Eric: My First Senior Partner Ch. 01

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Before After

I thought I would share my experience of how I first got into modelling for nude/ sexy pictures and also how I became a lover of big sex toys and vegetables etc.

After school I went to college, aged 19, to broaden my horizons and education. I had apparently gotten a reputation as a bit of a ‘tart’ at school. Little did I know this reputation had also made its way into the teachers staff room as well.

At college I made a new group of friends and we used a pub in the centre of town for socialising.

One night in there we bumped into an old teacher of mine from high school.

His name was Eric and he had been a teacher of mine in 6th form briefly. We met at the bar and chatted for a while, nothing heavy just general chit chat.

Over the next couple of weeks we met again in the pub and he always stopped to say hello and have a bit of a natter.

I have to admit I found him rather attractive. He was in his fifties and I was only nineteen at the time, but I have always had a thing for the older man.

After a couple of more meetings it was obvious we got along and I basically made the first move and asked if he would like to meet for a drink, just the two of us, at some point. At first I think he was a bit taken aback but he said if I would like to, then he would love to, “take me out for the evening.”

We agreed to meet up the following night and I had goose bumps getting ready that night. I wasn’t sure what to wear so just went casually dressed, in black trousers and a white blouse. I wasn’t sure how to play it to be honest, so dressed quite conservatively.

We had a lovely night and spent an enjoyable evening, the subject of sex never came up, and as he took me home I thought he had been the perfect gentleman and was a little disappointed if I was to be honest!

At my front door he dropped me off and our parting kiss was merely a peck on the lips, nothing heavy at all. I was a bit tipsy and horny so I gave myself a good finger fucking that night as I thought of getting into his pants!

We junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle arranged to meet again and this time I thought to myself I was going to be a bit more daring.

I dressed in one of my mini skirts, black in color and about ten inches in length. I put on some of my highest heels and a skimpy top a well. We were going to a restaurant for a meal then had planned to go on to a club after.

He picked me up and when he saw me I got the feeling he was enjoying me being dressed more sexily and thought to myself this could be my night for finally getting some older cock.

Once in the car he complimented me on my looks saying,”You look very fetching tonight Anna.”

I thanked him and said to him, “Hope you don’t think its too tarty?”

He looked me up and down, and said something like, “Oh you can never be too tarty.”

With this I leaned across and gave him a peck on the cheek. We drove to the restaurant and we got some odd looks I can tell you!

Eric in his suit and tie and me looking like an extra from the movie Pretty Woman!

We had a lovely meal and I took every opportunity to be as flirty as possible and gave Eric some good views of my tits down my blouse and purposefully wiggled my arse at him as I walked to the table and then when I went to the ladies.

I also got some admiring looks from some of the other male diners and a few disapproving ones from their wives.

We finished and I said to him I didn’t fancy going on to the club.

He looked a bit disappointed until I said, “Just lets go to yours Eric.” I added “I want some alone time with you, and I hope you won’t be disappointed.”

I was getting very wet down below by this point. The looks of the other guys at the restaurant had got me worked up, as had my flirty, flashing with Eric.

Once back at Erics things moved at fast pace. I leapt on him once we were in, planting kaçış izle a long lingering kiss on his mouth. We snogged for ages, always a good way to get me moist.

Once I could feel his bulge hardening in his trousers I dropped to my knees … I unzipped his straining cock and tongued the end.

I was getting him nice and hard and he had a lovely cock. Nice and long, about 7-71/2 inches and a lovely thick purple head.

As I slowly worked on him, he kept moaning and saying, “Oh fuck Anna, your one fucking great cock sucker … Its true what they say about you.”

I urged him on.

“Go on Eric tell me what you have heard about me,” using my tongue to work up and down his growing prick.

“What have you heard about me and other boys?”

“Oh I have heard plenty Anna,” He replied. I was wanking him off in my face and my fanny was getting real sloppy and wet.

“Well tell me and don’t fucking worry, you wont offend me.”

“I heard about you sucking off half the 6th form, how you were nicknamed ‘Oral Anna’.”

He went on getting stiffer as he told me…

“I heard about how you fucking loved to suck cock for fun and how you let them all spunk in your mouth or all over you.”

“We all heard about it you dirty fucker, we all heard about your spunky mouth and how easy you were.”

I wanked him hard and looked up at him.

“So you think I’m easy? You think I love the taste of cock and cum?”

As I did so I winked at him and took him back into my mouth and really worked on him. Pulling his cock and bobbing my head back and forth. He shot off into my mouth, flooding it with his hot spunk.

I swallowed the lot.

After this we kissed for ages and had a great fuck later that night.

I was Eric’s “girlfriend” for the next 9 months or so.

It was a fun time whilst it lasted. Our sex life was full of fun, games, new experiences and undoubtedly helped shape my sexuality.

During this time he got me to pose for my first sexy pictures.

He kaleidoscope izle got me to fuck myself in front of him with my toys and we bought some really big toys from our local sex store.

It was at this time I really got into big toys for my pleasure.

Eric also introduced me to cucumbers and big vegetables as toys, peeing fun, and he was the first one to get his whole hand up my cunt.

He loved to fist me as I lay on his bed and we always both came heavily after a fisting session.

He also loved me to dress up and bought me loads of sets of stockings, mini dresses and short skirts. He loved me to dress like ‘a slut’ for him and loved the looks we got from other guys/couples when out.

He often said he wanted me to be his ‘whore’ and loved to enjoy seeing his friends ogling me.

He in particular used to like me dressing up in provocative clothes whenever his older male friends came around. Always insisting I wear minis and occasionally stockings.

On several occasions I got felt up by them as I served them drinks or we watched some porn together.

I was fucked by many of them as Eric watched, and often acted as ‘hostess’ for Eric and his friends as they had poker nights etc.

He used to take great pleasure in telling them all how many cocks I had sucked whilst I worked on their stiff pricks. How I had a reputation for being a ‘good little cock sucker.’

His favourite outfit was my black leather mini skirt, white see through blouse and black stockings.

I would always wear no knickers and some of my highest heels. He loved me to let them cum off over my face and hair and then spend the evening with their spunk all over me as they got worked up again … This always ended up with me taking at least 2 or 3 loads from each of them, and then a magnificent fuck for us once they had gone.

We broke up due to him being offered another job away from home and quite frankly I wasn’t ready to move away at that time.

Mike my husband loves me to tell him about how Eric ‘broke me in’.

And our sex life, and my sexuality owes a lot to Erics teaching and his guidance so to speak.

Mike knows he is the love of my life, but he gets so turned on by me telling him about my past sexual behavior.

We have met up with Eric only the once since we have been together, an odd experience, nothing happened sexually, but Mike and I had a great fuck that night as well.

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