Feet, Twice as Nice

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I have known Kristen for approximately four and half years and Diane for a year. The three of us work in a local office of Verizon communications. I am their immediate supervisor and responsible for their training when they first arrived there. They both started working at Verizon straight out of High School. Kristen is a brunette and twenty-one. Diane is blonde and the youngest at nineteen. I am 39 years old and quite their senior. We have gotten to know each other well and my being young at heart allows us to have a really good time together. I had gone through a messy divorce about a year and a half ago and they played a major part in helping me through it. The three of us have become close friends to the point of almost becoming confidants. I say almost in that I still kept my secret of being a leg and footman. That is until just recently…

Work had been a real bear that day. It was Friday and as usual the three of us were primed to go out on the town. My favorite band “Social Distortion” was playing at the “930” club and I was excited to hear them live again as well as introducing Kristen and Diane to the bands live performance. I usually drove when we went out on the town and that day at work I told them to meet me at my place around 7PM. I wanted to get to the club early. The club was about 45 minutes from my place.

I was home and just finished a quick TV dinner. I was about ready to hit the shower when my doorbell rang. It was Kristen and Diane. As usual they were dressed to kill. Both in leather skirts. They like to show off their long shapely legs by not wearing any hose. Their skin is so smooth that it almost looks like they are wearing hose. As a leg man I tend to notice these things. The muscle tone in their legs always amazed me and I could not take my eyes off of them. Kristen ran marathons and was always training. Diane stayed active in aerobics class and Tae-Bo. Kristen was wearing black mules and Diane was in a pair of red flats. I could tell they had already been drinking for some time. They usually started dinking early because Diane was still under age and cannot be served alcohol in the clubs. Needless to say they were feeling pretty good. I told them to take a seat in the living room and to help themselves to the beer in the fridge.

Kristen saw my laptop computer sitting on the coffee table and asked if she could check her Hotmail and surf the net while they waited. I said sure, I will be ready to go in about 30 minutes.

When I got out of the shower I headed into the kitchen to grab a beer when I heard them giggling and whispering from the living room. I peaked around the corner and they were both huddled around my laptop and commenting about what they were seeing there. Immediately I knew what it was. They must have strolled across some of my bookmarks pertaining to my fetish of the female lower extremities. By the expression on their faces I could tell they were both amazed and curious.

Partly because they were drunk and because I was tired of keeping my fetish a secret from two very good friends I decided to let the cat out of the bag. I entered the living room and played dumb.

I asked, “What is so interesting.” Kristen looked at Diane and after a long pause said, “Are you really into women’s feet?” I said, “feet and legs. Okay, you found me out.” They both looked at me and there was a bit of an uncomfortable silence. It was then I realized I was standing in the middle of my living room with just a towel wrapped around my waist.

Diane turned to Kristen and whispered something in her ear. Kristen smiled and whispered something back and they both came to some kind of agreement.

I gave up and said, “Well I feel kind of foolish standing here half naked so I am going to change and we can leave. ” I started to turn and leave when I heard Diane say, “No, wait…come here and sit down on the couch between us. “

They scooted apart to make room for me and Kristen smiled patting the couch where she wanted me to sit saying, ” right here, we want you to tell us all about this secret fetish you have with our feet and legs. “

Needless to say I quickly sat down between them and slid my laptop in front of me. We scrolled through a few of the websites that I like to frequent.

Kristen said she had heard about this sort of thing but never realized so many guys were into it. ” As she said this, she threw her left leg over my right leg and gently began to sway it back and forth between my legs.

Diane saw this and did the same with her leg on the other side.

I began to get pretty hard and the bulge beneath the towel became very evident.

Diane saw this and giggled. Being 19 I would guess this sort of thing was new and exciting to her. Like in most cases I have noticed between her and Kristen she is apt to follow suit in whatever Kristen does.

We continued to scroll through the web pages and they would both comment and ask questions. Many of the questions were pertaining to some of the pictures and which ones I liked the best. .

After a few minutes of this I felt the calf of Diane’s leg nudge against Escort Bayan Gaziantep the head of my swollen cock. It was just a matter of time before this would happen as I noticed how it was slowly sliding in that direction. She left it there gently rubbing it against my stiff member.

