Down on the Farm

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My name’s Christy Lewis and this is my story. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I’m 18 years old and I live with my grandparents. My mom and dad were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver when I was 12. I didn’t have any other family close by except Pops and Granny. I didn’t adjust to living on their farm too well, at first. I had been raised in a small apartment in the heart of downtown Miami, so when I was shipped to the small town of Springton, it was quite a culture shock.

I was used to sleeping in on the weekends, but around here it’s rise and shine at 5 a.m. There’s no MTV, no cell phones and no coffee houses on the corner. My days are pretty much filled with helping Pops tend to the animals and the back breaking chores of farm life. The responsibility pretty much fell on me and Pops when Granny developed pneumonia after getting caught out in a freak snowstorm.

I would usually cook for them, and help Pops clean Granny and make her comfortable. Unfortunately this led to me being the last one in the shower at night, sometimes as late as 1 a.m. Well one night in the late hours, Pops emerged from his bedroom, unusually restless.

“Everything ok, Pops?”

“Oh I’m not sure honey, I just can’t seem to sleep tonight,” he answered, getting himself a glass of water.

“Is there anything I can do?” I asked, drying my hair, fresh from my shower.

At that moment, Pops turned to me with a look on his face I had never seen on him or anyone else.

“You know, your granny and I have been married over 53 years,” he began, “And when two people have been married that long, some things begin to… lapse.”

I sat there in my short white bathrobe, my hair wet and my long legs crossed listening to Pops tell his story.

“Anyway, what I’m getting at is… well, Christy, you’re not a little girl anymore and I think I can say this to you without there being too much of a weird feeling,” he said.

“You can tell me anything Pops, you know that,” I assured him.

He walked over and sat across from me at the small dining room table.

“A man has needs, Christy, even a man my age… do you understand where I’m going with this?” he asked.

I thought about it yenibosna escort for a moment and suddenly I got chills.

“I-I think so Pops,” I managed to say.

He smiled as he reached up and closed the kitchen curtains, “You’re a smart girl, Christy, I knew you’d understand.”

I suddenly realized how dark the kitchen had become with just a small bit of light peaking thru the window of the back door.

“Christy, open your robe for me, please,” said Pops in a very hushed voice.

At first I didn’t know what to do or say. I was both shocked and I guess a bit nervous so with shaking hands I slowly untied the belt from my robe, allowing my tits to bounce free. I sat there looking into Pops’ eyes, watching them almost light up.

“Oh God Christy, you’re beautiful, your tits are perfect,” he whispered, staring at my heavy tits.

Then with no further direction, almost by instinct, I slid the robe from my body. I got chills as the soft silk slid down my sides and came to rest behind my ass in the chair.

“Stand up and come here,” he instructed, “I have to touch your body.”

I stood up with no hesitation and walked the few steps to where my grandpa was sitting. In the shadows of the backdoor light I could see his hand reaching up and forward. Then the warm sensation of his palms cupping my heavy tits, his fingers gliding over my young nipples.

“God help me honey but I must tell you that my dick is so hard, I haven’t felt it this hard in years,” he confessed.

Something about his touch, so forbidden and so warm made my insides tumble around like clothes inside a dryer. I stood there looking down, trying to focus my eyes a little more to see what my grandpa was going to do next. It was at that moment that I felt his warmth a lot closer to me. His finger has slid inside my pussy, just inside my lips.

“Oh God Pops, Oh God, no one’s ever touched me there before,” I moaned.

He slid his other hand back to my ass and used it to pull me forward, closer to his hot breath that escaped his lips. I could feel his fingertip slipping inside me, then his mouth to my nipple, sucking it like a starving newborn. I reached up and slid my fingers zeytinburnu escort thru his soft silver hair, stroking it gently as his suckle on my nipple became tighter. His finger finally unable to stay away from me, slipped up inside my hot burning pussy. His finger was so warm and thick, so authoritative.

My moans began to get louder as his finger began fucking me, sliding in and out with such ease. Suddenly he stopped… his finger slipped from my young pussy and his mouth slipped from my puckered little nipple.

“I want inside you honey,” he whispered, “Please let me fuck you one time, it’ll just be between us baby, let Pops stick his dick in you.”

How could I tell him no? I owed him so much for taking me in and letting me live there with them. Besides I knew it had been a long time for him and Granny, and I knew he needed this, so I said yes.

“Get on your hands and knees baby,” he whispered, “I always wanted to fuck your granny like this but she never wanted to.”

I didn’t say a word, I just knelt to the cool tile floor of the small kitchen and took my position.

Pops wasted no time in getting behind me. I could hear the metal of his belt buckle hit the floor as he tossed his belt alongside my robe. Then the chilling sound of the zipper as it goes down, releasing the cock that seemed to be aching for attention.

“God forgive me for what I am about to do,” he whispered, then slowly slid his cock into my pussy.

I was amazed at Pops’ size, he was so thick and so long, nothing like I ever would have imagined for a man his age. He started slowly, pumping his thick dick into me with deep long strokes. I arched my back to thrust my hot hole into him, thereby trapping his dick inside me.

“Oh My God,” he moaned, “Christy, your mother never felt like this when she was 18.”

I froze. I had no response for that. My Mother?? Pops had fucked my mother when she was a girl?? Like he was fucking me right now??

“I remember having to fuck her up the ass just to get a tight hole, she was such a little whore back then, she’d fuck anyone,” he whispered, picking up his pace a bit.

I felt his grip on my hips getting tighter. mecidiyeköy escort His dick began swelling inside me, getting warmer as his thrusts became more and more powerful.

“Oh God Pops, your dick’s so big inside me,” I moaned.

“Mmmmmm, talk dirty to me honey, say nasty things to grandpa,” he begged, fucking me harder.

I closed my eyes and imagined the dirtiest porn movie I had ever watched and began spouting out details as they replayed in my head. I spoke of Pops fucking my tight virgin asshole, telling him to get me pregnant, to make me his whore.

“Oh shit!! I’m gonna cum baby, ohhhhhhh Pops is gonna fill your fuck hole with cum,” he moaned.

His thrusts became so hard that my body was being pushed forward. My knees began to hurt with the tiles digging into my flesh. But I never wanted him to stop, I had never felt anything so fucking good in my entire life.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, here it comes!!” jets of hot thick cum invaded my pussy, I could feel it soaking my insides. My body began quivering uncontrollably and my pussy was engulfed in spasms. “Oh God Pops, oh my Godddddddddd!!” I screamed, throwing my head back and clamping my cum soaked pussy around his jerking cock.

My head became dizzy and I was sweaty as though I had been in the middle of a heat wave. Our breaths were heavy and our hearts were pounding, almost trying to compete with each other.

“You’re such a good girl, Christy, you don’t know how bad I needed that,” he whispered breathlessly.

I looked over my shoulder, only being able to see the outline of Pops’ body.

“I will be your little whore anytime you want, Pops,” I whispered.

“Oh God, you promise?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm yes yes,” I moaned, “I want to be your little cum dumpster, your teenage fuck toy.”

Pops really loved that idea, I think mostly because of my age. Something about me being 18 really seemed to make his dick rise.

We fucked 2 more times that night… once in the living room with me bent over the arm of the couch and the last time… on his bedroom floor with Granny sleeping just a few feet away. I know that might sound a little… I dunno, fucked up, but it was incredibly sexy. I squirted for the first time in their bedroom that night. I never knew an orgasm could feel that way.

I don’t regret having fucked my grandfather, nor do I feel guilty when I take care of Granny. In some perverted way, I think if she was in better health, she may just have enjoyed watching me and Pops fuck. Who knows, she may have even joined in a couple times.

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