Dream Girl

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Double Penetration

Attention: This story is fictional and is not real. You need to be eighteen years of age or older to read this story. If you are not or if you don’t like sexual themed stories please stop reading this story now! Please go to a different web site.

This story starts with me in my first class with Prof. Harrison. I am in my third year of collage. While in class, I start daydreaming about Michelle, which is setting the next row over and two chairs up. She is the girl of my dreams. I have wanted her ever since she started going to collage here two months ago. She is so very beautiful. Michelle is a twenty-one year old white female with olive skin. She is five feet nine inches tall and is 120 pounds. She has straight, flat, silky, soft, platinum blonde hair to her ass and sparkly light-blue eyes. She has very long arms and legs. Her ass is small, firm soft, and shaped like a heart. Her stats are 36C+/28/33.

Now let me describe myself to you. My name is Jordan. I am a twenty-one year old white male. I am five feet ten inches tall and 150 pounds. I have straight, flat, silky, golden blonde hair to my shoulders (in back only) and dark-blue eyes. I have very long arms and legs. I have medium-size and firm ass. My dick is eight inches long by two inches wide.

Most females almost throw themselves at me but Michelle acts as if she doesn’t even know I exist. She is a Cheerleader. There is a basketball game, which she is going to cheer at tonight. Therefore, she is wearing her cheerleading uniform. Her uniform is tight, sleeveless, very low-cut top (front and back), and the skirt only goes halfway down her thighs. It has a small team logo (Cheetah) in the upper left corner of the top. The team colors are maroon, jet-black and white. The skirt is maroon, black and white vertical stripes. The top has a diagonal three-inch white stripe from the upper right corner to the lower left corner. Above the white stripe is maroon and below is black. She looks very hot and sexy in her cheerleading bursa eskort outfit.

This is our last class of the day. The bell rings ending this class. I get my stuff and leave, going back to my dorm room. Michelle gets her stuff and leaves as well. What I don’t see is that she follows me. She follows me all the way back to my room. When I get to my room, I go inside and put my stuff on the floor by the bed. Then I hear my door open and I turn around to see whom it is that is coming in. I see Michelle come into my room. “Hi Michelle. What do you want?”

“Hi Jordan. I have noticed you looking at me. I can tell you want me. Why haven’t you ask me out?”

“I do want you a lot. You are very beautiful. Will you be my girl friend?”

“Yes, Jordan I will be your girl friend. If you do one thing for me.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“If you will make love to me right here and now.”

“Wow. Ok”

She walks over to me and kisses me on the lips. She then pushes her tongue into my mouth and our tongues battle with each other. Her arms go slow around to the back of my neck and she pulls me into a deeper kiss. I do the same thing to her. She pushes us back towards my bed. When the back of my legs touches the bed, I stop kissing her. “Michelle turn around and let me take your cheerleading outfit off.”

She doesn’t say a thing and just turns around and lets me take off her uniform. I throw it on the floor. She looks very sexy in just her panties and bra. Her panties and bra are black string bikini thongs. She turns back around to face me.

“How do I look?”

“You are very sexy and beautiful.”

“Thank you lets get your clothes off now.”

She grabs my light-blue dress shirt and unbuttons it, throwing it on the floor with her outfit. Next, she takes off my tight blue jeans. I am wearing underwear that is a maroon tight string thong. I take off her panties and her bra, leaving her completely nude. She takes off my underwear. bursa bayan escort We throw them on the floor with the rest. She lies down on my bed and spreads her legs. Her pussy is shaved except above it, which is very hairy. I get down between her legs and put my lips on her pussy. I lick my tongue up the outside of her pussy lips. I push my tongue inside her pussy going as far as I can. I lick up and down both sides of her pussy. I also lick all around the top and bottom of her pussy. It makes her groan with intense pleasure. Her body starts to shake with an orgasm. She yells out.

“OH JORDAN!! Iiiiiiiiiii love it! More, more!”

I continue to eat her pussy while she starts having an orgasm. I reach under her nice small ass with my hands, pushing up on them to get deeper into her soaking wet pussy. It makes her really go crazy with lust. I stop eating her out and let her calm down.

I crawl up her body to her breasts. I put my lips on her left nipple and start to suck on it. My right hand goes to her right breast, caressing and kneading it. My left hand goes down between us and I finger her pussy. I do all three of these things to her at the same time. I suck on her nipple and bit it with my teeth. I caress all over her breast and pinching the nipple. With my other hand, I roll her clit between my fingers, making her groan with ecstasy. I keep playing with all three-body parts. After several minutes, her pussy gushes with juices and she has a mind-blowing orgasm. It takes her several minutes to come down from her high.

I set up at the end of the bed. I bring her legs up over my shoulders and line my cock up with her pussy. She is so wet that I easily push my dick inside about halfway. It stops there and I feel resistance. Her cherry hasn’t been popped yet. She is still a virgin. So I pull out of her to the head of my dick. I then ram my whole cock all the way inside her. I hold it inside of her to let her get use bursa ucuz escort to the size. Her pussy is so very tight I love the feel of it around my dick. When she is ready, I slowly pull it out and push it back in again. I go faster little by little going in and out of her very wet pussy. She really has great muscle control with the muscles around her pussy. Every time I push in she claps down on my dick.

She is moaning and groaning, getting more and more excited with each thrust into her pussy. She thrusts her ass up to meet my dick that is coming down. We keep thrusting to meet each other, getting harder and faster each time. My balls slap against her body. We can hear my dick going in and out of her pussy. I can start to feel the build up in my balls. It won’t be long until I explode. I keep pushing and pulling, in and out of her cunt. I can feel her pussy start to spasm around my dick.

She groans with intense pleasure and starts to shake with a mind-blowing orgasm. She takes several minutes to come down from her orgasm. I then push one last time, down all the way into her and launch load after load of cum deep into her cunt. We both collapse on the bed with me lying on top of her. We fall asleep on the bed a few minutes later.

I wake up and it is plum dark out. I wake Michelle up and tell her it is very late.

“It is ok. I’ll spend the night with you.”

“Ok that is great. Do you want to make love again?”

“Yes I do.”

We do every thing we can think of twice and in every possion possible. We are up until almost dawn. When we do finish we fall back asleep for two more hours. We then wake up again. I ask her if she wants to take a shower together. She says yes. We go to the bath room and take a shower together. We caress and suck every part of the other. We wash each others bodies off. We go back to my room. She puts her clothes back on and I put on some clean clothes. I buy her breakfast and take her back to her room. I kiss her goodbye and say I love you. She says the same back to me. I leave and go back to my place.

The End? If you like this story, please e-mail me and vote on this story. If you want me to continue this story and have any ideas for the continuation of this story, I would like you to write me to them.

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