Felt Up on the Train Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Author’s note: Thank you for all the feedback on the story so far. Chapters 4 and 5 are planned out, but I’m not sure where I’m going to take it from there. Suggestions as to how you would like things to develop are welcome.


The station tannoy crackled into life, a live voice for a change rather than the usual pre-recorded message, “Passengers on platform 1 awaiting the service to London Victoria, this service is currently running 6 minutes late. We apologise for any inconvenience.” Amy sighed, and looked up from her book just long enough to survey her fellow passengers. Reaction was minimal, a late running train was hardly a new experience for any regular commuter in these parts.

She swept her eyes across the familiar group of faces: the large red faced man buried in his copy of the Financial Times; the nervy looking bird-faced woman in the Tweed jacket who Amy had always assumed must be an academic somewhere; the smartly dressed schoolgirl leaning against the pillar of the footbridge.

Hold on! Amy looked again. Yes, it was her, the girl who on two occasions recently had pressed herself against Amy on the train and worked her hands into Amy’s knickers, giving her such pleasure.

Amy was shocked. Firstly, she hadn’t thought the girl got on at her station. In fact she would have been willing to swear that on both occasions she has already been on the train when Amy boarded. And secondly, because she hadn’t expected to see her again so soon – it was only yesterday that Amy had leaned against the girl’s seat as those expert fingers had tugged down her underwear and rubbed her to a satisfying climax.

And it had been satisfying. And not just physically either. Last night, for the first time since their first encounter, Amy had not been tormented by dreams of the girl. And this morning was the first time in weeks when she hadn’t woken sopping wet and throbbing.

But she was fast becoming wet now, as her mind replayed those previous encounters with the innocent looking girl who was looking her up and down with a look Casibom almost of disappointment. Amy was puzzled for a moment, then realisation struck. As she had dragged herself from her bed this morning, facing the cold greyness a London autumn, she had absent-mindedly pulled on a trouser suit in place of the skirts and dresses of the summer months. So no way for that hand to make its way up her thighs this morning.

Disappointment hit Amy too, shortly followed by a flood of moisture into her pants as it dawned on her that this schoolgirl had been looking forward to playing with Amy again – she wanted more!

And Amy realised she wanted it too. Perhaps not as desperately as she had before yesterday, but she longed to feel those fingers deep in her pussy once again.

The train pulling into the station dragged Amy from her fantasy world. She grabbed her bag and looked round for the schoolgirl, noticing with dismay that she was already at the front of the platform. Amy had to move quickly. She pushed herself through the waiting passengers towards the girl, finding herself on the opposite side of the same door as the throng parted to let passengers alight. As people boarded she was just behind her, but only just.

The late running train was even more jammed than usual and Amy found herself holding on to the overhead grab rail in the lobby by the doors. Looking round she spotted the girl, just ahead of her and to her right, with her back to Amy. No way that she could move to get herself in the reach of those hands.

But, a wicked thought came into Amy’s head. Carefully, slowly, she reached her arm out to her right and between two other passengers. If she just stretched like this… almost… she adjusted her stance slightly, shuffling her feet a little to the right… yes, there, she brushed her hand gently against the pleated school skirt.

The girl stiffened instinctively, and her head swung round to look over her shoulder. But as her eyes met Amy’s she noticeably relaxed and pushed her bottom subtly back against Amy’s hand.

Not Casibom Giriş for the first time in her life Amy cursed that she had been born so tall. At nearly 6 feet, with long legs, it would have been easy for the 5 foot schoolgirl to run her hand up Amy’s legs. With the roles reversed, however, her height was a liability. Reaching across as she was it was just impossible for her to reach any lower and run her hands up the girl’s thighs in the same way as she had done to Amy.

Instead she took the back of the pleated skirt in her hand and gently eased it upwards, then slipped her hand underneath, allowing the skirt to rest on it. To her surprise her hand came to rest, not on the smooth fabric of a pair of knickers, but on bare flesh. It appeared her little temptress favoured a thong. Amy had never worn them, she’d tried once but found the thin strip of material digging between her arse cheeks to be uncomfortable. But she had to admit it made things easier in situations such as these.

She ran her hand over the skin of the girls bottom. It was quite unlike anything Amy had felt before. She had never been with a woman, never thought about it until this had all happened. Men’s skin was so rough, often hairy, but this by comparison was silky smooth. She ran a couple of fingers gently up between the cheeks, and felt the girl shiver and her buttocks clench involuntarily.

But Amy wanted more than that. Gently she pushed her hand a little lower and forward, in between the thighs and slowly teased up to where they joined. Another surprise, not a thong, no underwear at all, just the warm moisture of a highly aroused young woman. Here too was not smooth either. Amy had been led to believe that everyone under 30 shaved these days, but she was running her fingers over soft downy hair, slick with pussy juices.

She ran her hand forward between the girls legs, running up the slit until she felt the hardness of the clit. It was a little larger than Amy’s, sticking out more prominently from between the lips. But it responded Casibom Güncel Giriş in the same way, throbbing beneath her fingers as she began to stroke it. She mirrored what she would do to herself, watching the girl’s face to see how she responded. And it seemed she liked it – her eyes were closed and she was gnawing gently on her lower lip.

Amy moved her hand a little faster, pressing a little more firmly against the hard little button beneath her fingers, and was rewarded with feeling the girl begin to grind back against her hand. Amy moved faster still, matching the speed of her strokes to the movement of the girl’s hips. Looking at her face she was lost in what was happening to her – Amy’s mind flashed back to how she had felt only yesterday when it had been her clit being rubbed in this way and everything else had faded into the background. This girl had given her a mind-blowing orgasm then and Amy was anxious to return the favour.

And it looked like she was going to. The bucking of the hips had now become quite wild, and juices were pouring out of her pussy all over Amy’s wrist. Amy pressed a little harder against the nub of the clit, and watched as a grimace shot across the girl’s face. To anyone else it could look like she was in pain, but Amy knew the real reason as the thighs locked round her hand and she felt a shudder run all the way through the girl’s body, before she untensed and opened her eyes. Amy had just made another woman cum, for the first time ever. She had no idea it would feel so good.

The train was pulling into the terminus as Amy removed her hand from between the girl’s legs. It was soaked with pussy juice, and Amy just caught herself before she instinctively wiped it on herself. Instead she fumbled in her pocket for a tissue with which to remove at least some of the evidence. When she looked back up the girl had moved, standing by the door ready to alight, but as she did so she looked back over her shoulder and mouthed, “Thank you. See you tomorrow.” Then she jumped from the train and disappeared into the crowd.

Amy picked up her bag and stepped from the train, realising as she did so the soaked state of her own pants. That had been such a turn on, and she now had an invite for more fun tomorrow. But where was this going to lead?

To be continued…

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