Eat , Greet with a Famous Singer

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; any similarities with existing people is coincidental.


Some people say opposites attract, but in a relationship it’s not always easy. Take music, for example. My girlfriend absolutely loves modern pop music, most specifically the rising star Devonne Garza, to the point where she has posters and merchandise of her, ranging from mugs and keychains to bags and shirts. These are things I’d expect a teenager to hoard, not a grown woman, but the way she dotes on about Garza is insane.

She follows her on social media and makes it her life’s mission to comment on every damn thing her idol posts, in the hopes of getting noticed. With millions of followers and thousands of comments on her posts, there ain’t no way the famous singer will tell her apart from the rest. Hell, she probably never even reads her fans’ raving replies herself.

But my dear Ana doesn’t get that. She faithfully pulls out her phone when she hears that annoyingly loud ding, a notification sound different from emails and other messages so she immediately knows her favorite star has posted something new. With a smile she’ll tap away at the screen at incredible speed, ensuring she not only posts a lengthy, loving message, but also ends up as one of the first to send her idol her love.

The truth is, sometimes it infuriates me, that obsession with a celebrity. All right, I admit, maybe it’s also in part because this Devonne Garza is basically a prettier me – and I’m confident enough about myself to admit that. She’s more beautiful, plain and simple, and has a body to die for.

But Devonne is a world famous singer who doesn’t even know Ana exists, while I am right here by her side, every day. Yet even in our most intimate moments, that high pitched sound of her phone will snap her out of it and redirect her attention to Devonne.

Recently Ana went on about how, for her most loyal of fans, Devonne offered a very exclusive chance to meet her in person after her upcoming concert, and not just a regular five-second meet & greet where most fans hardly even process the fact that they’re standing before their idol. No, this arrangement was going to be a private meeting behind the scenes along with dinner, a photoshoot that would be posted on Garza’s social media, and access to a party at the star’s own house.

To win this meet and greet, you just had to buy the already exclusive VIP tickets, write a little note of motivation and, of course, get lucky.

Despite not having much interest in these celebs, Ana talked about her so much that I knew plenty of trivia. One of the things that stuck with me were the rumors of her being trouble, something Ana obviously was quick to dismiss as jealous talk from rival singers or their fans. She even mentioned, on a few occasions, negative fan reviews of meet and greet events, but she always seemed convinced that these were made up, or that the fans in question just weren’t true fans after all.

But Devonne’s negative demeanor didn’t seem so outlandish to me. She did have a bit of a bitchy face, in my eyes anyway, and usually where there’s smoke, there’s a fire (starter).

I was confident that if Ana were to meet her idol, she would, at worst, realize that she’s not her friend, but just another one of her millions of fans, and at best she would turn on her if Devonne turned out to be a stone cold bitch as I expected.

Knowing Ana wouldn’t be buying those expensive tickets herself, I saw a chance to catch two birds with one stone. Even if I didn’t win the VIP arrangement, the regular VIP tickets would make for a great gift for Ana’s 30th birthday on their own. It was going to be a win either way.

Thanks to Ana’s constant raving about Garza, I knew that such limited tickets would sell out within seconds, but thankfully I got lucky enough to secure two of the twelve VIP tickets for the show, the one on my girlfriend’s birthday no less. Even just one of the tickets was more expensive than the average gift we’d normally get each other, but I knew that this was going to make her happy and if I got lucky, she’d be disappointed by Devonne in person and stop fawning over her.

Two days later I got an email from Devonne Garza herself, or at least under her name. She had actually recognized Ana’s name in my motivational message and hand-picked us, so she could reward a true, loyal fan. It came as a surprise to me, considering I was convinced she never even opened up her social media accounts herself, but either way we had ourselves a meet and greet. I, too, was invited despite the giveaway details specifically mentioning one winner, and she wrote that as if that was a great honor for me. Of course, I was glad to be invited so I could be there when Ana came back to reality, and into my arms.

In the days leading up to the concert, I was actually less bothered by Ana’s social media spree whenever Devonne posted something, and I’m not entirely sure why. I suppose I knew deep down that she was genuinely obsessed with the woman mecidiyeköy escort and couldn’t help it, like any other addiction – and that was all the more reason to get this over with.

