Dream Lover Pt. 18

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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read at least Part One first though I recommend reading all previous parts.

Chapter Twenty-three

When I’d first discovered and began developing my abilities, my first experiments had been with women who lived near me before I’d started to become concerned about someone thinking I’d just broken into their home rather than believing that they were dreaming. I’d started focusing my attention farther away from where I lived though I did continue to add local women to my wish list and visit them just for the opportunity to at least see them naked. Once the ability to transport had been pretty well refined, I started thinking more about the various women nearby and where to take them that would make sense to them for a dream scenario. I was doing recon on a number of them while paying attention not just to their naked bodies but to places they either had been or wanted to go. One day at work, though, I just felt like I couldn’t wait any more with one particular coworker and decided that I’d visit her dreams on that very night. I’d done my recon and had seen her naked but on this particular day at the office, her tits just begged to be cupped and caressed and her ass just seemed like it needed my hips tapping against it. Again, though, since it would be her dream, I had to make the effort at least up front to make sure she felt like it was all about her. I spent the rest of the day and that evening developing a scenario that I was feeling confident would be successful.

I visited Kim later that night, when I was pretty sure she’d soon be getting ready for bed and I’d be able to watch her get naked. She was a bit older than me, tall and blonde with a nice figure and big tits. I don’t know how many times a day I gazed surreptitiously at her ass or her tits, originally thinking about how much I’d love to see them unencumbered by clothing but, once I’d seen that, thinking about how much I’d love to get my hands on them. That day, though, I’d seen her leaning forward wearing a snug blouse and short skirt. Her tits would undoubtedly have been swinging had she not been wearing a bra and her skirt got me thinking about pushing it up around her waist and sliding her panties down. I almost ended up stroking off in the bathroom but instead came up with a scenario which would allow me to do everything I wanted while making sure that she enjoyed my visit herself.

A couple of days earlier, we’d been talking about our corporate credit cards versus corporate purchase cards regarding which should be used for what kind of purchases. That night, as she was on the verge of dozing off, I took her to our office, to one of the “collaboration areas” that had a couch, and had us sitting on that couch facing each other. She was wearing a short negligee that had barely enough material to hide her pussy and cover her tits while I was wearing my typical dream attire: shorts with an elastic waist and a t-shirt.

“So we shouldn’t use the corporate credit card to renew our professional licenses because that one is just supposed to be for travel expenses now?” I asked, continuing our conversation from earlier that week.

“Well, um…” she stammered, trying to figure out what was going on. I was already pitching a tent in my shorts, which she didn’t fail to notice. She looked around to see if anyone else was there then looked down at what she was wearing.

“We can finish this conversation another time, if you want,” I finally said then reached out to caress her hard nipple that was visible, pushing against the top of her negligee. She moaned and closed her eyes for a moment then leaned toward me and we started to kiss. Her hand dropped to my cock and massaged it through my shorts while I went from just caressing her nipple to cupping her tit. As our kissing became more passionate and our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths, my cock was becoming more rigid under her attention but I wanted to make this dream more about her pleasure before she took a step to make it about mine. I slipped the straps off of her shoulders so that her tits were exposed then, after caressing her bare tits and nipples, I pulled my mouth from hers and lowered my head. She moaned as I licked and sucked her hard nipples and ran my tongue around her areolas.

I figured her pussy was probably good and wet by now but I hadn’t checked and, rather than just slipping my hand down there between her thighs, I moved off of the couch to kneel in front of her. I licked and sucked her nipples for a moment longer as I pushed her negligee up around her waist. She leaned back while spreading her legs for me as I admired her trim bush that, not surprisingly, didn’t match the blond color of the hair on her head. Since it was such a miniscule piece of material, I went ahead and pulled the negligee up over her head and tossed it aside before lowering my face toward her pussy. I ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan, and found her to be overflowing with extraordinary izle juices, which I took as a very positive sign given the abrupt inception of this dream. The more I slurped at her pussy, the more she was moaning and, as I glanced up at her face, I saw a look that also indicated she was experiencing a high level of pleasure. Since she was obviously enjoying it, I continued to just lick her pussy for a bit before slipping a finger into her and licking her clit. Based on the noises this elicited, she was enjoying this just a bit more. I added a second finger alongside the first and pumped them both in and out while licking and sucking her clit.

