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I elbow my way into a space at the bar, set my trophy down, and signal to Shane at the other end. He slides me a bottle of Yuengling. I take a swig and check out the scene.

A breathtaking woman is alone in the corner, staring off into space. She’s long and lithe, with thick chestnut hair and an intelligent face. Her sequined minidress catches and reflects the dancefloor lights.

I check with Shane to see what she’s drinking, run my fingers through my pompadour, and weave my way over. She sees me coming and tosses her hair like stallion. I pop up the collar of my leather jacket.

“Hey, beautiful. Wanna drink with a third-place champion?”

“Aw, you brought me a Seven & Seven? Stay awhile.”

I sit down across the table. Her pink lips sparkle and shine.

“So what kind of winner are you?”

“I competed in the Mr. Man pageant over in the main room. I’m a drag king. King of kings, you could say.”

“Hmm. I usually only drink with first-place.”

“Would you make an exception for someone who was criminally robbed?”

“For you? Sure.”

“Let’s make it official, then. They call me Carlos Danger. Or emily in paris izle sometimes Helen.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Danger. I’m Penny.”

“Penny? That’s cute.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing, it’s perfect. I was just expecting something devastating, like Desdemona. Aviana. You know.”

“Aviana sounds like an airline. I don’t know how glamorous that is.”

I gaze at her with a big, stupid smile slapped across my face.

“I’m sorry to stare. You’re just so pretty.”

“I never get tired of hearing that.” Penny gives me a pointed look. “You know I’m a man, right? I’m in drag, too.”

“No way! Really?”

“Really truly. My Christian name is Penny Auntie.”

“That’s crazy. You’re one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen!”

“Now, I really like hearing that.”

“What about me? Did you clock me when I came over?”

“Not from a distance. But you do make a really cute guy, I’ll give you that. I’m into the whole greaser look.”

“Carlos is more rockabilly than greaser. But if you’re into it, you can call me Kenickie anytime.”

“You’re erşan kuneri izle a smooth talker, huh?”

“I’ve been said to have a golden tongue.”

“Is that a fact.” Penny leans in toward me. “What can you do with that tongue?”

I rest my arms on the table.

“Things that would blow your mind.”


“It’s more than interesting, sugar bear.”

“Third-floor men’s room. Ten minutes.”

Penny’s hips swing as she walks away. I take out my phone to check the time.

I saunter into the bathroom exactly ten minutes later. Penny is sitting on the counter, smoking a menthol cigarette. It’s empty except for us.

“You found me.” Penny slowly exhales. “Now, what were we talking about?”

I put my hands on her thighs and caress her soft skin with my thumbs. She stubs her cigarette out in the wet sink. We look into each other’s eyes.

“We were talking about how I’m going to make you cum so hard you see God.”

“That’s pretty serious shit.”

I take Penny’s cheek in my hand and kiss her tenderly. Her tongue glides. I taste the bitterness of her thick everyone else burns izle makeup. Her body relaxes under my touch.

I help her off the counter and spin her around so she’s facing the mirror. I kiss her shoulders, the back of her neck, her spine. She closes her eyes and sighs.

I tug down her three pairs of underwear. I run my tongue over her smooth ass. She wriggles out of her gaff and kicks it to the side.

Penny spreads her legs and grips the edge. I bend over her body, put my hands on hers, kiss her ear. I rub my prosthetic cock against her. I hold her against my body. She presses back into me.

I get down on my knees and lift her skirt. I hold onto her hips and tease her asshole with my tongue. I spread her open. Go deep. I suck on my fingers, slide two inside, and stimulate her prostate. She lies her chest on the counter and moans loudly.

I stand up, use a hand for leverage, and fuck her hard. I curl my fingers inside and fill her up. I’m so turned on. Penny ejaculates on the floor, and I watch her face while she cums.

“Wow,” she says. “That was pretty alright.”

I lean against the stall and watch Penny put herself back together. She touches up her face, puckers her lips, and blots with a piece of toilet paper. She looks even better in the light.

“So, what’re you doing now?” I ask. “Wanna dance?”

Penny looks at me in the mirror and laughs.

“You know what? Yeah. Let’s dance.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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