Fantasy Finally Fulfilled

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Hey, I’m straight and have a gorgeous girlfriend. We’re both 19 and go to school at an awesome university. We get horny all the time it seems like, but occasionally when I get horny I have this crazy fantasy of having sex with another guy. I told my girlfriend about this and she thinks it’s really hot and it’s now her fantasy to have a threesome with me and another guy. She has this motto of the “you only live once” type of thing, so she’s always doing some pretty crazy stuff. So here is the story of what happened one day after class.

My girlfriend called me one day and we talked for awhile. We’re both horny all the time and I always know when she wants to have sex. I know how she ticks too. I can just start talking about how I want to suck another cock and she gets pretty much instantly horny. When we first started dating and I told her about my crazy fantasy and she was all for it, and often I would suck one of her dildos in front of her and rub it all over my own cock to tease her and to turn her on. I talked dirty to her about how I wanted to be with another guy. It really is my fantasy. I’m just so curious about how it would be like to suck a long, hard, dick. It turns me on so much from time to time. I’m just glad my girlfriend accepts it and is open about it.

I haven’t done much about my fantasy though. I’ve had cyber sex with a couple guys before and watch gay porn every now and then. My girlfriend is all about me actually trying it for once. So on the phone call that one day she told me randomly to “get ready for tonight” then giggled.

I went home later that night and found my girlfriend waiting for me in my house. My roommates were gone somewhere. She said they wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. She was horny I could tell. She walked up to me and slowly started rubbing my cock through my jeans. I get horny so easily and was instantly hard. We made out for awhile and then she started talking dirty to me about how she would love to see me suck a dick. It had been awhile since I had fantasized about it so I was horny for it. I wanted some cock. I talked dirty about everything I wanted to do with a guy. She said she was sooo wet and that we should go into my room. I was horny as ever.

We went into my room and I opened the door to see another guy in there. He was laying on my bed with his shirt off and jeans Başakşehir Escort on. No shoes. I was stunned at first but my girlfriend was smiling and held my hand, rubbed my cock with the other one, and kissed me hard. After the kiss she said, “Let’s suck some cock baby.” I looked back over at the guy. I hadn’t ever seen him before. He was hot as fuck. Tanned, muscular, horny, and willing. As I looked at him he said, “Hey there sexy” with a smile. My girlfriend told me to go ahead and don’t be shy. I was nearly flipping out. I was shy to be honest. She nudged me over to him to get me started and so I walked over to him.

Then, for the first time in my life, I kissed another guy. We started to make out. It was so hot. It made me horny as ever. He held me tight and we kissed hard. Our tongues darted in and out of each others’ mouths. His hand reached down and rested on my inner thigh. “Do to me what you’ve always wanted to do” he said. I wanted to more than ever. I was still shy about doing it. But once again my girlfriend encouraged me and I stood up and scanned over him. His dick was pressing against the outside of his jeans. My girlfriend said she would just watch us. She sat down in my desk chair and rubbed herself from underneath her skirt. So here I went, I was finally about to have sex with another guy. My heart was pounding so hard and I was hornier than I had ever been. I started and the bottom. I climbed onto my bed slowly, straddling him as I moved up his body. I got to his waist and leaned forward and kissed him passionately. I then moved down off of him and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down slowly. I could now see that his dick was sticking out wildly and making a tent in his boxer briefs. I wear boxer briefs myself and was turned on so much by this. His dick was huge. I wanted to suck it. But I was unsure of how to start it. I just kept going with what I was doing. I wanted to put on a show for my girlfriend too. I stripped off my clothes slowly, so that both my girlfriend and he could see. I left my underwear on.

So now he was there, with his legs spread, arms up above his head, lying down on my bed. He was mine to fuck. I did what I’ve always wanted to do so bad at this point. I climbed up on top of him and straddled him again. I moved up his to his waist. Learned down and forward and Başakşehir Escort nibbled on his dick through his underwear. It was amazing. I could smell him through it and it turned me on even more. I was so hard. When I started eating him out, he moaned a little and moved his hips up a bit. I heard my girlfriend moan a little in the back too. She was starting to take her skirt and top off. Then I slowly moved up and licked him and kissed him from his belly button up to his neck. I started sucking on his neck for awhile, and then all in one motion moved up to kiss him and slid my dick against his. I started to grind with him and made out with him. I wanted to cum right then. I was so horny and my heart was beating so hard. There was so much pre-cum between the two of us and my boxer briefs were wet soon enough. The feeling of our two dicks rubbing against each other was almost more than I could take. I became so horny and could hear my girlfriend moaning behind us. She was only in her sexy black thong now and was rubbing herself through it. She hurried me up then and told me to keep going.

I moved back down, kissing his chest and stomach as I went. I kissed his dick one last time through his underwear, and then folded down the front. His dick was amazing. I stared at it in awe. I didn’t know what to do, so I slowly kissed his shaft, and then pulled his underwear all the way off. He was completely naked now. He encouraged me to take mine off too, so I did. Very slowly. I knew this was the point of no return. I looked at my girlfriend, walked over to her, and told her thank you. I told her I was about to fuck the shit out of this guy and that she was about to have the best orgasm of her life.

I walked back over to him and kissed him again. I was near his stomach and straddled his chest looking towards his dick. I scooted back a bit until I was straddling his face so we were in the 69 position. He didn’t do anything yet. He knew I was nervous I think. I bent forward. His dick was inches away from my face now. I could smell him so clearly. I was horny as ever. I looked at my girlfriend one last time, smiled, and she winked back at me, and then started on his dick.

I put my face down and let it rub all over my face. It was amazing. It was so hard and long and strong. I just wanted to take it into my mouth Escort Başakşehir and suck it. I had to take my time though. I kissed the head lightly. I could already taste his pre-cum. It was salty and surprisingly sweet. I then started to kiss the shaft and kissed it more and more. I gained confidence and started licking it up and down like I had practiced with the dildo many times before. It was so slick by this time. I could feel him start kissing mine slowly. This brought me to a certain point. It felt so good. I couldn’t take it anymore; I took him into my mouth.

I lifted his shaft up with my hand so I could go down on him better. I was sucking a dick for the first time in my life, just like I had always wanted to. It was just as I had always imagined too. I slid my lips up and down his slippery shaft and around the head. As I did this I felt him take me into his mouth as well. It was unbelievable. I was doing 69 with another guy. He went down on me, or up I should say, as I sucked him. I put my lips barely around the top of his head and let my tongue rotate wildly around the tip. Every time I could feel more pre-cum oozing out. I was feeling so turned on and I wanted something I hadn’t even fantasized about before. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum so badly. I started sucking him like a mad man. I went so fast and my lips were sliding up and down.

I made his dick go as far down as I could, taking most of him into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the bottom part of his shaft as my girlfriend did for me, and jerked him off while sucking him. My girlfriend said, “Your lips look so nice around a dick.” It turned me on so much and I was about to cum.

Just then, he suddenly came to a point and I heard him moan. I could feel his dick swell up in my mouth a bit and then he came. His cum tasted so good and it just kept coming out in short, powerful spurts into my mouth. I couldn’t take it any longer and I let myself cum. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I felt like I cummed for so long and it was one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

We kept sucking each other for awhile, licking up each other’s cum and waiting until finally we were soft. My girlfriend finally cummed at the sight of watching me do 69 with another guy. She orgasmed long and hard and as I sucked him I smiled a bit and could smell her wetness. It was still hot to suck his cock even as it was soft. I was able to take in his whole dick and suck on it passionately. I made out with his soft head for awhile until we finally stopped. He left eventually and I hoped my girlfriend would set up another night for us again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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