Earth, Wind and Fire Ch. 01

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Part One ‘Diana’s Story’

I stare at the various devices laid out on the bed, shiny and enticing. Already, I can feel my heart beating a little faster, its normal steady pitter pat picking up tempo like a drummer in a rock band winding up in preparation for a solo.

This was me winding up ready for my solo.

The instructions had been precise on how the nights events were going to unfold.

I half closed my eyes, wondering if I had the mental and physical strength to carry this through. Biting back doubt and fears, I picked up the first item. The silicon covering felt slightly slimy in my hands from the fresh coating of lube I had already applied. I take a deep breath and gentle push the rounded end past the tight ring of muscle that made up my rear passage. Immediately I felt my insides rebel against the foreign object and attempt to force it out. I take another breath forcing myself to relax and sit down gently. If nothing else, it would keep the device in place.

The second item is slightly easier to insert as it went in to my already damp front passage, although it takes a little manipulation to get the head of it in the exact spot, resting (un)comfortably against my G-spot.

The third is a little different. That is just a small bead that needs to be secured over my clit with surgical tape.

With the first three implements in place, I raise myself up slightly, and position the first of my ‘garments’ under me. It is a sturdy looking, steel chastity belt that fits snugly between my legs, holding the three items neatly in their desired position. Before I lock it, I ensure the wires that are attached to the devices are protruding from above the waistband. It is important these are easily accessible.

I intended to take another second before I closed the belt and therefore seal me on the route I was taking. As it was I misjudged just how easily it locked, and before I knew it there was a metallic click.

There was nothing I could do now, the key to undo the belt wasn’t in my possession, I had to at least go part way through. I surmised if I was going to go part way, I may as well go the full nine yards.

I pinch my nipples between thumbs and forefingers, making sure the stand proud, then place the sticky backed pads over them, smoothing them out so they are touching evenly. I pick up the bra that matches the belt I am now lock in to. Two shiny metal cups that fit over my breasts, with a metal band that locks in to place at my back with the same metallic snap as the belt did. Chains looped over my shoulders and clip in to place to support the fairly weighty item.

I stand and cross to the mirror. My pale skin, speckled with a dusting of freckles, is in stark contrast against the bright metal over my breasts and pelvis, colour coded wires hang down from the bra and the belt, reminding me of what is to come. As if I need that.

I feel a warm flush wash over my body and I go a little light headed. Between the blood rushing to my sexual organs and the amount of adrenalin in my system, it is a wonder I can stand at all.

My heart is beating faster now, the drummer is beginning his solo and it is possible he is getting paid by the beat, and not the hour.

I thought my hands trembled before. Now I realise that was just a tiny tremor, as they are keeping up with the drummer’s rhythm. I collect the power box from the bed, and plug the cables in to the relevant sockets, the metal points tap tapping on the plastic cover of the unit due to the adrenaline fused quivers that have a hold of my fingers.

With the cables connected correctly, I clip the control box on to the belt, there is another cable to be plugged in, but that is in the same hands as the keys.

The last things to put on are simple bands of steel, two small and two large. The large ones wrap around my upper thighs and are locked in to place by small padlocks, these are supported by chains that clip in to the belt, rather like suspenders and stockings. The touch of the chain against my thighs sends more shivers up and down my spine. The smaller bands fit around my wrists and the click of the padlocks is the last step of preparation.

On legs that are more akin to jelly than flesh and bone I make my way downstairs.

Janet and Alice are sitting chatting in the living room when I walk in. The conversation stops dead as they gap at my body. These two women are my closest friends and lovers. I know that may sound odd, but that is just the way it is, this relationship is made up of three not two.

Alice is the first to react, unsurprisingly. She is the more adventurous of the three of us, and the font of knowledge when it comes to bondage, sex and just about anything related to that. She stands smiling broadly.

“Wow you look stunning Di.” Alice tells me, and I feel a rush of blood to my face. I always get embarrassed when Alice pays me compliments. She always looks perfect to me. Tall, very toned body that is blessed with hard muscle, a hark back to her days of being a martial bursa otele gelen escort arts instructor.

Doesn’t she look delicious Jan?” Alice’s comment prompts Janet to close her mouth and join in the conversation.

