Fantasy or Obsession

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Sitting in the steaming claw foot tub the scent of roses filled her senses as she poured a few drops of oil into the water. She lifted her dainty foot, curled crimson painted toes round the handle and slowed the steady stream to a trickle. Margot lay back resting the nape of her neck against the smooth ridge allowing her lustrous brown locks to hang down the back of the tub. She sighed contentedly a slight smile playing at the corners of her full lips. A familiar fantasy was replaying itself in her mind’s eye. Although certain details were changed the main premise always remained the same. The man for instance, the man never changed and the pleasure he coaxed teased and finally tore from her remained consistent in every imagining. Margot was by no means a sex kitten, at least not when anyone was near.

In fact, her painted toes and luxurious bathing rituals were the only sensuality she allowed herself to express. Margot was known as practical, sensible reliable good ‘old Margot as she was known at work in the factory. Yes as you may expect she was the only employee at Safeco who had perfect attendance 3 years and counting. However she did not own a cat or a flannel nightgown, she refused to be a complete cliché. Some might surmise that a strict religious upbringing, a domineering mother or something of the ilk attributed to her quiet as a mouse nature. That would be an inaccurate assumption. The fact is she had a happy childhood and in fact a happy life she wasn’t lonely she was secure. Her life was safe she knew what to expect and how to handle any situation that came up, she was safe in her spacious bottle. Margot was a somewhat successful completely independent nearly 30 woman. She was just, as she would soon realize, uncorked.

Margot had always been attracted to vivacious outspoken and brazen characters particularly in her soap operas. She secretly always rooted for the evil seductress. She was able to live vicariously through the affairs, trials and tribulations she liked the freedom that was gained from throwing caution to the wind but she also saw the inevitable pitfalls. The possible windfalls were rarely worth the risk, at least on daytime TV. She herself never chose to take the leap. A leap required a fiery passion in something or someone. Not to say that Margot was passionless just to say that her passion was tempered by her prudence. On certain occasions she did become starry eyed and wistful at the thought of what might be if she… but she was always quick to dismiss entertaining silly notions. That is until she met the man. Since she allowed herself the first complete fantasy about him they became incessant.

Although Margot attempted to curb her imagination she found as time wore on she really didn’t want the fantasies to stop. After all it wasn’t hurting anyone. Indeed her fantasies had made her solo water sports much more intense, which in turn relieved the everyday stress and improved her overall outlook on life. Margot’s solo water sports had been an occasional addition to her bathing ritual. Of late it became the primary factor in the ritual aside from basic hygiene.

Margot’s bath water steeped in essential oils and her mind reeling through images and clips of the man in various acts was plenty enough to set the mood for sexual release and as had become habit she used her toes to lift the plug from the drain set it on the soap dish and allowed gravity to pull her down as the water drained out. She toyed with trickle positioning her foot under the spout the water ran down her leg. She rubbed smooth fair legs together enjoying the silkiness. Wiped her face with the natural sponge rubbing along her collar bone and between her small firm breasts. Margot let the sponge fall onto her abdomen traced her fingertips across her rosy nipples, as she imagined the man’s face. She pictured the man’s big strong hands, as she rubbed her own neck. With a quick jerk she sat up and adjusted the handles to form a steady a touch too warm stream. Slowly laying back she curls her legs into her and scoots down the bottom of the tub hanging legs off the side she positions her moist box under the strong flow and let a quiet moan escape her. Arching her back to achieve maximum contact she says her head in the slowly filling tub. Margot’s hair floats around her face her eyes roll back she uses her hand to gently pull apart her swollen lips. Either she can lift her rear up off the drain or aid the process providing the current ample access to her clitoris, tonight she was in the mood for a quickie. She was enjoying herself immensely as the random twitches and uncontrollable pelvic jerks proved. When she came it was accompanied by an image of the man’s big strong hands holding her hips as she was on her hands and knees. Feeling refreshed yet sleepy she languidly stepped out of the tub wrapped herself in the worn terry cloth robe. Walking into her small bedroom she left the light off let the robe fall to the floor slipped under the sheets and drifted peacefully to a dreamy sleep.

