East End Lovers Ch. 02

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The narrator in this second chapter is Maureen. The action follows on immediately from the end of chapter one.

Thanks to those who make constructive comments on chapter one. I’ve done my best to take them on board. There’s a bit less dialogue this time, and I hope it feels less rushed — at least the last part. Further constructive comments are welcome.


Immediately after we had finished our first session of love making, Cliff asked me when we could do it again. This was as important for me to sort out as for him — neither of us wanted it to stop at one session, but for different reasons. From the way he was looking at me and behaving, I guessed then (and later he confirmed it) that he was falling in love with me fast, and needed to know that I wasn’t going to reject him. I wasn’t in love with my boy then (though I was later), but I was besotted with him physically and so much wanted his body.

I don’t think he realised just how gorgeous he was — he had always been quite good looking (he looked a bit like the actor who played Dr Kildare) though a bit skinny, but he had put on weight and muscle and now he had a long, slim athletic body, without too much body hair, and when I said before he had a great looking prick I really mean it. Most of the erect pricks I’d seen had seemed very ordinary, neither off-putting nor in themselves especially attractive — but Cliff’s was lovely, a bit bigger than most I’d handled, and with a lovely shape and a nice looking helmet on top. I hadn’t been to bed with a man as lovely as my son before, and being totally deprived of marital attention in that area I wanted him again as soon as possible.

“I want to do it as soon as we can Cliff, but we have to be careful… I know I can’t wait until next Saturday. Your dad’s out usually on Tuesday or Wednesday with the darts league so I’ll try to find out when he’s out this week and we can do it then — though it might have to be a bit of a quickie, love, and we can’t use my bed this time.”

Cliff nodded and smiled, and I sent him off to have a wash. I needed a pee, and followed him into the bathroom. Cliff was washing himself with a flannel. “You don’t mind if I have a pee while you’re washing, sweetheart? I can’t wait…”. Cliff looked a bit shocked but I actually found it quite sexy, sitting down next to him and releasing a long flow into the bowl.

“Cliff, you know doing things like this — like peeing in front of each other – can be really nice ‘cos it sort of makes us more intimate and we really get to know each other — will you do it for me too?”.

Cliff looked a bit nervous at this but I think would have done anything to please me. I got up and he moved to the toilet. “Can I hold it love — I’d like to know what it feels like when a man pees? Come on, have a good long wee…. Look I’ll turn on the tap to help get started… That’s good, oh that feels really nice”. Of course once he’d peed, with me touching him he started to get hard again, but we had to leave it at that for the time being.

In the event and as luck would have it, Ken — my husband — wasn’t clear if or when he was going to be out that week. I was getting a bit jittery about when we’d do it, so on Monday evening after Ken had gone to bed I had a quick word with Cliff. I knew he had an hour lunch break at work and that he could make it home in less than 15 minutes (he had a moped), so I figured we could have a nice lunchtime get together and both be back at work without anyone knowing.

“Can you meet me here tomorrow at about 12.15 — I’ll get the boss to agree for me to take a long lunch break ‘cos he owes a couple of favours, and I’ll have a sandwich ready, and then we can go to bed for half an hour and you’ll still be back by one.”

So that’s what we did. I got back just before noon, made sandwiches and went upstairs for a wash. I took off my tights and knickers and washed my fanny and bum. Cliff came in just as I finished and I rushed downstairs and we gave each other a big sexy hug. I was tempted to take him to bed right away, but we did the sensible thing and quickly ate the sandwiches and drank a cuppa tea. Then upstairs to Cliff’s bedroom and I told him to get his kit off, while I lay down on the bed.

“Oh Cliff, you do look good without your clothes — what a lovely body and you do look really good with your prick all big like that. I’ve got a surprise under my skirt — come and find out what it is … just lift up my skirt… yes that’s right no knickers!”

I’d brought home a packet of 12 Durex and I pulled out a foil wrapper to get it ready for when it was needed — I took out the rubber and put it on Cliff’s bedside cabinet. Cliff lay down next to me and like all lads will, went for my tits, unbuttoning and taking off my blouse and pushing my bra off my shoulders and down to my waist. He was starting to act like a man. I thought, Oh, we’re going to have sex with me with some clothes on, that’s unexpected. We were kissing and Cliff has his hand on my gebze escort puss, and I grabbed his head and pushed our mouths together hard, and got hold of his prick with the other hand and squeezed perhaps a bit too hard, because he gasped, but I couldn’t help it, I was so turned on.

