Exposed and used at a local bar/restaurant

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Last Friday 2/3, the girls asked me at work what I was doing after work. I told them I had no plans and they said they wanted me to go to a bar restaurant with them to get something to eat and have some fun.

Faith told me to drop my jeans and underwear so they could see if I had healed up. Amanda then handed me a ruler and told me to smack my dick at least 25 times on all four sides. Faith then looked at it and said, not red enough, and do it 25 more times. Nicole then came in to see if we were ready to go and looked and said I guess it still isn’t red enough go 50 more this time and then we left.

We all arrived together so the 3 girls and I went back to the restaurant part of the building. The waitress came over and took one look at me and said, that is the guy that was on the facetime video a couple weeks ago and Nicole said yes that is him and she whispered to me to start getting undressed and hand my clothes to the waitress. So I started with my shoes and socks and handed them to her and she asked what she was to do with them and Nicole said whatever you want and by then I had my jeans off. The waitress said this is awesome as I handed her my underwear and then my shirt. She looked at my dick and said it looked kind of red. Faith said not too red I think you should use your order book and smack each side at least 25 times. She started the smacking and wasn’t even counting and neither was anyone else.

She then went out to the bar and was slinging my clothes around saying there is a naked man in the back. When she came back with our first round of drinks she promptly spilled a full large draught beer right in my lap directly on my dick. Everyone thought it was hilarious as she tried wiping it up and was using my shirt as the rag. Various women from the bar came back and a few of them were on the facetime with Faith and Nicole during my office video. After we ate, Faith said we were going to play some pool so more people could see me naked. After a few games, one of the women that was out in the bar, she said that she dared me to walk through the bar which was now crowded. Faith told me to go ahead and I said I didn’t want to get arrested and the woman that came out to ask said she was Christine’s sister and married to the chief of police and unless I do what was asked, I might get into to trouble. So, I went out to the bar and everyone either smacked my dick or my ass.

After a while, I made it back to the pool room and Jessica was standing the with a pool cue in her hand. I was told to lean back against the pool table with my dick out in front of me and she then used the pool cue the smack my dick. With everyone watching, I escort kahramanmaraş bayan got an erection which made it harder for her to hit it and Nicole came up with the idea of taking one of my shoestrings and tied it to the head of my dick then tied the other end to a chair and pulled the chair away until my hard on was straight out then sat on the chair so it wouldn’t move. Jessica used the pool cue hitting my dick on every side and it was hurting. She said she would stop if I asked nicely to have my ass spanked, which I did right away. They untied my dick and had me turn around and she and several people took turns spanking my ass. After so long my ass was getting super sore and I couldn’t imagine how it looked. A couple guys were spanking me hard and Jessica then whispered to me that the ass spanking would stop if I yelled out to finger my hole.

The guys heard her and hit me a couple more times really hard and I yelled out. My legs were the spread and tied to the legs on the pool table and one of the guys yell over to a women that was there and said the patient is ready for his rectal exam. I don’t know who was doing what but my ass was spread open and the woman started inserting a finger then shortly added a second finger and the chants go for 3 started well she got the third finger in and was going in and out which hurt at first but went away. She announced that I passed my prostrate exam and was good to go. Several more people took turns fingering and stretching my ass and it was starting to hurt when Jessica then said I needed to say fuck me or she was going to use the pool cue. Well of course I didn’t want either but I ended up yelling fuck me. The first guy must have not been very big or I was really opened up. I do not know how many guys used my ass, but I do know I ended up sucking on at least 6 cocks and eat 4 pussies while my ass was being used. They finally decided I had enough, I was told that whenever I was at the bar as long as I was naked I would not have to pay for anything and should plan on having more fun like happened tonight when there. I am sure this is just the beginning of these new adventures. If my ass is back to normal I am going to venture to that bar by myself and see what happens without the girls being with me.

I picked Wednesday, figuring it wouldn’t be very busy. I was actually correct as when I first got there, the only people there were 2 women and 1 man and the female bartender.

