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Heather and Jerry were first cousins. Neither one of them would profess to know much about genetics but it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that they would be pretty close in the gene pool. Their fathers were identical twins, big strong good-looking athletic guys with reddish-brown hair and they had married a pair of sisters. Their wives weren’t twins, but they were born a year apart and looked very much alike: slim, blond and pretty.

The families lived as next-door neighbors in houses that were mirror images of each other. Holidays and other special occasions were celebrated together, and the brothers jointly owned a house at the beach one block from the ocean and both families would vacation there, separately, together and in various combinations thereof. Both families had two children: Jerry and Heather each had a younger brother. Understandably the families were close.

Heather was one year older than Jerry, and they were very close growing up. Aside from sharing their family experiences, holidays and vacations, they also participated in many activities together and shared many of the same friends. They were pretty tight until midway in Heather’s senior year of high school. Then Heather went off to college and they lost touch.

They went to two different universities in two different states. Heather majored in elementary education and Jerry studied business. Throughout the college years they’d see each other at holidays and occasionally in the summers, but they each had separate lives and different agendas.

They reconnected somewhat when Heather graduated from college. She came back home and the family threw a big party for her. Then a year later when Jerry graduated his family threw a big bash down at the beach house. Both families and assorted friends crowded the place, it was partly a celebration of him getting his degree but mostly a big family reunion and massive beach blast. Everyone kicked back and had a great time. This is when Jerry and Heather started to catch up on lost time.

Most of the people in both families and the horde of guests stayed for the weekend and then went back home. But by this time Heather was a Kindergarten teacher and was just beginning her summer vacation so she was planning on staying at the beach for a good part of the summer. And Jerry was three weeks away from starting his new job as a management trainee for a manufacturing company, so he was planning on hanging around at the beach for a while as well.

Jerry couldn’t believe what a stunning woman his cousin Heather had grown into. She’d always been attractive–a slim, blonde, shapely boy magnet–but now she had matured in a very secure and sexy way. She was relaxed, loved to laugh and was comfortable in her own skin. Throughout the weekend Jerry found himself stealing glances at her when he thought she wouldn’t notice.

But of course she did notice because she was having similar thoughts of her own, and taking peeks of him whenever she could. She admired his tall stature, his slim, athletic body, his strong chin and cheekbones and neat brown hair.

Most of the revelers, friends and family alike, left on Sunday, and a handful of others stayed over until Monday before heading home. By Monday afternoon Heather and Jerry had the place to themselves.

Over the next few days Heather and Jerry relaxed and played house. They both did their own thing separately–reading, resting, walks, runs, whatever–but they also shared a fair amount of time together, going to the beach, preparing meals, talking and just hanging out around the house. Much of that time was spent catching up and reminiscing about their younger days. Jerry found himself admiring Heather’s sexy body more and more and he often wore sunglasses so he could check her out without getting caught. Her shoulders and arms and legs were tanned and toned and her stomach flat and taut. Whether she was lying on the sandy beach in her black two-piece or bopping around the house in shorts and a halter she sure looked hot and unlike any kindergarten teacher he’d ever seen.

On Thursday evening after heating leftover pizza for dinner they were sitting on rockers on the back porch together talking and drinking beer. Behind his shades Jerry was ogling Heather’s long, trim, stretched-out legs and her painted toenails resting on the railing. She wore short denim cut-offs and a sleeveless white top. As they drank the cold beers their conversation heated up.

“Hey, guess who I saw the other day?” Heather blurted, wiping beer from her chin.

“Who?” Jerry asked.

“Remember that prom queen you went out with in eleventh grade?”


“Yeah, Jenny, that’s her. I ran into her at my school. She has a son in one of the other classes.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Divorced. Looked pretty rough to tell you the truth. She still has a good body but she looked a lot older and stressed-out. I guess being a single mom can do that to you. And I think she came on to me.”

“Get out!” Jerry said.

“I’m serious. I heard her life story in under a minute and then she started hitting on me.”

“What did she say?”

“She told me how great I looked and asked if I was seeing anyone and would I like to meet for a drink and all that.”

“No shit? What did you say to that?”

“I politely declined. Told her I was going away for the summer. I never really liked her much. I always thought she was stuck-up. I felt bad when you started seeing her. I knew she’d screw you over.”

“You were right. But she was right about one thing though.”

“Oh yeah, what was that?”

“When she told you how great you look.”

Heather turned and stared at him for a moment. “Thank you,” she said.

“It’s okay for a guy to say that to his cousin, isn’t it? Without it being creepy or anything?”

“No, I guess not,” she said, finishing off her beer. She rose up out of her chair. “You look pretty good yourself. You want another?”

“Sure, thanks,” he said.

Heather returned with two cans of beer and handed one to Jerry.

“Thanks,” he said, and removed his sunglasses since the evening was now in deep dusk. “This reminds me of when we were kids, our families sitting on the porch in the evening. Only back then the grownups had the beers and us kids had cold lemonade or tea.”

“Can I ask you something?” Heather said.

“Of course,” he said. He took a big swig of his beer because he didn’t know what was coming.

Heather turned to face him and said, “When we were kids we were so close. We went swimming, to the movies, played games, played ball together…”

“Yeah, you were a better ballplayer than most of the guys I knew.”

“…And we were close most of the way through high school. But something happened the second half of my senior year. Something changed. You became angry, distant.”

“Bruce,” Jerry said.

“Bruce? What’s he got to do with it?”

“Yeah, Bruce. I knew Bruce pretty well and I regretted introducing him to you and was mad when you started dating. I didn’t trust him. I knew he didn’t have much respect for women and didn’t treat them very well. I knew it would end badly. He wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Well, I don’t disagree with that, he turned out to be a real jerk. But didn’t you trust me enough to figure that out for myself?”

“I knew you would eventually. But I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Aw, that’s sweet. My younger cousin being the older brother I never had.”

“I know, I was wrong, and I was too stupid to admit it. I’m sorry it took this long. But that’s not really all of it.”

“No? What do you mean?”

Jerry took a healthy gulp of his beer. “I was jealous,” he said, the breathy words nearly lost in his throat.

It was now dark but Jerry could feel Heather’s eyes glaring at him.

“Jealous?” she asked incredulously. “What do you mean, you were jealous? Jealous of what?”

“I was jealous of all your boyfriends. But especially Bruce. I was pissed that a jerk like Bruce could be dating you. You were one of the hottest girls in school…and my cousin…and it just irritated the shit out of me that he could be with you, and…”

“And what?” She was now on the edge of her rocker facing him.

“I’m sorry Heather, I’ve said too much already.” He drained his can and said, “I need another beer.”

He started to get up but Heather grabbed his forearm and pushed him back onto his chair. He was surprised at the cool, damp strength of her hand on his arm.