“Come on, lover, pass the rubber… oh, yes you’re very very big today, goodness I want this whopper inside me, just hold still while I get it rolled down on you… that looks fine, now do what you want to me sweetheart, just make sure I get plenty of your hard prick in my fanny…”.

I straightened myself out on his bed, still wearing my skirt all rucked up and my bra still done up just above my waist. Cliff climbed up, knelt between my open legs and just looked down at my puss, his prick pointing straight up. He was smiling his lovely handsome smile. I raised and bent my legs a bit, and was reaching out for his penis to guide him in but he took over, went down on one elbow and with the other hand grasped his prick, brought it to my fanny lips and pushed straight in.

My son had learnt a lot from our first fuck. He opened me up gradually for a few thrusts without going the whole way in, and when he could feel me relaxing and giving way, he deepened his stroke bit by bit for 5 or 6 thrusts until all of him was inside. He kissed me really hard (I had a bruised lip afterwards which I had to hide with makeup) and talked his filthy talk to me – –

“There mum, didn’t need you to help me in this time did I, got my whole cock inside you now, yes you’re really wet today aren’t you, oh I’ve been hard all morning thinking about your wet fanny, I’ve been saving my spunk too for you, I love you mum, I do love you…”

“Come on Cliff, you’re a lovely fucker, let me wrap my legs around you, squeeze every last bit of you inside, feel my womb with it, yes I can feel you on my womb, oh this is so good, you’re such a good lover, cum whenever you want, I love it when you cum, give me lots of your spunk, save it up for me Cliff and then let it spurt out inside me…”

Before he did cum though, he pushed himself up away from me, keeping his prick inside, and we both looked down. I saw his prick was glistening with all my juices on the rubber, and we watched as he pushed in and out through my thick pubic hair; he told me what a lovely sight it was to be able to watch himself fucking me. I don’t think I could remember being fucked like that, with almost none of the man’s weight on me, just his penis in my pussy. It lasted a good minute, then Cliff speeded up for the final furlong, and pushed hard right up to the top of my puss as his spunk spurted, filling the bulb at the end of the rubber.

He kissed me more gently, put his hand down to hold the rubber on as he pulled out, and moved beside me in a single graceful movement.

“Cliff, love, you don’t mind, that was lovely, I just need to finish myself off now before we move… I know you don’t mind, please watch me doing it sweetheart, I just circle my finger around at the top like this, there I just bring up some of my juice, rub my finger around and around…”.

I shut my eyes, and Cliff kissed and nibbled on my tits, and I moved my finger faster and faster, and my mind brought up a picture of Cliff’s prick big, red and ready to spurt, and as I came I squeezed my eyes shut and saw in my mind’s eye Cliff coming all over my face and into my hair and as I shuddered with orgasm I could have sworn I could feel his cum trickling down my cheeks.

Well, what a quickie that was. However, we couldn’t hang about as we were running out of time, so we both went for a wash together, standing side by side at the basin, washing our bits with our flannels and drying each other off with a towel. We giggled as he started to harden again. One of the best things that was happening was how easily we were getting intimate and open with each other. I think we were both naturals in that respect.

Cliff got dressed and I pulled on a dressing gown as I had a bit more time. We went down to the kitchen. Just before he left Cliff asked me about if we would go on using the rubbers, as I had just bought the dozen packet.

“Don’t worry love, I’ve already phoned for a doctor’s appointment — I’ll go back on the pill. There’s always a bit of a risk with Durex anyway and it’ll keep my periods nice and regular and light. It’ll take a few weeks before we can stop using them though — that’s why I got a dozen. When we can screw without one, though, you might have to practise holding back so you don’t cum too quickly… Really, it’ll be nice not to have to use one – though I do quite like rolling them on you…”.

