Dream of Me

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The room was dark and the air still as I came awake. I felt the hunger build as I opened my eyes. I push the covers from my body and the cool air beads my nipples, bringing them to attention. I lick my lips and run my hands down my body. I cup my breast and pinch my nipples between my fingers and bring your face to mind.

I feel my pussy flood with moisture. Running my hand lower, I push my pussy lips apart and circle my clit. Damn that feels so good. Biting my lip, I slip a finger deep inside of me. Man I feel so tight, the walls of my pussy grab at my single finger and try to pull it deeper. Slowly I pull it out then push it back in, over and over. I am so wet you can hear it all around the room as my hand works on my slit.

Pulling my finger out, I reach over and open the top drawer to bring out my toy. I always call it my little toy because it is little. Not more that five inches long, it is about as wide as two of my fingers but I love it. Most women like big toys to fuck themselves with but I like mine because I stay tight while using it. Tight enough that I feel stretched when a dick enters me.

I turn my fellow on low and bring it to hum against my nipples, first one than the other. I moan lightly from the tingles that spark to life in my tummy. Moving slowly I guide it down over the flat planes on my stomach and over my mound to run it lightly up the inside of my thighs.

I hear a noise from the hall and look up at the door. It is cracked a little and I can see your silhouette standing there. I become even hotter knowing that you are watching me. My pussy clenches and the muscles in my stomach quiver with excitement.

Never taking my eyes from where you are hidden, I bring the vibrator to my clit and start to rub it. My hips buck from the mind-blowing commotion taking hold of my body. I have to feel it in me. Running it lower I wet it from the juices flowing freely from my pussy and bring it my lips. As it passes my lips I hear you groan quietly. If only you knew that I wished it were your hot, hard cock and not this tiny bit of plastic sliding over my tongue coated with my taste. I suck it clean then lower it back to my pussy, pushing it in with one sure thrust. I push my hips off the bed so I can sink it in as deep as I can.

I take it almost all the way out before pushing it back in again. I turn the top and set it on a higher speed. As it starts to vibrate hard inside of me I close my eyes. I can see you in my mind pulling your dick out, grasping it tight and beginning to stroke it. With my knees raised and my legs spread wide open, I angle so you have a better view. I bring one hand down around my ass and grip the toy. I slowly start to fuck myself. I bring the other hand into play too; it starts to rub my clit. Slowly at first that faster and harder.

Already I can feel my climax closing in on me. I rub my clit harder and say your name. It comes out more of a moan than anything, but I know you know it is you I am thinking about. I take the vibrator out of my pussy and drop it to the bed and run my fingers over my slit before sinking a finger deep inside of me. I pull it out Cebeci Escort and slide my finger down between my spread checks until I reach my puckered rose bud. I circle it then push my wet finger in to the first knuckle. I pull it out than reach for my toy again. I push it back into my pussy, bringing it out when it is wet and press it against my ass. I don’t push it but rock it back and for against my opening.

I hear the door push open and look up to find you standing in the doorway breathing hard. You move toward the bed, stripping off what little is left of your clothes. Even in the dim room your tall body is impressive. You make me feel so small when next to you, but next to you is not what I am wanting right now. I want you in me.

You sit on the side of the bed but say nothing. Your eyes watch my face as I start to fuck my pussy again. Slowly your eyes move down my body, touching my hard nipples and tracing around my breast before they lower to watch my hands at work bring myself to pleasure. Watching your face, I rub harder at my clit, wanting to come while you watch and stroke your hard dick inches from my face.

I can smell you and the sent of both of our excitement mix in the still air around us. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with the heady mixture. That’s all it takes. My body starts to shake and your name slips from my lips on a moan. My pussy clenches tight on the vibrator and the top pops off but I don’t care. I slam it deep into me one more time as I ride the cresting wave to nirvana. God I wish you were over me right now, feeling my muscles grab at you then relax before grabbing again. My whole body is quivering and I can’t breath, but I know I want you more than I want my next breath.

I watch your face as I whimper one word, one plea. “Please” It is all I can get past my tight throat. Your face tense, you move over me and push your tongue deep into my mouth. I suck it greedily, my hands trying to coerce you down on top of me but you resist. You break the kiss and move to my breast, drawing my nipple into your mouth while your hand cups the other. You bite me gently, then harder as I moan. You begin to suck me roughly into your hot moist mouth while your hands begin to wander over my body, building a fire only you can put out.

I push my hips off the bed trying to entice you but I feel your laugh against my flesh. I want you to touch me so badly I can’t see straight. I bring my hands to your shoulders and score your skin lightly. You growl then take mercy on me and move lower down my body. Even before your lips touch me I feel your hot breath against my sensitive core.

Your lips latch onto my clit, drawing it into your mouth. A scream breaks from my throat and I buck off the bed. I am so sensitive it hurts to have you kiss me there. But I don’t want you to stop. I wrap my hands in you hair and hold you to me. You move your mouth lower so I feel your tongue push deep into me. Over and over again you fuck me with it until I am sobbing and shaking all over. Your hands on my hips, you guide me so I am riding your face Kolej Escort but I can only move as far as you allow. You control everything, holding me tight and only giving so much but not letting me come again. You play with me, bringing me to the cliff before backing off and lightly kissing my thighs until I calm down, then you start again.