Her dream was set in a therapists office she was lying on a chaise in a negligee Margot asked the therapist a rhetorical question. “Why does He move me bahis firmaları so?” the doctor asked her when she became infatuated with the man. “Not until recently, just a few weeks ago did I even recognize my attraction to him. It came on suddenly the way these things often do”. I had just gotten off work I ran to rite aid to pick up a few things before heading home. I was in the ladies aisle picking out a few essentials. I was toward the end of the aisle and right around the corner two employees were having a conversation while they stocked the coolers. These two young men were talking about what else?-girls, I tuned in vaguely interested. So, they were talking about what they look for in chicks the first one says tits and eyes in that order they laugh then the second one says he looks at their throats. I had a stifle a hiccough at that, I pretended to clear my throat. Luckily they took no notice, which is fairly usual I am a real wall flower dream Margot absently swung one leg off the couch as she spoke. Throat man says the other man ok I’ll bite why throats? The throat man says because- the way to tell if a chick is experienced giving head is to look for a muscle that sticks out of her throat just a small line of a muscle but it tells allot about a girl. It shows she performs often for her man. Right why do I want to be with a chick that makes me do all the work. Yup you got it bro throat man says as they walk away. Naturally I walked over to the nearest sunglasses tier to look in the mirror. The tier was at the end of the aisle next to the coolers. Sadly my own throat lacks tone I have been out of practice for awhile. What I didn’t know was throat man’s friend had come back. As I was preening for some sort of throat muscle I saw him in the reflection of the mirror. I went rigid and grabbed the first pair of glasses I could find. Was I wrong or was he smirking? Did he know had he seen me? I couldn’t muster the courage to turn around until he walked away. I took off the ridiculous cop glasses picked up my basket and headed to the front. There was only one cashier, the “smirker”. As I was contemplating just leaving without my purchases he asked if I was ready, I nodded and numbly walked to the counter. He smiled politely and asked if I found everything OK I said yes. There was no hint of a smirk he was just being nice. I then sensed that he was genuinely nice.”

She left that day and came back the very next.

Now that He was on her radar her curiosity piqued and she took notice of Him whenever she happened to be in the store. Her trips increased dramatically. Margot quietly kept her eye on Him for weeks unbeknownst to anyone. Until one fateful morning that is. She didn’t know if it was a subconscious desire to be bolder with her feelings. Whatever the case rather than averting her eyes when theirs met (as was her custom) She held his gaze intently. Then she saw a look of curiosity in His and she realized he had read her. He had seen the heat in her eyes. Margot was embarrassed, she felt foolish. But more than anything she was excited. The proverbial cat was poking its head out of the bag.

After that day she got a particular thrill anytime their paths crossed and eyes met. She was always the one to break contact. They never said more than a few words to each other. Words would have failed her regardless. Whenever Margot was near Him she became flushed not in the face. He became her secret thrill. She found herself listening intently when they spoke about trivial things. There were times when she would see him and it seemed like He truly saw her. She began to think that there was some interest even if it was detached. Margot drove by Him one day and He must have felt her gaze. He turned and looked at her till she drove on. She would sometimes walk by Him casting glances at only to see Him looking back. Margot felt the need to restrain herself around Him her feelings were becoming so strong. Her innocent fantasy was turning into something closer to obsession. Anytime Margot spoke she was listening but studying the entire encounter for later recollection.

The man said “How are you today?” Margot’s reaction was to say fine and you but what she was really doing was seeing how supple his lips were, she wondered how they would feel. The Man kissed her neck parting to allow his tongue to trace along her jugular. He clamped his teeth firmly on her soft delicate flesh pulling and sucking. A smile crosses her face at an inappropriate point in the meaningless conversation. Margot wakes from her daydream long enough to wipe the strange expression from her face, before again slipping into the fantasy. She drinks him in. The man hands her the change from a twenty she can’t recall giving him. “Here is you change” he says. Margot registered how warm and soft his hands were. She flashed to the Man cupping those big strong hands on her they simply stare for a moment.