After that second session in bed, we were much more relaxed as we both accepted we would be lovers at least for a while. We both felt guilty at times, though for me knowing it was wrong in a way and the risk of being found out added to the excitement, and we were very careful when Ken was around göztepe escort and in particular never touched each other in a sexual way when there was any risk of being seen. When we were alone — which wasn’t often as we both had to be out at work — we did mess around a bit. What was tougher than not touching however was having to watch all the time what we said to each other. One good thing was that most mornings Ken left shortly before we did, and we could say a quick I love you without fear of being overheard.

We did get a few minutes to talk on the Thursday that week, and I told Cliff that I’d like to try out the technique so I could cum while he was inside me. We knew we would have a good long time together in bed on Saturday and as he seemed such a quick learner I couldn’t see why we shouldn’t have a go.

When we went to bed on the Tuesday it had been lovely but it did seem a bit frantic and rushed. From the start the following Saturday was completely different. Cliff had been out with Sue on Friday, as usual. We both had to work on Saturday morning (Cliff was told he had to work overtime to unload a big delivery from Belgium) and I got back home about 12.30. Ken was away with his football team — they were playing Everton if I recall, so he wouldn’t be back until very late. When Cliff got back about 1 o’clock, I made him our favourite lunch — cheese on toast — and we sat holding hands afterwards at the kitchen table.

“This is really nice Cliff… what have you been up to since Tuesday – what did you and Sue do last night… tell me the juicy bits”.

I wanted Cliff to be open with me about everything to do with sex, and besides I was a really nosy cow when it came to it.

“Well, when we got back from the pub, we went to Sue’s room and just started to mess around… you know, we had a good snog, and went on from there — Sue hitched up her skirt, I felt her fanny and got her going, pulled her knickers off and got out my prick, and we had a good old feel… she got really wet this time and I brought her off and then she wanked me until I came all over the sheets…”

Cliff grinned and I felt a bit jealous and told him I thought it was a bit of a waste, and that the sooner he started to give it to her properly the better. I told him I had managed to get in some DIY every day. This talk was getting us both randy, and we were drawing closer, and starting to touch each other; Cliff felt up my tits and I leaned over and nibbled his lip and then gave him a good deep French kiss.

“OK Cliff, let me tell you what I think will make me cum while you’re inside me. What I want you to do is to rub my clit with your fingers while you’re screwing me. And at the same time it’ll help if you have a finger up my bum — I know it sounds impossible, and I tried it with your dad and it didn’t work, but you’re much lighter and you’ve got lovely long fingers. “I think we’ll need some practice and you might have to keep your penis in me for a while, so before we start that I think we need to take the edge off your sex drive and get you ready for a good long screw — so what shall we do for starters before the main course?”

I leaned across and gave him another deep kiss, rubbing his chest and gradually moving my hand towards where I knew his hard prick would be, just giving him a light brush to keep up his interest. I had thought about just tossing him off at the table but I didn’t want to do what his girlfriend had just done – but then an idea came to me. I asked him if he had any girlie mags he could show me. He told me he had a pile (of course like all mums I already knew this) but that one of the lorry drivers had brought in some Continental mags and given them to the warehouse lads a couple of weeks ago. The mag he had was called “Erotique” and he seemed only too happy to go and bring it down.

So we sat together at the table looking through what to me was the filthiest mag I’d seen. The boys in the garage where I worked used to leave the usual British girlie mags lying around, which had recently started to show the girls’ fannies — before they’d been airbrushed out. This foreign mag had all sorts of stuff — girls in their early 20’s, older women my age and a couple of women who must have been at least 70. It had a photo story with what Cliff said were French captions about 2 middle aged women who take in their car for repair and end up screwing the mechanics (I think this was why he wanted me to see the mag!).

I asked him which picture was his favourite when he was wanking and he turned to a photo of a fair haired woman in her early forties, who I have to say did have lovely tits and a fanny nearly as swollen and wet as mine was right then. That was OK then. Right at the back was a so-called lesbian section, where two girls in their thirties pouted and pretended to kiss and feel each other up. The final shot was where one girl was spanking the other and that gave me the idea…

“Cliff, halkalı escort what do you think about that girl spanking the other… I could quite fancy a bit of that. I had a boyfriend once who liked to spank me before we went to bed and it really got me going. I tried it with dad a few times but he didn’t really like doing it.”

