Educating Kyra Ch. 02

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Kyra looked around and grinned; the coast was clear. Tightening her light gray raincoat around her body, she hurried her pace until she reached the steps of the teacher’s dorms building. Glancing around her once again, Kyra entered in the building and quickly climbed the stairs, running toward her Uncle Jon’s room.

Once she stepped in front of his door, Kyra stopped there for a second, a grin playing in her lips and a tingling in her pussy as her mind went back to what had been happening between them in the last month. Since that day when he had asked her to come with him to his room, she had experienced a 360º change. Not that anyone other than her uncle had noticed it, no… Kyra was smart enough to not show that change to everyone else. Her friends still thought her their innocent, virgin friend who blushed at their stories, but little did they know that Kyra had tried in just one month more than they would ever try in years! Her uncle Jon had made sure of that.

As she stood there, a wandering hand strayed into her coat, parting it and sliding downward until it reached the hem of her short skirt. Lifting it, Kyra’s hands delicately rubbed her naked pussy. Her uncle loved it that way; he loved to see her wearing her school uniform, looking all cute and innocent but knowing that under that green and blue plaid skirt, her pussy was exposed, ready for him to fuck her in any minute. And as much as Jon loved it, Kyra loved to tease him every time she could. There was nothing Kyra enjoyed more than seating right in front of his desk while they were in class and delicately spread her legs until he could see the brown curls that protected her core and how her pink folds parted like a flower. In moments like those, Kyra could see how sweat beaded in his upper lip and how his hard on pressed against his slacks, knowing that once they were out of class he would fuck her like a madman in any secluded corner they could find, just lifting her skirt and fucking her from behind in the way the both of them liked it the most. Kyra felt her pussy instantly wet and she smiled. She loved being her uncle’s slut!

Taking her hand from her pussy, Kyra knocked at the door and then entered in the room before she heard a response.

“What the-“ Jon exclaimed and then turned around with an angry look that slipped away as soon as he saw Kyra leaning against the closed door.

“Good morning, Mr. Markman.” Kyra greeted sensually and Jon felt his cock hardening at once. She was surely a sight that would make any man hard; she was wearing a short raincoat that barely hit her above her mid thigh open in the front, showing an extremely short baby blue skirt and a white shirt that hugged her upper body nicely. “Are you ready for our trip?” Kyra added and Jon pointed the open suitcase that lay on his bed.

“Yes… You?” He asked and Kyra nodded as she walked toward him. Resting her hands on his stomach, she looked up at him and wetted her lips with her tongue.

“I already packed last night… I wanted to have some time off today.” She answered as her hand moved downward to finally cup his cock in it. Jon groaned and then his hands went to her butt, stroking her naked flesh under her skirt.

“What were you planing to do this morning, Kyra?” He asked knowing fully well what she had in mind. Softly squeezing his cock, Kyra murmured.

“I thought that you might let me… suck you, professor.” She explained and Jon grinned. That was an offer he couldn’t say no to! Kissing her, Jon backed off toward the bed with Kyra in his arms and then sat down on it, leaving Kyra free to accomplish her task. She quickly fell on her knees and swiftly unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his cock from its prison with an appreciative cry before hungrily wrapping her luscious lips around its tip to suck his precum off.

Jon entangled his fingers with her long hair and let her work in her own. Kyra was now an expert cocksucker; actually, she was somehow an addict… Every time she could, she would have his cock in her mouth, sucking it masterly. As she had told him several times before, the feeling of his cock in her mouth made her feel bad and slutty, and that was the reason she loved it so much.

As her lips touched the base of his cock, Jon took a brief moment to wonder how he’d manage to stay away from Kyra now that he was taking her home to visit her father and he had decided to come along to pay his half-brother a visit. Yet again, if everything went as he planned, they wouldn’t have to stay away from each other at all…

That was his last conscious thought; Kyra’s mouth was sending him to paradise and he wasn’t going to miss that with silly philosophy… He began to pump his cock into her mouth and before long, Jon spurted his semen in her, enjoying the delighted sounds Kyra made as she swallowed his cum. Kyra then licked his shaft clean and once she was done, she looked up at him with her eyes shining with lust.

“My cunt is burning, Mr. Markman.” She said lowly and kartal escort then gave his dick one long lick from its base to its tip and he groaned.

