Drunken Friend’s Wife

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This started one Saturday evening when I got a call from my friend Dan. He had been in the pub for a few hours before he called me. He had gone to watch the football, with his friend from work. After the game had finished his friend had gone home, but Dan wanted to carry on drinking. This is why he gave me a call.

Dan and I had been friends since school. We were not that close while at school, but after uni we saw a bit more of each other and became good friends. Well, good drinking buddies.

A lot of our other friends were married and not allowed to go out drinking, so we would often meet up for beers. We were both 28 years old now, I guess, thats why a lot of our friends were married, although Dan was also married, he always had time to go out for beers. He had Married Vicki when he was 24, Vicki was only 19 when they married. I always thought that they were both too young to get married, but they seemed so much in love that they both felt that it was right.

As I mentioned earlier, Dan always managed to find time to go out for a beer or three. I was pretty sure his wife didn’t appreciate it. In fact I knew she didn’t, as he would always tell me about her moaning. Over the years I often wondered why they were still married. She did sound like a bit of a bitch. I guessed he put up with her as she was so fit. She had an astonishing figure. I presumed that the sex must have been too good for him leave her. She also earned pretty good money in her job. Dan was always in and out of work. So I guess the sex and the security of an income was good.

This night was much like most of our nights in the pub. Dan usually drank at least 2 beers to my 1. Then once he was sozzled he would complain about work and then finally his wife. We were both pissed and I asked him why he doesn’t just divorce her. I questioned him about their sex life, I asked him why he didn’t want to leave her? Was it because the sex was too good? He laughed and told me that they don’t have sex anymore. He said that it used to be good, but they haven’t done it for ages. I wasn’t sure how long ages was, but I didn’t want to push it. He seemed pretty pissed off about it. I quizzed him about the money too. He confirmed that she pays for most stuff, but said that he would ways be able to get by without her money!

Around 11ish Dan was wasted, so I got a taxi. Dan said he would walk. As soon as we left the pub things changed a bit though. He could barely walk! So I insisted that he get in my cab and I drop him off home.

We got out of the taxi at Dans house, I got out the car and helped Dan out of his side of the car. I asked if he was ok to make his own way in. I wanted to get back in the taxi and go home. He slurred something that slightly resembled a yes. Before I got back into the car I waited for him to make it down his path, but he fell into his front garden, he was unable to get up!

I paid for the taxi and helped Dan into his house, I fumbled around in his pockets and, eventually, found his house keys. I had to pretty much carry him up the stairs and drop him onto his bed. I took his shoes and jeans off. That was as far as I went. I threw a blanket over him and went back downstairs. I helped myself to a beer and checked for an Uber to take me home. There wasn’t any around!

I decided to watch a bit of TV and wait to see if one came my way. I made my way into the living room and got comfy on the huge L shaped Sofa. I sat on the side away from the L, it had a small table near it. Which was perfect for my beer?

10 minutes later I heard the door go. It was Dans Wife, Vicki. All I could think was “Shit” she was going to be pissed off. I hadn’t seen Vicki for almost a year. She was always OK with me, but over the year that I hadn’t seen her Dan had told me all the things she had done and she seemed to have turned into a right bitch.

I was in her housed and I didn’t want to cause any trouble. I decided to go on the charm offensive to try and soften the blow. “Hi Vicki, It’s John. I had to help Dan home as he was wasted. I’m just waiting for a Cab.”

Vicki walked into the living room. Wow! She was looking good. Vicki was about 5′ 7″ Tall, with a slim, toned, athletic build. Tonight she was wearing black stilettos, Skin tight, light, blue jeans and a black crop top. Her blonde, shoulder length hair was down. It was usually tied up. As mentioned, Vicki has an awesome figure! She was a tennis coach, So she kept herself in shape, but very rarely showed off her figure.

She would usually be in baggy sports wear. Tonight, however, she was indeed showing off her amazing figure. Surprisingly she had nice size breasts, considering she was so athletic. They were a nice B cup, but this must have been the 1st time I’d seen her showing off her cleavage. Her jeans looked like they had been sprayed on too. I was certain that her arse would look good in them.

“Hiya John, I haven’t seen you in ages. It’s no surprise that Dan is wasted again. Spending more of our money on booze” Vicki said as she walked in the room.

