Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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Some of the facts of this story have been changed to protect the innocent, but for the most part this is a true story.

Gary and Donny just happened to show up at my house my senior year in High school as I was going out to look for my dogs. The dogs had

gotten loose while we were at school and now I had to go looking for them, all ten of them. I had some ideas where they would be and was

gonna walk to where they liked to go. When the guys showed up they offered to give me a ride to look for them. I told my younger siblings to stay home and if any of the dogs showed back up to tie them up. So I hopped in the car with the guys. I was really distressed about the dogs and hadn’t even changed out of my school clothes.

As luck would have it I had chosen that day to wear a lot of black. I had black eye liner, black eye shadow, black mascara and black lipstick on, as well as black stirrups, black leather boots and a black oversized low V- neck t-shirt with a silver metal chain- just picture Madonna with long auburn hair hazel green eyes and a size 14 with 42Ds. We lived in the country and these dogs were hunting dogs, so I had the guys drive to

a place where I had found most of them last week when they had run away. Again as luck would have it, its a place that you pull into and then the car can be hid from the road; we used to go there to practice target shooting also. I got out of the car and called to the dogs as it started to mist. I swore about having to look for them in

my school clothes and in the rain. The guys tried to comfort me a little.

After about 5 minutes Donny was all over my backside, he had a huge crush on me. I knew this and had used him many times because of it. I had teased him many times but had never really had sex with him; I had petted pretty heavy with him and let him get a good feel, but never gone all the way. Gary and I had a love hate relationship,

one day we were friends the next day we would bahis firmaları be trying to kill each other and sometimes quite literally. I had no idea what if any feeling he may have really had for me before that day, sometimes youth is blind. I stepped away from Donny and pushed him away, I pointed to Gary and he just shrugged his shoulders.

I asked what if he tells your girlfriend? He said he wouldn’t. I said no. He turned me around to him and started rubbing his crotch against me, I could feel he had a hard on and it was a nice sized one. I went over and got in the front seat of the car, shutting the door behind me so Donny had to get in the back as Gary was in the driver’s seat. Then Donny was reaching over the seat to fondle my breasts; he pulled my

shirt and poor Gary’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw my breasts straining against my black bra. He gently reach out and fondled the one near him. Donny reach for my waistband and I warned you don’t want to do that I’m having my period. Gary put his hands between my legs and pressed and called me a liar.

I was unsure what was about to happen then. My mind was racing and as much as I liked Donny for a friend and tease I did not want to have sex with him. I reach over and began to caress Gary’s now hardening dick through his jeans. I leaned over and kissed him as Donny slid his hand into my pants and began to fondle my pussy. I moved a little so my ass was up higher and then leaned down and pulled Gary’s zipper down with my teeth. I used my hands to free his cock, but realized there was little room in the front seat at the same time that Donny was moving to get out of the back and come to the front. I looked up at Gary and said let’s move to the backseat. We both quickly got out and got in the backseat. I locked the door behind me, and as Gary climbed in he did to.

Now Donny had no choice but to stand outside and watch or get in the front and watch. Donny opted to get in the front, but kaçak iddaa accessing me in the backseat wasn’t as easy and so he had to be content with watching me from the front seat. I quickly went to work on swallowing Gary’s cock, he was about 8 inches long and I swallowed it all. I was sure as Gary did not have a girlfriend at the time nor he had one recently that this would not take long at all. I gently slid my mouth up and down over his cock moaning as I slid up and down it. I felt Donny’s hand on my ass, as I went deep on his cock. I moved so that I could make eye contact with Gary as I slid my mouth down over his cock. I heard Donny groan behind me as he watched my lips slide down over his cousins cock. I knew that was something he had always wanted and been denied. I smiled as I came up to the head. I watched Gary’s eyes and knew from the way his body jumped and reacted that he was about to cum. I took his cock most of the way in my mouth and felt his hot cum splashing into my mouth. I sucked him dry. As I sat back on my heels he suddenly jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut on me. I was bit confused and started to go after him. Donny who was still in the front seat but moving told me to stay he would see what was up. So I got myself straightened out and watched them talking outside the window. Gary just shook his head and walked away.

As Donny turned and came towards the car, I got out. It was lightly raining at this time. I asked Donny what was going on? He said Gary just needs air and tried to get me back in the car. I said no firmly and told him to tell me what was really going on. He let out an exasperated sigh and said that Gary suddenly felt guilty for making me do that. I said guilty for what? For me giving him a blowjob? Then Donny laid a big bomb on me and said don’t you know he’s a virgin? I had a puzzled look on my face and said oh my God no!

I went after Gary at that point who was walking down the road. I caught up with him quickly and kaçak bahis grabbed his arm. When he spun around he was defensive. I asked him what was that matter. He said nothing. I told him bullshit. I said how can you think you made me do that? I did what I did because I wanted to. At that time it was mostly true I had wanted to blow him, again the love hate thing. He called me a liar. I asked how can you say that? He said your eyes, your face give you away. I looked at him a bit puzzled and he said your mascara is running because you were crying. I laughed and grabbed him around the neck and then kissed him, you silly boy I said. Then I explained to him that the car was all steamy and turned and pointed to the still parked car and the steamed up windows. When it gets steamy like that sometimes makeup, especially cheap stuff runs. Oh he said, then laughed. I asked him if we were ok now? He said yeah and grabbed my hand and we walked back towards the car. As we did I leaned over and whispered in his ear that his was the best tasting cum I had ever had. He looked puzzled but just smiled. I checked my makeup in the mirror of the car and saw it was rather smudged, but then again it was raining out. I went over to the ledge again and called the dumb dogs. Then knowing it was almost dinner time, I said we better go back. We all piled in the car, Donny leaned forward after a quick feel, but I moved out of the way and leaned over and kissed Gary, watching Donny out of the corner of my eye as I did. Knowing he was a virgin was a good thing at that time and I took into consideration his feelings. He drove me home. When we got there most of the dogs were back. I went on inside and started dinner for the family as they drove off.

As I said we had a love hate relationship and the next day Gary was guarded with me till he knew I was not going to use that to hurt him. Donny still was trying to get in my pants and I had to make him swear not to tell anyone about what happened. He swore not to.

There is more, but I will stop right after I tell you that three days later and at every dance afterwards Gary dedicated “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison to me. To this day when I hear that song I think of him.

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