“And what?” she repeated.

Jerry leaned forward and rubbed his brow.

“I was jealous it was Bruce and not me,” he rasped softly. “There, I said it.”

After a moment of repose Heather responded. “But you’re my cousin, Jerry. We’re family.”

“I know that. But, as close as we were did you ever think about what might have happened between us if we had just been neighbors, and grown up together…and our fathers hadn’t been brothers?”

“But they are. And our mothers are also sisters.”

“Yeah, there’s that too,” he said with a sigh. “Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair. Two people could be a perfect match but it’s off-limits because their fathers are brothers.” He laughed and shook his head. He got up and went to the kitchen and returned with two more beers. He sat and tried to hand one to Heather.

“Nah, I’ve had enough,” she said, and wobbled up and out of her rocker. “And thank you, Jerry, I appreciate your honesty. And I wouldn’t be completely honest if I told you I’ve never given it a thought. I have. It was just too taboo and I forced it out of my mind.”

She leaned down and kissed him on the top of his head and said good night. Then she wobbled into the house and up to her room.

Jerry sat in the dark and nursed his way through both beers and the second one was warm as piss by the time he finished it.


When Jerry woke up the next morning and dragged his ass out of bed Heather was missing in action. Her car was gone. So he fixed some coffee and ate some corn flakes. Then he took an old beat-up wooden surfboard down off the wall of the one-car garage and lugged it down to the beach. He spent the morning riding the tepid waves and in the afternoon went for a run and read a book on the beach. When he got back to the house in the late afternoon Heather’s car was back in the driveway.

That evening they decided to go see a movie at a hotel on the beach a few blocks south. It was an old hotel, not one of the modern high rise monstrosities. It was called The Reefer and was owned by an old hippie couple who were film buffs and on Friday nights, weather permitting, they showed old movies outside for free. The north exterior wall of the place was painted white and they it used for the screen and there were two beach volleyball courts right below. On Friday nights they would take down the nets and people would flock in early with their beach chairs to get good seats. The proprietors would set up an outside bar and sell drinks and popcorn and project the movie up onto the wall. It was a local summertime tradition that had been going on for years.

They grabbed a couple of beach chairs and hoofed it on down to The Reefer. It was well before dark when they got there so they were able to get a great spot right up front. Jerry got them beers in plastic cups and a big bucket of popcorn. It was a hot, sticky night and the beers went down cold and quick and he soon went to the bar for refills. As the twilight turned to dusk they talked about the movie they were about to see. It was ‘The Big Sleep’, an old Philip Marlowe film noir from 1946 with Bogie and Bacall.

It was a pleasant evening. Their conversation was free and easy and didn’t go near what they’d talked about the night before. After the movie on the way back they decided to go into a place called The Sandbar for a snack and a nightcap. It was popular with young people and had a reputation as a singles bar, but it served good food at reasonable prices and was so convenient to the beach house that they had both been there many times. There was seating inside and out but since they were wet with sweat they chose to go inside.

“Oh shit!” Heather said as they approached the entryway.

“What?” Jerry asked.

“There’s that creep who was hitting on me the last time I was here. His name’s Jason.” She pointed to a guy in cargo shorts and a tank top sitting at the outside bar. “Must be a local, that’s the same stool he was sitting on last time. Pretend you’re my boyfriend!”

Heather grabbed Jerry’s hand in a vise grip. Their fingers interlocked and they walked up onto the deck. Jerry liked the feel of her fingers and the dampness of her palm. They had to wait a minute or two at the door before they were seated. Jerry stole a sideways glance toward Jason. He was staring right at them.

They were seated at a deuce in the corner by the window with a great view of the highway. Jerry leaned their beach chairs against the wall and they sat down facing each other. Playfully he immediately slid his chair around the small table so it was adjacent to Heather’s and put his arm around her.

“What are you doing?” she asked, shying away.

“You said to pretend I’m your boyfriend,” he whispered into her ear. “So that’s what I’m doing.”

Heather cackled and said, “Well, back off Romeo, and behave yourself,” pushing him away. “I’ll let you know.”

Jerry was laughing as he scooted his chair back to where it had been. He caught the eyes of a couple at the next table. They were a good-looking pair perhaps a few years older. They had witnessed what he’d done and were smiling.

“He always gets frisky after we go to the movies,” Heather said, and they all laughed.

They ordered more beer and shared a couple of appetizers. They talked about the movie they’d just seen. There were a number of murders in the film but not all of them were solved.

“Who killed the chauffeur, anyway?” Heather asked.

“Hell if I know,” Jerry said.

They talked a little bit here and there to the couple at the next table. Bob and Fran, attractive, thirtyish, married four years. After Bob paid their tab he and Fran rose from their table and took a step closer to Jerry and Heather.

“Hey, do you guys swing?” Bob asked in a quiet voice.

Jerry and Heather looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Ah, too bad,” Bob said. “Are you straight? Or bi-? Or maybe bi-curious?”

“Straight,” Heather and Jerry said in unison.

“Too bad,” Fran said, looking right at Heather. Then they turned and walked away.

“Well, that was weird,” Heather said.

“Yeah, sure was. You’re quite a popular girl tonight.”

“Oh yeah, how’s that?”

“You have a guy out at the bar who wants to hit on you, the woman who just left wants to hit on you, and you have a pretend boyfriend right here at this table who’d like to hit on you but can’t.”

Heather’s eyes bored into his and with a coy smile she shook her head. “We better get on home. We’ve had too much fun for one night.”


Back at the house Jerry stowed the chairs into the garage and went into the house and up to his room. He pulled fresh clothes out of the dresser and went into the bathroom. He showered and when he returned to his room he noticed that Heather’s bedroom door was slightly ajar. He walked over and looked in. She was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. He tapped lightly on the door. She beckoned him in and continued to brush.

He opened the door and walked over to her.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the hot date,” he said. “It was fun being your fake boyfriend for a night. Maybe we can go again next Friday. They’re showing ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Weather-permitting, of course.”

Heather’s mouth twisted into a wry smile. She turned toward him and said, “Yes, it was fun. You were a great date. We made a handsome couple.”

“That’s what Bill and Fran thought. And just think, if we were bisexual swingers we’d would have both got laid.”

“Ugh,” she said with a shiver. “That şişli bayan escort was creepy, strangers approaching us like that.”

They just stood there for a frozen moment peering into each others’ eyes.

“May I kiss you goodnight?” Jerry said in a low croak. He hadn’t planned it, it just popped out. But there it was.

Heather didn’t react at first, she just stood stock-still staring up at him. Finally with a slight shrug of her shoulders she nodded.

