Double Trouble Ch. 01

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John Parker pulled his car up in front of Robin Nelson’s apartment complex and parked on the street. The complex was a big one, with balconies giving great views of either, downtown Denver or the Rocky Mountains, depending on which side of the complex you lived on. Nervously, he approached the front door with roses in hand. He worried that the roses might be too much, but it was too late now. When he reached the door, he examined the buttons recessed into the wall beside it.

For a moment he was unsure as to which button to press. There were so many names. Then he found the one with Robin’s name next to it. Gathering his courage, he pressed it.

“Hello?” came Robin’s voice from the speaker a moment later.

“It’s John,” he replied, trying not to sound as nervous as he felt.

“I’ll be right down,” she said.

Standing awkwardly in front of the complex, John waited patiently. Only a few people passed by on the sidewalk but they all smiled at him and his roses. He felt quite conspicuous.

When the door opened suddenly, John was startled and stepped back. Robin was in the doorway smiling at him and she was beautiful. Her hair was long and red and wavy, her eyes a rich emerald green, and her lips were a pale red with a soft affectionate smile gracing them. Many of the freckles covering her face were hidden by a light application of makeup.

John had known the beauty of her face. That was the main reason he had asked for this date when he met her in the Cherry Creek Mall a few weeks earlier. He had been so nervous that she had laughed at him, but then agreed anyway. So, though he was familiar enough with her face, it was her body he had been unprepared for. Her slim body was wrapped in a tight black dress with a plunging neckline that stopped just at her navel.

Every curve was visible to him; from her full tits, the nipples clearly outlined, thrusting toward him through the fabric; to her slim waist; to her flaring hips that called to him invitingly. The expanse of skin on her chest this revealed was pale, decorated with many freckles above her tits. The dress stopped just a couple inches past heaven, revealing her legs. They were long and firm, wrapped in black nylon and ending in black high heels.

The sight of her made his cock lurch and begin to grow inside his black slacks. John quickly looked up into her eyes when he realized how openly he had been appraising her. To his surprise, her eyes were resting between his legs. This only caused his cock to swell even more. He knew it had to be clearly denting his slacks, but he dared not look.

“You are very beautiful,” he said, his voice cracking, as she continued to stare at his growing crotch.

“You aren’t so bad yourself,” she replied smoothly, slowly pulling her gaze up to his eyes.

John was in his best black suit and thought that he did look good; but he knew she had been referring to something else. He was surprised, and turned on, at her boldness. “These are for you,” he said, presenting her with the dozen roses he had been holding, the moisture from them finally working its way through the green tissue to the palm of his hand.

“Why, you are a gentleman, aren’t you,” she said, accepting the roses from him. “They’re beautiful,” she added before inhaling deeply the scent from one of them.

“I’m glad you like them,” John said, wiping his hands on his slacks.

“I’d better take them up to my apartment and put them in a vase. Will you wait here for me?” she asked as she turned and went back inside.

John didn’t have time to answer; besides, he was mesmerized by her tight ass as she presented it to him and sauntered inside. The sway of her hips played havoc with his imagination and made his cock as hard as a rock.

Trying to hide his erection until it subsided; John pretended to study the buttons on the wall. None of the several people that entered and exited the apartment complex took any notice of him. Thankfully, his erection had diminished by the time Robin returned.

“Shall we go?” she asked as soon as she emerged.

Nodding, John hastened to open the passenger door of his car for her. He was in a daze as she slid into the car and pulled her door closed. He quickly circled the car and got in.

“A corvette,” she said admiringly.

“Have you ever been in one before?” he asked as he started the engine. He was very proud of his silver corvette.

“A few,” she replied mysteriously as he pulled into traffic.

Despite the heavy traffic, John’s eyes were drawn to Robin’s crossed legs and the hem of her dress, which had drawn up an inch or two because of her seated position. One more inch and he would have been able to see her panties. Of course, they way she was acting; she might not be wearing any, John thought.

“Do you like my dress, John?” she asked uncrossing and re-crossing her legs.

“Yes,” he replied, continuing to stare at her legs.