On Ana’s birthday, just after we celebrated with a lengthy, all-inclusive spa session, she and millions of other fans received a new message from Devonne. In the sauna, while typing another slightly excessive declaration of love and loyalty, Ana asked me rhetorically how amazing it would be to meet Devonne in person. I feigned ignorance and Ana showed me the recent post, which view and comment count rose by hundreds in the few seconds I looked at it.

Below the rather revealing photo of the singer, who was making the lewd cunnilingus sign with her fingers and tongue, was a hand-written message stating she can’t wait to meet the lucky fan tonight. Dozens of new messages scrolled by meanwhile, ranging from the usual barrage of emojis to badly worded declarations of love, and there were more than a few implications that one fan was about to “get lucky” or “get the chance to serve the goddess”. I shrugged these messages off as mindless ravings, but the amount of such replies made me feel a little uneasy.

Playing stupid, I asked Ana what she would say if she were to meet Devonne.

After a slight pause, Ana smiled shyly and whispered, “I’d ask her if she’s gay.”

She saw my shock and put a hand on my arm. “Sorry babe,” she said worryingly. “You know I love you. But come on, if she’d be open to it…can you blame me?”

Before I could respond, or even think about how to respond, she laughed it off. “Honestly, I’d probably just whimper and pass out. But it would be worth it!”

I prayed that it would be the latter but decided to play along and, with a sly smile on my face, knelt between her legs and placed a few kisses on her sweaty thighs. Looking up sheepishly at her I pulled her towel over my head and, as I started kissing her lovely lips, whispered, “just pretend I’m Devonne, then.”


As the evening neared, I told her to get dressed fancy for dinner. When she asked how fancy, I winked and suggested she’d dress like she were to meet Devonne. Again she made me doubt my decisions when she sheepishly grinned and said, “so, no panties?”

I just forced a smile and shoved her into the bedroom. I assumed that she was just playing on our little encounter at the spa, but it wasn’t really sitting well with me. I knew she found Devonne irresistible, but it wasn’t easy hearing her be so vocal about it.

During the drive to the concert, her comments as well as those on Devonne’s social media post kept going through my head. I knew, of course, that Ana had a girl crush on Devonne Garza, but I always just assumed it was more of an inspirational thing. I should’ve known better, I suppose, with Devonne quite obviously being exactly her type. I shrugged it off and told myself not to worry, and reminded myself that despite the popstar obsessions of Ana, we totally love each other dearly and deeply.

Throughout the trip she kept asking where we were going and if we were almost there yet, but she didn’t make the connection until we finally neared the huge arena, where large banners of Devonne’s face and annoyingly beautiful body welcomed us from well over a mile away. It was only now that I consciously noticed how striking the singer really was, as I never really paid too much attention to her before.

Ana, finally realizing the gift I had in store for her, promptly lost her shit. Like a little girl she screamed, cried and hugged me to the point where I nearly rammed another car off the road. The remainder of the journey, which consisted of a good half hour of crawling traffic surrounded by like-minded, hysterical fans, was filled with hysterical laughter and she thanked me close to a hundred times in the span of ten minutes.

Just when Ana calmed down a bit, she noticed that the ticket I showed the traffic control guy opened up a different path, one towards the back of the arena. She grabbed my arm tight and just stared at me in a mix of disbelief and childlike joy. Knowing the question she was trying to ask, I smiled and told told her the three letters she wanted to hear: VIP.

At the VIP entrance in question, a sharp-dressed man helped my trembling girlfriend out of the car, and I handed another one my keys with a nod and silent thank-you. We were guided inside along with two other fans who had arrived just a few seconds prior, but Ana didn’t even hear their excited greetings and questions. They could see that she was completely overwhelmed and waved off my apology but then, to my surprise, one of them exclaimed her name. I frowned and asked the fan, who was still in her teens, how she knew my girlfriend’s name. The woman accompanying her, which I can only assume was her mother, told me that Ana runs a somewhat popular fanpage about Garza, a page that the singer herself even commented on a few times in her posts. Apparently, as the young girl excitedly told aksaray escort me while I practically dragged Ana along to our seats, my girlfriend had been so supportive of her idol that Devonne acknowledged the fanpage brought in a few more fans every day.