Jerry pressed his mouth gently against hers and instantly melted into the softness of her lips. He kissed her gently at first, then with more potency he pressed her lips with his and placed his hands on her hips. After about thirty seconds he pulled back. They stood close, their faces inches apart and their eyeballs wide and locked.

No words were exchanged, but after a silence that was probably not as long as it seemed Jerry could see Heather’s head shaking ever-so-slightly back and forth as if trying to comprehend a language she could not speak.

Jerry’s mouth found hers again and his hands left her hips and climbed their way around her back. Heather’s hairbrush fell onto the wood floor with a sharp clonk and her arms surrounded Jerry’s upper body. She felt his tongue trace along the subtle cleft of her joined lips and she opened them for him. His tongue flung into her and it felt large and strong in her mouth, a feral probe searching her, trailblazing into uncharted territory.

Heather liked the feel of Jerry’s arms wrapped around her. As the kiss went on she dug her fingers into the flesh of his back and her arms pulled him tighter than she expected, pressing her nipples against him. She felt his cock stiff against her stomach.

The kiss was long and hard just like Jerry’s dick. And as much as he wanted to tear Heather’s clothes off and throw her down on the bed he knew he wouldn’t.

When the kiss finally subsided Jerry followed it up with several sweet little pecks on her forehead and cheeks and chin and a finale on her lips. He relaxed his grip and they unwrapped.

“That was nice,” he said. She nodded with watery eyes. “Good night, Heather.”

Jerry turned and walked out of her room, trying not to stumble, and clicked the door shut behind him.

Heather sat down on her bed and picked up her hairbrush, and looked at her trembling hand.

“Fuck,” she said softly to herself.


In separate rooms not twenty feet apart they each lay awake with minds buzzing in overdrive and their loins stoked by the hot memory of what had just transpired. Sleep was slow in coming for both but when it did it was deep and dreamless.


Jerry awoke in the morning and smelled the coffee. He went to the kitchen where he found Heather leaning against the counter sipping from a mug. He tried not to ogle her. She looked good in white shorts and a thin yellow singlet. She had a baseball cap on her head and her hair was tied back. There was a bottle of sun block on the counter and he could see that she was already oiled up.

“Good morning!” he said cheerfully.

“Good morning,” Heather replied.

“Are you heading out?”

“Yeah, going for a walk on the beach. Do you think we should talk?”

“Talk about what?” he said, playing dumb.

“I think you know what.”

“Sure, let’s talk,” he said, and poured coffee into a cup and sat on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“What happened last night?”

“Well, we went to a movie and then to The Sandbar and then came home…”


“And we kissed.”

“Yes, we did.”

“We’re kissin’ cousins,” he said.

“That wasn’t like any cousin kissing.”

“I’ve wanted to kiss you like that forever. It was the best kissing I’ve ever had. You didn’t seem to mind.”

“No, I didn’t, that’s the problem. Did we go too far?”

“Go too far? We kissed, Heather, a nice hot kiss.”

“But… I don’t know. Did we go too far? Was it…incest?”

“Incest? We’re adults here, Heather. I don’t think that’s incest. We were two adults kissing. Rather passionately I may add.”

“When would it be incest?”

“To me incest is when it involves kids and it fucks them up for life. We are consenting adults.”

“Would it be…penetration? Your tongue penetrated my mouth. My tongue penetrated yours.”

“To me incest would be if one person was taking advantage of the other and penetrated them…”

“With a part of their body other than their tongue?” she said.

“No, that’s not what I mean.”

“What if your hand entered my body…or your cock?” Heather said. “Would that be incest?”

That stopped the chatter for a moment. They peered into each others’ eyes in the silence.

“I guess that would be for you to decide. I don’t know.”

“Well, Cuz, I don’t know either. All I know is that you kissed me last night, and I didn’t resist, I kissed you right back, and it was a doozy. And I had a feeling it was going to happen, maybe willed it to happen, and it did. And it took my breath away almost. And now I’m confused. I’m conflicted. I don’t know whether to be scared to death or tickled to death!”

“I vote for tickled,” Jerry said, and started to get off his stool.

“Don’t,” Heather said. She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water. “I’m going for a walk.”


Heather headed north on the beach. About a mile north of the house the beach homes and condos and hotels abruptly ended and it became pristine parkland and the beach was practically empty for miles all the way to the north end of peninsula.


After drinking his coffee and eating some fruit Jerry went down to the beach. The ocean was as flat and calm as a vernal pool so there would be no surfing. He set down his chair and towel and swam for about twenty minutes, then sat down to read his book.

He finished his novel in about an hour and then went for another swim. Then he walked back up to the house, put on some dry clothes and got into his car and drove the couple miles to the town center. He had a chicken salad sandwich and an iced tea at a small cafe and then went to the bookstore across the street. Jerry had always been a sucker for bookstores and he needed something new to read. He wandered through the stacks for a couple of hours reading this and that before deciding on which two paperback mysteries to buy. He also picked up a thin paperback for Heather.


Heather walked barefoot on the beach for hours. She had a determined pep in her step as her legs took long, steady strides and her mind ran relays in her head. It was a hot, sultry day with no breeze and the sun beat down and heated her skin and the beach sanded the bottoms and sides of her feet.

After several hours she ran out of land. In her mind-racing beach walk she’d gone all the way to the north inlet and could go no farther. She looked up at the lighthouse that towered above only a few yards away. She turned around and looked southward and could barely see the town in the distance. ‘Oh shit’, she thought to herself; ‘Now I have to walk back!’.

She was hot and soaked with sweat. Her water bottle was empty. Her feet were chafed and painful. She started walking.


It was getting to be late afternoon when Jerry got back to the house. There was no sign of Heather. He wrote a short inion inside the front cover of the book he’d bought her and placed it on her pillow. He changed into his running clothes and decided he’d take a nice long run before he started worrying.


It was quarter till four by the time Heather got back to the house. She drank one bottle of water straight down, getting a bit of a brain freeze, and then grabbed a second. She ate a banana in three bites. She went to her room and placed the water on the nightstand and peeled off her sloppy, soppy clothes. She was pulling on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt when she noticed the book on her pillow.

It was ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. She knew the book and its lessons well. Not too different from a lesson she may have just relearned on her long walk. She’d read it many times as a child and a few times since. She lay back on the bed and opened the book. There was a short dedication: ‘To my favorite cousin Heather: A special book for a special lady. Love, Jerry’.

She started to read but after a few pages fell fast asleep.


Jerry ran over six miles in the sticky heat. He drank some water and headed to the shower. Heather’s bedroom door was open and he was relieved to see her lying on her bed sound asleep. He tiptoed into the bathroom a few feet away. He turned on the water, stripped and got in the shower.

