Family Business and Relations Ch. 01

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Family Business and Relations CH.01

My name is Alan. I was the only child of divorced parents and grew up near the Great Lakes in the 1980s.

Father was a white American and my mother was born in Canada to an extended ethnic family there.

I grew up in a middle class existence and despite the two households that I spent time at, stayed friends with people my age in both locations. Unfortunately all of my friends were male athletes and I was falling behind in my social skills with the young women that I came in contact with. I thought of myself as fairly normal looking but my little black book of telephone numbers was almost empty at eighteen years of age.

My family contact was also somewhat limited. Mother’s family was mostly here living in the area. Father’s family was older and not as social.

My mother’s older sister was a widow. Aunt Brandy was two years older than my mother and lived by herself across town. She had been in the county jail at one time for around a year.

My parents fought over my father’s insistence that I be told about Aunt Brandy and not lied to. While visiting him at his home, he had saved newspaper clippings of her sentencing. It was a confusing story, but she seemed to get involved with older men, including her boss, who was a family physician.

She used to wear a nurse’s uniform but I don’t think that she was actually a nurse. She was watching me once at her house and I looked into an open door in her hallway. I saw my aunt with the nurse clothes on but not all of the buttons were fastened on her top and I could see her black brassiere set against her alabaster toned skin. Her room was painted a pale pink and the old chandelier lighting made this image memorable. My aunt never saw me and I went back to where I had been.

My uncle had died around this time. She went to jail and then when she got out she needed a new job.

Around this time, my older female cousin had moved to our town from Toronto. Her mother had died and left her an inheritance. She had always been close with my aunt, who was older than her, but now they seemed like lifelong friends.

Once I had stayed at my cousin’s house during a funeral in Canada. The house was packed full and I was set up in a clothes closet with my sleeping bag. Both my cousin and aunt were changing into their nightgowns in the room with the closet and they both told me not to look. I sort of did want to take a peek but everyone was sad about the gerçek resimli gaziantep escort funeral and I did not want to cause any sort of stir.

Somehow now my aunt had gotten in with a court reporter in our town who was retiring and that person offered to go into business with her to set up a private instructional school to teach stenography. My cousin was backing my aunt with her inheritance to finance the operations.

My cousin lived in an apartment somewhat near me. I was on my bicycle a lot now and paid her a visit. There was a guy with her, older than me and younger than her, rolling his own cigarettes and drinking a beer. She and I talked and then she told me to come back later. I did and the guy was gone and I never saw him again. My cousin kept complimenting my athletic fitness and my bike riding.

I had gotten into marijuana by this point and wanted to be seen as little cooler with my older cousin, but I was not sure about the timing of that subject being shared.

My cousin visited my mother’s house and somehow got me permission to stay with her to help set up her apartment furnishings. My cousin gave me an electric razor in a case as a gift when I arrived there.

She showed me a single bed in a side room that would be where I would sleep. It still had boxes in it so only the bed was available as an amenity.

My cousin was drinking wine and we were watching cable television together in her large living room on separate couches. She had a good sense of humor and fake yelled over to me, hey you, you can sit over here so we do not have to yell.

I had a glass of soda with some ice in it and she got up before I did and she leaned over to reach for the glass. She was wearing a loose fitting top with high short shoulder straps and a plunging neck line. When she leaned over with her short hair, her bare breasts were exposed to me plainly.

The size of her breasts were not small nor where they large. Her pink nipples stood out but they were light in color and blended in with her areola. She had spent time in the sun and her skin was speckled with birth marks against the tanned cleavage.

My cousin kind of had an apple-shaped body. She wasn’t fat but nor was she thin. Her blue jeans were large in her behind and tight in the legs. She was a very attractive, intelligent woman but not really my type, if I actually had a type.