Feeling oddly proud, if not disappointed that I never knew about this, I joined the mother and daughter in the row of VIP seats. Having only been to two, small concerts before myself, I was rather impressed by the scope of this event but with Ana still mostly in a state of spiritual absence, I now had to listen to the all too familiar excitement of the fans beside me.

By the time the show started I had heard, once more, almost every bit of trivia that Ana told me time and again. But, unlike Ana, the mother and daughter had been to nearly two dozen Garza concerts already, all of them VIP arrangements. Clearly, the mother had money to spare, and the daughter was definitely on Ana’s tier of fangirl madness.

They were genuinely happy for us, and said the regular VIP experience with just a short meet and greet was already amazing for true fans, let alone our super special arrangement.

In fact, they had already met Devonne a few times before, and assured me that Ana was going to be absolutely smitten by her. Not what I wanted to hear, of course, but I smiled nonetheless.

I half expected Ana to jump up and rush on stage when Devonne Garza arrived, but she managed to keep the excitement to a minimum, or maybe she was shaking too much. Meaning, she only shouted her lungs out in a continuous, five minute lasting wail of madness, just barely matched by those of the fans next to me.

Devonne, who strutted around the edge with a confidence most of us only have in our dreams, blew kisses and winked at the sea of fans, but mouthed a special “thank you” to us in the VIP row, a small act that no doubt warmed the hearts of these extra loyal fans.

Up close, I could only admit that she was a sight to behold. She wore an all too revealing bodysuit, and her makeup was heavy but very sensual. Her voice, too, was sultry and I started to understand why my lovely girlfriend was so taken by her. For a split second, it almost felt like Devonne herself saw the realization in my eyes as she winked at me, but it probably was just aimed at us all together.

The concert itself was over in a heartbeat, only because I actually quite enjoyed the music – not that I would ever admit that to Ana, of course. Well aware of the arrangements of the regular VIP packages, Ana was rather giddy that she’d get to meet Devonne real quick and even get a picture taken together. She hadn’t stopped smiling since the moment we arrived at the arena, but I realized my mistake of not telling her about the ultimate gift when we arrived at Devonne’s dressing room.

Gone was the joyful, spirited fangirl when the rather tall security guy kept us out when the other fans entered. Even at less than half the guy’s size, Ana was well and ready to fight him to enter the room and meet her idol. Confused, the security guy took a few hits to the chest that he probably didn’t even feel, before I could wrap my arms around her tight and whispered that we were getting something even better. Surprised for the third time on her birthday, she calmed her frenzy and slowly turned to face me.

“What do you mean?” She managed to stammer, barely keeping herself together.

“Well, that lucky fan she mentioned earlier,” I paused dramatically. “That’s you!”

Even the otherwise stoic guard couldn’t help but smile broadly at Ana’s breakdown. She hugged me tight and didn’t let go for minutes, all the while crying tears of joy. When she finally did let go, it was only to assault me with kisses, and I started to feel bad for doing all this with the hopes of Devonne breaking her fangirl bubble.

Thankfully, the quick photoshoots Garza was doing with her fans in the meanwhile provided Ana with enough time to calm down again and gather her senses, somewhat. She was, of course, still hyperactive but could at least stand on her own feet without fainting. Incredibly, it was only now, after what must have been half an hour after the concert, that she reached for her phone. Before she had the chance to type anything, however, the door opened and Ana promptly dropped her phone on the carpeted floor.

There she was. Devonne Garza. Even I was impressed by the sight of her, and I wasn’t even obsessed with her. She looked absolutely stunning in her short, black dress that exposed as much of her thick thighs and voluminous breasts as possible without outright exposing everything. Yet she seemed elegant, somehow, and her hair was changed to a more royal updo compared to the wild and loose style she wore during the concert. The speed of her stylists was a feat of its own, I thought to myself, and the result was incredible. She smiled broadly at my girlfriend, her arms wide as she approached.

“Ah, dear Ana,” she cooed, and practically forced my petrified Ana into a quick hug nişantaşı escort followed by a kiss on the cheek. “You look stunning, you could be one of my dancers just like that.”