“I wore it especially for you, but if I would have known you wouldn’t have been able to drive I would have worn pants,” duran izle Robin told him in a playful tone.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” he said tightly, pulling his eyes back to the road.

John was relieved several minutes later when they finally reached Ben’s Steakhouse. Her body was driving him mad. He managed to keep his cock under control long enough to park the car, get out, and open the passenger door for Robin.

She smiled up at him as she got out of the car, giving him a view down the plunging neckline of her dress. “I’ve never been with such a gentleman,” she told him.

John was so proud of himself that she would say such a thing. He was determined to make the most of this. “Shall we go?” he asked, extending his elbow toward her.

Her smile was soft and playful as she took his arm and let him lead her through the parking lot to the entrance to the restaurant. She let him lead her, her shoes clicking along next to him on the asphalt. He took a deep breath to try and steady his nerves.

Ben’s Steakhouse was not a very fancy restaurant and John regretted choosing it the instant they entered. He had made the reservations without realizing how Robin would be dressed. A more elegant place would have been better.

“This isn’t the best of restaurants, let’s go somewhere else–” he began.

“Nonsense,” she said, cutting him off. “I’m easy to please. Besides, I think this is a charming restaurant.”

John studied her for a moment and decided that she meant what she was saying. Besides, it was their first date. He needed to take her at her word because he wasn’t going to be able to read her well until he knew her better.

John and Robin waited for a while and were seated by a lovely blonde waitress. John would have normally thought the waitress was really hot, but compared to Robin she was a dog. The waitress gave them menus and they looked them over. After a few minutes they ordered their steaks and salads.

As they waited for their salads, John told Robin, “You are, by far, the prettiest woman in here.”

“You are so sweet,” she smiled, taking a sip of her water. She eyed him to see if he meant it or if it was false flattery.

“I’m serious,” he continued. “Don’t you notice the way all the men are staring at you? It makes me feel proud to be seen with you,” he said awkwardly.

Deciding that he meant it she said, “That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me,” as the waitress placed their salads in front of them.

Happy with himself and not wanting to press his luck he smiled at her and turned his attention to his salad. As he started eating, John felt something brush up the inside of his left leg. He flinched, bumping the table and making the tableware clink.

Robin suppressed a laugh.

John realized it was Robin’s nylon-clad foot. She flashed him a warm smile from across the table. He then felt his cock start to rise as he tried to shift his concentration back to his salad. Her foot caressed its way up his leg to the inside of his left thigh as he finished his salad.

The tablecloth covered her actions and she was eating her salad across from him as if she weren’t doing anything at all. John let himself go, his cock swelling to full hardness, as he stared across the table at her. He wasn’t going anywhere for the moment.

When her foot gently probed his crotch a moment later it met the hard lump of his cock in his pants. She then moved her foot around, feeling the size of it through his pants. Then her eyes went wide with surprise and she looked up at him. That’s what he was waiting for. In that moment, he caught a glimpse of the woman inside. She wasn’t as unflappable as she pretended to be.

“Your friend is big,” she said softly before regaining her composure. Her toes rubbed and kneaded his cock and balls through the fabric as the waitress brought them their steaks. If the waitress noticed John’s glassy-eyed look, she gave no indication.

Robin began casually eating her steak as if her foot was not caressing his cock under the table. Her composure impressed him. Of course, he was the one that was having the hardest time keeping a straight face.

John decided that things were going well enough to press his luck and try to even out the playing field a bit. So, he slipped his right shoe off without alerting Robin. Then, he slowly extended his right foot to her chair without touching her legs. She had one leg extended and the other was tucked off to the side providing balance and support. He could feel the bottom of her chair with the top of his foot. If she could do it to him the he should be able to do it to her, he reasoned. So, quickly, without giving her any warming, he pulled his foot up over the rim of the chair and eased it between her legs.

Robin, still casually eating her steak, gave a tiny yelp of surprise, causing several people at nearby tables to glance in her direction. She looked up at John in surprise and delight, as if she hadn’t thought he had the courage. He smiled at her, eli roth presents my possessed pet izle surprising himself too. Then she went back to eating as if nothing were happening.