When she started to run her fingers through my hair, I had to glance up again because I knew her tits would be squeezed between her arms and I was not disappointed. Had I not already been planning to fuck them, I would have been inspired to at that moment. All in good time, however, as I saw that being my reward for successfully providing her with a great deal of pleasure. I remained focused on devouring her pussy, both for her benefit and my own as I was pretty psyched to have my face buried in it. She was moaning continuously and had started to rock her hips toward my face so there really was never any question as to whether she was building up toward an orgasm; if there was any question it would have been regarding just how intense it would be. As her pussy continued to become even wetter and more engorged, and I was thinking how nice it was going to feel to slip my cock into her, she was starting to tense up a bit and arch her back slightly. The longer I was eating her, the more pronounced this was becoming but, after briefly going silent and rigid, she suddenly went limp as she let out a relieved-sounding moan and started shaking.

Her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable so I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my fingers in and out until she finally went still and let out a sigh. At that point, I raised my head and slipped my fingers from her pussy into my mouth, sucking her juices off of them. While she recovered, I just admired her hot MILF body laid out before me, absorbing every detail as my still confined cock throbbed within my shorts. When she finally opened her eyes and smiled at me, I stood and her eyes went wide when she saw how my shorts were tented out. She sat up and immediately took them down, my cock springing out. As she gently stroked it while cupping my balls, I kicked my shorts aside then stripped off my t-shirt. I watched intently as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock, moaning as her lips closed on my shaft and started to slowly move up and down. She only sucked me off very briefly, but it was long enough to know that I’d want to enjoy it for longer before this dream reached its conclusion.

When she removed my cock from her mouth, she had me sit beside her on the couch then swung a leg over to straddle me. My focus was on her tits, bouncing and swaying as she positioned herself. As she guided my cock toward her pussy, I started to fondle those big beauties while still gazing at them. She lowered herself onto my throbbing cock and we both moaned as her hot, wet pussy engulfed it. She sat there for a moment, feeling it fill her, before starting to slowly move up and down. It felt incredible as it slid up and down my rigid tool but she maintained that slow, steady pace, at least initially. I glanced up from her tit to see that her eyes were closed and she looked very content, which made me smile. I returned my focus to her tits as I enjoyed the feel of her hot pussy sliding up and down my cock.

As she gradually began to pick up the pace, her tits started bouncing so I ended up moving my hands around to her ass, caressing it instead as I watched her tits bouncing. Her ass was pretty nice so I was also anticipating spending some time fucking her from behind as part of this “dream” because, even assuming there would be a follow-up, I didn’t think I’d want to wait until next time. Most of the time when I saw her at the office, including the time that had inspired me to pay her a dream visit, I saw her from behind due to how her workspace was situated, so I’d admired her ass plenty. In fact, given that the inspiration for an immediate dream visit had been seeing her from behind while leaning forward over her desk, her ass aimed at me wrapped in a skirt and her tits hanging down rather than jutting out, I was inspired to utilize my constantly developing skills to take her from behind in that exact situation. I did decide to wait until we’d finished up here on the couch first, though, rather than immediately transporting us.

My mind hadn’t wandered off as she’d been riding my hard cock; the decision regarding what to do with her next had been pretty much instantaneous so I was there enjoying the feel of her hot pussy sliding up and down my cock and the visual of her bouncing tits the entire time. I still wasn’t close forecasting love and weather izle to cumming yet myself but it was clear that, the longer and faster she was riding my cock, the closer she was getting to cumming. Given how much hotter and wetter her pussy was becoming, it was actually kind of surprising that I wasn’t close yet but I could definitely feel the build-up because it felt so fucking amazing. When she was just about there, she dropped down on my cock and just sat there for a moment then let out a cry and started to shake. Since her tits were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands back around from her ass to fondle them some more. Her orgasm appeared to be another long and intensely pleasurable one so I just waited patiently until she’d finished cumming.

