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Felicity was a new tenant in some shared accommodation I was renting. There were five of us in the house, four women and me. I was the token male, more there because they wanted someone to do those things that the girls didn’t want to tackle themselves. I got out of a lot of housework but was expected to keep the yards looking tidy. It also meant that if one of the girls brought a man home they had me there in case of emergency.

There was an unwritten caveat to my tenancy that I’d seek my sexual pleasures elsewhere and not come onto the other tenants. That was fine by me. I didn’t need the problems that a live-in lover could cause. If I ever wanted an affair with one of the girls I’d have to find accommodation elsewhere first. Not really a problem. I had a good job and it was only laziness that had stopped me moving into my own place.

Felicity was cute and an innocent and the other girls seemed rather protective of her. On a side note I was also damned sure that none of the other girls were innocents and hadn’t been that way for quite a while.

At eighteen, Felicity was the youngest of the group, with Beth being the oldest at about twenty-five with the rest of us falling between those ages.

Another of the unwritten rules was that no-one ran around the house in their undies. This was supposedly for my benefit, with the girls not wanting to accidently flame my libido, resulting in unseemly passes. My observations said that the girls observed this rule if they thought of it, which they often didn’t, so I wasn’t unaccustomed to see a young lady running around in her scanties. If they noticed me while in this condition they tended to shrug and write me off as a pseudo-brother.

I guess this ignoring the no walking around in your underwear rule meant that Felicity probably never realised it was a rule. She would walk around in the scantiest underwear and never notice me. I was tempted to mention the rule to her but hell, she was delicious. If the girls objected let them complain.

That was how things stood the day of the parade. It was just a local affair but there was a small parade destined to come down our street on the Saturday afternoon. I didn’t give two thoughts to it. It wasn’t as though I was going to run out and watch it. Everybody else was out of the house so parade-wise our household didn’t give a damn.

It turned out that there was someone else home, Felicity, and she liked parades. She also must have thought she had the house to herself. I heard the music start and knew the parade had started but I was more interested in watching a game on TV. I ambled into the front room to switch on the big TV set and almost had a heart attack.

Felicity was kneeling on the couch, leaning forward over the back of it, eyes glued to the parade, watching fascinated as the floats went past. You know I mentioned scanty underwear? Forget it. She’d taken advantage of the empty house to not bother putting it on. She was kneeling there starkers, everything on display. Literally everything. Because of the angle at which she was kneeling I had a perfect view of a dangling breast as well as her pussy.

Talk about offering yourself up for a man’s delectation.

Now a gentleman would have turned and walked away. I failed the gentleman test. I coughed discretely instead. Felicity certainly heard me cough. She turned and looked at me, her face all smiles, then turned back to watch the parade. She kocaeli escort was bouncing on the couch as she watched and that bounce was doing awesome things to her breast. To both breasts, actually. I compounded my non-gentlemanly behaviour by ambling across the room to check. Both breasts were beautiful and wobbling about in a very enticing fashion.

I moved over and stood next to the poor demented female.

“Felicity,” I said firmly.

The last of the parade was now passing by so she was prepared to turn and face me. Her face was still all happy smiles.

“You do realise that you’re naked?” I asked her.

“Oh, pooh. Who cares?” she asked me.

“Didn’t your parents ever talk to you about being naked in front of a man?”

“Well, yes, but you don’t count. You’ve probably seen naked women before, anyway.”

“Yes, I have and you’ll find I do count,” I said dryly. “Didn’t your parents tell you why you shouldn’t be naked in front of a man?”

She shrugged which is not something she should do while naked.

“One reason,” I told her, “is because men tend to act on the principle that what they can see they can touch. Like this.”

I reached and caught hold of one of those jiggling breasts, cupping it and holding it still. Felicity looked somewhat startled.

“And like this,” I added, my other hand closing over her mound.”

Startled didn’t start to cover the expression on her face then. She gaped at me, clearly at a loss of how to proceed.

“Oh,” she said in a small voice. “Maybe I should go and get dressed.”

“Far too late for that,” I said, smiling. “Penalties apply for being caught naked and I’m going to enjoy applying them.”

“What sort of penalties?” she demanded.

“Alone with a naked lady penalties. They come in various guises but really they’re all variations of a common theme. The man fucks the lady.”

“But, but I don’t do that sort of thing. I don’t even know what to do.”

“That’s OK. I know and I can show you. For the time being all you have to do is just stay kneeling there like that. You’re in an excellent position for what I have in mind.”

What I had in mind was continuing massaging her for a little longer. One hand was rubbing her mound and the other was stroking her breast, teasing the nipple while I did so.

Felicity was starting to move a little restlessly under my touch, her breathing getting a little hoarser.

“Um, I don’t think you should be doing that,” she finally muttered. “I’m not sure that it’s right.”

“You don’t like it?” I asked, sounding dismayed. “It’s supposed to be enjoyable. I guess maybe I’m not doing it right.”

“No, no,” she said quickly. “It’s, ah, nice I guess. It’s just, um, nobody’s ever touched me like that before.”

“Oh, is that all.” Relieved sincerity shone in my tone. “That’s OK. There always has to be a first time. If you’re liking it now then you’ll probably find it gets even better later. Afterwards you can decide if you want to be touched like this again.”

I could feel the heat inside her and traces of moisture were starting to appear along her slit. I encouraged them to spread over her lips, making the massage go more smoothly.

“Your skin is nice and warm and you feel incredibly soft,” I told her. “This type of massage should actually raise your temperature a bit making you feel warmer. Some girls say it makes them distinctly hot when massaged like kocaeli escort bayan this.”