Still, gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan we were together watching R-rated programming together in her living room. My cousin began to yawn and said that she was going to bed. I said good night and looked at the television guide. An adult film called “Emmanuelle” was soon to start on this same channel. The movie started and I could tell the plot sucked, but nudity was promised.

Nudity in the film there was. Halfway through the film, I had to get up to use the bathroom between our bedrooms and as I passed my cousin’s room, I thought that I could smell the pungent smell of smoke faintly but I could not tell. I used the bathroom and when I came out; I thought that I could hear a humming through her bedroom door.

I went back into the living room and watched the rest of the movie. It was a soft-porn film. Not really full nudity but some stimulating scenes in the foreign language category of entertainment. My penis was enlarged in my shorts as I turned off all of the lights and the television.

Back in the hallway, I did not smell the smoke now but I could hear some muffled sounds.

I cannot say what led me to turn the knob of my cousin’s bedroom. But I did.

My cousin was on the floor sitting on something. The machine below her was quietly vibrating. She had a wired control in her hand. Her head was back and she appeared in the throes of some emotion.

One low light was on besides her. Her sleeping outfit was unbuttoned on the top of the creamy smooth golden colored material it was made of, and she wore no bottom. The seat was like a saddle where she sat.

I had no fear of what I was seeing, so I closed the door behind me with both of us now in the same room. The machine below my cousin starting to make some extra noise and it was like she was being lifted a little bit in bursts. She stifled a moan but the machine sounds were met by her making a longer growly sound and then she slumped forward before me.

Stepping forward towards her, I reached down and helped her to her feet. She said nothing but reached around me in a hug and pulled me closer to her as her body lifted off of the machine. She reached over and grabbed a towel on a chair next to the equipment. She dropped the towel over the equipment casually while she held me in the other arm.

We both kind of moved as one as she gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort sought out her larger queen sized bed with the covers drawn down. She collapsed onto the bed as she pulled me alongside her. When she rolled onto her side away from me, she pulled my hand alongside her waist. It seemed like she was spent and wanted to be held as she fell asleep.

That might have been the end of the story, but as she tried to pull over the covers she backed up into me. And also into my hard on.

No one said anything but she silently pulled my hand on her waist up her body and into her still open clothing top. She put my hand right over her right breast and left it there. She backed her body back onto me a bit more.

I was not sure what the next step for me would be since I had never been in this position before. I did kind of clutch her breast a little but my only relevant experience was checking a head of lettuce at the super market. She had to have known this since the next thing she did was move my hand to the back of her upper thighs. I felt the wetness there and moved my index finger knuckle to the source.

She made a low sound when I did that. I extended my index finger and pushed forward. She then pushed backward. The finger went in deeply. She gasped and kind of spasmed in a way to press her lower body against the steadiness of my hand (and finger). She really got wet then.

Things moved a little quicker for me at this point. I put my left arm around her, and then underneath her to clutch her to me and also made some room for my right hand to move a little. I used my finger like a jack hammer, and boy did she stiffen up when I did that. I noticed that if I ran my finger along the inside top of her wetness, that her breathing became more ragged and at one point she put her head back like she had when I saw her on the machine.

Then suddenly, the bed beneath us was awash in her fluids. At this point, I stopped doing everything and just pulled aside the sheets and got out of bed. I could feel that my shorts were only wet on the side where I had been laying. I looked at her and she seemed like she was almost ready to pass out. I pulled the sheet and blanket over her and exited her bedroom. I used the bathroom again, took off my shorts and rinsed them in water. I hung up the shorts in my room and nodded off to sleep in the dark night.

My erection had deflated once it seemed like she had wet the bed and my dreams were marked by visions of lakes, water and oceans. No wet dreams for me that night.

I had indeed fallen asleep. When the sun came into my room in the morning, I awoke in a fit and start in the unfamiliar surroundings. Then I remembered that I was going to hang the curtains in the room later today, and where I was at. And also I noticed my hanging shorts, and then previous night all came back to me in a rush.



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