Once she’d gone still and had smiled at me, I maneuvered her to the side so that she was on her back and I was over her. I fucked her in the missionary position for just a few minutes before moving up and laying my throbbing cock between her tits. She squeezed them together for me so I started to slowly fuck her cleavage. The feel of the soft, smooth flesh against my cock was incredible and I knew it wouldn’t take much before I was blasting a load onto her chest. I was gazing down at her tits as my cock slid between them while her focus was on my cockhead as it peeked repeatedly from her cleavage. Her pussy was unattended, which seemed like a crime, but she’d already cum twice and I fully intended to fuck her some more before calling it a night.

I endeavored to maintain a slow, steady pace while enjoying the building levels of pleasure the closer I got to cumming. Of course, as my orgasm grew closer, I couldn’t help but fuck her tits a little bit faster. I didn’t fuck them harder since that likely wouldn’t feel very good for Kim, but as my pace increased, I got closer to cumming so I’d increase my pace just slightly again. By the time I blasted my load onto her sternum, the pleasure I was feeling was incredibly intense and I think the cry that I let out made it clear to her. She hadn’t stuck her tongue out or opened her mouth but I somehow managed to hit her lips and chin with my first couple of spurts so she was licking her lips as my spewing weakened. She held her tits together until I was fully spent and slipped my cock out of her cleavage then ran her fingers through my spew and licked them off.

I moved to sit on the couch between her spread legs while watching her clean up my cum. As my gaze traveled over the rest of her body, from her big tits down to her trim bush, I had no concerns about recovery because I could already feel the blood trying to return to my spent cock.

“Every conversation about corporate credit cards should end like this,” she finally said as she sat up.

“Regardless of who you’re having the conversation with?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” she continued, “if regardless of who I was having the conversation with it ended with you making me cum like that.”

“If only we could find this kind of privacy in the office in the real world,” I replied.

“True,” she said, “although I’d rather have you in a bed than here at the office.”

“Maybe next dream we can find a big, comfy bed with a nice view,” I said, “and fuck like crazy in it but there’s something else I think we should do before you wake up from this dream.”

“You think it’d be possible to have another dream this good?” she asked as I was standing and helping her to stand up, too.

“Absolutely,” I replied, “I believe you will wake up from this dream, remembering every detail of it, then think about having another one every night before you go to bed. Eventually, probably when you least expect it, there I will be again.”

I was leading her from the “collaboration area” with the couch toward her workspace and, as we were walking, we went from being naked to her wearing that short skirt and snug blouse and me wearing slacks and a polo as I’d typically be wearing at the office. When we arrived at her workspace, I had her face her desk as she normally would be then stood behind her and cupped her tits through her blouse and bra. I could feel her hard nipples through the material as she started subtly grind her ass back against me, which was getting my cock stiff again. Sliding my hands down from her tits to her hips, I pulled the hem of her skirt up from down by her knees. I held it up with one hand while I caressed her pussy through her panties with the fingers on the other, causing her to moan. I could feel the warm moisture emanating through her panties so I slipped my hand into them and lightly caressed her clit with a fingertip, though only briefly.

“Lean forward,” I said as I slipped my hand from her panties then licked a bit of her flavor from my fingertip. While she bent at the waist and leaned on her desktop, I dropped to my knees and pushed her skirt up around her waist. I ran my hands over her ass before freeridge izle starting to slide her panties down to reveal it. I paused when her panties were just below her ass and ran my hands over her smooth, bare cheeks before continuing to take her panties down her legs. She stepped out of her panties, still bent at the waist, so I ran my tongue along her pussy from behind, tasting her juices while causing her to moan. Standing up, I opened my slacks and extracted my rigid tool then guided it to her pussy, easily slipping it in due to all of the natural lubrication she was producing. We both moaned as my full length slipped into her until my hips were pressing against her ass. Holding her hips, I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her as she reached down between her legs to stroke her clit. Her hot, wet pussy felt amazing as I slid in and out, setting a slow and steady pace.

