Doubled Pleasure Ch. 03

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Doubled Pleasure Pregnant Pauses

The three of us had settled into our lives and managed to remain very normal to the outside world. I knew that Liz’s pregnancy would soon have to be revealed and I was reluctant to go along with the lies we’d created for the family. I was going to be a father and I deplored having to hide that fact, but given the circumstances of our relationship I hesitated to challenge Elly and Liz.

One Saturday morning we had succumbed to a three way fuck on the kitchen table, with Liz lying across the table while I plumbed the depth’s of her cunt and Elly stood over Liz’s face and had her pussy eaten by her twin sister. One thing that had not yet happened was any reduction in our sexual activities. Having the twins, equally gorgeous, kept my cock from tiring and I loved filling their cunts and asses.

After as we resumed out breakfast I decided to voice my concerns about our coming child.

“I know what we’ve agreed to but I feel its wrong to start weaving more lies, especially to family. Once our child comes, family will be here all the time and eventually all of this will come out. I think we need, at least, to tell your mom and dad the truth.”

Elly spoke first.

“I’m not really sure Kevin. Liz and I have kept our relationship from them for so long its second nature to us. I do think you are right in that our children, their grandchildren, will certainly cause them to be here a lot. Maybe we should! What do you think Liz?”

Liz, the beneficiary of a significant orgasm just a few minutes ago paused then said.

“I will leave it up to Kevin to decide. I understand the issue and agree but I am afraid this may cause a break in our relationship with mom and dad. Yet, I understand that it’s really only a matter of time before our lies come out. I just don’t have the guts to be the one to reveal all this to them.”

“Let me talk to your dad. I’ll find a way to explain all this. Maybe we should have them in for dinner tonight. I’ll find a way to get alone with Dad and see how courageous I am.”

So we left it at that and Elly called and invited them to dinner. After making sure the place was clean and the menu set we gathered in our joint bedroom. We had decided that we would start filming some of our sessions together mostly because Liz wanted to have a record of her body as she changed with the pregnancy. Elly agreed that filming our sex was both exciting and the best way to mark the changed as we’d all be naked. So I set up a number of small cameras and used a computer to record whenever we chose to do so. Later we’d get together and edit the feeds from all the cameras. We’d ultimately had gotten pretty good at it and our recordings looked as if someone had been there playing cameraman. We’d decided to record this session too.

I watched Liz and Elly start things off. I enjoyed watching them as they kissed and licked one another. Most of the time they were slow and gentle, caressing and kissing each other, ultimately ending in a typical sixty-nine position faces buried in each other’s pussy. Today was no exception. I watched as Elly used her tongue to part Liz’s labia and then search for and consume her clit. Smartly I wanted to learn how they attacked one another so I could mimic their moves. Seeing how she used her tongue on Liz and how Liz responded had me hard and wanting some action. I stepped behind Elly and placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and Liz adjusted her mouth and licked my cock before taking it in her hands and pulling it into Elly’s wet opening. She then attacked Elly’s clit as I drove my cock in. I leaned over so I could continue to watch Elly eat Liz as I methodically attacked her cunt with my rod.

I’d like to say I pumped Elly’s pussy for hours but watching her eat Liz. Feeling Liz’s face brushing against my cock and occasionally licking my balls had me firing into Elly all too soon. Elly was busy trying to keep her mouth on Liz’s spasming pussy as Liz was enjoying the onset of her orgasm and as my cock finished in Elly I felt her pussy contracting as she too found her paradise.

Unfortunately it was time to shower and get ready for the parents so the three of us stepped into our oversized shower and tried not to excite one another as we washed each other. I loved moving my soapy hands through their slits and riming their assholes. Of course they both had to wash my cock and taste me to make sure I was clean, but we somehow managed to survive the shower and be ready in time for dinner.

Dinner was enjoyable and soon after the girls took mom upstairs to show her some new curtains that we’d hung in the guest room. I took dad outback for cigars and brandy. After some totally innocuous conversation I headed towards the topic I dreaded to broach. Interestingly dad spoke up just as I was forming my words.