Ana, of course, was too awestruck to even respond, but Devonne was patient enough to wait it out, even if it resulted in nothing but a soft thank you from my girlfriend.

Devonne turned to me for the slightest of moments and gave me what I can only describe as a threatening glance, but she feigned a smile right after.

“You’re such a kind girlfriend,” she whispered warmly. When she leaned in to hug me as well, I could smell her enchanting perfume, and all I could think was how beautiful her eyes were up close. I cursed myself for even thinking about her like that, but I knew she had noticed my interest.

She snapped her finger at her blonde assistant, who had silently followed her into the room and watched us with a warm smile of her own. The young woman bowed and left in a hurry, leaving the three of us alone. Devonne motioned at us to sit down, but positioned herself on the couch in such way that I was practically excluded from their conversation right away. I barely registered the things they talked about, paying more attention to how Devonne was slightly adjusting so that she was sitting between Ana and myself, with her back turned towards me and blocking me from Ana’s view.

I couldn’t really participate in their conversation anyway, as they started talking about the concert, Ana’s fanpage, and all sorts of things I knew nothing about. I was quickly feeling like the third wheel, and resigned to just awkwardly sit there while they talked. I had to concentrate to keep myself from staring at her thighs and ass, which were hard to ignore.

Ana was surprisingly casual and open, though I knew she was probably sweating up and trembling fiercely, and Devonne was acting very warm and welcoming to her obsessed fan.

While part of me was genuinely happy that Ana was having the time of her life with her idol, I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that Garza wasn’t being the massive letdown that I had hoped for.

Luckily, the assistant came back after just a few minutes. Devonne stood up and took Ana’s hand in a way that felt a little too intimate to me, as if she was her date or something. I reasoned that I did basically win a date with Devonne for my girlfriend, but with me present I only assumed the singer would be acting accordingly. Alas, I had to trail behind as the two walked hand in hand after the assistant, who led us to the stretch limo waiting outside. The assistant herself could’ve easily been mistaken for a model, and I wondered for a bit what it must be like to be in Devonne’s shadow all the time.

This time, I strategically sat down in the middle of the half circle seats before Devonne could block me out, and I made sure to hold my girlfriend’s hand for her to see. Garza, however, seemed unfazed by it and just sat back with a confident smile, knowing full well she still had my dear Ana’s undivided attention. She snapped her fingers again, and the lights dimmed to create a purple and blue ambiance.

As it turned out, my centered seating only emphasized my exclusion as they talked and talked, and the only times I was asked something by Devonne was when the singer knew I wouldn’t have anything meaningful to add, further putting me down while she was quickly befriending my lover and soulmate. I had to fight back the urge to lash out at her, how she was being overly nice and even a little seductive towards my girlfriend, but I knew that would only make me look like the bad girl in this situation.

To make matters worse, every now and then Devonne Garza would playfully run a finger down my arm and even over my leg, just out of Ana’s field of view. I didn’t dare look at her or pull away but even with my growing disdain for her I couldn’t deny that she was an incredibly seductress.

Her soothing voice and the smiles she gave my girlfriend, especially when she chirped on about how much she loved her, where enough to make even me nearly ready to just surrender to her here and now. Her intoxicating perfume didn’t help, either, and I wondered what would’ve been happening now if I wasn’t interfering between her and Ana.

When the limo came to a sudden stop and the doors flew open I sighed in relief. I exited a little lightheaded and when I turned to help my girlfriend out of the car, Devonne had already beaten me to it. I noticed the flashes of paparazzi cameras across the street, and sighed when I realized I’ll probably look like some disgruntled ex on the gossip websites tonight. I was startled when Devonne suddenly threw her arm around my waist as well and dragged us both towards the hillside mansion, where a couple dozen of Garza’s friends awaited us. I couldn’t help but notice Devonne’s impressive grip as she effortlessly guided us both forward.

Inside, she introduced us to a few of her friends, some of which were at least somewhat famous, judging by Ana’s reactions. Devonne seemed almost proud to present Ana, and to a lesser extent me, to her friends, like we were some sort of trophies for her to display. Ana probably would be okay with just that, I thought to myself, and I had to focus on smiling so as not to look like a bitch.

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