Heather’s eyes popped open. The book was resting on her stomach. She checked her watch; she’d slept about forty minutes. She got up and looked in the mirror. Pretty rough, she thought to herself. Sandy, half-matted hair, reddened face, raccoon eyes where her sunglasses had been. She took off her t-shirt: sharp contrast between the flesh her singlet had and had not covered. Burnt ears that she’d forgotten to cover with the sunblock. She decided she needed a shower too. She peeled off her pants.

Naked, Heather walked out of the room and over to the bathroom door. She turned the knob quietly and opened the door a crack. There was a mist in the air and a loud pounding of the shower. She opened the door quietly and went in. Fortunately it was a large shower stall and Jerry was facing sideways with his head directly under the shower head. Heather opened the smoked glass door and stepped into the shower.

“What the fu–,” Jerry exclaimed as he turned to face her.

“Need any help?” Heather asked, grinning. She grabbed a bar of soap off of the ledge and began lathering up her palms.

“All that I can get!” Jerry said enthusiastically.

“I’ll wash you,” she said. “And you can wash me.” She began rubbing her soapy hands over his chest.

Jerry put his arms around her waist and moved his head toward hers. Heather reached to put the bar of soap back on the ledge but missed, and just as their lips were about to meet it fell like a dead weight on one of her sore feet.

“Yeow!” she yelped as she shuffled her feet, and Jerry clutched her tightly so she wouldn’t slip and fall.

“Are you okay?” Jerry asked with concern.

“Okay. It’s not anything that your kiss won’t make better.”

His lips barreled into hers and hers were open to suck him in. With the forceful torrent raining down on them their mouths maneuvered and their bodies writhed to find their maximum touch. Jerry held her wet ass in his hand for the first time and pulled her head close to his with the other. Heather had one hand on the back of his neck and the other roamed his back and butt. She felt his cock, hard and ready, pressed against her and she only ended their kiss once she had it in her hand.

“Enter me,” she said, almost without breath.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“I want it all.”

The washing would have to wait. But they both got a good rinsing while they each tried to suck a second tongue into their mouths.

“Thanks for my book,” Heather said when they came up for oxygen.

“Oh, do you like it?”

“I love it. It’s a classic.”

“I’ve always loved it too.” He ran his fingers along her rosy cheek. “You’re my rose.”

“I want you to come in my mouth,” she said.

Showing him that she was all business, she lowered herself without hesitation. She pretzeled herself down and she winced as the abrasions on her feet stung with the strained movement and the soapy sloshing water but figured at least her wounds would be clean. She stuck her hands on Jerry’s wet naked butt and his cry of pleasure echoed off the tiles when she sucked his drenched organ into her mouth.

Jerry dug his fingers into Heather’s hair and looking down at her he marveled at the sight of his cock disappearing into her head. He started gently swaying his groin into her and she soon was moving her head with the motion. Her mouth felt like heaven wrapped around him, years of fantasy turning into truth. It was actually happening, he thought, I’m actually naked in the shower with my naked, lovely cousin, and my cock is deep inside her lovely mouth. And this is just the beginning.

He felt his body swinging faster and his fingers gripping her head tighter, and the more Heather’s fingertips dug into his ass the more energetic they became: Her sucks attempting to vacuum up his cum and his cock scrunching in time and reaching for the depths of her throat.

Jerry over-swung a tad and his right foot slipped on the sudsy shower floor and he slammed his knee into the tile wall. He let out a pained yelp and Heather gagged with eight inches of his swollen lumber forced deeper into her throat. She backed off for a moment and Jerry saw his cock reemerge from her mouth. She coughed the tickle out of her throat and wrapped her mouth around his dick again. She took half of it in, filling her mouth, and put a hand on each of his butt cheeks and squeezed them as hard as she could. Then she sucked his dick with a force like she was trying to syphon gasoline from a gas tank three blocks away.

Jerry almost fell over again, but within three or four hearty jolts his juice was cutting loose. Up it came in a mad rush, hurried along by a headwind of Heather’s assertive blowjob and her hands wrenching his ass like it was a wet sponge.

He came with a spurt-ability like he’d never known. And just as his ropes of hot love burned their way up through and out of his shaft and into his cousin’s mouth, the water pouring down from the shower nozzle above ran ice cold.

Once Heather realized his cock had spat out the last of its cum she removed her mouth from around it and started to get up. Jerry helped her stand and kissed her, slipping his tongue between her lubricious lips and into her mouth. They laced tongues and he tasted the remnants of his semen. After a long kiss getting pounded by cold water and hugging each other tight they finally parted and both broke into wide smiles.

“Let’s make love,” Heather said.

No argument there. After shutting off the shower they gave each other a half-ass towel-off and almost ran to Heather’s room and fell onto her bed. The Little Prince was relocated to the night table. They wrapped their arms around each other and went back to kissing. It went on for a while. Then the wanderlust in Jerry’s lips took over.

Jerry kissed her chin, her ears, her neck an inch at a time. He covered her shoulders with lip pecks and slipped his tongue into her armpit. Working slowly downward his eager lips found her breasts and hovered over them like a stalled storm. He slid his tongue over both titties, taking his time as if he had to lick every freckle, and he watched her nipples expand and harden as he traced around them. Heather’s body squirmed with a leisurely delight.

Her body went from an easy squirm to an electric jolt when Jerry sucked her left nipple into his mouth. He felt her nails dig into his lower back as he tongued it and it felt like supple hard rubber in his mouth.

“Oh God, Jerry,” she moaned.

After a few minutes and he’d had enough of the nipples he headed lower down. He kissed her wiry, athletic stomach, twitchy with the touch of his lips and tongue, and licked out her salty navel. He nosed his way down to her pussy, which was wide and wet. And shaved, which was good: no curly pubes to tickle his nostrils when we would eat her. Which he definitely planned to do, just not quite yet.

He kissed all around it, teasing her, and licked her thighs, and her body writhed even more. He shifted his legs, trying to get lower still, and one of his feet pressured down on one of hers.

“Ouch!” Heather cried.

“Sorry,” Jerry said.

“It’s all right,” she said. “My feet got kind of torn up a little on my walk. The beach sand is much coarser and grittier up in the park.”

“Really?” he said, and wiggled himself around to take a closer look.

He looked at her feet and couldn’t şişli escort believe what he saw. He turned them over gently in his hands. Both feet were ravaged with brush burns and were red and angry-looking where her skin had been rubbed raw on her toes and heels and insteps and the balls of her feet.

“Goddam, Heather! These look nasty. We have to take care of these sores. The…”

“LATER!” she barked.

Jerry smiled and got the message. He pulled her legs apart and scooted between.

“I have some medicine that will give you temporary relief,” he said. And he buried his face in her crotch.