“You know Kevin, someday you’ll be a parent and it’s interesting how as your children grow you come to realize that the lives they ucuz escort choose must be okay. If as a parent you give your children the love and morals you believe in then you ultimately must accept the path’s they walk.”

I listened intently and said.

“I gather you feel that some decisions can only be made internally and you feel its best to live with those choices? Or am I making the wrong assumptions here?”

“No you’re pretty close. Let me give you an example. When the girls started dating, I dreaded the fact that I might learn they had become sexually active. I always knew they would at some point, but never wanted that point to come. I ultimately realized that if their mom and I had done our job then their choice to have sex would be the right one for them. I just accepted that and prayed I was never told those facts directly.”

“So, while you knew it would or did happen as long as you didn’t have to face it you were OK?”

“You can never control the life of another. Children will make decisions and survive most of them. Knowing about the bad ones they chose only gives you grief. So while I was always concerned about my girls, in my heart I know that what they choose in life will be OK because their mom and I raised them well.”

“But you don’t always want to know everything?”

“No, I love to know. Its just that while I might know, sometimes its best to not admit it and have to actually deal with it.”

“So you really want me to keep my mouth shut and not tell you something you probably already know and have to actually confront that fact. Is that it?”

“Yes, exactly. Their mother and I know what our girls like and are OK with it as long as it’s still technically a secret. We do not want to have to be seen as blessing anything.”

“Well if I were to tell you that Liz is pregnant, by artificial insemination, and that she does not want a man in her life?”

“I would tell her that a father is an important figure in a child’s life and if she is certain on being single then she should ask her sister and you to help her raise that child.”

I smiled at my wise father in law and decided that some discussion of the local NFL teams chances this season was what we really should be talking about. So we enjoyed our cigars and brandy and I felt much better. He knew what kind of relationship his daughters had with one another and as long as no one ever explained it to him and forced him to admit to it, he was OK. I lifted my glass and toasted him saying.

“To a wise man and a young grandfather to be.”

“I would be thrilled if Liz were to make that kind of announcement sometime soon. Let’s go see what the ladies are up to!”

So we polished off the brandy and left the cigars going in search of our women. I realized that my father in law had just blessed our three-way relationship as long as he technically never had to find out about it. When Liz did announce to them her news, hugs and kisses abounded. Her mom and dad immediately talked of baby furniture shopping and names and all the things new grandparents and parents need to discuss. They never questioned Liz about her decision but did plead with her to use Elly and I to help. She was told to allow me to play father to her child in the best interests of the child.

Over the next few months as Liz’s belly grew we prepared the nursery, attended classes on childbirth and visited Liz’s OB on schedule. Since she was planning to be a single mother, Elly and I being involved as labor coaches seemed natural to everyone. To the outside world Elly and I just loved relations helping her sister.

Liz grew increasingly horny as her pregnancy advanced and I found her more and more attractive as well. Her tits had grown and Elly would suck them often and then tell Liz how jealous she was because they had grown so large. Elly told me early on that she had heard that if she regularly sucked on Liz’s tits they would begin to produce babies milk. She told me one of her fantasies was to nurse like a baby on her sister’s tits. I had never considered how erotic that might be and encouraged her to continue. I usually fucked Liz from behind now that her belly was expanding with child. Liz’s orgasm seemed stronger as the months advanced and her pussy tasted better as well. She was easily aroused in those few times she wasn’t already horny. While both girls had always enjoyed eating cum, Liz seemed even more ravenous for it. She always wanted to clean Elly’s cunt and then lick me clean after fucking. If I came in her pussy she’d beg Elly to share when Elly sucked cum from her.

Of course a lot of time was spent with the girls parents, they insisted on helping to decorate and were constantly dropping off gifts for the baby. Liz told her doctor she wanted the sex of the child to be revealed at birth and not before. So all the decorating was done neutral shades.

When Liz was in her seventh month we were ümraniye escort all in what would be the baby’s room in Liz’s half of the duplex. We had taken a break when my mother in law said.

“You know if Elly and Kevin are to be involved and helping you Liz, don’t you think it would be good to have a means of them being here without having to go outside? I mean if they had to go down their stairs, out the door, in your door and up the stairs it might take too long. Now if you cut a door in here not only could they be here sooner to help, but they could hear the baby crying and come earlier. Don’t you agree grand-pop?”

