Embracing Who I Am

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Like all of my stories so far, this follows a young man who is turned out by an older man. This does not follow any previous story but it may start its own line depending on reactions and comments. P.S Sorry for my absence and I hope this makes up for it.


College, what a time to be alive where you can go somewhere to get drunk and party and then end up spending your life paying for. But it wasn’t too bad, I looked decent enough that I could go to these parties and still have time to apply for a few scholarships in between. I spent most of my freshman year trying to experience college like everyone says. Parties, late night studying, cramming, the usual thing. But in the back of my mind, I knew I was missing something, a gay experience.

I am straight, at least I was hoping so. But at 5’7 and 120 pounds, according to my gay friend Ryan, I would be better suited as a bottom. Though even if I was gay, I wouldn’t want a guy sticking anything where the sun don’t shine. But that thought always stuck in my mind. If I actually hung out with a guy, and things got sexual, would I be the one sucking the guys dick. It always hung around in my head but I didn’t think about it much until my sophomore year.

At the beginning of the year, I started to think about what Ryan told me. I am quite small compared to the average male, plus I was far from muscular or even toned. But constant looks in the mirror and the idea of being on my knees brought me to craigslist. I knew it wasn’t the best idea due to so many crimes being committed through the site but I wanted to remain anonymous, so no one around me would find out who wrote it.

I didn’t make my request too specific, but I didn’t want anyone extremely old so I set the bar at 55. Within the first few days, I received at least 25 emails from interested guys showing themselves off, usually with a request for me as well. I started to narrow down my search until I found a guy I found interesting. A 45 year old marketing director named Dave, who lived about 10 minutes from my college. I exchanged info with him, told him my situation and we spent the next two weeks emailing each other.

Throughout those two weeks, I spent some time learning about gay sex and how to prepare for it. One of the recurring themes that I picked up was, painful at first, pleasurable as it goes on. This idea scared me a bit so I hoped that if things did go south and I was being penetrated, Dave would know what he’s doing. I fingered myself sometimes to even see what the feeling is like and it did not seem too bad so I figured I might be ready for anything now.

After two weeks, I received an email with a very important question. “Dear Michael, I think we should meet up sometime soon, as we have been talking for two weeks about everything. I could rent a hotel nearby and we can hang out there. Nothing has to happen but if something does, at least we won’t have to worry about being caught. Hope to hear from you soon so I can set thing ups. From, Dave”.

“This is it”. I thought to myself as I wrote a reply, confirming my interest in meeting this mysterious man. His follow up email gave me an address of the hotel, which was a few miles away due to me living in a touristy town and a time I should meet him there at. I was very nervous but felt prepared. I had a few days until the meetup so I tried to focus on other things and not Dave.

As the days came and went, questions and thoughts raced through my head. “What’s going to happen in that hotel room, is he going to harm me, can I get through the meet up without falling to temptation?” My mind continued to act as such until the day arrived, and that was the day I figured out who I was and what I want in life.

Finally, I woke up the day I was supposed to meet Dave. I checked my phone because we were supposed to meet up at 2. My phone read 9:30 so I hopped out of bed, did some last minute research, showered, shaved, and got ready mersin escort for whatever may happen. I went out to my car, put the address into my GPS and drove on down to the hotel.

The hotel was pretty nice. 6 stories tall, fancy lobby area, buffet breakfast. It had the works and made me wonder how much Dave spent on the room. I journeyed up to his room on the third floor and admired how clean the hotel was, like someone went through and cleaned it well every few minutes. His room was a small walk down the hall but before I knocked, I had to swallow any doubt and any fear in my head. I knocked on the door and heard some footsteps, then it opened.

“I was hoping you were going to show up. I was going to leave without you.” Dave said, as he opened the door, allowing me a brief glimpse into the room. “You mind if we go for a walk, just so we can relax and enjoy the area?” He asked me.

“Sure, the city is nice this time of the day.” I told him. But being honest with myself, I didn’t know what I wanted. He looked more attractive than I thought, and his pictures did not flatter him. He had brown hair that still looked devoid of any grays, brown eyes that caught me once or twice staring into them, a toned body from what I can see in his arms and a smile that I loved looking at.

I started to feel confused as we left the hotel, I’m attracted to this guy, but I’m pretty sure I only like women. But honestly this guy was making me question that.