Heather shrieked like a puppy with its tail stuck in a car door. She wrapped her legs around his back and her hands around his head. Jerry licked her saline labia and reached his tongue into her. It was wet and wild and tasty, and with the might of her legs and hands behind him and her wiggly groin in front of his face he was encouraged to push his mouth harder and deeper. He snaked his hands under her butt as she’d done to him in the shower, and he squeezed for all he was worth. With a cheek in each hand he scrunched up her fine ass over and over like he was doing finger curls at the gym.

“Ugh…” she sibilated. She grinded into his face, and treasured his tongue inside her for the first time, and sucked on it with the walls of her twat. Jerry felt the pinch on his tongue, pulling it into her, and soon his nose joined the party and delved into her too, filling his nostrils with her feminine funk. He felt her fingers pulling on the back of his head and he lapped her like a thirsty dog as long as he could until he had to come up for air. After a steamy breath he wrapped his mouth around her swollen clit.

Heather hissed when she felt his lips on her puffy tool. He licked it and kissed it and sucked it and even though she was squirming like a toad on a hot griddle he kept his mouth plastered in place until the squirms became spasms.

“Oh my God, Jerry, what have we been waiting for?” Heather said loudly. She pulled his head up to hers, the head of his turgid cock dragging its way up along her inner thigh, and rammed her tongue into his mouth. His weight atop her smothered her spasms but as they kissed Jerry felt her eruption below, her orgasm flowing out of her hot and wet.

Jerry felt one of Heather’s hands vacate the back of his head and a second later it wrapped around his wet, firm cock and fed it into her. His cock slid all the way in with no resistance and in an instant he was balls-deep inside her warm, wet wuss.

Their lips were joined like glue and their tongues did a peppy Mambo. Jerry pounded her, slammed his body into her again and again. Heather sighed with each stroke and met his match. He wanted to give her a fuck she’d never forget. ‘You’re my cousin, Goddamn it’, he thought. But ‘you’re my woman now’.

They fucked with fervor, breathing hard, two sweaty bodies in sexy sync reaching for the upper limits of gratification. Heather hugged him tight, with arms and legs and cunt, pumping, milking and sucking. Jerry swung his meat into her even harder and quickened their pace and kept it up and he knew he wouldn’t quit until they both came for the second time.

The bedroom was a cacophony of noise both human and nonhuman, with grunts and groans and coos and slurps and sucks and smacking skin from the fuckers, and bed springs and posts and headboard that were being pushed to their limits. It had to be the first time that the bed had been put through a workout like this.

After a few more minutes of his determined skewering of Heather’s pussy Jerry knew he was on the verge.

“I’m gonna come!” his voice sputtered. After a pause: “Is it okay?”

“Of course,” she said.

With two more strokes Jerry was at the point of no return and his cum was rising. With a loud low grunt he ejaculated, and with each subsequent burst of his semen into her his grunts became softer and shorter. When he had given her all of it he again picked up the pace of his pounding. She followed his lead.

“I’m gonna keep fucking you till you come again,” he said.

“Great fucking idea,” Heather said with a grin on her face. “You can kiss me too.”

Jerry did. And with their loins joined and their tongues fucking inside their locked lips they were rocking like a dinghy on a rough sea. It was Heather’s turn.

Jerry felt the vibration of Heather’s moan in his mouth and felt her body tremble under him. She hugged him tight and he squeezed her ass. She came in a gush and he felt her warm wash surround his half-hard cock and ooze out of her. With her tongue still in his mouth he collapsed on the bed beside her.


He must have nodded off, Jerry wasn’t sure if he’d slept or was just at that halfway house of consciousness between the real world and the dream world. He just knew that when he opened his eyes Heather’s face was close to his and she was smiling at him.

“Hello,” she said. She ran a finger through his hair. “How do you feel?”

“Amazing. It was wonderful. I knew it would be.”

“So did I,” she said. She kissed him and it lingered.

“How do you feel?” he asked her.

“Amazing is a good word,” she said with a smile. “And relieved.”


“Yes, relieved that we’ve finally gotten to this point. I’m over my hangups, I guess. But it’s kind of scary, though. I’m somewhere between ecstasy and fear. Closer to ecstasy, though.”

Jerry put his arm around her, kissed her and pulled her close.

“I’m happy we’ve gotten to this point too,” he said. “And I won’t blow the opportunity, I promise. But don’t be afraid, we’re in this together. There’s really nothing to fear other than what others may say or think, and we have no control over that. If people love us or really care about us they will support us. If they don’t, who needs them? So really there’s nothing to fear.”

Heather nodded. “You know something?” she said. “I reached a place of clarity today when I was walking. And even though it lasted all day it almost seemed like it was over in a flash; it was a nonstop stream-of-consciousness, like a fire I couldn’t put out. I thought about you…about us…all day. I thought about our kissing last night. God, it felt so right, but why was I so scared? I thought about growing up together, things we did, your face, your hair, your arms and legs, your butt. I pictured you naked in my mind, I wondered what your cock looked like. So close yet so far…all because of some silly taboos. So I finally admit: I love you, Jerry. Why should I be afraid of being with someone I love?”

“I’m so glad to hear you say that,” Jerry said, grabbing her hand. “I love you too, sometimes so much it hurts.”

They kissed again and their tongues danced a long slow number. They both fully realized at that moment that they were now lovers, were now a couple that would go through life together; And that the door that had kept them at more than arms-length for so long was not now merely unlocked and open, but had been blown off its hinges.


“Your feet are messed-up, girl,” Jerry said as he examined the abrasions on the bottoms and sides of Heather’s feet. “Time for Dr. Jerry to give you some medical attention. Some TLC. I’ll be right back.” He got off the bed and walked out of the room. Heather watched his naked butt till it disappeared out the door.

She heard him bounding down the steps and a minute later heard him bounding back up. She smiled at the thought of his limp penis bouncing up and down as he ran around the house naked. Then she heard water running in the bathroom.

Jerry returned with a shallow tub of cold water and a tube of antiseptic ointment. He placed the tub on the floor beside the bed.

“Sit up on the side of the bed and put your feet in here,” he said. “We’re going to soak your feet.”

“Jerry, this isn’t necessary…” Heather started to say.

“Uh uh, Doctor’s orders. Let your feet soak and then the Doc will provide medical treatment.” He held up the tube of ointment.

She did as she was told and dipped her feet into the tub. Jerry got onto the bed and sat snug behind her with his legs on either side of her, his chest against her back and his mushy penis flush against the top of her butt.

“Ooh, that’s cold!” Heather said.

“It’s supposed to be” Jerry said. “But it will warm up fast because you’re so hot!” Then he reached around her and took a boob in each hand and nibbled her ear.