She Beylikdüzü Grup Escort seemed to be a bit drunk too, but also in a good mood.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I helped myself to a beer.” I replied.

“Of Course I don’t mind. Why would I? Do you want another one?”

“Yes, Sure. Are you going to have one” I replied.

I was surprised that she was being so pleasant. Maybe it was the booze, or maybe I had only heard one side of the story and she wasn’t really as much of a bitch as Dan made her out to be?

“I think I’ll have a glass of wine” Vicki said as she walked out to get the drinks.

My earlier assumption was correct, her arse looked amazing as she walked off into the kitchen. The denim clung to her pert bottom and I could make out her perfect little cheeks.

When she returned she sat to my left on the corner of the L shaped sofa. We chatted for a while about our separate nights out. I had come to the conclusion that Vicki hadn’t changed much and maybe Dan had been exaggerating about how much of a bitch she was?

She mentioned that her feet were killing her form her shoes and dancing most of the night. She lifted her left foot up and released the clasp of her shoe, she removed the sexy black stiletto and placed it on the floor. She repeated this with her right foot, then she proceeded to place her feet on the sofa. “That feels so much better” she exclaimed.

I’m not really into feet, but her feet were nice, her toes were painted scarlet red, to match her fingernails and lip stick. “would you like a foot rub?” I said in a joking manner.

I was fully expecting her to politely decline. To my surprise she replied “That would be lovely.”

As she scootched down the sofa so that her feet were almost on my lap. I twisted slightly to my left, so that my left leg was on the sofa, with my leg bent. My knee was pointing toward Vicki and my foot was tucked back next to my other knee. My back was now against the arm rest.

I took Vicki’s right foot in my hand and started massaging it, starting at her heel and using my thumbs to apply pressure to the sole of her foot. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft her feet were.

As I worked my was up her foot to below her toes she let out a soft moan “mmmmmm thats nice”. I was starting to get pretty horny. I was convinced that this was just a friendly foot massage though, that fact that she has said it was nice didn’t mean anything. The fact that I was starting to get a hard on, obviously, meant I was enjoying it. It was still an innocent foot massage though.

My left leg started to go to sleep. I repositioned myself, so that my left leg was now stretched out alongside Vicki’s right leg.

I also took the opportunity to swap feet. I placed Vicki’s foot back on the sofa and picked up her left foot. In my new position I was laying down a little more, so it was slightly harder to reach her feet, Once I picked up her small, soft foot I gently applied a bit of pressure to pull her towards me. So that I could massage her foot and still be comfortable. She Pushed her foot into the sofa, lifted up her pert, little bottom and moved forward a bit. I, again, started massaging her heel, working my hands over her foot. Vicki was, again, making a few soft moans of pleasure. Then I noticed where her right foot had gone when she had repositioned herself. It was firmly in my crotch. I was sure that she would be able to feel my massive hardon. I say massive, I Do not have a massive cock, but I am a decent 8Inches with a good girth, too.

Then Vicki started to gently push into my crotch with her toes.

After a few more minutes of me massaging Vicki’s foot and her gently rubbing my crotch she then switched her technique. Rather than using her toes to push into me, Which I had assumed she was doing without realising. She started rubbing her whole foot up and down my cock, through my jeans. Whilst still pushing her toes into me. All I could think was wow! She was better at wanking with her foot than most girls are with their hands. I was amazed!

Another few minutes passed and Vicki didn’t slow down at all. I am not sure when it started but I was suddenly aware of the fact that I was the one moaning now. I was also getting close to cumming. As much as I was enjoying this, I didn’t want to cum in my pants whilst giving my mates wife a foot massage. It I stopped this now, then I could kind of explain all this as just an innocent foot massage. Where Vicki had accidentally stretched her foot into my crotch. Well, it was a bit far fetched, but I decided it had to end before I shot my load. I didn’t really think it through much, I didn’t have time as I was getting close to the point of no return. I placed Vicki’s foot back on the sofa and moved back, out of reach of the wanking foot. “Do your feet feel better now?”

“Yes, much better thanks. I would have liked it to carry on for longer” there was a pause and a few seconds of silence “I’m going to check on Dan, Can you Beylikdüzü İranlı Escort get some more drinks?” She requested.

Then she walked off. I got up off the sofa and fetched some more drinks, My cock was trying to bust a hole through my jeans.

