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Time is fleeting. Eric understood that, he understood it better than probably most of his friends, acquaintances and business associates. While Eric did realize exactly how fleeting time was, it was only when he applied that knowledge to the rest of his life did he finally find a way to true happiness. Of course for Eric, like most men his age, happiness was closely tied to sex.

When he first became involved in a serious relationship, sex was a given. It was exciting, new, wildly experimental and just downright fun, however, as the relationship matured, sex, much like time, became a fleeting thing. Always adventurous and ready to introduce new and exciting things into his sex life, Eric crossed a line and found himself tossed out of his relationship as his old girlfriend began exploring her own new adventure with the woman he brought home to share.

Confusing? Yeah, not really, but who could have predicted both, previously heterosexual, women would discover their lesbian side the very night they spent together with Eric. What could he do but quickly pack and vacate the apartment that originally had been his?

After that sex became one one-night stand after another, degenerating to a quick fling in the afternoon and then finally some groping in bars and quick blow jobs in the alley. It was all so unsatisfying until he came to understand the nature bahis firmaları of time. Only then did he first begin to understand why the elevators at his office had operators, operators who merely asked, “What floor?” and then curtseyed and pushed a button when an occupant mumbled a number.

Only with his new found comprehension could he have noticed that there was something more going on here. Certain riders would lightly touch the elevator operator’s hand and then squeeze up tight against them as they rode up to their floor. Mind you, they squeezed against them even when the elevator was practically empty.

It only took a few days before he figured out the process and early the next week he decided to experience the true reward of an elevator ride at his office building. Now the elevator attendants remained in the same car for the entire month, so Eric had already decided to ride with a beautiful red haired woman, who, because of her heels, stood slightly taller than him. She had a lovely smile, a terrific body and smelled divine every time he rode her elevator.

Not one for public displays, Eric came to work very early that Monday and quickly slipped onto elevator five. He looked at the beautiful operator and waited as she smiled and asked, “What floor sir?”

“Twenty seven,” he replied. He actually worked on the fifth floor but wanted to kaçak iddaa be sure and have enough time, so he decided to ride up to the twenty-seventh and make his way back down later.

As the door closed behind him, he brushed his hand against the operator’s hand, slipping a five dollar bill into her nimble fingers. Even though they were the only ones on the elevator, he scooted over until his body rested against hers. He waited as she pressed the number twenty-seven.

“When the bell rings for the twenty-seventh floor this ride is over, you understand,” the operator whispered to him.

Eric nodded and then let her take his hand. She guided it up to the waistband of her shorts and then slipped it under her shorts and panties before releasing him to roam. He let his fingers linger a bit just inside the waistband of her panties and then began a slow descent through the soft, curly tufts of hair.

Imagining his fingers lolling in the tight red curls, he glanced up at her hair to enhance his mental picture, figuring her pubic hair was most likely a shade or two darker than that on her head. Noticing they were passing the ninth floor he quickly realized he shouldn’t dally and moved his hand downward, finding the invitingly soft folds of her pussy lips. He moved his fingers up and down, working the lips apart and just as they passed the fourteenth floor, he kaçak bahis felt her open up to him as his finger slipped into her warm wetness.

Savoring every millisecond, Eric explored the woman’s most delicate features moving his fingers in and out and then in slow circles. He caressed soft crevasses and undulant wet folds of flesh as the light on the control panel changed from twenty to twenty-one. Wanting more, he shoved his finger as deep as he could, feeling the operator press her hips forward helping him.

She moaned slightly on floor twenty-five but when the elevator dinged at twenty-seven, she quickly pulled away from him, extricating herself from his finger. Eric quickly pulled his hand from her panties and as the elevator door opened, he felt a cool breeze over his glistening wet finger as the operator smiled and said, “Twenty-seventh floor, thank you for riding.”

Eric stumbled into the elevator lobby, making sure not to brush his finger against anything. As the doors started to close he quickly said, “Thank you.” The beautiful red-haired elevator operator then disappeared behind the stainless steel doors. Watching himself in the reflection on the elevator doors, he slowly moved his finger to his mouth and touched his tongue to the wet skin.

The tart flavor was so intense he had to move over and sit down onto one of the sofas in the lobby. He remained there on the sofa savoring the dissipating flavor of the woman’s pussy. It was so wonderfully fleeting. Eric then stood up and rushed into the men’s room to take care of an urgent, but fleeting need.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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