Cliff was nodding and smiling, so I got him ready for action. I stood him up, kissed him and as quickly as I could took off his shirt and jeans and underwear as I wanted him stark naked for what I had in mind.

“Right love, I think you need to know I’ve been a very naughty old mum, I deserve a good spanking or I’ll never get any better, so bend me over the table, pull up my skirt, push my knickers down to my knees and give me 6 of the best…”.

There were no ifs or buts. Cliff just got on with it. He was quite rough with me, pushing me right down until my tits were squashed flat, pushing up my skirt and then pulling my white knickers down just enough to uncover my bum cheeks. He took a few strokes to get used to hitting me squarely with the flat of his palm, but soon I felt the sting as each slap hit one and then the other of my cheeks fairly and squarely. I could see his hard prick swinging from side to side as he spanked me. He was clearly enjoying this more perhaps than I had imagined. He also got into the filthy talk too —

“There you’ve been so naughty mum, I warned you this is what would happen and you deserve every spank you’re getting, just open your legs a bit more, yes I thought so your pussy is all puffed up and wet, I bet you’ve been thinking about all the guys in the garage, and their big hard pricks, isn’t that what you think about when you rub yourself off, if it’s not that it’s something else just as naughty…”

Getting spanked turned me on in a different way from usual — it felt sharper and urgent. I regretted not being on the pill already, as after the spanking and filthy talk I just wanted Cliff to enter me from behind very hard and very quickly. Instead I told him to stop, to go and get a rubber from his bedroom and also to get out the wooden ruler from the odds and ends drawer in the living room. This was an old school 12″ ruler which was much thicker than normal wooden rulers. He went off and was back in a flash.

“Right sweetheart, get that Durex on you now, give me 3 good swipes on each cheeks with that ruler and then get your prick inside me and screw me really hard.”

I couldn’t resist turning my head to watch him rolling on the rubber — it just looked so sexy. He had a huge smile on his face as he took up the ruler, gave me a really hard swipe on my right bum cheek, and then did as instructed — 5 more really stinging swipes, then he moved up behind me, I wriggled down to bring my fanny into easy reach of his penis, Cliff moved up to my bum, and went in deep in my fanny first time, which made me gasp as I still was getting used to sex again after the long break. He pushed up my blouse and pushed by bra up off my tits, and squeezed them so hard I gasped. Oh my goodness, I thought my son likes giving it to me a bit rough, and I thought he was only a soft gentle boy. How wrong could a girl be?

He lasted longer than I’d thought he would, but even so it wasn’t long before he said oh mum I love you I love you and I felt him filling the rubber with his spunk. We were both gasping for breath as he pulled his prick out of me and sat down.

“Goodness mum, that was brilliant.. I didn’t really hurt you did I? I’ve never done any spanking before but it’s really great isn’t it? I just loved seeing your fanny while I was doing it — that ruler is perfect.”

I was a complete mess with my knickers around my ankles, skirt and blouse all over the place and my tits half in and half out of my bra. The best thing to do was to take off my clothes so I was naked like my boy. I pulled him to his feet, hugged him and told him I loved him, and then led him by his prick to the bathroom.

“Come on love, we’re all sweaty — we need a wash down before we go to bed”.

It was nice that everything we did we made sexy and fun. I had a pee and Cliff watched and then he did the same. As we had so much time I said we should get into the bath together and we did, while the hot water ran in and the bubbles from the foam bath rose up around us. We lay at opposite ends and of course his prick soon started to stiffen again and I played with it with my toes. Then we both kneeled up facing each other and I soaped him all over. Of course his bum and balls got most attention. I had never really felt a man’s arse before and Cliff was of course really tight until I got him to relax and pushed a finger in — he seemed to like that.

Then it was his turn to soap me and he did a really good job, soaping my back and then of course my tits and pussy, ending up by turning me around and pushing me down so my bum was poking in the air. He rubbed the bar of soap against my bum hole, pushed his finger in and finger fucked me. He rinsed my bum and then did something I had never thought of — he kissed me between the cheeks, and ran his tongue around my arse. I knew some women let their men fuck them in their bums but I had never done this and it never appealed, but having Cliff gently rubbing and kissing me was very exciting.

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