The smoothness of both their legs against my skin was amazing and the pressure of Diane’s lower leg against my manhood was more excitement than I could bear. I sat back in the couch and spread my legs even wider.

I closed my eyes and let out a long sigh and said, “You two are driving me nuts.”

I opened my eyes and saw Kristen smile in Diane’s direction and nodded toward my lap. She then removed the towel revealing my erect cock.

She then asked Diane playfully, ” Hmmmm, what should we do about this?”

Diane smiled and said, “If we play with it for a while that would make it happy.”

The three of us laughed and I said, “Please, play with it.”

I heard a clunking sound as their shoes dropped from their feet onto the hard wood floor and watched as they pushed the coffee table away from the couch with their feet.

I could not believe what was taking place and what these two beautiful young women were about to do to me. I often fantasized about the smooth softness of their supple skin against my cock, and now it was about to happen.

They both positioned themselves fully on the couch on either side of me with their legs facing in toward my pelvis area. I noticed Kristen’s toenails were painted black and Diane’s a bright red.

Kristen immediately grabbed the upper portion of my cock with her right hand locked the base of my cock between the big toe and second toe of her right foot holding it erect and slowly began to pump it up and down. Diane scooted in and positioned her right leg in such a way that her calf rubbed against the sensitive area of my cocks head. The action of Kristen’s toes stroking my shaft moved my cock’s head back and forth along the underside of Diane’s smooth shapely calf. Feeling the smooth firmness of her calf against the head of my cock was driving me crazy. I wanted to make this perfect so I asked Kristen to get the baby oil from the bathroom. When she returned I had them rub some onto their legs and feet and my cock. They immediately resumed where they left off. The baby oil added a shiny glow to their legs. I watched as Kristen’s stroking toes gently rubbed the head of my cock against Diane’s slippery calf.

Diane asked me, “How does it feel?”

I said fantastic.

I watched as Kristen’s toes continued to stroke my cock the baby oil glistening off her black toenail polish. I could see how Kirsten’s beautiful calf muscle tightened as her ankle flexed with each stroke.

She commented, “I see you are really enjoying this.”

Kristen asked, “Do you mind if we play with your balls too?”

I said, “sure but be gentle.”

Kristen switched feet and locked my cock between the toes of her other foot. She then placed her right foot between my legs and slid her toes underneath my nut sack raising my balls up and pulling them out and away. I felt my balls tighten as she began to wiggle her toes.

Diane saw this and slipped her left foot in and did the same with her toes. Both sets of their toes probed gently into my nut sack. I could tell Diane’s toes were more dexterous. I felt her big to twirling slowly around my left nut pausing on occasion to probe into the soft skin of my nut sack.

All the while Kristen continued to slowly stroke my cock into Diane’s calf. Feeling this foot assault on my grown and cock caused me to shiver uncontrollably.

After a few minutes of this Diane commented on how she could feel my balls getting hard against her toes.

Kirsten agreed saying, ” I know, this is so awesome. I never made a guy cum this way before.”

I could feel myself approaching the early stages of loosing control. I began to raise and lower my hips to the rhythmic pumping of Kristen’s toes.

Kristen recognized this and said, “There you go pump it baby. How long can you last?”

Diane laughed saying, ” pump it into my leg, I want to see you cum all over it.”

They both looked at each other and laughed.

After a few more strokes Kristen said excitedly, ” Look Diane your wish is his command and pointed to the head of my cock.”

Precum was beginning to ooze from my cocks head onto Diane’s calf.

Diane leaned forward to get a better look and said, ” Oh that’s beautiful. It feels so slippery. ” Then she turned to me and with that elfish grin of hers and smiled.

Diane moved her leg and asked if she could use her hands to play with my cock.

After a brief pause I said, ” I would be honored to have you do so.”

Kristen released her toe lock and removed her toes from my nut sack as well.

Diane stretched out on the couch laying on her stomach with her legs bent and feet up in the air crossed at the ankles. She scooted up close, her face inches from my cock. I watched as my cock filled the warm palm of her right hand, her long thin fingers wrapping around it. She began to slowly stroke it. Her long fingernails matched the color of her toenails. I felt the nail tips of her left hand probe deep into my nut sack where here toes had been seconds earlier. I raised my hips up feeling her slender fingers probe slowly into my nut sack as they jostled my balls around. Her young face inches away from the head of my cock as if to coax the cum from me excited me even further.