Margot thinks He must know what she’s feeling or else he thinks she mad or is she simply holding up the line? She believes her leers are understood but perhaps not. Is He just being courteous to his customers? She went in and he was with a customer, a fit petite blond she kaçak iddaa looks away assuming that he will be checking out her plunging neckline ready to be viewed freely as she is distracted on the phone. She sizes the woman up resting her eyes on the woman’s backend. Margot could tell the woman was proud of her rear considering how tight her pants were. Margot looked up to see that his eyes aren’t glued to the woman’s tits instead they were glued to her. Margot flushed up North and down South. The man saw her checking this woman out. She stares at him in disbelief He is smirking! Margot slowly walks to the counter as if underwater, she can’t meet his eyes as she hands him money to make her purchases the man takes her hand, their fingers connect at the tips. Margot feels something akin to a very low voltage electric shock. She feels tingly all over. Margot breaks contact flushed, Ah. She smiles meeting his heated gaze with her own. She begins reveling in the memory of His touch before she even leaves the store.

Reeling as she left the store. Margot fumbled trying to insert her keys in the door. She had never expected that the man might actually be interested in her. Now it seemed the game had changed. This conclusion set loose an avalanche of concerns. Margot’s worries ranged from how to behave at their next meeting, to how she would perform if they were to one day to explore each other’s bodies. Her biggest concern of all was that she had misread his signals.

The whole drive back to her apartment and through her frugal dinner prep she chided herself for being silly. Of course she had just imagined that the man was interested. By the time she had finished eating or rather pushing morsels back and forth on her plate. She was convinced that she had allowed herself to get caught up in another one of her fantasies. No matter she though. Margot still felt tingly when she recalled the events as she at first believed them to be. She chose not relieve her aching loins instead she lay on the couch thinking of him.

Margot had a sudden surge. She jumped off the couch and headed into the sparsely furnished bedroom. Her urge was to take a long appraising look at herself. She ransacked her closet in search of some phantom sexy clothes. The closest she could find was a pleated navy skirt and a silk ivory blouse. She supposed if she were to hike the skirt up 6-8 inches and add a pair of knee highs the outfit might be considered sexy in certain fetish circles. Margot very little in the way of her own style yet she knew this wasn’t included in it. She sighed wearily. Stripping off the disregarded clothes, she opted for a plain white men’s dress shirt, which was way back in the closet.

This shirt had belonged to a long ago ex. She held onto it all these years not for fond memories but simply because she liked seeing a man’s clothes in her closet. It reminded her that she had not nor need always be unattached. Her ex was an accountant at Safeco. They were good for each other for a time. Each filled a space in the others life. Their relationship made the company Christmas party and picnics that year more tolerable. The relationship ended when he received a promotion that entailed an 1100 mile transfer. They were both very reasonable people. There was never a question of whether he would accept the offer or not. He did ask Margot if she would consider going with him. But as she explained, it wasn’t very practical leaving her job, apartment, life etc… They parted with a warm no tears but a certain longing. As per usual, they insisted they would remain friends. The last she heard through the Safeco grapevine he had met and quickly married a stripper named Trixie. They had a little boy together. Trixie is still dancing and he is still accounting. They say the two are very happy. Margot was genuinely happy for them.

Margot rolled up the cuffs and pulled the shirt tail down it did not quite cover her cotton clad cheeks. She had just a couple inches of butt cleavage on display for no one. Margot headed into her small utilitarian bathroom. Clean and bright white is how it would be aptly described. She stared at her reflection inspecting herself closely. She had clear blue eyes a generous sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her face was unlined with the exception of a couple of tiny crinkles at the corner of her eyes… Her lips were thin but shapely. Her long brown black hair soft and wavy, that is, when it wasn’t pulled back in a tight French braid. There was nothing neither atrocious nor exquisite about her. Her beauty was unassuming but her features were nevertheless attractive. She wore no makeup save for a dab of shimmering pink lipstick, just for a feminine accent. Her breasts were small but firm. She could still go braless is she ever dared. Her belly had a soft pooch but was relatively flat and smooth. Her ass Margot thought was a highlight. She turned on tip toes to take a looking the high mirror. She could only make out the upper half, including the dimples just above the band of her white bikini briefs.

She shook her head at her own momentary vanity. But was there something wrong with being pleased kaçak bahis with genetic attributes. No, the answer was No. Maybe if she gave herself permission to be proud of herself she would feel freer. Freedom is what Margot decided she needed. On occasion she could let loose like other women. Margot decided then that she would try to be less inhibited. The next time she saw the man she would show him a different side of herself.