“Stand up, slut!” Jon ordered and Kyra grinned inwardly as he obeyed him. She walked toward his desk and then posed her hands on it, leaning forward and spreading her legs so her coat and skirt rode up her hips exposing naked pussy. Looking over her shoulder, she gave her uncle a provocative look.

“Do you think my father would mind if I don’t wear panties around the house?” Kyra asked and Jon grinned as he walked toward her. His hand easily found its way to her cunt and his fingers swiftly entered in her as she moaned in pleasure.

“I’m sure your father will love to see your naked pussy right in front of his eyes, Kyra… Maybe you’ll have to show him that you’re not a little girl anymore.” Jon muttered in her ear as he finger-fucked her. As he did, an idea crept up in him, looking more perfect with every passing second. He kept pleasing Kyra and when he felt her inner walls beginning to contract around his fingers, he stopped his actions and Kyra cried out in frustration.

“Please, uncle! I need to come so badly!” Kyra begged and Jon smirked.

“Only if you promise me that once we’re at your house, you’ll do your best to have your daddy fucking his little slut!” He murmured hoarsely in her ear and Kyra’s head bolted up.

“My dad?!” She asked in disbelief, but then an image of her father fucking her appeared in her mind and it was so erotic, that she could feel her body shuddering with the beginnings of her orgasm.

“I will, uncle Jon… I promise! Now please make me cum!” She exclaimed and Jon rammed his fingers into her pussy, making her come with a loud cry.

Jon continued moving his fingers in her until Kyra begged him to stop. He took them out of her pussy and then she turned around, a satisfied expression in her face.

“I love it when you finger fuck me, uncle John!” Kyra exclaimed and then threw her arms around his neck, pressing her body tight against his. Jon gave her niece a hearty butt squeeze and then gave her one playful spank.

“Get ready now, you slut… Your daddy awaits.” He ordered and then planted a deep kiss in her lips. She nodded and then ran out of his room to get her own suitcase from her room.


Kyra shifted in her seat as they made the few miles that separated St. Catherine’s from her father’s house in a neighbor county. Jon was busy driving, but Kyra couldn’t help but thinking of what he had asked her to do. How would she make her father fuck her? He barely paid any attention to her, to begin with! Besides, it couldn’t be right; since when a father would fuck his own daughter? It was a sin!

But no matter how sinful it might be, her brain wouldn’t stop picturing images of her strong, handsome father fucking her. Kyra had all sort of pictures in her mind; with her father on top, or him ramming his dick in her from behind with his hands playing with her nipples, some others with her on top riding her dad’s big cock. Each of those mental pictures was very exciting, and Kyra found herself looking forward to the task her uncle had given her.

Meanwhile, Kyra needed to do something about the moistness she could feel between her legs. Startling her uncle, she parted her legs as wide as she could in the limited space of the car and began to play with her clit.

Jon stared at her without believing his eyes. Kyra had surely turned into the slut he wanted her to be, he just couldn’t believe it hadn’t taken him more than one or two sessions of “teaching” to develop her hidden personality. Grinning, one of his hands left the steering wheel and joined hers.

He teased for a while before she murmured lowly.

“I need your cock, uncle Jon… I need to feel it inside of me!”

Kyra moved a bit and with just one simple twist of her hand, she had his cock in her fist, pumping it fast. Jon slowed the car a bit so he could enjoy of her attentions without getting the both of them killed. As he stared at her, Kyra unbuttoned her shirt with her free hand and Jon groaned when he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any bra. Kyra noticed his look and smiled sensually.

“I don’t like to wear underwear when you’re around, professor.” She teased him.

On one second she was unbuttoning her clothes and the next, she was straddling his hips and sliding his cock into her dripping pussy, surprising Jon. Kyra didn’t give him a chance to complain; soon enough she was riding him as if there was no tomorrow. Jon thanked God that the road was a lonely one… He didn’t want to be the comment of the neighborhood!

As her breasts bounced against his face, Jon saw the Matheson mansion in the distance.

“Kyra… We need to… stop!” He exclaimed as she gripped his cock with her inner muscles. “Fuck!”

“I can’t stop now, uncle Jon… I need your cock so badly!” kaynarca escort Kyra said lowly as she slowed the pace. Jon mumbled something in disappointment, but he couldn’t stop it either… Her pussy was a sweet paradise for him.