Her foot worked tirelessly on John’s cock and his toes gently teased her cunt through her panties. He could feel the heat of her cunt through his sock which made his prick even harder. He couldn’t believe they were doing this in the restaurant. If the waitress noticed he would just die.

“If you keep this up my dress and your sock will be soaked,” she said in a casual tone low enough not to be overheard but as if she was discussing the weather. Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little labored.

“Fair is fair. I can’t walk at all like this,” he retorted, trying to match her mischievousness.

She gave a small laugh through the passion which was beginning to show on her face. He was beginning to really enjoy her playfulness. Doing this in the restaurant made him feel naughty and he was beginning to like it. That is, as long as they didn’t get caught.

“You have a lovely laugh,” he said as he delved more forcefully against her cunt with his toes. If she weren’t wearing panties, he thought, I’d have my entire foot inside her. He also couldn’t believe how brazen he was being.

“Thank you,” she breathed. Her breathing became very labored and she stopped eating her steak. “You had better stop or I’m going to jump you right here,” she admitted, her composure abandoning her. The look in her eyes told him that she wasn’t kidding.

“Okay,” he said with a smile, removing his foot as he noticed a couple at the next table looking at them appreciatively. He tried to block that from his mind. “My sock is soaked,” he said with a chuckle, trying to distract himself and not blush.

“You have very talented toes,” she replied seriously, her breathing beginning to settle down. “Are you as talented anywhere else?” she asked, barely disguised passion in her voice.

“A few places,” he replied, learning how to talk to her and feeling more certain of where he stood with her. This boldness was new to him, but he was getting the hang of it.

As if they had come to understanding they put their shoes back on and resumed eating. That’s when the conversation really began. They talked about their jobs and their lives, getting to know each other. John was not only hot for Robin but he found that she was a smart and funny woman.

They were served desert and by the time they had finished eating it John’s cock had finally deflated. So, he paid the waitress and they made their way outside. Again, he opened the passenger door of his corvette and let her get in before going around and getting in the driver’s seat.

As John reached forward to start the engine Robin put her hand on top of his, stopping him. He turned to look at her and she kissed him. Her lips pressing firmly against his and her tongue pried him mouth open and plunged inside.

Startled, John was passive for a moment until, recovering himself, he pressed back against her mouth and used his tongue to fence with hers. His hand reached out and caressed her right breast through her dress as her hand fell to his cock which was, once again, starting to harden. Her breast was firm and full under his hand. He could feel her nipple through the fabric of her dress begin to harden against his palm as she moaned into his mouth.

“Take me home,” she breathed, pulling away from him. “I want to get you alone.” Her passion was completely revealed and John knew this date was going to be the best of his life.

John gave her nipple a gentle affectionate pinch, causing Robin to gasp with pleasure, before starting the car and maneuvering onto the road. Robin’s hand continued to lightly rest on his hard cock as he shifted gears, getting up to speed. When he reached fifth gear she unzipped his slacks.

John was startled but kept his car on the road. He should have really expected that, he told himself. As she leaned toward him he pulled his right arm back and rested his right hand on her back. Apparently she wasn’t going to wait for him to get her home. He considered himself a very lucky man.

Reaching into his pants, Robin snaked her hand into the opening of his boxers and down into his hot crotch. Her skilled fingers immediately went to his cock and wrapped around the hard shaft. As hard and big as it was, she had to pull hard to free it from his slacks. Eventually it was standing up through the opening, hard and pulsing in the moonlight.

John saw Robin’s eyes grow wide and glaze over with lust as she stared at the hard shaft of flesh protruding from his groin. His cock was nine inches long and so big around that her hand barely managed to encircle it. It was circumcised and the head shone red in the passing street lights.

“Wow,” Robin breathed as she began caressing the soft skin stretched tight about his cock. She acted as if she had never seen a cock that big but John elite izle figured that wasn’t case. More likely that it had just been a while. Either that or she was relieved that it was as big as she had hoped.