The bartender was not there on Friday when they had their party with me. The bartender, Allison, got me a drink and asked me if I was ordering any food, which escort kapalı gaziantep bayan I did. While waiting for my food we all were chatting amongst ourselves and everything was normal until after I finished eating and the cook came out of the kitchen to get my plates and it was the bartender from Friday.

She looked at me and said that she was surprised that I came back and even dared to come by myself. She then turned to Allison and the other people and told them all about what happened on Friday and said they could have fun with me tonight.

With that, the 2 women came over, they asked if all that was true and I said there is only one way to find out. With that as my response, the one woman grabbed for my belt and started undoing my pants; while the other woman grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. The bartender was laughing at the fact I was letting these women strip me naked. Once I was naked, we all moved back to the pool room. They then started but spanking my ass just like Friday, the bartender, the Wednesday cook was there reminding them what to do next by recreating what was done Friday. The bartender on duty stayed out at the bar in case anyone else came in. My ass was red and sore again and they were getting ready to start spanking my dick when we noticed some people come into the front door out by the bar. It looked like a family mom, dad and 2 daughters which looked young. My clothes were out in the bar and I was sure they would notice them and maybe even hear or notice what was going on in the pool room. Tammy the Friday bartender, told us to hold tight and she was going to check and see what we should do continue or stop.

As she was heading out toward the bar, Allison was coming back with the family right behind her and announced that the family had decided to join the party and the one girl was 18 and the other was 20.

They took their seats and it was announced that I was about to get my dick spanked from every angle. The first the first 2 women were spanking my dick while the guy was still spanking my ass. Tammy told me the next thing that was going to happen was I was going to spank my dick in front of the family with my own belt. She said that would be even more embarrassing. She went out and got my belt and led me over to the front of their table so that could watch close up. It was then announced that I was going to spank my own dick and hit it from all 4 angles at least 38 times counting them out loud. I hit the top, the right side, left side and left the under side for last. I then surprised everyone by lifting the shaft of my dick up kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan against my stomach and then proceeded to slap my balls with the belt 38 times….I was told to do at least the 38 but I actually hit it 50 times in each location. Tammy then asked the two young girls if they thought my dick was red enough or should I get spanked more. Of course, they said more.

Tammy then asked me how I thought it would get even redder. I asked, if they had any rubber bands at the bar. She went and got various sizes of rubber bands. It was decided the dad was going to do the smacking and in honor of his she who is 42 years old, he would smack my dick 42 times at each location. She asked me why I asked for the rubber bands and I said the girls at work had me use them and maybe they would help my dick getting red. It was decided that after each location was hit I was to add a rubber band and when it was time to smack my balls, they had to have a rubber band wrapped around each of them separately.

When dad was finished I had 4 rubber bands around my dick and both balls separated by 2 rubber bands. The girls were then asked if I was red enough and they both giggled and said no not near enough. Their mom said that she thought that both daughters should get to not only spank my dick and balls but also my ass. Both girls had a blast smacking my dick and balls and no one even kept count and not sure how many smacks. It was them moms turn and she smacked every thing based off her age. My dick was and is extremely sore.

Tammy surprised me when she said to everyone that the last thing that was done to me on Friday was my ass was violated with fingers and dicks and she thought it would be fun to see again. She no sooner got the words out, the two girls blurted out come on dad fuck his ass. I was then bent over a table, rubber band still of my dick and balls while mom decided to play the part of the female doctor from Friday.

The dad told the other guy to go first and he was not gentle at all, but mom’s fingering had me somewhat loosened up. The girls were cheering him on to pound my ass and cum in there. After several minutes, the did just that came in my ass. The girls then said, dad it is your turn and don’t worry about us seeing your dick now. Their mom, reached over and undid his belt and helped him out of his pants. Dad was already erect and came over and with one push rammed his dick up my ass. Even with the cum lubricating my hole that push hurt.

Once he came, they all decided I had had enough but the girls wanted to remove the rubber bands, while they did, they stretched the band like they were going to remove it but let it go snapping it back against my dick or balls. When they were done , they said that I was awesome and really enjoyed the entertainment. I was allowed to get dressed, my food and drinks were free. As the family was leaving, mom came over to me and demanded my number as they want me to come over to their house some time and entertain then again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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