Jon took the last turn in the road and as if she knew, Kyra slowed the pace once again until he stopped the car in front of the intercom at the big iron gates. He pressed a button and once a voice came through it, Kyra began to move faster again. Moaning lowly, he said into the intercom.

“Jon here, James… I have… Kyra… with me…” He panted as he answered the butler’s question.

Meanwhile, Kyra was gently sucking his neck as she rode him, driving him insane with pleasure and as they slowly made their way to the house, Jon spurted his cum in her pussy, making Kyra come as well.

Kyra squealed in his ear and then left his lap at once, going back to her seat and buttoning her shirt. She then stretched her hand to give her uncle’s cock a few strokes and then gently tucked it into his pants, so they could look half decent when they met her father.

“God, uncle Jon.. It’s gonna be so hard to stay away from you while we’re here! These are gonna be two long weeks… ” She murmured and Jon grinned inwardly. If his plans came true, Kyra would enjoy of two long weeks of good fucks!


Kyra finished cleaning herself and then left the bathroom, allowing Jon to go in right after her. She fixed her clothes in front of the big mirror in the reception, staring closely at her reflection to check if there was any signal of what had happened in the car… She wanted to look like the picture of innocence for her father.

Jon walked out of the bathroom and they both followed James, the butler, who waited for them in the opposite corner of the room. They walked along the long corridors of her house and Kyra looked around, but without really seeing it. Her mind was focused in her plan.

“Remember what you promised me.” Jon murmured in her ear and Kyra gave him a sly grin.

“I would never forget it, Uncle Jon.” She answered simply with a lustful spark in her hazel eyes.

James knocked at the door of her father’s study and a low voice instructed them to come in. As they entered in the nicely decorated study, Kyra stared at her father. How come she hadn’t noticed how handsome he was? He was in his early fifties, but he still looked fit and elegant. His brown hair showed no trace of gray and his green eyes didn’t miss a single detail. Kyra felt a familiar tingle between her legs as her eyes slid over his body. He had broad shoulders and a plain stomach; a body most men his age would kill for. Once James stepped aside, Kyra decided to begin with her plan at once. Putting on the most childish grin she could come up in her lips, Kyra ran toward Andrew Matheson and threw herself in his arms.

“Hi, daddy! I missed you so much!” She exclaimed as she pressed her breasts against his chest, hoping he’d start noticing that his daughter was no longer a little girl. She placed a kiss on his cheek, quite close to his lips and then looked up at him with a big smile. “Did you miss me?”

Andrew stared at his daughter with a stunned look. Kyra had certainly grown up since the last time he had seen her about six months ago. She was a beauty and as far as he could say by the way she had pressed her young body against his, he could say that she was a full-grown woman now. Her ripe breasts pushed against his chest and as he gave them one quick glance, he noticed that without being enormous, Kyra had nice sized breasts that would please any man and the thought struck in his head like a lightning. Was he lusting after his own daughter? Luckily, Kyra stepped back and walked toward the nearest armchair. Andrew busied himself greeting his half-brother and then he turned his attention back to her daughter.

Jon could barely hold his smile back as he stared at Andrew. He was studying his daughter with plain lust shining in his eyes as Kyra made a show of leaning back on the armchair, arching her back until her nipples poked against her shirt. Kyra smiled at her father and then invited him to sit down beside her as Jon sat down on a comfortable armchair beside them to study Kyra’s movements, his cock beginning to swell.


As time went by, Jon could see Kyra tearing each and every one of her father’s barriers down. She would hug him, kiss him, acting as any other loving daughter would do, but Jon could see the way she pressed her breasts against his arm, or how her hand would occasionally rub his knee or pat his thigh. He had noticed the way Andrew gave her breasts quick, subtle glances and he knew that his brother had noticed that his little girl wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Uncle Jon!” Kyra’s giggly voice took him out of his daydream.

“Yes, darling?” He said and he noticed the sly spark in her eyes.

“Do kozyatağı escort you want a drink? I will bring daddy some whisky… What can I bring you?” She asked and she parted her legs a bit, showing him her naked core. Jon shifted in her seat and murmured.

“I want some whisky too.”

Kyra gave her father one last kiss and then stood up, walking toward the bar at one side of the study, swaying her hips for both men’s delight.