John let out a moan as he tried to concentrate on the road. Thankfully, the traffic wasn’t as bad as it had been earlier. He pulled his right hand off her back and down onto her left leg.

At the touch of his fingers on her nylon-clad thigh, Robin spread her legs, urging his fingers to explore her hidden treasures. John could feel the heat from her cunt on his hand without touching her. Gently, he caressed her thighs.

When she moaned in appreciation he explored higher. He couldn’t see what he was doing but her panties felt lacy and wet. He rubbed her soft cunt through the cloth with his fingers as her hand began to pump his cock.

His fingers then hooked into the side of her panties and pulled them to the side. Robin gasped, her breathing becoming heavier. He gently touched her exposed pussy with his middle finger. He quickly found her hard clit and began softly rubbing it.

“Oh, god,” Robin said, her hand faltering in its journey up and down his cock as she was overcome by the pleasure his finger was giving her. “I would love to suck your beautiful cock,” she breathed, “but the stick shift is in the way.”

“It’s alright,” John said, inserting the tip of his middle finger into her cunt while still rubbing her clit with the back of his hand, “we’re almost there.”

Robin gasped and pulled her hand back to rub her own nipples through the dress. “I knew you would be good when I first met you,” she breathed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” John replied, his confidence overcoming his earlier hesitancy, as he pulled his car up to her apartment complex.

When he pulled the hand brake Robin was up against him, her lips seeking his. He kissed her long and hard, his tongue exploring her mouth as her right hand found his still-hard cock, her delicate fingers wrapping around his hot shaft.

Giving his cock a few pumps, she pulled away from him and opened her door. “Come on,” she said smiling, as she got out of the car.

John watched as she closed the door, straightened her dress, and walked toward the front door, her hips and ass rolling sensuously. His cock was hard and ready and was not going to go back into his pants for several minutes. Not to be denied, John quickly took his jacket off as she stood at her front door and turned around to look at him. Draping his jacket over his arm he got out of the car and held it in front of him to hide his hard cock from passersby. He locked his car and hurried to the front door.

Robin opened the door. “Is there a problem?” she asked, feigning concern.

“No, not at all,” he said casually, being careful to keep his jacket in front of him so that he didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure.

“Really?” she asked, reaching behind his jacket. She gave his cock a couple of pumps before releasing it and heading for the elevator. She let go a small laugh that echoed off the walls of the small lobby.

When the elevator arrived they hurried in, only to be followed by an elderly woman also going to an apartment in the building. Robin pressed the button for the fourth floor while the woman pressed for the fifth. This was going to be difficult, John feared.

Purposefully, John went to the back of the elevator and turned to face the doors as most people did. With the old woman in front of him and facing front his cock started to relax but Robin was soon standing next to him. She looked at him and winked playfully. Once again, she reached behind his jacket and wrapped her fist around his cock. It only took a few small movements for his cock to be as hard as it had ever been.

John looked at Robin with a mixture of frustration and admiration. He admired her sexuality but he would have felt a lot safer with his cock inside his slacks. She had the advantage, which had always been the case anyway. Not only was she playful but she also liked the control.

Her hand pumped his cock behind his jacket which was held in place with his bent arm. Her hand felt wonderful, her soft fingers massaging his prick with consummate skill. Her face was serene and gave nothing away to the old woman.

John was very relieved when the elevator stopped at the fourth floor and he quickly stepped out. Robin was in step with him and didn’t let go of his cock for a second. John was careful to keep the jacket between his prick and the old woman’s eyes.

When the doors closed behind them John could see that they were alone in the hall. Ignoring his coat, Robin openly led him down the hall by his cock, fishing in her small purse for her keys with her free hand. She was relishing the control she had over him.

They were only a few doors down from the elevator when Robin stopped and unlocked a door. Releasing his dick she pushed the door open and passed inside. Her tight ass and rolling hips invited him inside.

John followed as she put her keys in her purse and tossed it on the couch. He was impressed with the apartment. It was small but decorated very elegantly, with numerous paintings along the walls. There was a plush sofa and loveseat to the left of the door and a 27-inch television to the right of the door. The floor was thickly-carpeted with off-white shag.

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