She raised her head up brushing her chin against the tip of the head of my cock and commented to Kirsten, “I love the smell of it.”

Kristen laughed and raised her foot and began to tap the opening at the head of my cock with the underside of her toes while Diane continued to pump me with her hand.

This started me to pump my hips even more and forced me to groan.

Kristen remarked, ” That has got him going.”

As they did this I noticed with each stroke of Diane’s hand my precum would ooze out and Kristen would gather some of my precum onto her fingertips and rub it between her toes.

Diane was becoming quite adept and creative with her fingers in my nut sack and began to grab my nuts between her fingers rolling and tugging on them. Each time she did this I let out a short groan. Diane recognized my groans were in response to what her fingers were doing to me and she glanced at me smiling. As if this were not enough she added to my excitement and lowered her pretty face into my groin. I rose up to watch as she began to prod the tip of her tongue into the soft area between the base of my cock and my nut sack. Watching her face buried into my groin and feeling the soft tip of her tongue pressing and wiggling caused me to throw my head back down onto the couch and lurch my hips up into the air and holding that position as my body jerked spasmodically to the slow stroking of her hand and the relentless toe tapping of Kristen’s toes. My body, locked in this position did not deter Diane as I watched her blonde head moving back and forth into my groin releasing an occasional moan of satisfaction as if she were some wild animal feasting on my flesh.

Diane raised her head and replied, “He is really enjoying this.” She leaned over and probed the opening of my cock’s head with the tip of her tongue commenting on how yummy it tasted.

When she did that I thought I was going to explode right then and there. I noticed her right hand was covered with my precum. Kristen reached down with her left hand and began to run her fingertips through my pubic hair as she continued to tap the bottom of her toes against the head of my cock.

Diane continued with my nuts and began to grab each one separately rolling it between her fingers, alternating occasionally from one to the other.

She then exclaimed excitedly, “Some more is coming out, look!”

As Kristen raised her toes between taps, I noticed strings of precum stretched between them.

I saw a smile cross Kristen’s face as she stopped her toe tapping and slid her toes from side to side in such a way as to run the head of my cock across the curled underside of her toes.

This sensation caused me to jerk slightly and I dug my fingers into the couch. I began to squirm as well. The sensation was incredible.

Kristen giggled asking, ” How you doing now, you alright?”

Diane said, “Wow he is wriggling big time. Your toes are driving him crazy. “

Kristen said, “He has got to be about ready to blow, pump him harder and faster Diane.”

Diane said, “Okay!” She sat up on her knees and grabbed my cock with both her hands, one on top of the other, and began to pump me harder, her blonde hair swaying with each of her strokes.

They were both going to town on me, Kristen with her toes and Diane with her hands. I wanted this to last forever but knew it would not. I was almost on the edge and realized I would not be able to hold out for long. Diane was young, in excellent shape, and full of energy. Her hands were not slowing down one bit. Without missing a beat she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek saying, “you are doing great! I love the way you feel in my hands. Is this how you want to cum or is there something else?”

She laid the side of her head on my stomach facing my cock and continued to stroke me even faster!

Kristen laughed, “You go girl beat that meat. Make him cum hard into my toes.”

Diane laughed.

What I really wanted was to cum onto Diane’s smooth calf, which has always been a fantasy since I first laid eyes on her legs. I told Kristen to stop for a sec and I told Diane to scoot up and lay along side me. I instructed her to bring her left leg up and lock the base of my cock behind her knee so she could stroke it up and down causing her calf to rub against the underside of my cock. She caught on quickly. Resting her chest on my chest she raised her head up and smiled at me asking, “How is that?”

All I could do was groan in ecstasy.

Diane giggled and said, “I take that as a yes. So you want to cum this way huh, on my leg. I can’t wait to see it. “

Kristen rested the heel of her foot on Diane’s pumping leg and each time the head of my cock revealed itself between each stroke of Diane’s leg she rubbed the tip of my cocks head with her big toe directly on the sensitive area.