Kyra looked around, but she couldn’t find any bottle near. With an innocent smile, she turned to her dad and asked.

“Dad, where are the bottles?” She asked.

“On the other side of the bar, darling.” He answered and she gave him a radiant smile.

“Thank you, daddy!” She said and without further notice, she leant over the bar to take the bottles from the inside, giving both men a gentle display of her naked butt.

Andrew’s eyes grew wide at the sight of his baby girl’s exposed ass. Fuck! His cock grew to even bigger proportions in his pants when she posed a foot on one of the skirting boards of the rustic brick bar to help herself and causing her pussy lips to open up, showing him some of her pink flesh. Was she aware of that? He gave his half brother a quick glance to check if he was enjoying of the same sight, but he was busy looking out the window. Turning his eyes back to Kyra, he saw her smiling at him, so he gave her a reassuring one back as she walked toward them with two whisky glasses in her hands. She handed one to her uncle, giving Andrew another glimpse of her ass and then she turned toward him, leaning forward and showing a fair bit of her cleavage.

“Thank you, Kyra.” He murmured hoarsely and Kyra sat down beside him.

Kyra pressed her body against him and gave the glass a longing look.

“Daddy… Can I drink some?” Kyra asked with a slight childish tone and Andrew gave her a curious look.

“You’re too young, Kyra.” He answered in an admonishing tone and Kyra gave him a surprised look.

“I’m 18, daddy… In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a woman now!” She answered and Andrew shifted in his seat, his cock almost in pain in his trousers. “I’m sure I can manage some whisky!”

Jon chuckled lowly. She was such a natural! She would have her father eating from her hand, or rather fucking her mindlessly in any minute.

Kyra stood up and walked to the bar once again and took the bottle in her hand, absently stroking the neck of the bottle as if it was a small cock. She gave her father one pleading look and with a loud sigh, he nodded in resignation.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed and poured some whisky in a glass. She swallowed the amber liquid in one gulp under her father’s astonished stare.

“It seems that your little girl has grown up, Andrew.” Jon said and Andrew nodded silently as he stared at the way Kyra ran her tongue over her luscious lips.

“Can I have some more, daddy? Please?” Kyra begged and Andrew nodded. Kyra took another big gulp of whisky and then sat on one of the tall stools with a big smile. “Now I know why you like to drink this thing so much, daddy… It’s delicious!” She said cheerfully and Jon laughed.

“Take it easy with the whisky, Kyra… People always do wild things after having too much alcohol.” He murmured and Kyra had to hold back her laughter. He was giving her a clue, but she was doing this too well by herself.

“I’ll try to control myself, uncle Jon, but this is the best I’ve ever had in my life!” Kyra exclaimed naively and she then saw her father shifting in his seat. With a wicked grin, she parted her legs a bit, making her skirt roll up her thighs and giving her father an unspoiled view of her pussy. Andrew didn’t disappoint her; his eyes flew to her exposed flesh and stayed there for a few seconds.

Kyra did everything she knew to arouse her father. She spread her legs, her hands running up and down her thighs and she pushed her breasts a bit forward so her already hard nipples were noticeable through the fabric of her shirt.

Meanwhile, back in the armchair, Andrew was having a hard time hiding his erection from his daughter and his brother. His baby girl was driving him insane, every time he caught a glimpse of her naked flesh he wanted to do nothing but fuck her mindlessly, driving his big cock deeply into her while pinching those perky nipples that were begging for his mouth. Forgetting that his brother was around, he gave Kyra a sided, lustful grin and she giggled in return.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” She asked, imitating perfectly the slightly drunken accent.

“I’ve just noticed what a beautiful girl you are now, Kyra.” Andrew answered and Kyra smiled.

“Thank you, daddy.” She murmured standing up. She pretended to stagger her way back to the armchair and once she passed in front of her dad, she mocked a stumble and fell on Andrew’s lap. Laughing lightly, Kyra began to move over him, brushing her ass against his cock as she clumsily tried to stand up.

“Oh daddy, I’m so sorry!” Kyra exclaimed as she finally sat up, her panty-clad ass fully on top of his poking cock. With a sigh, Kyra rested her back against Andrew’s chest and then lay her head on his shoulder as she posed his hands on her belly. She shamelessly rubbed her ass against his hard on a few times and then closed her eyes.

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