We walked around the surrounding area, checking out the shops and talking about past sexual encounters. Dave has been around a bit and says that out of men and women, he prefer men, which explained why I was there. My watch read 3:30 so we decided to head back to his room.

We got into the elevator and the door just close when I caught his eyes, then he leaned over and kissed me. It was so sudden I was not sure what to do, but my mind did tell me one thing, it was enjoyable. My mind told me to do that again and immediately, my face showed how confused I was with myself.

“I’m sorry, I know you are straight and I shouldn’t have rushed things but you look so cute and I was hoping you can come back to my room for a bit. If you want to leave, that’s fine.” He told me, staring at the ground while he talked.

My mind took control of my body and kissed him back, he seemed less shock as he wrapped his arm around me, as if we were lovers. When the door opened we removed ourselves from each other, in case someone was standing right outside the door. “Want to come back to my room for a few minutes?” I knew it would not be a few minutes but that’s what I wanted to do, so I nod my head and we walked to his room, he fumbled with his room key before he opened the door and escorted me in, quickly closing the door.

I went and sat down on the bed, as he began to lock the door. He came over to me, pushed me onto the bed, while he climbed on top of me and started to make out with me. His lips were soft, and each kiss was filled with passion, it made my head spin and demand more. He lifted his head up and stared at me. “Do you want to keep going?” He asked as he started to pull his shirt off. All I could do is nod, my brain started to melt away.

He resumed kissing me, only to take a break to take off my shirt. I don’t know how Dave did it, but I started to question my sexuality fully right then and there as he kissed my neck. I always thought I was straight, but then my mind sent me back to what Ryan said and my brain told me something I never thought I would think, I want to submit myself to him.

He then rose off me and stood up, fiddling with his belt, right before he dropped his pants he looked me in the eye. “I know this would be your first time, but are you up to sucking dick? I won’t force you if you do, we will go at your pace.”

“This is the point of no return for me,” I thought to myself. “If I do this, I may enjoy it too much, but what’s the mersin escort bayan harm in that.” So I looked up at Dave and all I said was, “Yes.”

I grew excited as he slipped out of his jeans, I could clearly see his bulge in his underwear and even smiled when I saw it. “You can start by feeling it” He told me, as my hand started to reach towards his pulsing member. As I felt it up, I could feel myself getting hard and knew that there is a part of me I denied for so long, now was the time to let him out. I started to lick his penis through the fabric to tease him and rile him up for what was to come.

“Oh man, I can’t wait to see how well you do without this on.” He said as he started to remove his underwear, causing his cock to spring to full attention. I got to removing my shorts and underwear as well. I noticed that his dick was a slightly bigger. Mine was a average 6 inches while he sported a 8.5 inch tool. Seeing it caused me to drool slightly and gave him a reason to push things forward.

“I think it’s time for you to start sucking, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it soon enough.” He said as he put a hand on my shoulder, encouraging me to start. I tried to remember everything they do in porn to help me do well. After getting close enough, I started to suck his dick for the first time.

I stuck my tongue out to lick it a bit, getting a good taste so I would know if I would hate this or not depending on the taste. I was expecting it to be bad, but I loved the taste, it was salty but still pleasant. I spent some time licking the shaft, getting a good idea of how big it was and how much I should be able to take. Hearing him moan while I licked made me proud, knowing that I’m doing a good job so far.

“Let’s try a bit more.” Dave said. As I started to fit my mouth around the head, I got a little taste of precum, I finally figured out where the salty taste comes from. After that initial taste, I wanted more. So I started to slide my mouth down further, taking in more of him as his moans encouraged me to keep It up. I felt happy when I did this, I was giving a guy head and he was loving it. I tried everything to get him off, I even ran my tongue on the underside as I sucked, and judging from his reaction, it was the best way to get him off.

I started sucking him so hard that he became a religious man and I felt really great about that. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get him off because he pried my mouth away from his cock. I was confused by his action and wondered what else his intentions involved.

“I know you are a virgin, but I was thinking maybe I can fuck you. Your mouth feels so nice and I would hate to not have all of you. I know it may hurt at first but I will make sure that we go slow and you love it by the end.” I was initially hesitant, seeing as up to today, I never did anything with a guy, and here I was, possibly getting fucked. I decided to go for it.