“Yes. I do, I think it’s a great idea. You kids have any problem with it?”

We all agreed that it was a fantastic idea and contracted with a local carpenter to create the connection. We never admitted we already had one though I suspect my in laws knew.

One night as Elly and I fucked Liz something unusual happened. I had been plowing Liz from behind while she was on top of Elly. Elly had been licking Liz’s cunt and my cock and then kissing and sucking on Liz’s tits. So much larger now they hung down when she was in this position and Elly loved to suck them. I was concentrating on not cuming and just enjoying Liz’s hot wet cunt when Elly spat out Liz’s tit and said.

“Oh my, your lactating sis. I just swallowed a mouthful of milk!”

I came immediately and so did Liz. I was sure it was my masterful cock that set her off but when she grabbed one of her own tits and squeezed it, forcing some milk to run from her nipple she squealed and licked at it. I hesitate to admit what happened next but I was allowed a taste and I sucked her left nipple while Elly sucked on her right one. Liz was moaning as we each tasted her milk. Deciding to be nice I took a mouthful of milk then moved up and kissed Liz allowing the milk to flow into her mouth. She shoved her tongue into my mouth and sucked all remnants of the fluid from me.

Not wanting to do anything that might be wrong we then consulted many of the baby books we’d collected and learned that Liz would never run short of milk and that it was healthy to drink it. So we began an almost daily ritual of letting Liz breast-feed us. Of course when she had Elly on her tit I might be fucking Elly, when I was given time at the tit, Elly was usually eating Liz’s pussy. Liz too enjoyed my cock while feeding her sister either in her pussy, her ass or in her mouth. But our most enjoyable position was always wrapped in her arms, one of us on each side with our hands buried in her cunt.

Amazingly as we closed in on the expected delivery date Liz grew more and more horny. She had started her leave from work and often cried when Elly and I would go off to work, begging one or both of us to stay and fuck her. She never wore clothes at home now and seeing her big round belly, her milk swollen tits resting on her belly and her pleading eyes made it hard on all of us. I hated leaving her especially with the hard on I always had seeing her this way. Ultimately Elly, Liz and I agreed to all cut our schedules so that someone was always with Liz. Elly would work a morning and I an afternoon so that she had someone to fuck as she needed it. I had freed the strap on and permitted them to use it as they wanted.

Coming home and seeing a fat pregnant woman with a cock buried in another woman’s ass would always have me ready to join in. Sex became so intense those last few weeks of Liz’s pregnancy. She was always ready and always horny. She exhausted both Elly and I everyday. Yet it was great. The night my mother law accidentally found the strap-on was embarrassing for all of us but all she said was.

“I hope you don’t leave this out once the baby is here.”

Then she handed it to Elly who took it back up stairs. Liz’s desire to be nude most of the time was accepted easily by her mother. Consequently my father in laws visits were fewer as Liz’s need to be naked increased. Whenever he did come over Liz wore the loosest clothing she could, always complaining about how she looked. As soon as they would leave Liz would toss her garments off and come looking for my cock or Elly’s cunt. It seemed her having to be normal with her parents around only made her need greater when they left.

The books all said that women would have their cravings when pregnant but Liz’s desire for cum, for sex, for orgasm was a far cry from ice cream and sardines. We still had late night pizza deliveries a couple of times a week and only occasionally did the delivery boy get treated to a naked pregnant woman. I would have to shove his tip in his pocket and close the door after Liz grabbed the pizza box and walked away. His mouth hung open and his eyes stayed wide. Sometimes he remained behind the closed door a few minutes before stumbling away.

I was sitting at the computer one night with Elly and we were editing one of our recent sessions, üsküdar escort Liz was under the table sucking my cock and licking Elly’s pussy as we worked. It was a session where Liz had breast-fed first Elly then me. I had fucked Elly’s asshole while she suckled Liz’s tits and while I was busy enjoying my meal at her tit, she sucked Elly’s ass and ate my cum. Seeing all of this on the tape while Liz was deep throating my cock had me cuming all too soon. Liz managed to swallow all of my emissions then went back to Elly’s pussy to finish her off.