Strung tight now, I feel like I might break at any moment. I begin to beg you. I beg you to take me, to let me come. Anything you want, I am yours. You slowly lift your head and look up at me. You grin at me before you start to move up my body. As your hips settle between mine I look up into your eyes. I get lost in them as you guide you dick to me and rub it against my pussy making it wet.

Without breaking eye contact you drive into me, stretching me wide as you sink deep inside of me. I can feel you over me, around me, and blessedly inside of me, where I long to keep you. You hold still until my body can accustom itself to your size, then you start to move. The feeling of you inside of me, moving so gently is beyond description, The house could fall down around us and I wouldn’t care as long as you keep up this slow slide in and out of me.

You pull almost all the way out and I cry out. I wrap my legs around you and draw you back deep inside of me, where you belong. With my feet resting on your ass I start to grind against you. Matching your thrust, I push when you do and pull back when you do. Over and over, harder and hard until my whole existence is centered on our connected bodies. I arch my back off the bed and grab your head bringing you down so we can kiss. Tongue dueling we fight for control. Wet silken slid into hot hungry mouths, we kiss until I become light-headed.

Lifting your head, you withdraw from my body, making my cry out your name and try to bring you back to me. You push my hands away and tell me to behave. You grab me and flip me over until I am on my stomach, then pull me up until I am on my knees infront of you. A trill rushed through me, I love it like this and I know you know how I like it.

You don’t disappoint me as you grab my hips and with one smooth, hard thrust, you bury yourself as deep as possible inside of my quivering pussy. I toss my head back and moan my approval. You grab my hair, pulling my head farther back and pump into me harder and harder. I am panting and moaning, loving every minute of it as I push back into your driving hips.

I feel the sting of your hand on my ass and squeal. You rub the sting away before slapping me again. Over and over your hand connects with my ass. With each slap I feel it shoot through my pussy and I grip you tighter, letting you know with my moans and body that I love it.

I can feel my orgasm building in my body. My skin feels alive, even the air kicking on and blowing across my flesh adds to this heightened state of arousal. I beg you to fuck me harder as I push back into you with everything I have in me. As you slam home it sets off a chain reaction throughout my body. Fire erupts in my veins, needles of pleasure spring Yenimahalle Escort up all over and the greatest feeling I have ever felt in my life takes over my pussy. It grabs you and holds on tight as I come in wave after breath-stilling wave on ecstasy.

You go still and ride out my orgasm. Slowly I feel you slip from me. But something isn’t right. You haven’t come yet. I would’ve felt you pulsating deep in me if you had. I look at you over my shoulder to find you completely still behind me. I watch your face as you stare at my pussy and ass.

Then I know… we’ve talked about it before. I bite my lip for a second then decided I want this with you. I move so I’m more comfortable on my knees and look back at you. “Do you want to?” I ask softly. My voice shakes slightly and you raise your eyes to mine. I know then if I want to stop you will but you do want to try this, so I shake my head yes. I reach up on the head-board for the small tube of K.Y. that I keep there.

You take it from me silently and then pull me up for a long deep kiss that gets me started all over again. I can’t believe I’m ready to get off again. But then it hits me; I’m with you, that’s all it takes to get me going and keep me going.

I feel you rubbing against my little ring and try my best to relax. Slowly you work one finger into me. Moving it in and out, then you add a second finger. You are being so gentle it barely hurts, if anything it is getting me more excited. We are about to do the forbidden, the taboo of all sex with each other.

I feel the head of your dick press against me and I take a deep breath and push back. You pop in, past the ring of muscles. You hold still while I become accustomed to you being inside my ass. I push back slowly and try to get used to the sensation of feeling so full. It hurts but in a good way. A way I can’t really put into words but a feeling I will never forget as long as I live.

Slowly you start pushing forward. I lower my hand between my legs and start to rub my clit. The combined sensations of you slowly pushing into my ass and rubbing myself helps a lot. A tingle starts racing up and down my spin.

Finally you are all the way inside of me. I’m breathing hard but so are you. I give an experimental wiggle of my hips and like the way it feels so I do it again. You groan deep in your throat and start to move. Withdrawing almost all the way, you then thrust deep. Over and over, you set a nice slow pace that takes my breath away. The feeling is incredible. Everything feels sharper, more intense. I can feel a new orgasm building and taking hold quickly. I know I’m going to come fast and hard.

I start pushing back into you, trying to get you fuck me harder but you keep your slow pace. As the pleasure starts to hit, I scream and slam back into you, and then you start to thrust harder and faster into me. The harder you fuck me, the harder my orgasm is. My muscles grab you and start to milk your own release out of you. You thrust hard and deep one last time and groan deep in you throat as you come deep inside of me.

We both collapse onto my bed breathing heavily. You wrap your arms around me and hold me tight as my heart rate slows to normal along with my breathing. I am starting to drift off to sleep when I feel your lips on my secret spot on my neck. You kiss me, then bite me gently. You lift your head and whisper in my ear as the blackness of sleep drifts throughout my mind. “Goodnight Lover. Dream of me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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