“Alright Dave, I just hope you know what you are doing.” Because I was feeling extra slutty at the moment, I told him as long as he used lots of lube, he doesn’t need a condom, which brought a huge smile on his face. “Ok Mikey, just get on your hands and knees on the bed for me.” I stood up and got onto the bed, just the way he wanted. He walked to the side of the bed and pulled two medium bottles of lube.

I pulled a pillow close, just in case I need to scream or yell. As I got it to my head, I felt his tongue tease and penetrate my ass, it felt very weird but I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. He must of done this before because I was loving it. I was slightly sad when he moved his tongue away, but I heard the bottle quickly open and close then his finger went was his tongue used to be.

This feeling was nice but slightly painful. “Don’t worry, I’m doing this to prep you and to fill your insides with lube, we can get the show started in a few minutes.” He would bring his finger in and out at a nice escort mersin pace. Adding an extra finger after a minute or two which would make the feeling much better.

“Ok cutie, I think you are ready, just remember you can stop this but I’m going to make sure you won’t ever want me to.” He told me, as he opened the bottle of lube and nearly drained it’s content onto his dick and applied some more to my ass. It felt cold and wet but I felt something else after a few seconds and this thing was rock hard. Didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out this was his dick and it was ready to go.

“Ok baby, you ready?” Dave asked. Being called baby by a man was extremely weird but for some reason even god couldn’t explain, it just felt very right. And I looked back at him and nodded. “Just please be gentle.” Dave gave me an accepting smile and I felt him adjust his position.

I felt his head reach my ass so I started to spread my cheeks to make it easier on both of us. As his head sunk into my ass, it spread my anal ring and brought a bit of pain to me but I knew Dave was being gentle because he stayed in that position for a bit, allowing my ass time to adjust. As we waited for me to be ready for more, he caressed my body, making me feel wonderful as we waited. “I’m ready for more Dave.”

He started to slide in more, stretching my ass even more, sending more pain to my ass but also making me hope for the pleasure to kick in soon. He got more than halfway in me before he stopped for a bit again. It started to feel a little bit better and I even moaned as he slide into me. I could not help it, it just felt so good and when I looked back at him over my shoulder, he must of been enjoying it too.

“Fill my ass, I need all of you.” That was the magic word that got him to slide in every inch he had, and by god was it amazing. The pain stayed for a minute before being washed away by numbness and pleasure and I wanted it to stay. He began thrusting, making slow hip movements to start and ensure we bought get pleasure from this. It felt great having this man fill my hole and yet be so gentle and so loving. He started to pick up the pace and flipped me on my back so that he would almost lay on top of me.

I lifted my legs to give him better access and his thrust became more rapid, his dick began to pound my prostate, sending out more vulgar noises and sounds, even ones that I never made before. At that moment, he felt like the perfect lover and an amazing guy to turn me out. The drool started to slip out my mouth more after each thrust and I was in ecstasy.

“Before I cum, I want you to embrace me, so you know that this is your life, that you were made to be bred by men of all ages. And I will be the first.” I have never been dominated but his words felt true. I was a submissive slut born to be bred by men and this would be my first of many breedings.

I wrapped my legs around his lower body, crossing them to grip him well and almost wrapped my arms fully around him as his thrust became even stronger, with my moans becoming louder and more erotic. I was fully submissive and I was ready to start a new life as a cumslut.

He finally starts grunting really loud and his manliness mixed with his strong thrust causes me to shoot load after load onto my chest and some on my face. He follows up by pumping what seemed to be a gallon of cum into my ass and not slipping out until his dick went completely soft. I felt like a total slut in this moment, but I did not give a shit at all, this is my life from now on and I was going to love every second of it.

He finally rose off me and put a towel under me. As I laid there, letting his load leak out of me, and panting like I ran a marathon through a desert, he pulled a sticky note out and wrote something on it, and put it in my pants pocket. When I finally recovered, he got me cleaned up and dressed and we went back to his car. He took me back to college but not before kissing me and reminding me of my new position in life, a cumslut. I smiled at him and when he left, I checked the note in my pocket. An address that I found out was where he lived and his phone number. I smiled at what was next in store for me.

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