Once I had a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands up from her hips to cup her tits again, just as I’d wanted to earlier that day when I’d passed by her workspace and she’d been similarly leaning forward at her desk. I could still feel her hard nipples through her blouse and bra but it wasn’t long before I was untucking her blouse and slipping my hands up under it. I caressed her tits through her bra briefly, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material, then unclasped her bra and cupped her bare, dangling tits. I was still slowly fucking her as I focused some attention on freeing her tits but she was starting to push back, increasing the pace. Of course, I was perfectly fine with this and, as I continued to fondle her tits, I would just give a thrust each time her ass tapped against my hips. I was thoroughly pleased to be playing out this fantasy scenario that I’d likely to have masturbated to earlier that day had I not decided instead to pay her a spontaneous dream visit.

When it seemed like she was getting close to cumming again, based on how hard and fast she was pushing back, how much hotter and wetter her pussy was becoming and the noises she was making, I straightened up and held her hips again so that I was certain she was receiving as much of my cock as possible. I was looking down at her ass as my hips were more banging against than tapping by this point, watching it jiggle each time they connected. I could feel the stirring of an orgasm but it was obvious that Kim would be cumming before I did. As her pussy just continued to feel even more incredible, I started to think that I might not be far behind her.

When she gave one last push backwards and just held there, I pulled her hips and pushed my cock into her as deeply as I could. A moment later, she gasped and started shaking. It looked like she was still caressing her clit as she was cumming and, whether it was due to that or not, her orgasm appeared to be highly satisfying and was definitely a long one. Only once she relaxed and slipped her arm out from under herself did I release my grip on her hips. After a moment to recover, she moved forward and straightened up, my cock slipping out of her. She gave me a quick but passionate kiss then dropped to her knees in front of me. She took my slacks and underwear further down then stroked my cock before engulfing it in her mouth. I moaned as she started to suck me off while gently pumping the base of my cock. Once again, this was a scenario that I’d probably have fantasized about while stroking off so it was incredibly satisfying to have it actually happening just as I’d have pictured it. The fact that I hadn’t even had to suggest it and that she was so into it and good at it was definitely a bonus.

I really should have shot off into her mouth within a couple of minutes because she was such a talented cocksucker but, because she was so talented, she was able to draw out the pleasure without making it feel as though she was denying my orgasm. I savored her skill and the long, pleasurable build up, wanting it to go on forever while also fully ready to blast a load into her mouth. My cock was swelling even more as I got closer to cumming but she just continued as if nothing was different. Even when I reached the point of shooting my load into her mouth with a groan, she continued to steadily and skillfully suck me off while swallowing it down. Only once I was fully spent and beginning to soften did she let my cock fall from her mouth and sit back on her heels, looking up at me.

“That was outstanding,” I said, running my fingers through her hair as she smiled in response, “I would probably enjoy coming to work a lot more if that was one of the benefits.”

“Well, as much as I’d enjoy that, too,” she replied, “it probably isn’t realistic but I’m going to count on next time being in a big, comfy bed with a view.”

“And I will make sure it is worth your while,” I assured her, helping her to stand up. I took her in my arms and slipped my hands up under her skirt to caress her bare ass as we started making out. Once we were fully engrossed in it, I took us back to her bedroom and she gave a start when she became aware that she was back in bed. She lay there smiling while I assumed she recalled all of the details of our encounter. After that night, I continued my recon while researching where would be the ideal location to whisk her off to for our next encounter in a big, comfy bed with a view.

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