Erotic Interlude: Volume 01

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100 Erotic Interludes: (Smut not to be published until my Mom’s demise)


The idea for this volume came from two people very dear to me. First, my wife Dxxx, who supports my work: and, whose opinion and common sense I have learned to respect. Second my writing partner, editor, and synergy sole mate (name optional). Most of contents that follows started as part of mainstream literature that had been deleted as unnecessary to the story or, in most cases, would turn off or offend the our publishers or our targeted market readers. My partner gets credit for the idea in the paraphrased title I chose: “not to be published till my parents have passed”.

I was motivated to attempt this volume on discovering the fact that erotica contributes quite a share of the income of the media and publishing industry, not to mention the millions of dollars turned over in the pornography business. I must emphasize at this point that I do not approve and am strongly opposed to any type of pornography that evolves underage children, bestiality, torture, or underground perversions of any type like “off” porn that I have heard actually has a market. There is a fine line between pornography and healthy sexual experimentation. I am also aware of the morays of our western society and the taboos that are spoken and unspoken. I was never sure when “no” meant “no”, or whether “no” meant “yes” in my dating years. My puritan New England up bringing and the vision of my mother’s scorn definitely influenced my decision that “no” meant “no”. However, my generation did not enjoy (if that is indeed the right word) the sexual freedom enjoyed by youth today. I do know that later in life that sexual freedom not only enlightened, but helped me destroyed several of my marriages. To admit to multiple marriages’ in it self indicates what might be the reason of my preoccupation with sex. I have now reached fourscore and ten and like most people closer to the end of life reflect on all our mistakes, and can only hope to rationalize.



%#@! pulled into her assigned parking spot in the garage and they both exited the car without a word. #%&! clicked her remote and the car horn chirped, the lights lashed, and signaled all was secure.

“Well, babe, your baby is tucked in for the night.” $#*& fawned a smile as he broke the silence.

“Yep, always makes me feel secure when my baby is safe in its birth.” %$#@ said as she pushed the elevator button. %$#@came up to her side and put his hand on her shoulder. He felt her small shoulder and tensed neck muscles with killing county izle his stroking hand. He wondered why just a touch sent shockwaves through his body after all this time. It was much easier to ignore his feelings at a distance, but the physical contact awakened the desires and awareness of the sensuality of her body. He breathed deep for a smell her hair and longed to awaken in her the passion he felt.

“All right there, big guy,” #$%@ asked. “What is up with you? You are never this quiet unless your drunk or having thoughts that you shouldn’t even be putting in your head. ……usually the two go together.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Babe.” %$#@ tried to joke. “You’re an old married lady now and have settled down to a life of monogamy and virtuosos devotion.”

They were alone in the elevator now. #$%@turned to face $#@! and she unceremoniously poked him in his solar plexus.

“Do not ever make fun of me like that again you Jerk!”

%$#@ bent over with a surprised look on his face.

“Woe %$#@,” $#@! pleaded. “I didn’t mean to make fun of you, much less hurt you.”

“I know %$#@.” %$#@ sighed as she melted against the elevator wall. “I am sorry I lashed out like that. I am lonesome without $#@!, who seems to be O.K. being away from me flying around in a helicopter somewhere in Iraq. To add to all that, I feel your desires and you know what? I sometimes fanaticize about you taking me in your arms touching a kissing me the way I know you want to. You excite me $#@!. You’re a reckless and lazy character with a big heart. Your gentle and have poor judgment. You are not careful about peoples feelings or how you might hurt. YOU ARE A GODDAMN TRAINWRECK THAT HASN”T HAPPENED YET.

The elevator door opened and $#@! dashed down the hall to her apartment door. $#@! stood by the elevator with a wounded look on his face and he was speechless. He saw $#@!struggling with her keys, dropping her purse, and getting down on her hands and knees to retrieve the contents. &^%$ shook his head and quickly joined her on the hallway floor. She looked up at him with red teary eyes. “Oh $#@!, I am so sorry…I didn’t mean that.”

“I know you didn’t $#@!.” %$#@ said in a soothing voice. He crawled over to her side and pulled her close. She cried. $#@! cried till she could not take a breath. She wrapped her arms around his neck and $#@! wrapped his arms tightly around he petite waist.

$#@! helped scooped up the lipstick, eye shadow, pepper spray, and various other essentials of $#@! purse.

#@!% just stood there trying to compose her self. kıyma izle She accepted the items from her purse as $#@! handed them to her. $#@! kept the keys and slowly opened the apartment door. And held it open for $#@!. $#@! walked by $#@! and suddenly wrapped her hands around his neck. $#@! instinctively bent over as she kissed him on the cheek. $#@! grabbed her by the waste and picked her up in the air with one strong arm and put his hand on the back of her head and pressed his mouth towards hers. She resisted for a moment and then returned his kiss with an open mouth and a darting tongue.