I knew I was through and I guess they could sense the end was near as well. Diane placed a cushion under my head allowing for a perfect view of what they were doing to my cock. I was breathing heavily and Diane resting on my chest did not help much. She continued to stare into my face occasionally rubbing my brow and running her fingers through my hair. All the while her relentless calf continued to pump my cock. I watched as my cock moved smoothly in and out sandwiched between her calf and the underside of her thigh. Kristen’s toe rubbed against the sensitive skin of the head, which was now swollen and purple. Each time her toe rubbed my cock’s head my body slightly quivered. Diane felt this and told Kristen that whatever she is doing it is making him quiver.

I groaned when she said this and Diane smiled saying, ” Oh poor baby, this is what is going to make you cum hard on my leg… you know you want to.”

With that she placed her hands on each of my shoulders and raised her torso up and began to pump faster. I felt the power of her leg gained through her rigorous training. Her thigh pounding more heavily into my lower abdomen as if to force the cum out of me. While her calf squeezed my shaft even tighter milking my seed up into the swollen head. Diane stared down at me with that impish grin. Her blonde hair brushing into my face. I could not believe the power and endurance this petite blonde had. Her pounding racked my whole body.

After several heavy pumps of her leg I heard Kristen exclaim, “That’s it more precum is coming out now. It’s all over my toe. Keep pumping him hard. He has got to explode soon. ” I looked and it was a beautiful contrast of white against her black nail polish. Each time her toe rubbed against the underside of my cock’s head my precum milked out onto it. Diane turned to see and commented on it as well.

I could see Diane was enjoying what she was doing to me saying, “I am gonna pump every ounce out of you till you are dry to the bone. I want it all over my calf.” She then stopped and laid back down on me. She slid over to the other side and proceeded to pump me with her right leg, picking up where she had left off. She then said, “I think your going to like this.” And proceeded to slide her right hand down to the base of my cock under her leg. She slid the base of my cock between the two center fingers of her right hand and began to knead the pelvis area at the base of my cock with her fingers and hand. All the while she continued to pump me with her leg. This new sensation added even more pleasure to what they were doing.

With each powerful pump of her leg into my pelvis area she exclaimed, “Cum for me, cum for me, cum for me”

I watched as her leg moved up and down even quicker.

I was on the edge now and desperately tried to hold on longer not wanting this to end.

I attempted to thrust my hips upward in unison to Kristen’s pumping but was unsuccessful as her pounding forced me into the couch like a rag doll. My whole body was electric. I could feel her right hand kneading my cum up from the deep areas inside me.

She then slid that same hand up to the base and grasped it between her thumb and index finger and began to squeeze it and stroke me with short strokes in unison to her pumping leg. As she did this she rested her chin on my chest and looking at me said, “I grabbed your cock between my fingers so I can feel it when the cum starts to shoot up through your shaft. I like the way it feels, so warm and throbbing.”

Then she asks with a smile, “Does this feel good what I am doing to you now?”

All I could do was roll my eyes back and moan again.

She giggled and turn to Kristen saying, “I think he is pretty much through Kristen.”

Kristen replied, “As much precum that is oozing onto my toes and your leg I would say that is a good assessment.”

They both laughed.

Then to my surprise I felt Kristen spread my legs even further as she reached between them and began to fondle my balls with her fingertips. She said, “His nuts are really tight.”

When I felt her do this I gritted my teeth and groaned shoving my hips high into the air.

Diane shouted, “He is Cumming Kristen I can feel it throbbing in his shaft between my fingers!”

Upon seeing this Kristen yelled, ” Whoooooohoooooooo! Magic fingers and toes baby!!!”

I felt Diane’s fingers tighten even more around my shaft and jerk it hard and fast. I screamed and exploded like a mad man.

Diane feeling the slick warmness of my manhood all over her calf and thigh placed her hands back on my shoulders rose up and began to pump her leg furiously again. My whole body was wracked in spasms with each pump of her leg. She proceeded to pound me back down onto the couch. All the while she smiled and stared into my face as if to feed off my body’s reaction. Once she got me pinned on the couch she did not stop her relentless pounding. Instead she kissed my forehead and said, “That’s it, down you go, what a ride.”

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