I returned to my spot on the sofa. I could hear Vicki upstairs moving around and I wondered what she would say when she returned. I hadn’t just imagined that she was walking me off with her foot. I decided I should probably make my way home, I took my phone out and started to open Uber. Then I heard Vicki’s Voice. “He is out for the count. I wont be hearing from him until the late afternoon” Vicki said as she entered the room.

I turned around to see Vicki stood a few feet away. She had got changed and…WOW! I was so surprised by how good she looked I actually said WOW out loud.

She was wearing silk pyjamas. It was a matching set, that was a peachy colour. Her top was short with spaghetti straps, it stopped an inch or two below her breasts and revealed her tight, toned stomach. I also noticed that she had her belly button pierced. I didn’t know this and it looked really sexy, especially with the slight definition of a six pack. On the bottom half she had some very short, baggy shorts. They were as short as running shorts. I would have loved to see her arse. I was certain that I would have been able to see her cheeks.

She paused for 10 or 15 seconds, long enough for me to look her up and down, which I did. She then returned to the sofa. She either didn’t hear me say wow, or chose to take the compliment and offer no remarks in return?

We drank our drinks and chatted, then out of the blue she asked about the foot massage. “How come you are so good at foot massages?” she quizzed.

“I don’t know, I just enjoy giving massages.” was all I could think to say.

“you are really good at it.” she said.

Vicki paused for a bit and then surprised me by asking “Can you give me a back massage?”

Before I could answer she had rolled over onto her tummy. This also pulled her shorts tight onto her arse and I could see her pert firm arse cheeks. I had absolutely no will power, So it was pointless even trying to say no. I got up onto the sofa and moved over her feet up towards her bum, I lowered myself down and straddled her bum. As I lowered myself down she gathered her hair up and pulled it over her left shoulder to die me access to her shoulders. I took this as an indication as to where she wanted me to start. I placed a hand on each shoulder and began to massage her. After a short while I moved down onto her upper back, Vicki was again making some soft moaning Noises. It was really turning me on. Once again I was getting a hard on. I had also decided that she was up for more than just a massage. I could think of any other reason why she would have got changed into such a sexy set of pyjamas.

I really wanted to remove her top, but I didn’t think it would be able to do it. I decided to move to her lower back. I started at the centre of her back, moving my thumbs from the centre outwards and upwards, I was slowly trying to pull her top up a bit. It was working, but it had got to the point where it was too tight. Luckily Vicki seemed up for me lifting up her top as she moved her hands down from under her head, held onto the sides of her top and gently pulled it up, I wasn’t sure how far up she intended on pulling it up, I was really hoping that it would be all the way above her head. I decided to help her and held onto the top at the back and pulled it up along with her. Together we pulled the top up to the top of her back, it was a bit awkward to go further, so I didn’t try to go further.

I continued massaging the whole of her back, I was amazed how i’d got into this situation, I was also amazed at how good her figure was. Whilst massaging her back, I was running my thumbs up and down her spine with my fingers on her sides. When I ran them down towards her waist my fingers were on the side of her body, she must have been a size 6 dress size, or less. Vicki didn’t look skinny though, she had a nice slim waist, but a really nice shapely arse. An arse that I was desperate to get my hands on!

The more I massaged her back the more I was pushing the boundaries, Vicki was, quietly, moaning and I was certain that she was enjoying it. This was confirmed when she said “That is really nice, Can you go a little bit lower”. At this point my hands were at the base of her back, just above the waist line of her tiny, silk shorts. “Of course I can” was my reply. I moved myself off her pert, little bottom and moved back, towards the back of her knees.

I pulled her shorts down an inch or so and began massaging her lower back and the upper part of her bum cheeks. Vicki was moaning again. I moved my hands all the way up her back to her shoulders and the slowly back down her back, past her shoulder blades, further down to the small of her back. I repeated this a few times. Each time my hands were Beylikdüzü Manken Escort going slightly lower. Then I decided to go a lot further. My hands went over her waist band, I placed one hand on each of her arse cheeks and squeezed her juicy buns. As I filled my hands with her cheeks I squeezed them together and then slightly apart. “MMMMMM yes that’s nice” Was the response I got.