The clinging couple moved into the apartment and $#@! closed the door without relenting his grip or pausing in returning the warm kisses. #@! was moaning slightly as she lost herself on his kisses. She welcomed his hands as they tightened around the bottom flesh of her buttocks and he pulled her closer to him. $#@! gently carried her to the sofa, continuing kissing her. He moved to her neck and to her shoulder. His hand instinctually cupped her breast and his mouth soon found her excited nipple as he easily slid the strap off her tank-top since she was wearing no bra. $#@! moaned and stroked $#@!’s head and rubbed his neck, urging him to continue.

$#@! kept kissing her breasts slowly and softly, alternating his attention every few moments. $#@!s hand found the inner thigh of her leg and #@! spread her legs as his hand made its’ way to her moist mound. She had worn no panties and her hosiery was attached to garters. $#@!s passion grew with excitement. #@! spread her legs farther and cried please as $#@! fingered her swollen clit.

“Please, a little more to the left, my Darling.”!@# pleaded. “Yes, she moaned, yes there!”

!@# continued to rub unmercifully as she writhed in pleasure. He soon had moved off the couch and knelt between her legs. He rolled the skirt up around her waist, and with the hosiery still in place his lips kissed her soft thighs and his tong was soon replacing his finger in her pleasure spot.!@# yelled in ecstasy as he teased and sucked. She pressed his head harder and further into her, till! @# tong was deep inside her. She writhed and moved her hips in almost desperate undulations. $#@! took his moist finger and pressed against her anus.

“Push it in gently!” #@!pleaded. “Oh yes, my $#@!” She moaned.

The motions became faster till #@! yelled and her body trembled as she came in waves of pleasure. $#@! felt the first wave and continued his kissing and stroking. #@!yelled as she came again and lay back on the couch breathing heavy and sighing as she felt koala man izle the aftershocks. $#@! withdrew and placed his head on her stomach. His hands rubbed the lips of her cunt and licked at the love juices. He rose up and kissed ever so gently on the mouth and smiled at her.

“We are not done yet. “$#@!said softly.

“We are not?”

Without another word $#@! gently turned #@! over so she was kneeling next to the couch with her head on the seat cushion. She felt him enter her swollen wet cunt and they slowly moved in motion. $#@! thrusted his shaft slowly and deeply into her. #@! responded in like motion. She was suddenly very hot and moved faster as $#@! moved faster and deeper. She felt his fingers rubbing clit as he thrust harder and faster. #@!wanted more, she wanted it inside her all the way, They were one as the undulated in sweat and she came violently. She felt his pulsing penis still thrusting deeper.. She came and came like she had never come before. She moved her hand under herself till she could feel his balls and now it was his turn to moan as she fingered his scrotum.

“Oh $#@!, do it up my ass. #@!$, please!” #@! did not know why she wanted that. She had never let anything bigger than a finger penetrate that opening before. She always felt it was disgusting. But right now, she wanted to feel him come in there. #$@! withdrew from her dripping pussey.

$#@! ran his tongue around the opening of her anus. $#@! squealed with pleasure. $#@! wet #@!$s anus with her juices with his finger and slowly penetrated her anus. #@! flinched at first, but her sphincter mussel slowly relaxed. $#@! guided her finger into her cunt as he press the tip of his penis at the opening he had just withdrawn his finger from. He pressed. #@!felt pain that soon turned into a pleasure she had never felt. Her inserted finger in her cunt could feel his penis as it was jammed into her anus.

“Oh, it is so tight #@!. You are sure I am not hurting you Babe?”

“Push hard $#@!, it is O.K.” yelled in animal passion.

#@! cupped her breast and felt her hard nipples. He became lost in the warm feeling of her tightness, He stroked slowly, he could feel her finger in her cunt. He was soon lost inn ecstasy. He increased his thrusts. The sphincter muscle closed around the hilt of his penis. #@! cried and yelled. $%#@! drowned her yells as he yelled as he moved faster and faster, feeling the heat. $#@! felt the warmness and the warm sensation of pain and pleasure. Her finger felt $#@! explode in her with pumping surges as she came in a blinding orgasm like she had never experienced before.

“Oh, $#@! I love you and what you can do to me.” #@! cried out.

$#@! kissed her back gently as he tried to cool down. “I love you for your passion and your beauty that goes far beyond anything I have ever experienced.” $#@! said. “@!~ I treasure you.”

“Well, #@!, we did it this time.” $#@!said.


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