She giggled and said, “I never thought I’d be naked with my doctor.”

“I never knew a Kindergarten teacher could be so damn sexy.”

He kissed her neck and she immediately turned her head and they kissed. Her hand went around his back and and his hands roved her front and they started making out and soon the water was sloshing around and Heather’s feet almost tipped the tub over.

“All right, that’s enough,” he said. “Behave yourself.”

“Me?” Heather laughed.

“Yeah, you. It’s your fault. You’re too damn irresistible.”

So Heather kept her feet still and Jerry held her in his arms and they did a little talking and a little fooling around and when the water had turned lukewarm he dried her feet with a towel and she lay back on the bed.

Jerry knelt at the foot of the bed and kissed each injured area of her feet before gently applying the ointment and when he had attended to them all he capped the tube and tossed it aside. Then he started kissing his way up her leg but when he reached her upper thigh he got sidetracked.

Heather’s glittery gash just looked too good to pass up. So he licked his way over to her lush lips and painted them with his tongue to get a good taste. Heather was panting and her nails were already digging into his scalp by the time he cloaked his lips around her clit.

He felt it grow in his mouth. In a matter of seconds it went from a wriggly oyster to an overcooked conch. He stroked it and sucked on it but it soon became difficult to keep the little pistol in his mouth because Heather’s body was doing the squirm-a-rama again. But no problem, thought Jerry. His cock was by now straight as a board and ready for further mischief.

He moved his body up on top and kissed her. His cheeks and chin were smeared with her fluids. He slipped his fingers into her and swirled them around a couple times before taking them back out.

“Put me in,” he said in a breathy rasp.

“Is this still part of the treatment, Doctor?” she asked with a kittenish smile.

“Yes, but we can’t stop the treatments. Because there’s no cure for what I’m feeling right now. I love you, Heather.”

“God, I love you too,” she said, with tears from nowhere dripping down her cheeks.

“Come with me,” he said. Heather nodded.

In one fell swoop he simultaneously entered her three different ways: His tongue in her mouth, his cock in her cunt and his greased finger up her ass.

They started fucking and were balls to the walls in two seconds flat. The bed was screeching with every powerful thrust, and they were both on the edge so they knew it wouldn’t take them long. Jerry felt Heather flinch a little when he stretched her asshole to wedge a second finger in, but it didn’t slow them down a bit.

Jerry groaned like a moose in a trap. Heather already knew what his mating call sounded like.

“Yes!” she screamed, and her climax climbed up.

And it happened. As if set on a timer they came together. Their cum mixed and collided, his on the way in and hers on the way out, and their bodies quaked over and over atop the sheets, wired together by fingers, tongues and cock, until their orgasms abated and they had released all of their jizz.


The next morning they woke up in bed after sleeping together for the first time. Jerry had his a.m. boner and got a good-morning blowjob and then they fucked. Then they got in the shower and washed each other and he ate Heather’s pussy until she exploded and by that time he was hard again so he cleaned her pussy out with his cock until he shot another wad of his semen into her. They had a little breakfast and then went down to the beach and sat on chairs holding hands with their feet in the surf. Doctor Jerry thought the salt water would help heal Heather’s sore feet. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t; It didn’t much matter because after about an hour they were horny again so they went back up to the house to fuck before lunch.

That’s the way it went the rest of the week. They were insatiable and had a hard time keeping their hands off of each other. Jerry got BJs for breakfast and ate pussy for brunch. There were lunch fucks, afternoon delights and happy hour fucks and dinnertime fucks and shower fucks. Oh, and in the evenings they’d make love. They’d wake up in the middle of the night and fuck then too.

After two days their genitals were ravaged, brush-burned and chafed as badly as Heather’s feet. But they didn’t care. Love can be a pain sometimes.

On the third evening they were sitting on the back porch drinking beers in the dark. But they weren’t sitting in the rockers this time, they were on the wicker sofa. They started talking about how this is where it started, when things began to change for them, on this same back porch a few nights before. They kissed and started making out. Heather started rubbing Jerry’s cock and soon unzipped him and whipped his hard thing out and started sucking it. After a couple minutes she stopped and climbed onto his lap facing him and sat on it. She was wearing a thin sun dress with nothing underneath so his cock slid right into her. She bounced up and down like a pogo stick and tried to keep it quiet in case there were any nosy neighbors lurking about. She stifled her groans with Jerry’s hair when she came all over him. Then she went back down to sucking him until she felt his hot cum shoot into her mouth.

“Can I ask you a question?” Heather said. This was a few minutes later after Jerry had fetched a couple more beers.

“Sure,” he said. “What?”

“How come you haven’t tried to stick it up my butt yet?”

Jerry chuckled. “I don’t know. You like it like that?”

“Maybe. I like your fingers up there.”

“Have you done it before?”

“I had a couple guys try it but they didn’t do it right. I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. But I want to do it with you. I want to share everything with you.”

“You talked me into it,” Jerry said. “I’m ready. You want to do it now?”

“Don’t you think we should get some lube?”

“I’m sure there’s something in the kitchen we can use. Some Wesson’s or some olive oil or something.”

“But I don’t want to smell like a Greek Salad!” she exclaimed.

“Why not,” he said. “I like Greek Salads.” He squeezed her titty and Heather pushed his hand away.

“Tomorrow,” she said. “I’ll get some lube. Tomorrow I will give you my ass.”


In the morning they only had a quickie because Heather said she had some shopping to do. She returned in the afternoon with two shopping bags. One was from a boutique known for sexy swimwear and lingerie; she said she’d show him the things in that bag later, when he could tear them off of her. The other bag she emptied onto the table: Seven bottles of lubricant.

“Seven different flavors,” Heather said. “One for every day of the week!”

Jerry looked at the bottles. There was mint, watermelon, cherry vanilla, strawberry, lemon-lime, kiwi and coconut.

“Wow, you’re into this aren’t you?” he said.

“I’m into you,” she said and kissed him. He tried to slip his hand down the back of her shorts. “No, not now. Tonight. I want to make it special.”


That night Heather steamed mussels for their dinner. She said it was supposed to be some kind of aphrodisiac and she wanted her man hard and horny. She only nibbled, hardly ate a thing; she’d taken an enema earlier in the day.

After they cleaned up Heather handed Jerry a beer and told him to go sit on the back porch and drink it and stay there until she called him. She wanted to get ready for him.

She went outside mecidiyeköy escort and retrieved the bottle of champagne she had on ice. She drained the bucket and surrounded the bottle with fresh cubes and took it up to her bedroom. She lighted three scented candles and put one on each nightstand and one on the dresser so its glow reflected off the mirror. She set out the array of lubes and turned on some soft music. She stripped and put on her new see-through thong and her new skimpy see-through negligee. After a subtle spray of a light floral perfume she summoned her lover.

