Erotic Massage Pt. 01

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Hi, my name is Jessica; I am an Asian-American so sometimes my English not so good. I want to share with you my first naughty massage. My boyfriend thinks it is very erotic and so do I. My sister has been telling me about her naughty massages. She always telling me I need to go and enjoy one. So I did and she was right, it was awesome. But I get ahead of myself so will start at the beginning.

One evening after sister have naughty massage she stop by my place and tell me all about it. I got turned on by way she described the whole experience so told her I would go and visit massage parlor. She give me the address and then dial reception desk. Then she hand me the phone so I make appointment for next morning, am so turned by thought of doing something so naughty.

After sister leave I keep thinking about massage and get so excited I have to play with self. And then again so can think of something else. It no work, mind won’t think about anything else, lol. So I spend whole night playing with self and thinking about what I will wear next morning and how far will let massage guy go, by time sun come up can hardly contain how excited I am.

So I get up in the morning and take nice shower then pick out special outfit. What something sex but not slutty. I pick out nice white top that exposed one shoulder so guys can see golden color of my skin and show off my raspberry colored nipples, not totally see through but very suggestive if looking and I hope guys are looking, lol. Then I pick a nice thin sun skirt so can see my panties.

I take taxi to spa. Am sure driver not watching road because he almost hit other car twice. I smile to self, lol

Anyway bursa escort when I get to spa I walk in front door and see massage guy standing at desk. He knows me because I been there before but never let him do naughty on me. When he see how I am dressed he get big smile on face. I love way he looked at me, made me warm all over. I am getting wet just thinking about it, lol

So I sign in and pay for one hour massage as usual. Am directed back to room where I usually go, massage guy following me like usual and open door for me. He smile and say will knock before entering. He shut door, I so nervous and wet at same time, feel self-getting very excited, so excited it is hard to breath, but I like, lol.

I take of my clothes, lay them on bench and grab large towel from rack. Then I walk over to massage table and lay down. Towel is very large but I fold so just barely large enough to cover bottom and wait for massage guy to ask to enter. When he enters he sees me lying on table with towel only covering part of bottom. I can see he getting hard as he walk up to table, I was so wet.

As he walks up to table I cannot breath, wondering what he going to do first. I was feeling so naughty. Hide big smile on my face, lol. As he walked up to table he makes small talk but I so excited no remember what he say. My heart is pounding in my ears and my head is spinning, was so excited almost shaking; had to hold onto table.

I remember he asked if I would like soft, medium or hard massage. I said I like both soft and medium massage with hot oil treatment. Then he starts with my shoulders as usual, but this time his touch sends a tingle all way through my body bursa escort bayan that makes my pussy flood with wetness as I think about what is yet to happen. I find myself looking at his erection as he lean over me working my shoulders and upper back. I keep thinking lower, lower, lol. He rubs down my back alone both sides of my spine and back up, I have to bit lip so not let out moan. I start feeling very naughty.

Then he takes my right arm and massage, I never remember it feeling so good before but this time is amazing when his hands feel on my arm. And when he laces his fingers in mine I just want to scream with joy. Massage never ever felt this nice before, can feel my eyes fluttering. He only touching back and arms and my whole body is responding like never before. After he laid my right arm down I tried to move it, but it so relaxed it no want to move. Then he does my left arm and hand, feelings even stronger. My head was really spinning. When he finish both my arms I so weak and happy and excited and want more. I know in my head not going to say no to anything he wants to do.

Then he move down to other end of table so I not able to see his hard on. When he pick up my leg and start massage I know he can see my pussy and my ass. If I were not excited before I was then. I know he has seen before but this is different for me, I so hope he likes view. He started with my left foot and calves, applying hot oil, taking time. I cannot tell you how excited I was, it was lick being in another universe watching my body being tantalized. Kept wondering why I had not done before.

He starts moving past my calves to my knee, I holding my breath wondering escort bursa what he going to do. Will he be daring and try something already or not, I so nervous. I want him to and I don’t, but really want him to, lol. Now he is above my knee to my soft thigh. I know he can see my pussy; I like him looking at it, I want him to touch, to send me through the roof.

Now his hands are under the towel as he starts to massage my cute ass. I keep thinking when he going to touch me, is driving me crazy, lol. Is he going to accidently bump my pussy like he has done before or not? Or maybe will play with ass, oh I going crazy, lol. I let my legs drift apart so if he wants to do something he has opening to do. To encourage him a little I start lifting my hips off the table as his hands drift closer to my pussy and pressing my ass into his hands. Oh I want him do something so bad. Have my eyes close and am licking my lips while think please, please touch me.

Then he bend over and kiss my nakie bottom, I almost pass out, lol. Oh, his warm lips felt so good against my little bottom, I no want him to stop. Then he kisses other cheek, towel is on the floor now, I totally nakie. Next he spreads the cheeks of my bottom and runs his tongue between them all way down to my ass hole. Stopping for just a second he licking my ass hole and then slips his naughty tongue into me, I let out little moan of pleasure.

As his tongue plays with my ass hole I feel his fingers slip into my wet pussy, this no accidental pussy bump at all. Cannot tell you how good it felt. Whole body was trembling with delight. I pushed back hard on his hand so he would know I like. My head is spinning with joy and excitement all at the same time, then I cum. I cover his whole hand with my wetness. He kisses my little bottom again and tells me to turn over so he can finish massage.

I do, blushing, lol.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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