“Oh. You’ve, ah, touched other girls like this?”

“I have, but none of the girls in the house. You may consider yourself privileged that way.”

Her restlessness was increasing as she slowly became aroused. She was now pressing more firmly against my hand and I let her push herself onto a couple of fingers. She promptly froze, holding her breath I thought, but I just kept gently rubbing. When I didn’t comment on what had happened she let out her breath and started breathing normally again. Possibly a little harder than before. Her twisting about as I touched her increased significantly but she wasn’t trying to avoid my touch.

I let her twist and squirm, using the movements of her body to shift my fingers until they came too close to her clitoris. That certainly got a reaction from her.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, concerned. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Not unless she was allergic to sudden spasms of pleasure, I silently added.

“No, not hurting. It just felt very unusual.” Her voice sounded a little odd.

“Oh, I see. I guess I touched to close to here,” moving my fingers back to the vicinity of her clitoris and hearing a choked scream tell me I’d found the mark.

“Maybe we’d better move on from that,” I suggested and she quickly nodded her head. She didn’t know what was coming but she wanted something to change. I had already noted that she was already in an almost perfect position for me. All I really needed to do was unzip and drive straight home. Maybe not as fast as that but the principle was the same.

I unzipped and pressed my cock lightly against her, right where her lips had puffed up and flowered. They seemed eager to part, giving the head of my cock somewhere to nestle. That’s as far as I was going right now.

With my hands free I was now able to take hold of both her breasts, paying equal attention to them. I don’t think Felicity really noticed this as anything but a minor distraction.

“That’s your, um, your, ah, that is you’re touching me with, um. . .”

“That’s my cock pressing against you,” I admitted. “I said I was going to fuck you, remember? There’s no rush though. I’ll just hold it there until you’re ready. Just press yourself against it in your own time.”

It wasn’t going to be long before she pushed herself up against me. I could already feel a little bit of pressure and suspected that I was already edging in. The fun would come when I had to go deeper.

She pressed a little harder and just like that the head of my cock slipped past her lips and into her. Then there was the little matter of this being her first time. She was now pressing more firmly against me and I was helping things along by putting some weight behind it. I could feel the pressure of her hymen and then I was past and she was giving a little wail of pain.

I rubbed her breasts more firmly, distracting her. Talking quickly but softly I assured her that everything was fine. There wasn’t any pain, really, just her body giving a mixed signal from sensations she wasn’t used to. Concentrate, I told her. There’s no pain, just a warm feeling that’s starting to feel right and natural.

She acted a little nervous but resumed pressing against me and I helped her along.

“OK, now” I asked and she nodded.

“It scared me,” she muttered.

“It’s new and different. izmit escort You were entitled to be scared. As long as it’s OK now you can forget the scare and look forward.”

I helped her look forward by pressing firmly into her. It’s hard to worry about what has just happened when what is happening right now is calling for your attention. She was pressing against me quite eagerly now, apparently enjoying the feel of me going into her. I know I was enjoying sinking into her.

I held myself deep inside her for a moment then, given that she claimed not to know what to do, I gave her a tip.

“I’m going to start moving inside you now,” I said. “All you have to do is move with me. You should find it easy enough to do. If you think I’m going too slow or too fast just tell me and I can adjust to suit you. It’s really quite easy.”

I started off nice and slow and, after a false start, she adjusted and was moving with me. She made a couple of surprised noises at the start as the new sensations swept through her and I could feel her actions change from nervous acceptance to enthusiastic cooperation. I kept up the slow pace for a couple of minutes then suggested that I might pick up the pace a little if that was OK by her. For her enthusiastic nodding I guessed it was.

So I picked up the pace and kept things at a nice medium tempo for a while. Felicity was breathing harder, gasping almost, and she was now giving out with pleasurable little squeaks of excitement. I held things like this, taking great delight in the way we were moving together, the rasp of my cock in her passage pleasurable beyond measure.

It seems that while Felicity was enjoying things she found she wanted more. She sounded almost nervous when she asked if I could go just a little harder. I assured her that this would not be a problem.

After that I was driving in hard, delaying a fraction between each stroke so as not to overload the poor girl. We wouldn’t want to finish too soon, now would we?

After another couple of minutes it seemed it was a case of, yes, we would. Felicity was now demanding that I go in harder and faster. I was shocked. Where was the nervous little innocent who had humbly requested a quicker pace? Still, I’ve always been one to grant a woman’s wishes.

I was now giving it to her hot and hard. Forget those little delays. All I was interested in was driving my cock into her as often as I could in as short a time as possible. I knew I wouldn’t be doing this for long because I was ready to anoint her. Not a problem as from the sound of her squealing she was also past ready.

I managed to hang on just long enough for her pleasure to run away with her, leaving her screaming and collapsing against the couch while my hands gripped her hips, my jerking hips bringing me a wonderful release.

Afterwards I persuaded her to go and have a shower and to put some clothes on. Rules are rules, I pointed out, and she couldn’t run around naked because she never knew when someone else might be home.

“Think of how embarrassed the girls would be if one of them brought a boyfriend home and you were running around without your panties. Let’s show a little consideration for the others.”

“You didn’t seem too embarrassed,” she pointed out.

“True. I’ll do you a deal. Anytime you want to run around naked you can do so in my room. You’ll find I won’t mind at all.”

“Oh, yes,” she said dryly. “I can just see myself doing that. And you standing there, wanting to invoke naked lady penalties.”

I spread my hands and tried to look helpless.

“What can I say? Rules are rules. I’m sure I’d rise to the occasion.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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