Exploring Megan Ch. 1

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Megan looked herself up and down in the large mirror on her closet door. She pulled up the front of her white tank top to look at her stomach. It was perfectly smooth, except for the small ring sticking up from her navel. She was proud of having convinced her mom to allow that, but NEVER wanted to get anything more daring. She could see what guys wanted with her, she guessed. Slim, short natural-blonde hair, and what she thought was a really nice butt. She supposed she looked like one of those girls from a lecher’s dream. Running her hand over her stomach, she moved it a little lower, so that her finger tips slipped under the elastic of her white panties. Her eyes hadn’t quite closed yet when she heard her father’s voice yelling from downstairs.

“Dear! Come on down, we’re leaving!”

Megan started and drew her hand away from her waistline; there would be time for that sort of thing after her parents had left. Bounding downstairs, she put her arms around her father and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Bye daddy!”

“You’re mother and I want you know that you have our complete trust. But, you’re only 18, and since this is your first time with the house all to yourself for more than a week (her parents were going on a cruise for three weeks), no one, and I mean, NO ONE, is to be in this house other than Jill. Got me?”

“Sure thing, Dad,” she replied reluctantly.

After kissing her mom good-bye, she watched out the window as their station wagon pulled out of the drive way. And then she was along. For a second, she reveled in it, and then it hit her that it wasn’t really that big of a deal at all. So she resigned herself to find something to occupy her time. Perhaps a little television would do the trick. . .

It was around 5:00 clock that evening when the doorbell rang at Megan’s house. She opened the door and told the pizza man to wait while she found some cash. Finding her supplies short, she went into her parents’ room and opened her dad’s top drawer. Nothing. She worked her way down to the second to last tuzla escort drawer. She opened it. No money, but there were some video tapes with the labels ripped off. Interesting. Megan made a mental note to return later. It was in the bottom drawer that she found her dad’s wallet, and she borrowed a twenty for the pizza man.

“Thanks a lot,” she said to him.

“No problem,” he replied with a grin. He was quite ugly. His eyes wondered down to her small, A-cup chest before she closed the door, sending him on his way. She headed to the kitchen to enjoy her pizza.

She ate slowly, thinking over what these next few weeks alone would be like. A little freedom couldn’t hurt, she laughed to herself. She planned to spend a lot of time at home. The central air conditioning felt a LOT better than the sweltering heat outside her suburban Texas town. Maybe she would call Jill to come over later. For now, she just wanted to relax and watch the television.

It was almost 8:00 when she remembered the videos she had seen earlier. Heading back to her parents’ room, she opened her dad’s drawer and pulled out the top cassette. She carried it to the living room, where her big screen TV awaited, and hit the rewind button. She had a suspicious feeling about the movies, so she went around and closed all of the curtains as the tape rewound. The VCR made a clicking noise, signaling that it had finished its assigned task. For some reason, Megan was a little nervous. But she grabbed the remote and hit “play.”

As the pre-film black played through, Megan nestled into the couch and put her legs up on the table. Some corny, rhythmic music came up, along with the movies title, “Catholic School Girls Start Right on Time.” “This could get interesting,” Megan thought to herself playfully. Truth be told, she was starting to feel a little horny, and her pussy was starting to warm up as her juices flowed more freely.

On screen, two girls in school uniforms sat on a bed talking. Both blonde bimbos with long hair. The one on the right was pendik escort pretending, rather badly, to cry. “No, don’t cry,” the one on the left said. “It’ll be alright.”

“But I’m gonna miss him,” bimbo


“Oh, hush. We’ll get you cheered up.”


“Of course!” The one on the left gave the girl on the right a big hug. And then a kiss. Suddenly they were in a passionate kiss, and the girl on the left had her hand inside the other girl’s shirt!

Megan was rubbing her legs together, and getting incredibly hot. She had never really had a thing for most guys, but she figured it was because she hadn’t met the right one. Why on earth was she being turned on by lesbianism?! The thought had never occurred to her. Yet there was no denying how turned on she was at the moment. Her thoughts were driven to more immediate concerns, as on screen, the previously crying girl’s skirt had been pulled up, admitting the other girl to her shaven pussy. She began to moan and pinch her nipple through her shirt as the other blonde girl licked up and down her pussy and inserted a finger into her slit.

Megan, meanwhile, had her eyes glued to the screen. Her breathe was quickening, and her left handed had wandered up to pinch the protruding nipple of her right breast through her thin white tank top and bra. Her right hand, meanwhile, had found its way to her face, where she was munching on the end of her index finger.

The blonde getting her pussy eaten out began yelping and moaning, then screaming. Her hands pulled the other girls face deeper into her mound, aching for more pleasure. But Megan was no longer paying attention.

Megan’s eyes were sealed and she was breathing heavily through gritted teeth. Both of her hands were working on unbuttoning her jean shorts. Her left handed moved over her stomach, then up under her shirt where she could better access her chest. Her right hand, meanwhile, slipped into her panties and began to work her pussy. She moved her middle finger up and down her slit aydınlı escort a few times, then inserted it into her hole. She gasped as it reached all the way in. She then began twisting and pumping it very slowly. Her eyes were completely closed now, the movie forgotten. Low moans were escaping from her mouth, and her whole body squirmed from the pleasure that she was giving herself.

Megan planted her feet on the coffee table and spread her legs to give herself better access to her pussy. She wanted to remove her shorts, but it wasn’t worth the time it would take away from pleasuring herself. She was done fingering herself now, and instead was rubbing away at her clit, her hand stretching the elastic of her panties. Her shirt was pulled up over her chest now, and her left breast was exposed to the world as she pinched and pulled on her nipple. She felt heat running everywhere. Her hand moved faster and faster, more and more urgently. Then, she screamed. And came.

Megan had never come so hard in her life. She had orgasmed once or twice before while masturbating, but this was like something entirely different. She spasmed for a full minute as her hand slowed on her pussy and she sunk into the couch.

She sat for another minute of bliss, and then shook herself off. She decided a shower was in order. She reached for the remote to turn off the film and return it, but then saw what was on the screen. The once-sad bimbo was sucking her own juices off of the other woman’s finger. Megan was really turned on, and she stuck her own finger in her mouth. The taste was weird, but she kind of liked it. She sucked her finger clean, and then put away her movie. Well, it wasn’t actually hers, but she felt like it was.

Megan headed up stairs to her room. She stripped her clothes off, and then headed to the bathroom for a shower. Once inside though, she thought the better of it and instead opened up the faucet, filling the bath with steaming water. When it was full, she lowered herself slowly into its steamy depths. Her thoughts turned immediately to her experience just moments ago, and her hands meandered down her smooth skin and began to slowly work at her well-trimmed pussy. She never came, or even intended too, just slowly and gently pleasured herself to sleep.

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