Which was exactly what I wanted, this was a green light to continue! This is exactly what I intended to do. As I repeatedly kneaded her arse cheeks in and out, like someone preparing a bread dough, I suddenly realised that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. The only thing separating me from her pussy was a very thin piece of silk.

I continued to kneed her arse cheeks, Squeezing them inwards and then out. Each time I was moving my hands slightly lower until my thumbs were just below her arse cheeks. Each time I squeezed them in and out I was stretching her pussy lips apart and then allowing them to close as I squeezer her juicy buns back together. I could hear her lips parting as the juices of her pussy were lubing them up.

I moved my hands down onto the back of her legs and then back up to the same position, except this time my hands were under her shorts, on her bare skin. Her arse was amazing, firm and peachy. Vicki’s light moans were getting a bit louder and her breathing was getting heavier. I moved my hands nearer to the centre of her cheeks and squeezed them really hard. “mmmmm I like that.” Vicki exclaimed

“I thought it was a bit hard.” I asked.

“No, its fine, I like it like that.” Vicki replied.

I carried on massaging her arse and then decided to go for broke. She hadn’t given me any sign that she wasn’t OK with this. In fact it was the complete, opposite. I removed my hands from inside her shorts and placed them on the sides of her waist band and began to pull it down. Yes, I said to myself as she raised her hips, lifting her bottom up to allow me to remove her shorts. I moved back down her legs and I slowly removed her short, I stood up off the sofa and pulled then off her legs. I got back on the sofa near her feet and gently pushed her legs apart, Vicki followed my lead and parted her legs slightly as I moved up the sofa between her legs. Her legs spread a bit more and once I had reached her arse again I could finally see her wet, juicy pussy. I couldn’t see if it was completely clean shaven as she was laying flat on the sofa. She obviously waxed or shaved the area around her lips as this was as smooth as the silk shorts that I had removed earlier.

I resisted the urge to go straight for her glistening slit, instead I went back to kneeing her arse. I now worked my hards down her cheeks onto her inner thighs. As I moved my hands up her thighs back onto her plump, pert cheeks I grazed over her wet lips. Vicki made a louder moan, I repeated this several times before finally leaving my right hand against her pussy.

I wriggled my thumb from side to side to part her lips and guided my thumb inside her hot, little pussy. I worked the palm of my hand under her, so that my fingers were between her clit and the sofa. I began working my thumb against her soft inner walls, while simultaneously rubbing my fingers against her little clit. Vicki was rocking her hips back and forth in time with my hand, her breathing getting much heavier and her moans were getting louder. “mmmm, God that feels amazing. Don’t stop.” Vicki encouraged.

I placed my index and ring finger of my left hand in my mouth to lube them up a bit, I removed my thumb, this was quickly replaced with the two fingers of my left hand. My fingers went deeper, hitting Vicki’s G spot. She let out a very loud moan. “OH YEEEES!… Go deeper!” She begged.

I slid my finger in and out of her soaking pussy, while continuing to rub my fingers in a circular motion on her clit. All the time applying enough pressure to stimulate her, but not too much as to make her sensitive Clit sore. I had a feeling Vicki was Getting close. She was grinding her pussy against both of my hands. I slid a 3rd finger in with ease. Her pussy was now soaking wet, I thought she would cum any minute. “come on Vicki, cum for me.” I encouraged.

“I’m close, go deeper.” came her response.

I tried to get a 4th finger in her, but she was too tight. I pushed my three fingers as deep as they could go and pushed down towards my other hand, that was being ground against. My fingers were sliding in and out, getting quicker and quicker. Vicki still hadn’t cum.” FUCK IT. I cant cum. I need your cock. FUCK ME” Vicki demanded.

I was surprised by what she had said, but it was a very pleasant surprise.

I removed my hands, jumped off the sofa, removed my jeans and boxers in a matter of seconds. “move around a bit.” I requested,

I knelt down facing the sofa. She moved so that her hands were on the back of the sofa,Her arms were straight with her knees on the edge of the seat. I had fully intended to fuck her, but I had miss-judged how high she would be while kneeling on the sofa, so her pussy was at the height of my face. I could smell her pussy juices. It smelt good enough to eat. I love eating pussy too! There is no way I could resist. I buried my head deep into her. Ramming my tongue as deep in to her tangy cunt as I could. “UUUUURRRRRR!” Vicki let out a deep guttural moan.

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