.

“Where?” I asked, getting on my knees.

“On my stomach, on my tits, on my face, hell, I’ll roll over, and you can shoot it on my ass or back if that’s what you’re into. I don’t fucking care where just blow your fucking load on me,” Stephanie said with an attitude.

“I wanna shoot it on your tits and face,” I said.

“Can you cum enough to get both?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Ok. Come over to the edge of the bed,” Stephanie said, rolling off the bed and getting on her knees on the floor.

She grabbed her tits and pushed them up and together. Her head was tilted back, making her face an easy target. I crawled on my knees to the edge of the bed, putting my cock just inches from her face. “Open your mouth,” I told her.

“No. Not in me. On me,” Stephanie said.

I stroked my cock a few more times, enjoying the view before me, then fired a huge eight roper onto her. Only two shots hit her face, and the rest landed on her tits. “Goddamn, you cum a lot,” she said, wiping my cum off her face.

Stephine stood up and rubbed the cum on her tits all over her body. She stepped closer to the bed, resting her knees on edge. “Squeeze the rest of your cum outta your dick and wipe it on my stomach,” she said.

I rubbed the leftover cum out of my shaft to the tip, moved closer to her, and instead of wiping it on her stomach, I wiped it on her mons. I was lucky enough to flick her clit lightly one time before she pulled away. Stephanie giggled a little, “You’re lucky I like you and your cock, she said, “So, I won’t freak out that you’re the first person to touch my clit.”

I sat back on the bed, looking up at her. “Seriously?” I asked, “I’m sorry. I was just messin’ around.”

Stephanie straddled my lap and pushed me back on the bed. My cock was starting to go limp, and now her pussy was close enough to it that I could feel her heat. “So, what’s your name?” she asked.


“I’m Stephanie,” she said, holding out a hand, “nice to meet you.”

I took her hand and shook it. “Likewise,” I said, “Can I ask you a question, Stephanie?”

“Because I’m kinky, but I want to lose my virginity in a specific way, and I haven’t found the right guy yet. I want to basically be untouched when I find him,” she said, “Does that answer your question?”

I laughed. “Good enough,” I replied.

The door opening distracted us. We both looked over, and Chevy was standing in the doorway Smiling. “Am I interrupting something?” she asked, stepping in and closing the door.

“Not at all,” Stephanie replied, “Your friend Jeff is here to see you.”

“Well, it looks like he doesn’t have much use for me anymore,” Chevy said, setting her bag down on a chair.

“I was just warming him up,” Stephanie said, giggling.

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