Jerry walked into her room and was hypnotized by what he saw. He felt like he’d walked into a brothel. The lighting was subdued from the flickering candles and the air conveyed a delicate scent of vanilla and pumpkin pie. He looked at Heather, his cousin, the girl he’d admired and coveted for many years, the body, the woman, that had now become his. She was drop-dead, knock-out gorgeous, scantily dressed in a short, sheer, sexy, meshy wrap. He felt inferior in his baggy shorts and t-shirt.

“Hello, Baby,” Heather said, and they kissed. She turned around and picked up the bottle of champagne and handed it to Jerry to open.

Jerry popped the cork and poured two glasses and handed one to her.

Heather looked up into Jerry’s eyes, and said: “Let’s have a toast. Let’s raise a glass. Because my Jerry soon. Will be kissing my ass.”

They clinked glasses and drank.

“That’s not all I’m gonna do,” Jerry said. He put their glasses on the table and threw her onto the bed. He took off his shirt and fell down beside her.

He covered her with kisses and told how good she smelled and how foxy she was and how good she looked in her scanty sex wrap which left very little to the imagination. His hands were already underneath it and she was busy pulling down his shorts. They kissed passionately and Jerry already had wet, sloppy fingers and a hard cock. Then Heather wiggled her body down and around so they were in sixty-nine position.

“I want us to have our first orgasms now, get them out of the way,” Heather said. “It shouldn’t take long, I’ve been thinking about this all day. I’m about to explode.” She took his cock into her mouth.

Jerry licked her moist cameltoe through the tissue-thin mesh of her thong then rammed his tongue into her through the fabric. Heather sighed loudly despite a mouthful of dick. He yanked the the thong down until it was around her ankles. She squeezed his butt and fondled his balls and sucked his hot poker with gutsy strength. He sucked her clit into his mouth and slipped a finger into her asshole. She grunted as she sucked and Jerry’s nuts tightened in her hand as he swung his cock into her head.

Heather was right; she came in a flash flood. She took her mouth off of his member momentarily and she screamed with delight. Her body shook and she released as she fucked his face with her greasy open cunt. Barely finished coming herself, she was just starting to take Jerry’s cock back into her mouth when his own cum ejaculated, into her hair, onto her face and into her throat.


“Well, that was worth it,” Heather said enthusiastically, as she wiped Jerry’s cum off of her face with the thong.

“Whew!” he said, and handed her another glass of champagne. “Incredible! You are a sex fiend, woman. Where have you been all my life?”

“Loving you from afar?”

“Enough of that shit!” he said. “I’m lovin’ you up close from now on.”

“Me too.”

“Another toast!” Jerry said. “To you, my cousin, my girl, my woman. I could have searched the world over for many years trying to find the love of my life. But all I would have found is that you were right here in front of me the whole time.” He raised his glass.

“I think I’m going to cry,” she said, her eyes watery.

“No crying. We’re drinking a toast and then I’m going to start playing with your ass.”

They tapped glasses and drank and then they were down on the bed. Jerry kissed her and licked her and sucked her nipples through the gauzy negligee. She giggled when he flipped her over face-down on her belly.

“Ah, your ass is mine,” Jerry laughed, and lightly slapped her butt. “Better do an inspection first.” He ran his fingers over her cheeks and along her crack. She giggled when he spread her cheeks apart with a jerk. “Hmm….uh huh…just what I thought.”

“What?” she asked.

“This is one sexy ass!” he said. And he covered her butt with kisses.

He licked her spread cheeks and she oohed when he ran his tongue along the length of her crack. He flicked his tongue around her asshole and she wriggled and cooed with pleasure as he rimmed her for minutes on end. Then he started filling her asshole with sharp smooth poking jabs of his tongue.

“Holy Mother of God!” Heather blurted.

Jerry did that for a while, driving her crazy. He knew by her reaction she’d never been tongue-fucked in the ass before. He also knew she was loving him back by hearing her blissful sighs and feeling her sphincter tightening around his tongue. After a couple more minutes he figured she was good and primed.

“Okay, it’s lube time,” Jerry announced, and sorted through his choices. “Aha! Coconut is perfect for our debut.” He opened the cap and took a whiff.

He squeezed a healthy dose into his hand. He took his time fingering Heather’s asshole, and he could tell she liked it, spreading her, making sure she was good and slippery inside for when he started ramming his cock in there. Also he was generous with lube around the outside of her rim. And every millimeter of his extended cock.

He bent his head down and licked her glossy entry.

“Yes! A very tasty hiney-hole indeed,” he said. Heather laughed. “Just as I’d hoped. You have a classic case of Pina Colada Butt! Are you ready?”

“Give it to me, Baby. Have your way,” she said, and reached back so her hands were on her butt cheeks. “I’m yours.”

He put his cock head up against her ring. Heather spread her cheeks apart and her asshole winked at him once or twice before she held it open for him. She must have been practicing, Jerry thought, right before he pushed. He must have administered a good lube job because he slipped in three or four inches with no resistance before Heather let out with a whimper.

“Are you okay,” he asked. “How does it feel?”

“Big!” she said. “How about you?”

“Feels fucking great. I’m halfway in.”

“Oh, God, okay. Well, ease it in and fuck me. Come in my ass.”

Jerry started gently rocking his cock into her. He felt her pushing back, inviting him farther in. His cock delved deeper little by little. Soon his cock shifted up to second gear, with a little more range of motion and a little quicker pace. By the time he got into third he banged it home.

“I’m in there, Baby,” he said. “All the way. How’s it feel?”

“Really? It feels okay, it doesn’t really hurt. Just feels big and stretched and tight. Like my ass has a cramp or something.”

Jerry started pumping her and he knew that as long as his cock had been hard and as good and snug as her asshole felt around it he was going to blow his top pretty quick. He fucked her ass slowly for a minute or two and then quickened, and with plunging force five, six, seven times, his cum erupted out of him and he knew it was quite a load.

He pulled out and watched her dilated hole return to its smaller version just before his semen started leaking out. He rolled her over and took her in his arms and they kissed, and he slipped two fingers into her marshy vagina and thumbed her clit until she came in his hand.


They both knew instinctively that now they were closer to one another than either had ever been to anyone else in their lives. There would be no more holding back and there would be no doubt to anyone who observed them that they were together as one. They wanted to live inside each other.

On Friday night they again went to the movie together. They drank their beers and ate their popcorn just as they had the week before, but this time it was as a bona fide couple and not cousins on a fake date. If Martians had been spying on them through a radio telescope or if NASA were studying satellite images of them from space there would have been no doubt that these two Earthlings were in love.