“Hell yes.” Janet agrees, licking her lips.

Janet is the rock of our trio. Solid, dependable, sensible. The polar opposite to Alice. Where Janet urges caution, Alice throws caution to the wind, then throws petrol and a match after it.

Of course, there third corner is myself. The youngest, and most innocent one. The geek of the team, carried along on the passing breeze of the others.

Janet, Myself and Alice. Earth, Wind and Fire.

The collective items I am wearing are my idea. I have a fantasy of being locked up this way and tormented with micro shocks, knowing my only release will be when they have played out the game or if I get out of my depth and use my safe word. I have very little idea exactly what will happen now, I just hope it will be as intense as I have fantasised.

“Can I touch them?” Janet asks bringing me back to reality.

I smile shyly. “If you like.” I tell her. “Although you can’t actually feel anything through them.” I know this, I had spent some time running my hands over my body, enthralled and at the same time horrified I couldn’t touch any of my more sensitive areas.

Janet’s fingers touch the steel that encases my left breast gingerly. Then realising how unyielding it is, she squeezes a little harder.

“Wow!” She exclaims slightly shocked. “You really can’t feel anything. What is it like to wear them?”

I take another breath, trying to show confidence I don’t have. “More comfortable than I thought.” I reply. “Apart from the electrodes inside me.” I shift my weight from one foot to the other trying to adjust the devices slightly but failing.

“Speaking of which.” Alice interrupts. “Shall we get this show on the road?”

My mouth is dry, and I wish I could have a drink, but I have no idea when I will be able to pee, so I run my tongue over my parched lips. “Ready when you are.” I manage to croak.

Alice makes a slight nod to Janet, her mouth curling in to that devilish smile that turns up my heat.

I jump a little as Janet places a coat over my shoulders. “Just while we get you to the car.” She whispers in my ear, her breath as hot as I am.

Car? My brain goes in to overload as a massive surge of adrenalin powers my system in to fight or flight mode. I begin to hyperventilate.

A hand that’s cool as a spring breeze touches my cheek. “Breath slowly Diana.” Alice’s words slice through the panic like a chainsaw. “We thought you would like to go on a drive to my house. You are in control, just say if you don’t want to do it.”

The suggestion was insane, Alice lived over fifty miles away, even in the daylight it could take nearly two hours. And all the way I would be sitting in the back of the car wearing nothing but steel. I could feel my arousal seeping out of the edges of the belt and down my thigh. Gods I was getting so turned on at the thought.

“Okay let’s go.” I heard a voice say, while the numb part of my brain screamed against what I had just agreed to.

“Oops.” Alice says as we get to the door. “Nearly forgot something.”

She reaches under my coat and takes hold of one of my wrists. I feel a slight tug and a soft click, then the process is repeated with the other wrist. I try to move my hands and realise she has fastened the wrist cuffs to the thigh cuffs. I am completely in their hands now.

The night air is cool after the warm day. I have been out wearing just a coat before, just a short walk to the corner shop and back. Of course, my arms were in the sleeves then, and my hands in the pockets to ensure it stayed closed. Now it was just draped over my shoulders and buttoned up at the front. If I took a slightly too long a stride, then I would be exposing my bazar taste in underwear to the world.

Alice and Janet take up position either side of me as we walk. If I had any fears of being approached, they evaporated before they surfaced. With the two taller women at my side I feel safe and protected.

There is no parking outside Janet’s house, so we must walk a short way to where Alice’s car is parked. The hazard lights flash orange as she remotely unlocks the doors as we draw near, and Janet opens the rear door. Before I manage to step inside, Alice reaches up and unbuttons my coat. Suddenly I am nude apart from the steel wear and I give a small squeak.

“Gods you look hot.” Alice murmurs as she encourages me in to the car by patting my bare ass cheek.

Getting in is no easy feat. I need to practically fall in backwards. The leather upholstery is cold on my bare skin and I gasp involuntarily as I shuffle myself across the seat. At this point I realise the interior light is off and I am thankful that Alice planned that far ahead, and my faith in my two lovers is bolstered.

“Comfortable?” escort bayan Janet asks from the far side doorway.

I nod feeling a little more secure now I am safely inside.