The following night, she decided to go back to Rite Aid. Margot wore her hair loose, dressed in the tightest slacks she owned, a black camisole; pulled low to highlight her slight cleavage and a white blouse unbuttoned. She hoped the man might notice there was more to her than she normally showed. She added a touch of lipstick and a small pair of gold earrings. She felt sexy as she parked her sedan. The clothes had nothing to do with it. They were her regular clothes worn a bit differently but still her own old clothes. Nor was it the earrings or makeup. Her hair was natural but something had changed. Margot decided the adage “sexy is a state of mind” was as accurate as it was simple. The man seeing her had given Margot a sense of self confidence she had never before experienced. She was grateful. Margot began to slip into a fantasy revolving around showing the man just how grateful she was.

Margot pictured herself sashaying into the store finding him alone in an aisle, straightening the shelves. She walks up behind him. She takes a deep breath slowly exhaling her warm breath on the back of his neck. Saying in a sex hungry voice “excuse me, can you help me find the prophylactics?” Margot shook her head “prophylactics?!?!” No, that wouldn’t do. She rewound her fantasy, saying instead; “can you help me find something?” The man turns he sees her smiles slowly. He looks her up and down pausing on her chest, on the way back up to her face. His voice is thick as he replies “anything at all.” Margot smiles seductively. She draws a line across her chest as she says “do you carry lotion, warming lotion.” His eyes heavy lidded follow her finger as it brushes the pale flesh just above the swell of her breasts. “Yes” he swallows thickly. “Follow me”, he says, more a command than suggestion. Margot lets him lead. Her eyes trail down the line of his muscular back to the curving prelude of his ass. She watches the seam on the seat of pants curve side to side. His round behind fills the material nicely. Margot knows without looking that the pants fit snugly in front as well.

Margot follows him to the rear wall. When he made a left entering the employee only area she inhaled sharply as her heart raced. She lost sight of him in the hall as he made another left. He stood still simply staring as she rounded the corner into the side warehouse. Surrounded by pallets of merchandise they were completely alone. She walked directly up to him. She paused in front of him then closed the distance between their bodies. She left a hairsbreadth of air between them. She could feel his body heat radiating off his taut frame. She looked into his eyes feasting on the anticipation that she knew they both felt.

The small amount of air between them was charged, it felt as if they just might set off some invisible flames and ignite upon impact. For a moment they just stood, warming themselves by the heat of their lust. The man closed the last sliver of space between them. He grabbed her by the arms, not an embrace more of a grab and pull. He was forceful as if her body had already been given to him. She felt him, all of him, pressed against pelvis. His was as she had suspected a large part of his anatomy. His penis pressed against her felt rigid, hard as stone, unyielding. After her mind processed his member she took stock of the rest of his body strong and hard. She looked into his eyes and smiled ruefully. His was more of a snarl; he made a low growl at the back of his throat. His grip on her loosened considerably. She used the opportunity to grapple at him. She felt his round firm buttocks, and then she ran her hands up his back. Her fingers seemed to be the pleasure center of her body at that moment. With every touch she had small ripples of pleasure flood through her.

When she brought her hands to his chest she was able to feel his erect nipples through his rayon shirt. She spun a few small circles in the vicinity. Her hands roamed over his belly. She had to stop herself from wrenching his shirt from his pants. Her mouth watered as her hands toyed with the rim of his belt. Margot looked into his eyes. He leaned down slowly and kissed her neck, his five o clock shadow teased her nerve endings into frenzy. He bit her earlobe with a quick clamp, and then ran his cheek across hers. Their lips brushed Margot held her breath as he ever so gently kissed her lips. His lips were soft as melted chocolate. Margot felt his mouth widen a fraction of an inch. She did likewise. He exhaled his warm used breath over her lips into her mouth. Margot finally remembered how to breathe. She took a series of small inhalations and exhalations through her nose. She looked at him her head cocked at an angle. She melted all juices that were stored in her released soaking her black lace thong. Margot closed her legs a bit. She worried that her love juices might seep off her panties down her legs into the black thigh highs she had hidden under the tight little black skirt.

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