Emily wants More of Gina

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Two weeks after I taped my girlfriend Gina having sex with a lesbian named Emily who signed up for our homemade porn business, she called her, saying she got the DVD of the session and loved it. Gina put her on speaker, wanting me to listen, as she said she accepted Gina’s discounted offer for another sex session. Gina and I grinned as she asked when she planned to come, then she said she wanted to do it at her place, an apartment in Chelsea, about 15 minutes away by subway. I asked why as she said she had an idea for a scene where she and Gina had sex on a table. We did not have one that could support them, but she did in her living room. Gina was hesitant having never been to Emily’s place or having sex outside our bedroom before, but I told her to go for it, saying a change of scenery for our videos would be nice. She agreed and Emily gave us her address and set up a date for us.

When we got there, she took us to the living room and discussed the scene with Gina as I set up our cameras. I noticed a lot of dolls and figurines on shelves and atop furniture and asked Emily about them. She said they were her dad’s and she wanted them to look like they were watching her and Gina have sex in the scene. Though finding it weird I did not question her. As the scene took bursa eskort place after they showered together, they went to the restroom to do that as I finished testing and setting my camera up.

I taped them entering the room in towels with their arms around each other and wet hairs and bodies. They went to a table, took off the towels so they were nude and kissed while feeling each other’s breasts, rears, and arms. They laid on the table with Emily atop still kissing. She kissed down Gina’s breasts and stomach, then stood on the floor and bent forward to go down on her and hold her hips as Gina shut her eyes, moaned and arched her back. I pointed my camera at her and zoomed from full shot to close-up to get Gina’s expression. Emily then went back atop her to kiss her. I realized at that point that I should have went behind Emily to record her nice, huge buttocks as she gave Gina oral. I was tempted to ask her to repeat the part, but did want to ruin the scene.

Gina kissed down her breasts and stomach as she moved up, sitting on her face to let her give her oral while feeling her hips. Emily shuts her eyes, moaned, bounced and rubbed her breasts. I took full-shots of this, then close-ups of Gina giving Emily oral and her reaction. bursa merkez escort She got off and stood next to Gina, who sat up. I realized I should have filmed Gina’s vagina too as she had her knees bent and legs apart while sucking Emily, but again, did not want to break their scene.

They lip-locked and rubbed each other’s buttocks, vaginas and chests. Gina got off of the table and briefly stared at a smiling male figurine facing them, then kissed Emily, who lay on the table as Gina got atop her bending forward. The two giggled, with their feet on the floor, then again softly kissed and ran their hands down each other’s bodies. I zoomed from medium shot to close-up, then my camera battery died as I tried to get a close-up of Gina’s buttocks, upsetting me, as I wanted to film more, but Emily said we completed the scene.

It was short, but sweet. Emily said she had another scene to be in her restroom the next day and asked if Gina and I wanted to stay overnight, saying she would pay for it and her bed could fit all three of us. Unwilling to go home and come back Gina and I agreed. The women chose to stay nude the rest of the night since they slept like that anyway. It felt nice sleeping with two naked women as bursa sınırsız escort we held each other.

The next day, we went over Emily’s scene before I set my camera up in her bathroom. When I was ready, I yelled, “Action!” as Gina and Emily entered holding hands, locked the door, and kissed while moving to the wall with Gina on it. She kissed Emily’s neck and chin as Emily shut her eyes, gripping. Emily turned around as Gina knelt, lifted up her dress, and kissed and grabbed her buttocks. She orgasmed and held her head between her cheeks. She turned back, as Gina gave her oral, then kissed up her torso and chest under her dress. Gina came out of it and stood.

Emily kissed her neck and chin, holding her shoulders. She knelt and lifted up her tank top to kiss her chest and torso. Gina shut her eyes and moaned, then got on all fours on the floor. Lauren sat behind her, pulled down her shorts, sucked her vagina and kissed and grabbed her buttocks. Gina screamed. They sat on the floor, got in the scissoring position and grinded their vaginas on each other while bouncing, then lay on the floor, kissed and sucked each other’s hands, arms, and fingers, and yelled.

This was my first time I saw two women doing that and it turned me on, but the scene was cut short when the next-door neighbor banged on the wall and complained about the noise. We were upset we did not finish, but proud with what we had. Emily paid Gina and me after lunch, then we packed our stuff, bid farewell, hoping to do another scene with her soon, and went home as Gina said she loved lesbian sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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