“Seatbelt.” Alice instructs, and Janet passes the belt over my shoulder, so Alice can lock it off safely. They move like they have rehearsed this. Which wouldn’t surprise me if they had. From before we all met for the first time at a Pride event, Alice and Janet had been sharing their experience with me, coaxing me gently out of my shell and in to the sensual world they lived in.

I squeak again as the cold seatbelt pressed against the warm flesh of my belly. I find my mind drifting slightly to what Alice or Janet would look like in this position and my thighs clench instinctively as I leak a little more.

I hear a click as Janet clips a length of chain to my thigh cuff, I hadn’t even noticed her unclip my wrist. The chain is passed rapidly through the grab handle above her door then passed over to Alice, who repeats a reverse procedure, pulling my legs apart to do so. With a gentleness that eases my rising panic, my wrists are clipped to the chain, just short of each handle. My arms and legs are now spread wide, leaving nothing to the imagination.

The rear doors close and Alice and Janet settle themselves in to the front seats. Janet reaches back and unclips the control box, its wires trailing behind it, the last vestige of my control transferring in to her hands.

Alice starts the engine of the Evoque. A large part of me is very glad we are in her car as it has blacked out privacy glass in the rear, although if anyone were to look through the windscreen they would get a very good view of my predicament.

“I’ve set the satnav.” Alice tells me. “That way you know just how far we have to go.” She grins again and winks, turning my insides to molten jelly.

“I’m not sure the batteries will last that long.” Janet chips in after glancing at the estimated arrival time.

I look at the display on the dashboard. Two and a half hours. I wonder if I will last that long, hopefully the batteries will give up before I do.

“No problem.” Alice leans over and pops the glove box open. “Emergency power.” She drags out a lead with a twelve-volt adapter on the end and plugs it in to the cars supply.

“System check.” Janet calls out. I swear there is a hint of humour laced with anticipation in her voice. “Tits.” She presses a button and a jolt stabs my nipples bringing forth a squeal.

“Ass.” Another button and a jolt hits deep inside of me. I want to leap out of the seat.

“G Spot.” I try to brace myself, but when the spike of electricity flicks at my precious climax trigger and I let out a long low moan as a wave of pre-climax washes over me.

“Clit.” I am too far lost in the sensations of the last jolt to care, and my thighs try to jerk closed as my clit vibrates madly.

I am close to blacking out already and we haven’t even got off the car park yet. Feeling moisture soaking my thighs, I wonder if I should have mentioned to Alice that there should have been a towel under me.

The car rolls out of the car park and on to the main road out of town. It is evening and dark, but the streets have people walking down them. No doubt going to friends or restaurants or bars. My mind forms a scenario where the three of us walk in to a bar exactly as we are now, and I feel heat well up inside me.

We stop at a red light and I feel a tingling sensation across my nipples. They feel like walnuts inside the metal bra and are already aching. I clamp my lips closed as a young couple cross the road in front of us. All it would take would be a glance to the side.

I feel my heart skip a beat.

“They won’t see anything with the headlights on.” Alice reassures me, and I relax a little, only to whimper as my g-spot tingles under Janet’s teasing.

We drive off again and are out of the lights of the town in a few minutes. With darkness surrounding the car I relax a little more. The shocks are coming frequently now, but very lightly, like someone is brushing an electric feather over my most intermate parts. I feel myself descending in to an oncoming climax and I smile loving the rising feeling.

My nipples explode, followed rapidly by another jolt inside my backside, bringing me straight back down again. Damn Janet was too good at this for it to be her first time. I wonder who had practiced on whom to refine this skill.

While I am able to focus on my surroundings, I look at the satnav. We have covered about six miles and we still have many to go. We are out in the countryside now, the road unfurling in the headlights of Alice’s car. Slowly the rising tide of a new climax begins to build in me as Janet resumes tormenting my insides.

As I now know what to expect, I debate trying to hide my pre-climax state. I hope to bring myself a little satisfaction from the probes that are sending tiny pulses of electricity in to my erogenous zones.

This mudanya escort time a sharp jot hits my clit, it would have doubled me over if the seatbelt and chain had allowed. I don’t have a moment to recover as my ass gets jolted followed rapidly by my nipples again.

