Fairweather Ranch Ch. 01

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Greetings everyone,

This tale is a sweet one, with some lovely female romantics who also enjoy getting a bit naughty- or a lot. Our story begins in the Post-Civil War South. The Chambers ranch has been struggling without slave labor, so they have begun hiring farmhands. Secretly, they may be looking for a mate for the daughter. They very well may get one too, but not how they expected.

-Lady Daisy


1880, Arkansas

Eve looked out on the horizon. It was a hot day, with the sun beating down on her. The ranch was in the middle of harvest at this time, and they needed workers for sure. The farmhands were good, but it was a big place. There was a big house, many fields, a barn, and a lake to take care of. Her father had decided that they may hire hard working women as well. She could see a woman approaching. The woman had long brown hair, blue eyes, firm breasts, a slender figure, and a nice ass.

“Are you Melody?” asked Eve.

“I am, you must be Eve.” she replied.

“Come on in, make yourself at home.” Melody followed her in. Now that she could get a good look at her, she could see she was quite pretty. Eve was blonde, with round brown eyes and a small nose. She was always smiling, and had a skip to her walk.

The house seemed to go on forever, and it was istanbul escort carefully furnished just to the family’s needs. As they were walking in the hall, Eve and Melody discussed the farm and work, moving on eventually to more personal matters.

“How old are you?” Eve asked.

“I am 23.” Melody replied.

“I’m afraid you will be working with mostly boys.” Eve said.

“That’s fine. Young men don’t really interest me anyway.”

Eve kept walking, but her brain started turning gears. Was that a romantic- or sexual remark? If it was, she could certainly say the same, but if it wasn’t, she didn’t want to totally push off Melody. She’d kept the desires she had a secret for so long now… She decided not to say anything.

“Gosh, you sure are quiet. Your father owns this place?”

“Yeah. I live here with him. My mother passed away when I was a young girl. I was born here and grew up among slaves.” Eve knew she would probably ask if her father was married or not. She didn’t really like talking about it, but she cherished the memories she still had of her.

“Ah, I see. Forgive me, but I’m from up north, in Maine. My father died in the war.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” At least Melody knew what it was like to lose a parent.

“It’s fine. I’ve gotten over it obviously, rus escort as I’m down here looking for work. I’ve been wandering around, looking for places that will pay me well.”

“You should find some here, and the salary is good too. Anyway, dinner’s soon, you can meet my father.”

So the two went into the dining hall, where the banquet for three was being held. Introductions followed, and Melody and the Chambers patriarch were introduced to one another. Eve’s father was happy to have her, as he was still getting used to managing without slaves and Melody seemed like a hard worker. He also found her quite attractive, but he kept this to himself. Now he knew how Eve felt towards all the farmhand men. He still wished he could set her up with one. The meal was good, as was the alcohol. All had much, perhaps a bit too much…

Eve was sitting in her room, drunk as an elephant. Melody opened her door, also quite drunk. She stumbled across Eve’s room to her bed, smiling.

“Hey Eve. Can you take your clothes off?” asked Melody almost incoherently.

“What?” she asked back, not much better.

“Come on. I wanna see you without your clothes.”

Without thinking too hard, Eve took her top off. Her breasts, full and round, were slowly revealed.

“Ohhhhhhh. şişli escort Keep going.” Melody groaned. Eve removed her bottoms. Her vagina, hairy but pretty, stared back at the aroused Melody. She showed her plump buttocks, gleaming in the light. The sight was almost too much for Melody, and she leaned against the bed, drooling.

“Well,” said the now nude Eve, “Why should you have all the fun?”

Melody understood, and within a minute she was completely naked. Eve suddenly became aroused. This was the first time in a long while she’d seen a woman totally naked. Melody’s body was quite attractive as well. “Now what?”

“Now come into my bed, you silly girl.” The two were soon in bed together, and began kissing passionately, their lips working on one another, up and down. They rubbed their hands over each other, the smooth skin coming as their own personal blessings. Without warning, Eve pulled away suddenly.

“Hey now, what was that for?” Melody asked, shocked she would do so during an intimate moment.

Eve responded by slowly sliding her fingers into Melody’s vagina. She smiled in approval. She started pushing them in and out, working on it almost as a machine does. Melody made sounds of enjoyment. This soon turned into the unmistakable sound of orgasm. After a few moments, Melody did the same thing to Eve.

“Know something, Melody?”

“What’s that?”

“I love you a lot.” said Eve.

“Me too.” Melody replied.

Reeling from their orgasms, the two kissed and sat down in bed, where they were asleep in no time.

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