Elevator Ride

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It’s almost noon and I’m waiting at an elevator in a 40 story office building. It’s raining hard outside. You come running into the lobby, out of breath, face flushed. Your tight, white top is soaked through. It’s immediately obvious you aren’t wearing a bra. I glance over and can’t help but steal a look at your hard nipples and deliciously round tits. I also glance down at your short skirt and sexy black boots.

You notice me and smile. “Wow…quite a storm out there, isn’t it?”

I’m glad to have a reason to look over at you. I smile back, “yes…it’s just getting everything…soaked…”

I can’t help but glance down at your chest again. You follow my gaze and look down at your front. That’s when you realize how see-through your top has become in the storm. You giggle and look back up at me. I am studiously concentrating on the elevator wondering why it’s taking so long.

You playfully punch my arm. “Why you NAUGHTY man!!” You laugh, “I think you were looking at my wet tits!!” I blush and glance over at you sheepishly. Your voice drops and gets just a bit husky, “and my hard nipples…hmmmm?” You move close to me. I can feel your gorgeous tits brushing up against my arm. Then I feel your hand cupping my hard cock in my slacks. You squeeze my hard shaft and laugh, “why, I DO think you liked the view!!”

At that moment the elevator arrives. You pull your hand quickly away from my now throbbing hardon and face towards the opening doors. I can hear you chuckle under your breath. The doors open and, amazingly, the elevator is empty. We both get on. I move to the corner. You stand right next to me even though there is plenty of room in the elevator. I’ve selected the 38th floor, you push the button for the 39th. I’m excited about the fact we are going to be riding all the way up together.

As soon as the doors close, you whirl around so you are facing me, pushing your body up against mine. You grab the zipper of my fly and start to undo my pants! “Really, sir…I don’t think it’s healthy for you to keep that very hard cock of yours all cooped up in those pants. holy family izle You could hurt yourself!”

I feel your hand working its way into my pants and freeing my hard cock from the confines of my underwear. You pull my cock through the opening of my fly and start to stroke it. We both look down. You are wearing an incredibly short skirt and you are pressing your pussy up against my thigh as you stroke my hard cock. Just at that moment, the elevator stops. The doors start to open on the 4th floor. You whirl around. I can feel your deliciously round and sexy ass pushing up against my hard cock. You look up at the numbers and glance at the 4 or 5 people getting on as though you are completely unaware of the red-faced man standing behind you.

As soon as the elevator starts to move again, I can feel you grinding your cute butt up against my exposed and throbbing cock. You reach over and grab the railing around the inside of the car to steady yourself. I can’t believe how hot and sexy you are. I’m just sure I’m going to shoot my hot cum all over your short little skirt any second.

The elevator only goes up a couple of floors and the group that had gotten on, gets off. As soon as they do, and the door closes, you flip up the hem of your skirt and pull your panties down. You bend over quickly and take them completely off. You turn around to face me and say, “don’t think I’ll need these for the rest of the ride…do you?” With that you tuck them into the inner pocket of my suitcoat and whirl back around.

When you are standing in front of me again, you bend over slightly and grab my cock. I can feel you guiding me towards your hot pussy. I bend my knees just a bit and angle my hips so I can enter you. Just as you start to slide your hot, wet cunt onto my hard shaft, the elevator bucks to a stop. I hear you gasp. The sudden stop forces my cock deep inside you. As the doors open, a loud and rowdy group of office workers gets on. I have a topcoat over my arm. I move it to the side of us to cover the fact my cock is buried deep in your wet pussy. hotel portofino izle

When the elevator resumes, you start to roll your hips back and forth. I can hear you moaning slightly under your breath. I’m glad the group that had gotten on is so noisy. My breathing is deep and ragged. I’m so hard inside you I’m sure I’m dripping precum in your hot cunt.

This is incredible. I’m fucking you in a tiny room full of strangers and no one has any idea. Or at least I don’t think they do…actually, your tight, wet pussy feels so good and my cock is so hard, I don’t even care. The elevator stops and starts a couple of times as it travels up maybe a dozen floors. Each sudden jolt forces my cock deep inside you and you gasp.

More people have gotten on. We are jostled up against the wall. You stand up and my cock slips from your pussy. You turn around to face me. You grab my head with both hands like a lover in a passionate embrace. I look down in your eyes as you say (seemingly for anyone who might be listening), “Oh, darling, I hate it that you still have to work this afternoon. I will miss you SOOOO much…” With that you force your tongue into my mouth in a passionate kiss. I put my arms around you and pull you close. At the same time, you wrap one leg around me and reach up so you can slide my throbbing cock into your wet pussy as we face each other.

I slide my hands down your body until I’m cupping your cute ass. I lift you slightly and pull you forward so my cock slides right into you. We continue to kiss and you start to grind hard up against me. I notice a few of our fellow passengers have glanced our way…but they cough and quickly look forward with embarrassment when I catch their eye.

We continue to kiss as my cock is buried deep inside you. My hands roam all up and down your body…teasing your hard nipples…cupping your hot, sexy ass…pulling you close to me. The other riders are pushing up against us, but it doesn’t stop me a for a second. My cock feels so incredible inside you. I don’t care who knows what house of hammer izle we’re doing and I don’t want the feeling to end. I have no idea how many floors we’ve gone when the elevator stops again. Either this was everyone’s floor, or our antics were making them too uncomfortable to stay. Either way, the elevator empties out.

As soon as the door closes, you turn around, bend over at the waist and grab the railing. Looking over your shoulder with wild lust in your eyes you say, “do it, mister…fuck me hard and shoot me full of your hot cum!!” I grab your waist and slam my hard cock inside you. I start to fuck you hard and deep, your full throated moans and gasps turning me on even more. As I’m pounding into you, you are pushing back against me, taking my thick, throbbing shaft deep into your hot, dripping box. We’re fucking hard and fast, like animals, as we continue to the upper floors. You start to cum hard and I can feel your slick, wet pussy walls grasping my hard cock. You are cumming harder and harder, orgasming over and over as you slam up against me. The sounds, the sensations…it’s all just too much. I grab your hips and bury my thick shaft inside you as I shout, “oh, FUCK, I’m shooting!! I’m cumming!!”

I unload an enormous blast of hot cum inside your dripping wet pussy. You keep pounding back against me as I fill you up with my hot jizz. My knees almost buckle but I hang on until I’m completely spent. My cock slips from your wet pussy lips and you turn to face me. You bend down and give my slick cock a quick kiss then you give me a peck on the cheek. I hear the “ding” of the elevator and the doors begin to open.

“Oooops…your floor!” I’m caught off guard as you push me out the door. I hear you laughing. I whirl around while putting my topcoat in front of my cock to hide it from anyone who might be coming down the hall.

As the doors are closing you are grinning at me and waving. With your other hand you flip up the hem of your skirt in front and I can see my hot, white cum dripping from your swollen pussy lips. You wave with a laugh and shout, “Bye!”

The doors close and you are gone. I make my way to the men’s room on shaky legs and clean up. Your panties, still in my suitcoat pocket, are proof I hadn’t dreamt the whole thing. All I can think about at my desk all afternoon is just how much I want to take another elevator ride with you!! WOW!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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