They went to The Sandbar again. There was no sign of Bob and Fran but Jason was again planted on his favorite stool at the outside bar. They did a little kissy-facing for his benefit. Inside they sat at a booth. They ordered some beer and a snack. They talked about the movie and touched each other here and there and kissed and held hands a couple times. They were having a pretty good time, but then were interrupted.

“Well, what have we here?”

They looked up and standing there was Heather’s younger brother Mark. He was off of college for the summer.

“Mark!” Heather said. “What are you doing here?”

“Came down for the weekend with my buddy Joey,” he said, and pointed at the bar. Joey gave them a wave. “But a better question is what the hell’s up with you two, holdin’ hands and kissin’ and shit? You fuckin’ too?”

Jerry and Heather looked at each other and took deep breaths. They’d reached the first challenge they knew was inevitable.

“Sit down for a minute Mark,” Heather said, and slid over to make room. He sat. “I know this comes as a surprise, and we were going to tell the family when we got back home, but…we’re in love.”

“In love?” Mark said incredulously. “You must be kidding. You’re cousins!”

“Yes, we know that,” she said, and smiled at Jerry. “But we love each other. And it’s not as uncommon as you think.”

“Ugh,” Mark said with a shiver.

“Anyway, Mark,” Jerry chimed in, “It’s a long story and I’m sure you don’t want to hear it all now since you’re out with your friend. But we’d appreciate it if you could keep the secret until we have an opportunity to tell our parents.”

“Yes, Mark,” Heather said. “We don’t want to upset Mom and Dad. So if you could keep it to yourself we’d appreciate it.”

“Oh, they’re gonna love this!” Mark said. “But this is a pretty big secret. Keeping a big secret like this might be hard to do. It could cost ya.”

Heather rolled her eyes and picked up her purse. “How much?”


“Twenty dollars? For being a decent a brother? Always the businessman. Or shyster, I should say.” She handed him a twenty.

“Thanks, Sis. I’m a little short and can use the extra beer money.”

“And please tell your friend Joey about the gag order,” Jerry said.

“Well, I can’t guarantee that,” Mark said, scratching his head. “Big secret like this…”

“Aw, jeez,” Jerry said, and slid another twenty across the table top. “You two better keep it quiet or I’m coming after you.”

“Thanks,” Mark said, as he scooped up the bill and stood up from the booth. He bent over and added, “I’m okay, you’re okay, no worries. It’s good to know you each found a good person. But, know what? I wouldn’t have told anybody. But thanks for the cash.” He rejoined Joey at the bar.

Heather and Jerry soon headed back to the house and went up to their room. They were glad that Mark and Joey would be sleeping on the ground floor and hopefully wouldn’t be listening at their bedroom door.


They decided to not postpone telling their parents. Even though they’d paid forty bucks in hush money they didn’t want to risk a slip-up, and beer-guzzling college kids like Mark and Joey looked like slip-ups waiting to happen.

They called their parents individually and arranged to meet them at their houses at the same time–seven p.m. Monday–Heather with her parents and Jerry next door with his. They rehearsed what they would say and figured that if both got started on time and things went well, by seven-thirty they’d all be in one house together either celebrating together or screaming at each other. They were relieved that her brother had seemed to take it so well. Hopefully the rest of them would too.


Heather looked at her watch. It was 7:01. She was sitting on the sofa looking at her parents, Dad in his recliner and Mom in the easy chair.

“Look, there is something I have to tell you,” Heather said. “And I wanted you to hear it from me before you found out some other way. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing, and although it may be a surprise to you, I don’t want you to be mad or upset. Mark knows already and he’s okay with it.”

“What is it, Honey?” Mom said.

“I’m in love. With Jerry. And he’s in love with me.”

Her mother and father looked at each other, then at Heather.

Mom cleared her throat and said, “Jerry, your cousin? You’re in love with your cousin?”

“Yes, very much so. And he’s in love with me. He’s next door right now with his parents having this same conversation. We were always so close growing up. But don’t worry, nothing ever happened back then; we were always attracted but never acted because it was taboo. We went our separate ways through college, but now we’ve realized that we’ve been denying our true feelings our whole lives. And we want to be together.

“You want to be together with your cousin. Like a couple?”

“Yes, Mom.” “Like a couple. We are a couple already.”

“Are you…having sex?”

“Mom, we’re in love! Yes, we’re having sex.”

“Oh my.”

“Mom, we’ve done our homework. First cousins have sex and get married and have babies all the time.”

Dad didn’t have much to say. That was typical. So Mom did enough fretting for both. “What do you think, Hon?” Mom asked Dad.

The phone rang. Next door Jerry and his parents had been having an identical conversation with a stoic Dad and an emotional Mom. It was Jerry’s father on the phone.

“Hello,” Heather’s dad said into the phone. “I know, can you believe this?….Crazy kids…Yeah, I’m okay, how about you?…Okay, come on over.” He ended the call. “They’re coming over,” he said.

Soon all six of them were in the same room. Drinks were served. The Moms tried not to be appalled and the Dads took it in stride. They loved their children and wished for their happiness. But there were questions.

Q:How did this happen?

A:We’ve been suppressing our feelings for years because it was taboo. And we didn’t want to disappoint our parents. We grew up. We want to be together.

Q:You two didn’t just get drunk and shack up at the beach did you?

A:No, Dad. We spent a lot of time talking and sharing and being honest with each other. It was not a snap…nor an easy…decision. We’ve struggled with it. But now we know it’s right.

Q:What about children?

A:We’ve looked into that. The risks are not high. Cousins do it all the time.

Q:Where are you going to live?

A:Jerry’s moving in with me.

Q:What are people going to think?

A:We don’t care. If people care about us they will support us. If they don’t, they won’t. We want your blessings but we don’t have control over that.

It went on like that for a while, and finally the subject of marriage came up.

“What about marriage?” Heather’s mother asked.

“We haven’t talked about that yet in detail, but we will,” Heather said. “It will depend on whenever my lazy boyfriend gets off his butt and does something about it.”

Jerry vacated his seat and got down on one knee in front of Heather and took her hand. “Heather, I don’t have a ring yet, but will you…”

“Yes!” Heather blurted with a smile. “Anytime.” They shared their first kiss in front of their folks.

The Moms and Dads looked at each other, smiled, shrugged and realized that they would have to get used to the idea of their niece and nephew being daughter-in-law and son-in-law.

“But Jerry, there is one thing I will absolutely not agree to under any circumstances, and it is not negotiable.”

They all looked at Heather with blank puzzlement.

“What’s that?” Jerry asked.

“There is no way on Earth that I’m changing my last name!”

Everybody thought that was pretty funny and they all laughed pretty hard.

But you had to be there.


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