The final copy of that session remains one of out favorites and we find ourselves watching it often. Liz, of course never needs much to get going, but for Elly and I this film of us being breast-fed is always a quick turn on.

When Liz was placed in an “any day” status we tried to cut back on the sex, the last thing any of us wanted was for Liz to be oozing cum from her ass or pussy as she was in labor. I suggested using a condom and we did try that but more often then not we forgot. So it was that when I came in Liz’s ass one night her orgasmic screams seemed a little different and when her water broke while Elly was licking her pussy we all scrambled to get her to the hospital. Elly used a towel to wipe her face but her hair remained soaked from Liz’s discharge and I knew that my cum was working its way out of her ass, but this was our first baby and we rushed to the hospital as we were.

No one seemed the least concerned with Elly and her wet head nor did anyone mention the white fluid oozing from Liz’s ass. Everything was centered on Liz and her labor. She went quickly and soon gave birth to a little girl. Mother and baby were perfectly healthy and soon it was just the four of us in the room. We took a few minutes together each of us holding our girl and bonding then Elly and I watched as little Katherine was put to Liz’s tit. While Liz fed “Kate”, Elly and I went out and brought in grandma and grandpa. The grand parents could not get enough pictures of Kate and Liz and then all of us but soon they left so that mommy and baby could rest and bond.

The three of us got comfortable in the room watching our new baby girl sleep in her mother’s arms. Elly at some point got up and locked the room door, then hoisted her skirt and sat on my lap. She managed to open my fly and pull my cock out and then stood up a bit and slipped me inside her. She slowly and sensually rode my cock as we watched Liz and Kate take a nap. Elly’s cunt was hot and wet and my cock was enjoying it as she would squeeze her pussy together and hold me tight as she rode up and down on me. I’d found a way to put my hands inside her dress and caress her tits as she fucked me. When I could resist no longer I came long and hard filling her pussy. She sat down on my spurting cock then whispered in my ear.

“I’m hoping that you just got me pregnant Kevin. I am fertile now and will be for a bit, so expect to fill me with your cum often. I want to have what Liz has.”

Then she kissed me hard and rocked her hips on mine, rubbing her clit against my pelvis. As she did this I felt my cock start to harden again and Elly leaned back and smiled.

“Yes, Kevin. Fuck me again. Make me a mother too.”

Then she used what firmness I had and rode me hard this time. It was over soon and I dropped a second load of sperm into her. Quickly moving to the other chair she put her legs up over the arm and held cum inside her. Then she had me unlock the door. ‘For now’ she said. Drained I napped in my chair while the hospital employees came and went assuring that mom and baby were well. All too soon we’d be home again.

Later that night as Liz and the baby slept again, I went to Elly and pulled her legs into the air and exposed her naked pussy. I took my cock and slammed it into her and just fucked her with abandon. It was fast, it was furious and it was rough. When I came and deposited my seed in her I said to her.

“I want to keep doing this till we get it right.”

She and I laughed and covered up again so as not to hamper the care Liz and Kate would need. I loved watching my one wife go though her pregnancy and could not wait for my other wife to do the same. I wondered what Elly might be like pregnant and the memory of what Liz had been like made me hard again. Not one to waste a hard on I fucked Elly and this time Liz watched.

“I’ll be back in action soon Kevin so save some cock for me.”

Elly looked at her twin and said.

“I love watching you fuck Kevin. I love watching you fuck me and I love fucking you Liz. Just as soon as you are ready we are going to take care of Kevin together.”

Six weeks later with Kate sleeping in her crib, Liz, Elly and I resumed our mutual lovemaking. When I finished fucking Elly and Liz went for her pussy, I tried to stop her but Elly smiled at me and said.

“Are you ready for your second child love? I found out this morning that our work is a success.”

I hugged her and then hugged Liz and we then we all hugged one another. A second child was coming and more exciting at that moment was the fact that as a twin both Liz and I hoped that Elly’s cravings would be similar to Liz’s. To celebrate Liz treated Elly and I to a little tit milk and we both shared it with her.

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