Sweat is beading on my forehead from the exertion, and my arms are only in the wide position because that was where the chains held them.

“How much longer?” I manage to whimper.

“Well the tormenting carries on until we get there.” Janet replies sweetly. I swear she is getting off on my obvious state.

“A little over an hour.” Alice tells me. “Would you like me to drive faster?”

The electrode in my rear begins to tingle. This is a new sensation and it feels maddingly pleasant as the current flows though me.

I manage a small nod.

The car picks up speed and Alice glances at Janet grinning like a wolf.

“Of course, it would be a shame of we got stopped by the police.” Alice says innocently. “Can you imagine how the police report would go. Then spending a night in the cells. Not to mention pictures in the papers the next day.”

The car goes a little faster.

“Okay slow down.” I nearly scream it out. The conjured images of me sitting in a police station chained and in the steel outfit fills me with a mixture of dread and exhilaration. I begin to dream about two women police officers ‘interrogating’ me by using the electrodes locked inside of me, while I beg them to stop.

A fiery jolt hit me nipples again and the climax subsides once more. I feel like weeping that my fantasy is taken away from me, and while I wish I hadn’t asked Alice and Janet to do this to me, I am enraptured that I did.

“Oh, I think Di is getting off at the thought of getting caught by the police.” Janet giggles.

“Awesome. She won’t mind if we stop for fuel then.” Alice answers as she glances at a sign for a service station.

That tricky part of my mind that came up with the women police officers showed me an image of a fuel stop. A kiosk, fuel pumps… bright lights.

I go skywards again, reaching out for the wonderful orgasm that has been so far denied me, only to have it snatched away again by Janet’s skilful manipulation.

I let out a throaty moan that fills the car.

“We may need to keep her quiet if we do that.” Janet tell Alice. “We don’t want anyone coming to investigate.”

The car pulls off the road, Alice glances back at me, her expression a mixture of concern for my safety and deep thought at Janet’s comment.

“Do you need something to hold on to?” Alice askes me.

I know if I say no to the fuel stop, we will continue our journey, but this is my ultimate fantasy, I spent many hours dreaming this up and explaining exactly what I wanted my two lovers to do to me while giving them as much free reign as possible.

I nod.

Alice puts the car in neutral, applies the handbrake and unfastens her seatbelt. The car is flooded with light suddenly as she opens the driver’s door, then plunged in to darkness once more as it closes.

Through the side window I can just make out Alice as she walks around the car to the off-road side then she is lost from view through the darkened window.

There is a silence for a moment, the only noise is a slight buzz from the control box that is keeping my nipples as hard as pebbles.

I see a pale shape next to the window and the rear door opens. My arousal begins its weary climb once more as Alice is standing on the roadside naked apart from her mid-calf leather boots. I can clearly see the toned muscle of her body as she winks at me and bundles her clothing in to the rear footwell.

A very firm breast brushes my arm as she leans in close. I have always marvelled at how solid they are, more like large pectoral muscles than breast tissue.

She slips a wad of black lace in to my mouth and I close my eyes at the scent and taste of her arousal. My tongue idly caresses the item of underwear she has placed in my mouth as a gag, and my lips form a smile around them.

Alice slips her arms in to the sleeves of my coat and ties the belt in a loose knot at her waist, not bothering to fasten the buttons.

I stifle a giggle in to my panties gag. My coat is several sizes too small for her, and it only just covers her modesty. Although if it were Janet, it wouldn’t even have gone over her much larger breasts.

The bare skin of my bottom slips slightly on the very wet leather seat reminding me of just how much has leaked out of me.

Within seconds, Alice is back behind the wheel and we are rolling again. The bright lights of the service station appear ahead.

“Shall I put the fuel in?” Janet askes eyeing the large expanse of muscled thigh that shows where my coat didn’t fasten fully.

“Nah.” Alice winks again. “I’ve got this.”

The fuel station is deserted but she still parks nearest the kiosk. The car shields her from the attendant as she begins to put fuel in the car. I can’t help but watch through the tinted window, especially as she allows a pert brown nipple to press against the cool glass.

The fuelling is over all too soon, and I think Janet was too busy watching Alice’s performance to continue my torment, for which I was very grateful, as I got to watch it as well.

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